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    Welcome to the Movies and Media section. This section is dedicated for discussions of Movies, Series, Anime, and anything in that universe. This thread will serve as additional guidelines to the Forum Rules, which still apply here. If you haven’t read them, be sure to do so now.
    Click here for The Main Forum Rules

    Main Guidelines:

    1-The search function is your friend:
    In which case, making duplicates is not allowed unless the topic is long dead or locked. If that isn’t the case, and we see two threads with the same topic, it will be locked.

    When coming to movies and series, please warn others and use spoilers tags when you’re about to talk about a certain part of the movie. Most of the time, people hate spoilers, and will be quite angry at you for ruining the end of a movie for example.

    3-When Bumping comes in handy:
    Bumping is allowed in this section, as long as you actually add something to the thread rather than “Yeah, I liked X Movie too”. Instead, you can bump the thread to add relevant news to the appropriate subject and topic.

    4-Respect other people’s opinions:
    Just because another member has a certain like or dislike for a movie or an artist doesn’t mean you can bash them. Instead, you could just make a constructive post explaining why. Appreciate the fact that not everyone has the same tastes as you.

    5-You are a Pirate:
    We don’t need to remind you of this, but illegal activities and piracy are frowned upon. Discussions and giving out links of Illegal ways to get a certain movie or series will result in either a warning, infraction or ban.

    6- Constructive posts and Spam:
    This goes without saying. No spam of any kind will be tolerated, and will be deleted if seen. Furthermore, we ask you to make constructive posts when posting in threads in these sections. Staying on topic is also a must.

    Example of constructive posts and spam:

    Example of a wrong post:
    Example of a positive Constructive post:
    Example of a negative spam post:
    Example of a Constructive Post:

    What goes Where?

    Disney Galaxy: A section with the sole purpose of having Disney related discussions such as movies, Disney series, or subjects discussing Disney media as a whole.

    Anime and Manga: Specifically Anime and Manga Discussions, where you can talk about Anime movies, series and Manga.

    Main Movies and Media Section: If your topic doesn’t belong in the above sections, then the main section is what you’re looking for. This section is generally for movies and series, but you may also talk about anything relating to the media in general, as long as it’s relevant.

    YT Films and Movies stickies:

    Just a reminder that this will be solely for YouTube links. Any link that is not from YouTube or links to pirated content will be removed, as stated in rule number 5.

    The KH-Vids Staff~
Thread Status:
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