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    [Extremely special thanks to Stardust for helping us out with this. <3]

    Before you start posting in Literature, the staff has a few rules and guidelines we expect you to follow. Remember that, as with all sections of our forums, all main site rules apply here. If you have not done so already, please read the forum rules.

    Rules of the Literature Section

    1. Be on-topic and coherent in your replies. We don't expect essays, of course, but we ask that you type understandably and contribute to the topic at hand. A good method of making sure your answer contributes is to ask yourself when posting, "Could I post this exact same reply in any thread?" If the answer is yes, your reply is too vague and may be a candidate for deletion. The moderators of the section reserve the right to delete any posts they deem as spam.


    Spam Post - I liked that book because the action was good and the story was pretty engaging.

    Accepted Post - I liked that book because the action was good. Scenes such as this and this were really good. I also liked the story because of this and how this character developed this way.

    NOTE: The "this" and "that" parts are just plac holders for actual descriptions.

    2. You may bump threads regardless of their age, however your reply must contribute to the topic. Additionally, please don't bump several very old threads at once. We ask that instead of creating duplicates, you bump existing threads; any duplicate threads created will be merged with existing threads on the topic and repeated offenses may result in consequences. We have an easy-access list of threads regarding specific books located here for your convenience.

    3. We ask that you use spoiler tags when discussing important events in a work of fiction, so as not to ruin the fun for others. Remember, not everyone reading the thread may be as far into the plot as you are!
    Formatting spoiler tags is simple. The format looks like this:

    [SPOILER="Description of spoiler tag content goes here"]Please follow the Literature section rules![/SPOILER]
    And the tag will come out like this:

    Please follow the Literature section rules!

    4. Do not post manga threads here. Instead, please post them in the Anime and Manga subforum. Remember that the Kingdom Hearts manga and novels have their own place in the Kingdom Hearts Extras Section, too!

    5. Do not post your own work in here -- this section is for published works of literature only! Fanfiction and original works such as stories and poetry go in their respective subforums in The Writer's Nook.

    If you feel that something is amiss, or have any questions regarding something pertaining to this section, feel free to send a Private Message either to one of the sectional moderators (Clawtooth and What?) or a Super Moderator or Admin if they are unavailable.
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