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That feel when you cringe at everything you wrote 10 years ago.

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    lmao idk
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    Luna unclenched her fists and let out a sigh. This girl gonna get on my nerves isn't she? Luna thought to herself. "Was I hitting the ground for no reason before attacked you three?" She put her thumb on her chin and her other four fingers on her eyebrow as she asked her question.


    XIV: The Story of Luna
    Division 3 of 4:
    Tipping Point
    Upon arriving at the castle, Luna and Beast had to cross through the entrance to reach the east wing of the castle. What awaited for the two was the royal family which consisted of her parents and her twin brother, Akira as well as Luna's fiance right at the entrance waiting for the return of their princess. As Luna started making her way first, her fiance had spotted her out of the corner of his eye. He turned toward her and began walking toward her as he called his beloved's name. "Luna!" Luna tensed up at the sound of her own name. Luna turned her head slowly to her left. Before she could see anything, Luna was caught in a tight embrace by none other than her fiance. "Where have you been all this time?!?!?! Do you how worried sick I was?!?! Don't you ever scare me like that again!!!!!" Luna stood there listening to her beloved's voice. How long has it been since she could hear his voice? How long has it been since she was held in his arms? As if to pull her away from her thoughts, she had felt water on her shoulder. Her eyes widen at the sudden realization of this. Was he crying? Was this really happening? "Blake....." Her eyes watered up as she heard her beloved crying silently. Before she even knew, tears had begun falling down on her face. She buried her face in Blake's chest and wrapped her arms around his crying form as she herself continued to cry. The two stayed locked in their embrace crying at the sight of each other. Her family smiled at the sight of the two in each other's arms once again as the Beast watched the two from the hallway leading to the west wing.

    After what seemed to be quite awhile, the two released each other as they wiped away each other's tears. Akira looked out toward the entrance and saw the Beast peeking out from the wall. "Intruder!! Show yourself!!" Akira summoned forth his keyblade toward the Beast. Luna turned around and saw the Beast before turning toward her brother as he started charging at him. Luna immediately jumped into action as she started running toward the Beast. "Akira!! Stop!!!" Luna stood in front of the Beast with her arms spread out to shield him from her brother. "Luna! Get out of the way!! It's an intruder!!" Akira shouted and gestured to Luna to move out of his way. Luna looked down and shook her head. "I will not! He's not an intruder! He's a friend of mine! He's a guest and will be treated with the same respect as you would to me or anybody else in this room! Am I clear?!" Luna looked up at Akira as she cleared up any misunderstandings Akira might have gained. Akira looked back and forth between the Beast and Luna reflecting on his dear sister's words. After a small moment, Akira looked at his sister and nodded his head. He drew back his blade and took a couple steps back. Luna turned back toward the beast and extended out her head toward him. "It's alright now! They're not gonna hurt you. I'll protect you!" Luna smiled as the Beast reached out for her hand. The Beast stepped out into the entrance to greet Luna's family and loved one. The four greeted the Beast with the same respect as if it were Luna or any citizen in the kingdom.

    Vermillion Mok

    Seo was walking home when he saw an old man walking along the shoreline."Wonder what he's up to" He thought. Suddenly the old man collapsed on the sand.Running toward him Seo calls out "Are you okay"? The man shook his head in a yes fashion and held out his hand. When Seo took his hand the man muttered some," I can feel light and darkness". Confused Seo took his hand back and everything went black

    It was an odd feeling that had currently embraced him, a cold and silent slumber to be exact. He wasn't sure just how long he'd been like this, but from what he could feel the surface that he was currently on wasn't the most comfortable of things to be on. This realization, along with the voices of other people had gradually stirred him awake. His eyes fluttered open and took a moment to adjust to their new surroundings. Once they did, the cold feeling that he was experiencing prior made a little more sense to him.

    He was on the surface of the cave while next to a seemingly broken machine. A closer touch and looked revealed that it was just as cold as the cave floor. Questions started to pile into his head as he moved away from the machine. What's this machine doing here? Why am I here? And who's doing all that yelling? That last question he could answer himself to an extent by looking past the machine he was next too and in the direction the noises were coming from. He spotted two people, one male and one female, standing up and speaking with each other.

    Out of the two Chrono noticed two different things that stuck out. The first was the odd weapon that the girl was holding and the next being the pin on the man in white. It bore the numeral X. This was when he noticed that he wore a pin of his own with the numeral IV. Perhaps they were connect in some way. Before that he needed to actually speak up in the current situation at hand. "I have some questions as well." His hand that was raise barely visible from the other side and Chrono noticed this soon. Thus as a result he got up from the cold cave ground, stood up and stepped away from the machine. "What's up with that pin of yours?" His finger pointed towards the male's own pin before he motioned towards the one he wore.

    Heart <3







    IC: Gexln sits down on a small stairway in St. Louis,waiting. This location seems like a reasonable place for a keyhole. I couldn't find anything earlier when i searched,but hopefuly someone else will come to look for it. And if they do....they'll be in for a surprise, Gexln thinks to himself while cleaning his blade.



    ~Halls of Nintendo High: Let's get to Class without a problem!~

    Mario who was on the floor looking up was the first to speak up explaining "Well, it all started when my brother told me that this school had the best food ever, so naturally I needed to check it out...but I didn't know where the Canteen was so I asked that big guy over there if he could tell me where it was, of course then he yelled at me and threw his fist before we got into a fight, sir. And then these other guys showed up and somehow it became a large mess and I never got to eat at all"

    "In all honesty I'm actually surprised that there could be a mass of fangirls following those boys around if I may interject, and Mario here is your schedule..we have to get to History Class with Mr." Luigi explained before he gently helped his brother off of the ground, he then gave a quick look at Bowser and Shisui and said "I apologize, my brother isn't exactly smart, BYE!" before grabbing Mario and made a mad dash for History Class with Mario being dragged behind.

    "Oh crud, Kirby we have to go!" Yoshi yelled aloud before he noticed that Kirby had already ran off for his English classes, Yoshi sweatdropped before he ran off to his first class...Mathematical Sciences with Dr. R. Bowser also started to quickly run to his first class while thinking "That kid...he seems to have determination for one that lacks brains, I'll have to test him later" before running right into the History Classroom as well.

    Mario's eyes widened as he struggled to push forward unable to move as he said. "What's going on? Why can't we touch it!" Astral's voice soon rang. "It's because I will not allow you to come into contact with that thing..." The brothers were soon forcibly flung backwards into the lockers outside before seeing Astral in front of them clad in a white aura. Mario stood up looking rather angry as he said loudly. "I knew you were here!" Astral merely looked at Mario and said calmly. "And you two have become a liability now for your actions." Luigi stood up asking. "You weren't even there! How would you have known we met Zordon." Astral looked at Luigi and said. "I have eyes everywhere, you should already know that by now."

    Mario immediatly transformed into his fire state and pulled his fist back shouting. "Enough! We'll beat you down and become the hope of the world!" Mario soon swung his fist at Astral's head only for the S-Type to take the blow and not even move, it didn't even flinch from Mario's attack. Mario's eyes widened in shock. "W-what!?" He kept punching at Astral and even kicked at it before making note of its resiliency. Astral then flung both brothers out of the school with a single hand movement before following them back outside.

    Mario and Luigi tumbled out onto the ground outside before Astral was right on them with a glowing eye as it said. "The bane of the S-Type existence...power that is unmatched to our kind...power..." It stopped as Mario and Luigi punched it in the head and stomach to no feedback. Astral merely laughed. "You two naive fools....did you really think that all of this is as black and white as you perceive it? This world is corrupt...impure...and yet the people are just as ignorant of the truth of things. WHAT IS THIS JUSTICE YOU SPEAK OF!" Mario and Luigi stood firm as Mario said. "Honestly...considering everything, I don't know what justice is..." The two brothers then transformed into their evolved forms with Mario shouting. "What I do know is that a thing like you who threatens to hurt and kill innocent people is evil enough to eat my feet!" Luigi glared at Astral as he said aloud. "Your kind hurt and killed all those people on Azarath! You don't go around proclaiming you're the light when people like Red Skull, Thanos, and Smaug exist!" Astral looked down at the mention of those names laughing softly. "The Red Skull....Zordon really showed you the former S-Type Commander in his prime, that friend is gone from this world now..."