Mystery of the Missing Misty

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    This is what my entry for [re]: Prose of the Season #2 was going to be, before I realized that my idea was getting out of hand and too open and unclear for just a short story. Given that, I decided that I liked the idea too much to just let it gather dust and die in my Google Drive account, so I decided, why not make it a multi-chapter thing?

    I hope you guys like it! also imma need ideas for future parts, so if anyone wants to help out with that


    Ienzo and Cat~ looked down at the mysterious object in awe, its glory shining around the empty staff office.

    “Wow...” Cat~ murmured, her eyes wide.

    “It’s so pretty...” Ienzo gushed.

    “So strange...”

    “I wanna touch it!”


    Cat~ looked at Ienzo, surprised. “You can’t touch it! We have no idea—”

    “You called?” What? said, dropping down between them from the ceiling.

    “Jeebus!” Cat~ yelped at the same time that Ienzo jumped nearly half a foot in the air. “How do you do that?”

    “Oh, this is intriguing,” What? mused, ignoring Cat~’s question and instead looking at the shining object sitting before them. “It’s not yours, is it?”

    “Still deciding,” Ienzo hummed. “We don’t know what it is yet.”

    “I see.” What? tilted his head and leaned in closer to the small shining object sitting in Misty’s coveted spinny chair. Circling the chair, he made small “Mmhmm”s or “I see”s every so often as he peered curiously at the object. Finally, he grabbed half of a stale baguette from a packing box on (formerly) Fork’s desk and very carefully poked the object. Ienzo and Cat~ clung to each other for dear life, anticipating the end.


    The small thing on Misty’s chair stayed still. The world did not end.

    Cat~ and Ienzo exhaled heavily, releasing their held breath. What? pushed up his glasses. “Huh.” He poked it again.

    The thing lifted its tiny head, mewled, and bit off a piece of the baguette.

    All three of them gasped.

    “DRAGON-BUN!~ ♥” they gushed simultaneously.

    What? whipped out his cellphone and, blubbering, snapped a picture of the creature that did indeed appear to be some sort of hybrid between a bunny and a dragon. “It’s too cuuute!” he whined.

    [ Y-yeah! Q///Q ] even What?’s cellphone interjected.

    “Terminal, do you know what it is?” Cat~ asked the phone.

    [ W-well, no, n-not really... @__@ ] Terminal admitted haltingly. [ It kinda looks like a baby dragon and a bunny smooshed together, m-maybe! ]

    Cat~ deflated. “Well, we’d kinda already figured that out...” she murmured.

    “Wait!” Ienzo blurted. “I just thought of something!” She gestured to the chair the baby dragon-bun was sitting in, and then to the dragon-bun itself. “What if the Misty?!” She leaned in close to to the dragon-bun, their noses almost touching. “Are you Misty? Give us some sort of sign!”

    The dragon-bun yawned and then sneezed glitter onto Ienzo’s nose.

    “AWWWW~!” everyone squeed once more.

    “I’ve got it!” What? exclaimed. “A foolproof way to find out if this is Misty or not!” He rummaged around on Misty’s desk (Cat~ and Ienzo gasped), muttering to himself until he found what he was looking for. He quickly placed the picture frame in front of the dragon-bun and waited anxiously. The dragon-bun lifted its head to look at this new thing in front of it, then mewed joyfully and plopped itself on top of the framed Bubbleine fanart, purring contentedly.

    “It is Misty!” Ienzo gasped. “I knew it!” Her celebration was interrupted by the glitter on her nose suddenly combusting, though.

    As What? tended to extinguishing the flames without breaking Ienzo’s face, Cat~ mulled over the situation. “If this is really Misty,” she wondered, “then how did she get this way? And how do we turn her back?”

    This gave everyone pause. “Well,” Ienzo mused, her nose still smoking. “This has to have happened while she was logged in, obviously...”

    “But what on the forum could have done this?” What? pointed out.

    Cat~ snapped her fingers. “You know, whenever something bizarrely random happens on the forum, there can only be one place it comes from!”

    “The Spam Zone!” What? exclaimed, realizing Cat~'s logic. “Of course!”

    “What are we waiting for?” Ienzo asked. “Let’s go bring Misty back!” She grabbed Misty’s staff trenchcoat from the back of the spinny chair and tried to pick Misty up, but she hissed when Ienzo tried to separate her from the Bubbleine picture. So What? picked Misty up with the picture and placed them in the coat together in Ienzo’s arms. Misty snuggled into the jacket, making herself comfortable while allowing herself a view of the picture.


    —end chapter—
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    u know me so well

    It's been a while since we've had KHV fanfics here and I am very sour about that so I hope you will revive the genre <3 I'm looking forward to seeing this expand to include some more members! I am sure they will all be as delightful as your adaptations of current ones (my obsessions with pb/marceline, cat & enzy doing their thing, and ashwin being... well ashwin).
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    aww this is really cute and i am ridiculously flattered that you'd put me in a KHV fanfic; me from three years ago is crossing that off her bucket list
    Pfffft. You have no idea how true to life this is and it makes me so happy to read.
    I'm just gonna quietly watch the thread and wait for more adorable things -- and you should've put this into PotS either way >:c
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    I kinda feel bad that I had no idea that a KHV fanfic is an actual genre (or should I say, 'was' as Misty said). Nice work tale. I wonder if you plan to include me at some point...
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    THIS IS SO FABULOUS I COULD CRY : D besides the fact that the story is awesome and I am intrigued as well as the fact you got everyone spot on, I am joyful to now have the concept of a dragon-bun in my head xD