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    I actually
    want this one to take off this time

    Madoka Magica abridged seems like a good series to start with for people wanting to get into abridging.
    It's a short anime with a big fanbase. There are a couple other abridged versions that do seem to be doing well.
    Again, it's a short anime. It only has twelve episodes which is probably a little easier to work with than an anime that has a large amount of episodes.
    After the failure of me not being able to get the digimon abridged up and running, then I kinda lost most of my motivation.
    Then me and a friend of mine were on the topic of parodying series and Mahou Madoka Magica came up.
    Even though there were already popular abridged versions, we still thought that maybe it'd be interesting to do it!

    He even knows five guys who'd be willing to be in it or help with it.

    As far as I can tell, I'd be the only girl.
    As hilarious as that would be (all guys with one female VA), it might be better to have a couple more girls.
    Any way, people that we'll need
    • Obviously people willing to voice act.
    • At least two writers. Two. In my opinion having one writer isn't really enough, because sometimes that one writer might not be able to come up with anything, or maybe s/he doesn't even have the time to get anything up, plus it's just better to have a small team of writers anyway. Different ideas and jokes and stuff.
    • Video editor. Lip syncing, video/visual affects, etc. are needed in abridged series. It'd look weird if the audio from our voice acting wasn't syncing with the lips of the characters. Video/Visual affects just make the abridged series a bit more interesting.
    • Maybe a audio/sound editor
    • Co-Manager. Co-Freaking-Manager. I can't stress this enough. I'm a fifteen year old girl, who ends up getting distracted and preoccupied with other things. Plus I'm not confident when I'm alone.

    now for the main roles:
    • Madoka- accent/personality TBA
    • Sayaka- accent/personality TBA
    • Homura- accent/personality TBA
    • Kyoko- accent/personality TBA
    • Mami- accent/personality TBA
    • Kyubey- Me and my friend thought it'd be interesting if someone (preferably male) were to make Kyubey sound like a gangster or someone from the hood. It's always fun when someone with a cute voice is given some deep-voice and an accent that you normally wouldn't hear them with.
    • Hitomi: Probably the most normal character of show. Sometimes complaining as to why she isn't a magical girl. (Thought of this because Meduka Meguka parody posts where one of the occasional screenshots was of hitomi and normally a caption involving her asking if she can be magical girl. Meduka Meguka is a series of parody posts involving screenshots of the poorly animated parts of the show) ...she's a main character according to the wiki omfg
    Minor/Supporting Roles:

    • Madoka's Mother: Try and make her sassy. I don't care what accent, but I'd like for her to be sassy.
    • Madoka's dad: Honestly you can do anything for this guy.
    • Madoka's little bro: For some reason I think it'd be interesting if he was actually really intelligent
    • That guy Sayaka likes: Again you can do whatever for this guy.
    • Madoka and Sayaka's teacher: Valley girl. Nothing else really.
    • All those other people: anything you want

    The TBA ones are because I can't think of them right now, but I'm willing to discuss it.

    The auditioning won't start right away since I still need to come up with something for the rest of girls.

    Watch Madoka here:

    How auditions will work anyway:
    Since I don't have writers yet, you'll be stuck with having to use one of the lines in the show. You can,however, make it a bit more interesting by changing the line up to match how the character your auditioning for acts or sounds like. Improvise I suppose.

    If we get one of the writers before the auditions do start, then I'll have them make some test lines for the people auditioning.

    Auditions will be sent to me at one of the following emails:

    they all get sent to my phone either way so it doesn't matter which one you choose

    if you have skype, then you can add me (portgas_d_anne) and you can do the audition in a skype call with me

    Once I get a Co-Manager then I'll be adding his/her email on the list as well

    I would prefer if the audio file was .mp3 or .wav

    You can audition for at least two different characters
    if you want mami
    I would highly suggest auditioning for a second role
    i would
    spoiler involving why you should audition for a second role if wanting mami:

    When a role is taken then I'll scratch it out from the list.

    I still don't know which role I'll be taking (most likely will be one of the magical girl roles)

    If someone knows where we can find the RAW or un-subbed episodes of Madoka to download for the video editor to use, then tell me.

    this isn't as organized as I thought it was
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    Sounds interesting. :3

    I don't know 100% if I'll audition, but I'll definitely consider it~