More Re:Chain of Memories screenshots from the 1.5 HD ReMix

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Krowley Super Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    The HD screenshots continue with an article from Gamewatch delivering more scenes from the Re:CoM portion of the game. While half of them have been already released from Famitsu, there is still a good 20 or so you that can be seen.

    kh03.jpg kh04.jpg kh05.jpg kh06.jpg kh07.jpg kh08.jpg kh09.jpg kh10.jpg kh11.jpg kh12.jpg kh13.jpg kh14.jpg kh15.jpg kh16.jpg kh17.jpg kh18.jpg kh19.jpg kh20.jpg kh21.jpg kh22.jpg kh23.jpg kh24.jpg kh25.jpg kh26.jpg kh27.jpg kh28.jpg kh29.jpg kh30.jpg kh31.jpg kh32.jpg kh33.jpg kh34.jpg kh35.jpg kh36.jpg kh37.jpg kh38.jpg kh39.jpg kh40.jpg kh41.jpg kh42.jpg kh43.jpg kh44.jpg kh45.jpg
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Feb 24, 2013.

    1. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      Ok, now I can actually see a difference from the PS2 version, compared to the images released a few days ago.
    2. 61
      for some reason this one looks really nice to me . (more than the others)
      this picture makes me wonder how re:com would have been on the psp.
    3. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      I really hope these screens haven`t been modified much, they did that a lot with previous games, but it would completely defeat the purpose in this case.
    4. Misty
      I agree, these are really impressive! Especially the one with Larxene and Naminé--their eyelashes. *u*

      I am upset that we're still getting those little click through conversations, but it would be a huge undertaking to voice all of those. I wasn't expecting it, but it'd have been nice.
    5. super_rocker_90
      idk why but Alice's nose seem a little odd.....but hey it might be just me XD lol
    6. Iskandar
      these look a lot nicer than the PS2 version. Can't wait till I play the game....although, guess I have to get a PS3 first
    7. O.KnightofTwilight
      These are totally awesome! I NEED a PS3!
    8. Airi Ban
      Airi Ban
      Beautiful. Now only less than a month until the game.
    9. Daydreamer
      Really puts the PS2 version to shame.

    10. Krowley
      I find myself, all of a sudden, fixated on Namine's ear in that scene.
      While Larxene's is smooth, her's is all... jagged.
    11. Labrys
      Wow it looks really nice.... if only it can release for the xbox.
    12. Cloud4012
      if only then i would never stop playing that game
    13. adamboy7
      What I want to know is if the save files are going to be backwards compatible. I know that the beta version (back when the ps2 version was still in translation and had a debugging menu) Here was actually able to open my save files from the complete version. The save system didn't change at all.

      In theory, if the save type still works on the ps3 version, I can take my save files from my ps2, my emulator, anywhere and just move them over. That would be awesome. If I wanted to I could use my code breaker on the ps2 and move the hacked save file to ps3.

      But then again, starting over wouldn't be so bad.
    14. libregkd
      I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that saves will not be compatible at all with the PS2 version. PS2 classics from the PSN store (which are are almost just simple ISO dumps) aren't even compatible with PS2 saves so I doubt a PS3 game will be.