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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    Woot, I'm back now. For all of those who are still waiting for my other stories to be continued, please be patient, and I'll have them there soon.

    As for my FMA story...

    I've deciced for it to let other people's character's in. FMA or Non FMA, I don't mind.
    Just don't steal the title The Water Alchemist, The Earth Alchemist, or the Fullmetal Alchemist. I get pretty ticked for that... anyway.
    I'm accepting new characters starting, NOW!
    It's about my character starting as a alchemist in the military. I got the idea from a video I saw, and it follows the video untill the 2nd part.
    V Let's start this! V

    Part 1
    "Welcome to Central Headquaters in Amestris. I am Furher Bradely." a large man greeted. He grabbed a small, silver pocket watch off of his desk. "Welcome to the State. From now on, you're a State Alchemist. More specificly, the Earth Alchemist. Now you're under the direct command of Colonel Roy Mustang, so you might want to get there as soon as possible. Oh, and don't forget this." He threw the watch at me, and I caught it. "Now run off to find the Colonel."
    "Yes, sir!" I studdered, still holding the watch. I put it in my pocket, and saluted him before walking out.
    I walked into a small room, and looked around. A small meeting was being held. I sat down in a seat nearby and tried to listen.
    "So these things, called homunculi are somewhere in the military?" a young man in the front asked.
    "Well that's what I think." another man answered. He stood in front of the room, a woman with blonde hair standing behind him. "So we need to attack, so go!"
    "Yes, sir!" the room saluted. They walked out and I stood up. The woman whispered something in his ear and pointed at me. He nodded and walked toward me. I saluted him.
    "You're the Earth Alchemist, right?" I nodded. "Then I'm your supervisor, Colonel Mustang."
    "You're Colonel Mustang?!"
    "Yes, and I'm sorry for dragging you out into battle on your first day, but they have someone I know."
    "Who sir?" I asked.
    "The Fullmetal Alchemist."
    I sat in the back of the truck, bouncing along with the road.
    "They've taken more than one hostage, sir."
    "I wouldn't worry, Mustang, they are State Alchemists after all."
    "How are you feeling?" Greed sneeringly asked a young boy tied up.
    "Darn you! You won't get away with this!" he complained
    "Don't test me." Greed warned, putting his arm around Winry.
    "LET HER GO!"
    "So, getting angry because I'm touching your girlfriend?"
    "She's not my girlfriend!" the boy yelled
    "Right, right. I'll make a deal." Greed explained. "You put my soul into a body like your brother's here, and I'll let you guys go."
    "What a joke. Did you say you want a body like that?" the boy asked. One of the ropes broke. "You don't know how much sorrow he carries, or what he has been through and beared to regain his body." More ropes broken, and it was clear the boy was starting to get angry. "Just because he lost his body and became only a soul..."
    "I don't understand at all." The boy swung forward.
    "Then I'll teach you!" he yelled, the rest of the ropes breaking. He knocked something out of Greed's hands and punched him in the face.
    "Is that all you've got?" he asked smuggly.
    "Not yet!" the boy yelled, backflipping off of Greed's face. He landed and clapped his hands together, turned his automail arm into a sword, and ran at Greed, taking a swing at him. He stopped for a second and cut the ropes on his brother and Winry. He turned, smiled, and ran back at Greed. A loud "boom" stopped him.
    "What was that?" he asked.
    "It must have been the military." Winry answered. The boy turned back to Greed. "Darn it. It was so close." The boy and his brother turned to Winry and stared blankly. "I wanted to watch Greed picking on shorty." Winry complained, transforming into a boy with black spikey hair, black eyes, and pale skin. " I guess time has run out."
    "Envy!" the boy yelled.
    "Darn you. When did you..." Greed complained. "Out of my way!" Greed pushed the boy and his brother and ran at Envy. Envy grabbed his hand and threw him to the ground. He put his foot on Greed's throat.
    "You got those two hostages because of me, didn't you? Can't you thank me?"
    "Where is the real Winry?!" the boy asked.
    "Winry? She was never in Central to begin with." He swung Greed around then threw him at the wall. The boy glared back at Envy as he ran out of the room, laughing.
    "Wait!" he yelled, running after him.

    Part 2
    "The Elric Brothers, Colonel Mustang's convey, and Greed... This is a good chance to remove all those who get in our way. Sloth, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust! Go homunculi!" Furher Bradely demanded. "We homunculi are the ones that will obtain Philosopher's stone." He took off his eye patch, and the insigna of the homunculi rolled out, appearing on his eye.
    The boy kept running down the hallway until he came into another room. He slowed down a bit, when he saw someone at the end of it.
    "You are safe Fullmetal!" Colonel Mustang yells.
    "Colonel!" the boy's brother yelled. The boy glared at Mustang and ran toward him. "Big brother!" The boy took a swing at Mustang, Mustang does a backflip, changes back to Envy, and lands on the second floor landing.
    "Good job." Envy congratulated him.
    "You're amazing big brother! You knew it was the fake one!"
    "It was..." the boy asked.
    "Long time no see, fullmetal boy." someone greeted. He turned and more homunculi stood by Envy. One of them, Gluttony, jumped down and started to attack the boy. He dodged them and jumped back.
    Roy Mustang stopped, me right behind him.
    "Something wrong Colonel?" Hawkeye asked him.
    "Can you hear anything?" he asked us. We all shook our heads no.
    "Not really..." I answered. I looked down and saw small streams or water flowing down at our feet. I looked up to the dark hallway, confused. A large wave of water came at us.
    "RUN!" I yelled. To late. The water rushed us back to the other side, most of us soaked. I looked up and Riza and Colonel Mustang were staring at the monster that had caused this damage. The other members of the group lay all other the bridge, dazed and confused. The Colonel and Riza stood up, ready to fight. I did the same. The monster lunged at us.
    "Let me!" Mustang yelled, starting to run at it. Riza tripped him and stayed calm.
    "What'd you do that for?!" he asked.
    "Back off please. You're useless against a water monster!" Riza shouting it as the Colonel sat, surprised. "Colonel, I'll deal with this. You and the new girl take care of the Elric Brothers." The Colonel snapped out of it, and nodded. He got up, nodded at me, and we ran toward the hallway.
    "I got you!" Lust yelled, lunging at the boy. The Colonel snapped, and it set flame on her. I stared in amazment.
    "I see you are still alive. I don't have to send funeral offerings."
    "Colonel!" The boy's brother yelled. The homunculi lunged at Mustang, but he sent flames at them. He started to walk to the boy and I followed.
    "I didn't ask for your help." the boy complained.
    "You may say that, but you were troubled by the homunculi."
    "Envy!" the boy yelled, noticing them coming back.
    "Don't think you killed us because did once."
    "Then as many times as you wish." the boy snapped, preparing for battle. I did the same.
    "Ready?" Mustang asked. The water homunculi appeared, sliding through the spikes that rained toward her. She took on her human figure and stared at several military officals appeared.
    "Elric brothers, Colonel Mustang, we came as extend." Armstrong boomed across the theatre like room. I noticed the glittering pocket watch chains.
    "That's amazing! All the State alchemist are here!" I yelled. Riza appeared behind Mustang, ready to fight as well. The battle had begun, the military verses the homunculi. I ran over to were the boy was and helped him.
    "You don't look familuar. Who are you?"
    "New girl on the block. The Earth Alchemist."
    "Earth huh? Pretty interesting." he smiled. We ran in opposite directions, attacking the homunculi. I came face to face with Envy and Gluttony. I looked at the transmutation circle on my hand and grinned. I put it on the ground and the Earth broke apart, sending Envy and Gluttony apart.
    "Nice skills!" the boy yelled at me.
    "Thanks!" I yelled back. Envy charged at me, and I put my hand on the ground again. A tall tower of rock pushed me up and I stared at Envy below. He glared up at me. I grinned down at him, when someone run up by me.
    "Furher Bradely?" I asked. He held a sword at me.
    "Get away from her! "the boy yelled, tackling the Furner. I jumped down to, the Furner and the boy standing face to face.
    "What's going on?" I asked the boy. He made a swip at the Furher, and his eyepatch fell off. I gasped and covered my mouth. "The- He's one of them!"
    "What do you want with her anyway?!" the boy demanded, holding his blade to the Furher's neck. I put my hand on the ground, and a tower of rocks lifter the boy up. "Wha-?" he looked confused.
    "I'll get Bradely! You worry about the others!" I yelled. "Ah!" I jumped back as the Furher made at me.
    "Foolish girl, you don't know who you're messing with." Bradely wanred. I got ready for battle and he ran at me again. My cheek hit his sword and I put my hand on the ground. The rock crumbled under him and he changed into Envy.
    "Envy!" I yelled. He ran at me and punched me in the stomach. I fell to the ground, coughing. The boy stood in front of me, facing Envy.
    "Get away Fullmetal Pipsqueak. This battle is between me and her."
    "No you're my opponent! And I'll ingore that Pipsqueak comment." the boy ran at Envy, taking a few swings at him. Riza came back and helped me up.
    "We need to get out of here, the building's going to collaspe."
    "What about him?" I asked, pointing at the boy.
    "He'll be ok." Riza assured. I got out of her grip and Sloth came back by and grabbed me with her water.
    "Ah! Help!" I screamed. Riza held up the gun and pointed it at Sloth, but Mustang held out his arm.
    "Don't shoot! You might hit the girl!" I struggled against the water. Without thinking, I used my alchemy.
    "LET ME GO!!!!" I screamed, super loud. Everyone stared in shock.
    "You over did it." I heard Armstrong say. The boy building fell apart, and Sloth dropped me. The boy ran away from Envy, caught me, and ran out of the building.
    I stood, bowing my head.
    "I'm sorry, I let the homunculi get away." I apoligized.
    "Don't worry about it, it's not like we can't find them again." Mustang assured me. I nodded, Riza still bandaging my wounds.
    "Sorry, I've got to go, Colonel. Later Hawkeye."
    "Bye, don't forget about your assessment." Riza reminded him.
    "Don't worry, I won't." the boy ran up to me. "You were great in there, I hope I'll see you around." he smiled, started to run off, and waved at us.
    Part 3 later! :D
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    you said you're letting oters in... can i join???
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    yes i think i could stick you in...
    i kinda finished WAYY past part 3 and im starting on the sequel, so I could put you in there. :] i thought this would have gotten like... pushed ALL the way at the back.. page 4 lolz
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    It's good. Although you might want to break some more description, but that's up to you. Keep up the good work.