More Scans Added! + New JF2006 Info

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    The KH2ch board, has managed to post more scans about Kingdom hearts II, featuring clearer image, still not a full scan sadly. However until then we'll keep happy with these!

    Scan 1
    Scan 2
    Scan 3
    Scan 4
    Scan 5

    - THere is new information that have appeared over the net, There is a talk in a white room between Saix, Xehanort, and someone else.

    - There is an extra Axel scene, and right after that scene, another scene showing the Roxas battle appears.

    - In a more interesting note, there is talk about the mysterious male in the secret ending, by the Organization, they consider him as a "Friend"

    - (Completely unsure if this is true) THere is a scene of the mysterious male from the Secret Ending, lying in the basement, and is soon given Armored Restraints!

    - In the COM Demo you can either do Halloween Town, Boss battle against Oogie Boogie, and have a chance to play as Riku when fighitng against Vexen.

    - You'll be fighting Marluxia in KH2FM!? (UNsure for now) and a reaction command will be brought out when he throws his sickle at you, the reaction command causes Sora to somehow throw the sickle back penetrating Marluxia's body.

    The scan where Sora vs Roxas is in the Jump Festa, the move where Roxas is in the air, he uses both of his keyblades to release a terrible power all the lightning being shot down, is just a discharge of the true attack he is preparing.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Dec 16, 2006.