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    Jan 18, 2013
    I’ve been making music for up to 5 years. First on my phone with FL Studio mobile, and eventually with FL Studio Desktop, doing mostly remixed or revised tracks to original works. I’ve come a long way. And finally at long last, I wish to show the world the fruits of my labor. This thread is simply a showcase of tracks that are worth the mention. If you’d like to check out the rest of my portfolio, simply check the profiles from whatever links you click, be they SoundCloud, YouTube, or Bandcamp.

    Mind the dots by each of the tracks. They tell what kind of track they are.

    • = Ambient Tracks
    = Melodic/Downtempo
    = Aggressive/Uptempo

    = Bronze Standard. Not quite bad, but likely to get a revise in the future.
    = Silver Standard. These songs are good as-is, and may recreate them if people like them enough.
    = Gold Standard. These tracks are polished off and made to impress.

    Some of these entries are condensed because KH-Vids apparently can’t accept more than 5 embedded items in a single post, so the main topic will remain as hyperlink central while I update the thread with any new release I have in store.