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    ...ok so maybe not critiques as such. More like comments. In fact I called them that in the first thread, shoulda just stuck to it. But read through to the bottom if you want more.

    Considering all the turbulence we went through getting this game off the ground, I can't hold it against anyone for making sub-optimal choices. That said, I believe Town can take a few important lessons away from this game: [1] In most cases it is acceptable and even preferable to lynch lurkers first, because they're either the kind of Mafiosi you want to weed out early or the kind of Town you don't want deciding your fate in the lategame; and [2] follow your hunches with confidence. Everyone who was waiting for a solid lead before pursuing their suspects was sitting at a run-down bus stop: You'll be waiting forever. If nobody moves, nothing happens, so make any excuse you can and just run headlong into somebody else until they either convince you they're clean or give you something you can actually work with.

    Bite the Dust
    A rather quiet slot altogether. Without a power role to give him sway, BtD spent most of his time cracking jokes, making references, and indulging in some... rather unusual innuendo. All things which certainly have their place, but is it a game of Mafia? Perhaps not as such. Next time try not to let everybody do the work for ya, kiddo.

    In many ways, the ideal newbie: Talks a lot, isn't afraid to use her vote, answers questions and even asks a few of her own. All that's lacking is time and experience. With time, she'll learn what's suspicious and what's not (and for whom in particular); with experience, she'll come out of her shell and play less follow-the-leader. This is all my sincere hope, at least.

    Aside from somewhat sporadic activity, she played a fair game that happened to end in some game-ending waffling. I know the advice comes from a canine, but you may still want to take it to heart: Don't give up, trust your instincts.

    Ɍeno cstar
    Poor, sweet cstar :'c I don't know where she learned to play Mafia but apparently they use some very different rules from the ones I learned, considering she gets tripped up on at least one per game so far. Aside from that, her inactivity was discussed in private so there's really no need to air it out here. Hope the next game treats you better, sweetheart.

    The Fuk?
    Though not an aggressive poster, he was an aggressive player... It just happened that most of his aggression was towards a Town power role. :L Ah well, even the smartest players miss their guess sometimes. All I know is, I hope to see him bring his mettle back to the ring again very soon.

    Similar to Cat, played a fair game and pulled his weight but allowed doubt to guide his decisions. He was also rather quiet as the Vigilante, but that's understandable since the risk of hurting your own side is more pronounced in newbie games. At least he knew when to pull the trigger, and being the only one with a Maf kill definitely counts for something.

    Princess ♥ Judge Sunrose
    Judge really drew the short straw replacing into such a tumultuous slot, especially since none of Lux's tracking attempts had borne fruit. On top of that, he fell for the ruse that sealed the game, giving him little chance to show his skills. Your rhetoric is on point, buddy; the rest will come with time.

    For the record, yes, both of his characters were last-named Mathers, and yes they're both drunkards. As much as I feel awful for subjecting him to this, I kinda hope he keeps signing up so we can make this a running gag. The Mathers family line will extend through eons, weathering all storms like the mighty cockroach. Seriously though, thanks for once again being such a great sport.

    Ahh, Mak. Mak, Mak, Mak. Perhaps the most controversial slot in the game. Critique has been steep and plentiful for him already, so to avoid making a dissertation out of this let's just summarize: Good ideas, bad execution. Simultaneously respected and disrespected his fellow players by thinking them above basic slip-ups while trying to railroad them towards a certain style of play. All in all he wasn't a wholly (or, I'd say, even mostly) negative force, but he has as much to learn as anyone else. Can't rush the process, ol' pal.

    Marushi ☆ MVP ☆
    Surprised? For me there was no contest. Marushi showed ENORMOUS growth from her first game, where she was for the most part mousy and disinclined to sling accusations. Contrast Miami Haze, where she broke such a sweat and drew so much heat that she became a priority target within three game days. Pat yourself on the back, Marmar; you played like a champ.

    Beau Midnight Star
    Oddly enough, Midny showed as much prowess outside the game as inside; without her, half my votals would've been wrong and I might've even missed a few deadlines. Might be a bit suicidal to admit that but hey, I'm honest to a fault :'D As far as the game proper, she could've easily used her position to slack off and watch events unfold, but she put in work and threw her weight around 'til her very last post, and that deserves ample praise.

    Where were ya, buckaroo? :c A little slack on the activity, but the real downer was that when he did post, much of it was speculation; not evil by design, but you really have to practice moderation with it, especially as a Townie. Not only does it begin to stall the game past a certain point but it is often (and not at all wrongly) used as a mark of Mafia suspicion.

    ...I am so very sorry

    Not to be cruel, but to put things in perspective: Some people were alive for half the game, yet their posts fill three or four pages of the search engine. Twi's posts don't break one. Can't give you a proper critique if you don't talk, man!

    And then there's Ashwin, who either talks a little and says a lot or vice-versa depending on your perspective. Expecting him not to be verbose is like expecting Niagara Falls not to get you wet if you stand too close, but for his part he certainly didn't sit idly on the bench. Your enthusiasm is applaudable and appreciated... but let's just say conciseness is a virtue.

    In all honesty, I may have made the Mafia a little too strong; being one man down made me want to give them a little more firepower, but perhaps the BPV and Redirector together was a bit much. That said, it never really became a factor because they played their asses off. Whether I made mistakes in the setup or not, this team worked for their win and they fully deserve it.

    Hyuge ★ MVP ★
    Part one of the deadly duo that ultimately led the charge to victory, surely no one can deny that Hyuge's play was superb. She showed no fear and waded right into discussion, staying active and influential up until the final seconds. That said, some downright comical confusion over the mechanics of her role stalled her in the early game, and she threw up a number of hail marys that I'm surprised no one intercepted—personally confirming a fellow Mafiosi as Town for essentially no reason and making pointed comments about certain roles being just a few. Then again, big risks allow for big rewards, and in the end her style certainly spoke for itself this game.

    Jiku Neon Mish
    A difficult slot to critique, since she was put in a uniquely tricky position early on—one which, let's face it, condemned her to die but also left her ample rights and privileges to take the piss in the meantime. Hyuge's power-play delayed her sentence just long enough for her to drop a hammer and leave the Town that much further in the hole, so the time she was given certainly didn't go to waste.

    TheWorldThatNeverWas Moksha
    Full disclosure, Moksha was actually advised by his teammates to stay quiet for the last few days. While I'm not sure I agree with the play (and I definitely don't condone the level to which he did so), it did seem to pay off in that no one really seized on him when everything came down to the wire. I'm just hoping it doesn't become a habit.

    Vivi's Dark Side
    HEY HYUGE I SEARCHED EVERYBODY'S POSTS AND Y'ALL WERE DEFINITELY BUDDYING NEVER QUESTION THE MOD HARUMPH. Though to her credit Vivs started most of it. Aside from that, a solid Clyde to Hyuge's Bonnie, and a big player in the Mafia's eventual win. Though quieter than his counterpart, he still threw himself into the fray just enough to endear himself to most of the Town and give him sway over the vote.

    Well, considering there was only one of you, and you got offed early on...

    Unfortunately 3P is a hard life: Most of the time you either get weeded out early or come so tantalizingly close to your goal only to have it slip through your fingers in the last act. I had hoped he'd last a little longer and turn into a wild card, or failing that win posthumously so I could surprise him with the news, but alas. Spent most of his time in the game arguing with Makaze, and do I blame him? Not necessarily. But my therapist always says, there are only two things you control: your perception, and your reaction. If you get hung up playing defense against somebody's accusations, you're fighting an uphill battle... Hell, you're climbing a mountain. You can't always ignore it, but often it's better to just take the fight to someone else.

    Not in-depth enough for you? Feel free to ask for more pointers in a PM/IM.

    And that's all for this game. Once again, thank you all for pitching in and making it an experience to remember, and I hope to see you back for another round very soon!
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    I was also the one who narrowed the vig down to Hayabusa, when it was between him and cstar, so go me B)
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    Yay I'm so happy! :D I'm just glad I improved from last game. I had way more fun this time, though I spent much more time on it as a result. XD One thing I have yet to learn in life is how to balance out the fun time and the boring important stuff. XD