Music and Imagery - Post songs you like and the pictures they bring to mind

Discussion in 'Music' started by Ars Nova, Apr 14, 2014.

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    I dunno if this is common or not, but a lot of the music I listen to causes me to imagine scenes or static images in my head. They could be landscapes, or people, forces of nature or fictional worlds. I figured to share some of this imagery and invite others to do the same, maybe with the intent of inspiring creative works or finding common ground between people's imaginings (or just buffing people's post counts WINK WONK).

    So feel free to share a song and tell us what you imagine as you listen—or, if someone else has shared a song you like, feel free to chime in with your own imagery and see if anything matches up.

    Sample under the spoiler.

    A melancholy track, which gets a little unnerving as it goes on. I picture a sky full of clouds, murky and gray, with scattered columns of colorless light pouring out from behind them... Beneath that a parched wasteland, flat and brown and marred with cracks. As the track shuffles on and more instruments join in, I see small creatures, lizards and rats and the like, emerge from the cracks and skitter across dead trees. The wind picks up, tossing sand and dust everywhere and forming a thin fog. The longer the track goes on, the more violent the wind gets, 'til it becomes a full-on storm—yet at the same time the clouds clear away, and the sun spills through more and more until the light is blinding. When the wind settles, the animals are gone but the cracks have healed, and grass begins to grow in their place.​