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    May 7, 2008
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    Hiya~! Thanks for stopping by.

    Long story short, I started to pick up drawing again because I really needed the outlet from my mundane life. I'm not the greatest, I get that. But I'll take the criticism. I know I'll only get better that way, and with practice too.

    And so here we go~

    Tea Time! Sora and Riku
    So to get back into the groove since it's been about... five years since I consistently drew everyday? Give or take. I went on Pintrest and found some references to draw from. There was a lot on there surprisingly! Anyways, I decided to try from this one:


    And then the idea came to me to draw Sora in a Neverland type sequence? Then I remembered that there was a short teaparty scene at the end of Dream Drop Distance, and so I drew Sora in that getup and then I decided that Riku got dragged along for the show. He just went along with it in the end. xD


    Aria the Cutey
    Aria is a character of mine from @Arch 's Roleplay called the Light Chaser. She's a Princess of Heart, loves rainbow and color, and is super friendly. @Marushi helped me with basics of what I had in mind which I use as my banner in the RP. This is a pose I wanted to try.


    Aaaaaaand after trying to color with color pencils and then scanning it... and the pictures coming out this way... welp. I'm gonna take the time next time to try to color on the computer on GIMP.
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  2. Marushi The dragon in the basement

    Jun 4, 2009
    Aria turned out super cute! <3 And you already showed me the teacup one before you colored it, but it looks even cuter now with color! So fun and adorable, Maka, thank you for sharing! <3