Leo's last goodbye

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    Leo's Last Goodbye

    Chapter 1. an party of fate

    Leo a 17 year old boy loved by every one that in the past his parent’s mysterious disappearance now his story begins. Leo was walking the town trying to look for his friends he saw Tidus at the fruit stand doing his daily snatching. “You know someday you will get caught" he said walking up his friend Tidus shook his head "really your the innocent one here i think not" his friend said to Leo. Leo took the apple Tidus was holding "man you know me way too much" he said giving a smile then started eating the apple. "Oh by the way I got the answers for the big test tomorrow" Leo said to Tidus "how did you get them the teacher took the answers with him" Tidus asked surprised. "I’m just good at spying on people that’s all" he said to Tidus then the started walking to their house. Later on that night, Leo was starring at the ceiling thinking about his parents that disappeared 5 years ago "so do you ever wonder where they are" Tidus asked his friend "i dont know where they are do they even miss me” Leo said with a tear rolling down his left cheek "well you need to ask them that when we find them "Tidus gave him a cheerful smile then they went to sleep. Leo was asleep in his dream he could see darkness surrounding him with little yellow eyes looking at him. "ah get away from me" he screamed waking up his friend just stared at him.” dude what is wrong” his friend Tidus asked concerned Leo looked at him trying to shake the fear off” nothing it was only a nightmare” he replied to his friend. "alright just don’t go freaking out like that when your around your little crush" Tidus said smiling, Leo started to blush” shut up lets head” he said quickly standing up walking out the door with Tidus.

    Leo and Tidus were walking down to the beach then stopped when they heard an angelic voice telling them to stop. Then they tuned around to see amber running towards them. "Hey Leo we are going make you have fun at your party tonight” she said in a flirting voice. Leo smiled” of course I’m going have fun its my birthday” he said to her while Tidus quietly laughed.” well ill see you at your party" Tidus said smiling before he walked away so Leo and Amber could talk alone. “god I knew her all my life I need to ask her out” Leo thought to himself but he stopped thinking when Amber suddenly hugged him getting her body close to his” I hope you have the best birthday ever” she said while hugging him. Amber let go then she looked at him smiling” well ill see ya at the party don’t hurt yourself now” she said playfully before she headed off. Leo got to his house and started to hook up everything outside for his birthday party” this is going be awesome” he said to himself while he got the last bit of light up.

    Leo was looking at the sun while it went down but suddenly his head felt like it was going to explode. He kept hearing a voice” darkness waits for your heart” it said to him then vanished. "ok that was weird” he said to himself then he saw Amber and Tidus dressed up ready for the party. The music played all his guest was having a blast 5 girls asked to dance with him but he refuse he wanted to dance with only one. Leo saw Amber walking to him in her velvet dress on her perfect body, while her brown hair was swaying in the light wind. Leo heart was beating fast he always loved her since they met,” I noticed girls been asking to dance with you but you declined them why” she asked him Leo face was burning he was starting to blush "um well I just want to dance with one girl” he said to her. She blinked a little “one girl who could that be” she asked him. Leo was really blushing now” I want to dance with you” he said to her nervously. Amber took his hand then smiled” by time you asked” she said while she dragged him to the dance floor while Guardian Angel played. Leo put his arms around her waist while her arms around his neck, they both smiled feeling the love they held in for so long was finally being set free.

    Leo looked at her beautiful face then he looked at her eyes that made him sink into a trance “Amber I been wanting to say this I lo" he got interrupted before he could finish by a loud crash and people screaming. Amber and Leo saw the cause for the screaming little black creatures appeared looking at it’s pray with its yellow eyes. “No they can’t be real they was only in my dreams” Leo said to himself frightened by the creature. Then the creature tried to attack Amber and Tidus when Leo saw this he grabbed his dagger then stabbed it making it fade. Amber looked in horror and Tidus tried to calm her down Leo looked back as more creatures appeared in front of them "run Tidus take care of her” he yelled to his friends.

    Tidus ran expecting Amber to be with him but she stood behind Leo. Leo turned around and stood there knowing it could be the last time he could see his Amber that he loved so much. Then he hugged her tightly” Amber if I’m gone don’t forget about me and before I got interrupted I wanted to say I love you” he said with tears building up in his eyes. They did not say anything they stared at each other eyes and let there lips touch. They closed their eyes while their mouths opened letting their tongs touch. Then their lips separated Amber did not want to go Tidus saw that, the number of the creatures increased drastically so he ran over to her” come on Amber you heard him lets go "Tidus said grabbing her hand dragging her away from danger. Leo smiled then he looked at the heartless while his eyes were building up with tears "well I guess this is it” he said sadly while he dropped his dagger on the ground. “accept the darkness you have a strong heart you wont disappear" the voice said to Leo then all at once the black creatures jumped on him. Leo saw darkness all around he could not move then he looked at his chest while his heart floated out of his body then it disappeared into the darkness. Leo tried to reach for it but he could not reach far enough "goodbye Tidus and Amber please don’t forget me" he said to himself while all the tears was running down his face before he closed his eyes letting the darkness take his heart saving his friends.

    Goodbye Leo say hello to Xeol ch.2

    Leo could not open his eyes it felt like a dream while his body was slowly getting transformed from the darkness. The memories of his friends played over and over again while he cried wanting to be free from the endless suffering. Leo opened his eyes to see an lake he looked around for some light but it was only darkness. Then the area became foggy he closed his eyes while darkness and fog entered his body making him transform. His hair became long on the sides and his hair became a dark brown. After all the fog entered his body he felt weak he fell to his knees “what am I” he said to himself then he laid on his stomach falling asleep. He woke up he walked around the area the unknown world he found himself in then some heartless appeared in front of him. “You again this time I’m going kill ya" he said while he stretched his arm out to the side” what is this power i feel” he said to himself. Then fog swirled around his arm into his palm then Leo focused on it making his dagger appear but it was transformed like he was” how did that happen” he said then he charged towards the heartless slashing the foul beast with his dagger making them fade.

    Leo got tired and sat on a rock then he punched the rock” what am I where am I” he said angrily then put his hand where his heart was remembering it floating into the darkness. "I can’t feel an heart beat" he said wide eyed with a sudden shock of pain he closed his eyes into a trance. He found himself on a glass platform with his face on it with amber's and Tidus above it "where am I" he yelled wanting to be answered "your are were your heart was" a voice said to him. "What am I suppose to do" Leo asked then a door appeared he walked over to it then opened it. He found himself at some stairs then heartless started to appear randomly “you are not going to be in my way" Leo said running up the stairs while he killed the heartless. Leo managed to reach the top to see a pedestal with that had a ball of fog on it he slowly walked up to it. Leo reached for the ball of fog then the fog went on to his hand the fog was absorbed into his body "what’s happening to me" he asked himself while fog was being absorbed by him. After the fog was absorbed he felt tired and weak he slowly closed his eyes waking up from the trance “who am I" he asked himself while he sat on the rock looking at the ground.

    He looked ahead focusing a portal appeared he sat up then walked through not knowing where he was going. He walked out of the portal to discover he arrived at a town that was dark and lifeless he walked while he looked at the neon lights. He stopped at a huge tower that reached up to the black sky “what is this place" he said to himself then neo shadows appeared he sighed "grand not these creature I’m tired of fighting” he said while he ran away. He was out of breath he slumped against the wall in a ally a hooded man appeared walking up him "so the darkness took you as well" the man said calmly he looked at him "yes it did" he said to the hooded figure the man lifted up his hood reviling his white hair, his tan skin, and his orange eyes. "Do you want to belong instead of wondering the world not knowing the truth" the man said to him. He nodded the man smiled while some letters appeared “now put an x and you will be complete" the said while the letters moved then stopped spelling Xeol. Xeol looked at his name feeling it was always the same "yes take me to my destiny" he said to the man "alright the name is Xemnes leader of organization 13" Xemnes said to Xeol as they walked through the portal.

    Xemnes and Xeol arrived at the castle the superior looks at Xeol "now enter those doors to meet your fellow members" he said calmly before he vanished. Xeol opened the door then walked to the middle he looked up seeing all the other members watching him from above. "This is our new member Xeol" Xemnes said to all of the members. Xeol felt happy not any pain he was finally accepted he found out who he was. Xeol learned he was a nobody somebody who lost his heart he stood there waiting to accept his destiny as a nobody.

    chapter 3. Fog Meets Death

    Xeol looked at the other members sitting in their sites he counted all 13 seats but there was only 7 members not including himself he wondered what happened to them. “Looks like we got another person for our happily family” one of the hooded figures said happily while the others shook their heads at the one who spoken up happily. Xeol saw one carelessly shuffling a deck of cards. “Alright so can somebody please guide me to my room” the fog wielder asked then an dusk appeared in front of him “so I guess you will be my guide” the fog wielder said to it smiling. Xeol looked at the walls and the style of the castle it was mostly all white not an interesting color for the nobody but it was a home to him ether way. “So that’s a lesser nobody they are interesting” he said to himself while he fallowed the dusk then they stopped in front of a door. “Thanks” Xeol said to it before he gave it a hug the lesser nobody looked at him confused then disappeared. The fog wielder opened the door he looked at the room it was white like everything else but his room had a big balcony he smiled. Xeol walked over to the balcony he could tell he was really high up cause he could see clouds that made a sheet of white by the balcony “wow I’m so high up” he said happily as he looked down from the balcony.

    The fog wielder looked down he started to fall foreword “oh crap” he said as he flayed his arms around but somebody grabbed the back of his shirt keeping him from falling off the balcony. “Thanks you saved my stupid butt” Xeol said laughing a little at the hooded man. “Alright kid just be careful and be a good boy” the hooded figure said flip up his hood. The man that stood in front of Xeol had long black hair in a pony tail, an eye patch, and gold eyes. “I’m Xigbar nice to meet ya kid” the free shooter said to Xeol smiling. “Hey Xigbar so where do I go to get my missions so I can be useful” Xeol said to Xigbar smiling. The free shooter smiled then patted the man on the back “don’t worry about work little dude just get use to the castle and talk to the other members I gota get some things done cya be good” he said to Xeol happily then disappeared into a portal. The fog wielder smiled at how laid back and relaxed Xigbar was he was getting tired from all the events that happened that day. The fog wielder laid on his bed then closed his eyes “Amber I miss you” he said to himself before he drifted away in his dreams. Xeol could see himself in his dreams sitting on the beach beside his friends. It was such a beautiful site as him and his friends laughing with each other as the sun went down as the water sparkled. The fog smiled because his friend Tidus was always smiling when he was around and his dear Amber always looking at him with her amazing eyes as the wind made her hair sway in the wind. Then a scene appeared it was such a dear moment the fog wielder missed. He stood there as amber went up to him in her velvet dress and her beautiful face smiling at him. They danced as the music played in the back ground then he saw the heartless stand in front of him then turned around then he looked at her then her lips. Xeol woke up he noticed there was tears on his cheeks he wiped them off while he stood up and got his new organization cloak and went into the shower to get ready for the day.

    Xeol got dressed then looked at his organization cloak holding it up “well I guess this is my family” he said to himself then put it on. He looked into a mirror it looked good on him he smiled then opened his door then headed towards the meeting that Xemness had planed for him and his fellow members. Xeol knew he was going to be late after all this is his first meeting so hopefully Xemnass put that in account the fog wielder hoped. Xeol was whistling to himself then suddenly somebody ran into him making him and the person fall on the ground. “Jerk watch where you are goin” Xeol said slightly angry to the man who fell ran into him. The man got up and stepped backed up a little “im sorry Ill be more careful” he said before he flipped his hood up reviling his ocean blue eyes and dirty blond mullet “hey Xeol my name is Demyx I’m glade so happy meet you” the Melodious Nocturn said happily to the fog wielder. Xeol smiled he noticed that this nobody did not creep him out or appeared out of nowhere behind him the guy was actually friendly not creepy. “im happy to meet you too Demyx now lets head to the meeting cause our superior probably wants to kill us already” the fog wielder said to Demyx then they headed to the meeting.

    The two nobodies arrived at the alter of naught to meet the stern unforgiving eyes of their superior. “im not even going to ask where you two where hurry and get to your seats so we can continue our meeting” Xemnese said in a stern voice to Xeol and Demyx. Xeol looked at his superior ready to say something but he decided not too and he noticed that Demyx immediately went to his seat as soon as Xemnese spoke. The fog wielder closed his eyes then appeared at his seat then looking at the other members then looked down “that is where I was yesterday” he said to himself smiling looking at the center. The superior looked at the members before he started speaking “now my fellow nobodies I got informed that Xalden is doing well in his mission of turning beast into an heartless and later on today I’m suppose to be informed by Xigbar later on” he said to the members not showing any emotion. Some of the other members started speaking about the progress so far until the superior raised his hand telling them he was not done speaking. “now im going to assign a few members to their mission” he said to all of them. The room was quite until the superior once again broke the silence “now Demyx and Xeol your mission is to go to the underworld and steal the olympien stone” the superior said to them. “but superior that place is dark and creepy” Demyx said to Xemnass with pleading eyes but the superior shook his head “get down there before I kill you” Xemnass said emotionless. Xeol smiled then took demyx arm and dragged off his set as he opend up a portal “lets get this done and over with” The fog wielder said as they walked through the portal.

    Deep in the caves of the underworld an nobodie stood looking at the bloody corpse of a demon his eyes full of insanity as he dripped tons of blood out of his wounds. “that was not fatal I need to see more of my blood I need to fell alive” Gexlion said smiling as he held his bone spike he lifted it up then thrusted it into his chest. The pain was estatic it made his nerves scream begging for mercy as the mad man smiled enjoying all the pain. The mad man pulled out the bony spike out he watches as the blood dripped from its unpleasant point smilling at the pain the weapon provided. Then Gex looked at the demons corps full of piercing bones he smiled as he grabbed its head then yanked on it ripping the skull out. The mad man looked at the skull as he playfully put his fingers in its eyes holes. “I need more of a challenge I need somebody who provide me pain” he said loudly as he walked deeper into the underworld carrying his bony prize.

    An dark void appeard in the underworld two hooded figures stepped out and looked around the dark dead place. “This place is too creepy for my liking” one of the figures said nervously. “gesh don’t be so shaky its just where the dead end up” The other figure said with an grin. “Easy for you too say” the other one said as he lifted up his hood reveling his spiked mullet. The one beside him lifted up his own hood reviling his dark brown hair with the hair on his sides swayed lightly in front of himself. Nearby a menacing figure watched the two figures studying them “who are they” he said to himself. Xeol gave Demyx a smile but the cold atmosphere made him sad inside it been a while since he joined but he still felt a hole inside himself. “it been about a month now since you joined are you getting use to it” Demyx asked as they walked. Xeol was looking at the ground but he looked at his friend giving him a smile “yeah it’s easy” he lied. After a long while of walking both of them stayed silent then suddenly the ground started to shake. The ceiling above them started to collapse Demyx looked up and jumped out of the way as the large chunks of stone fell making an huge pile of stones that separated the two nobodys from each other. Xeol stood looking at the pile “Demy are you alright” the fog wielder asked concerned “yeah ill be over there soon” the melodious noctorn said to his friend as he headed down an dark tunnel trying to get to the other side. Xeol leaned against the pile looking down at the ground thinking about his past. The fog wielder sighed “why me it was suppose to be my happiest day of my life” he said remembering the last moments having an heart. An tear rolled down his cheek as one name ran through his head an person from the past that was so dear to him. It was easy for Xeol to wear a smile to cover his sadness that always stayed inside. “Sadness I would love to feel that but I cant” An figure said wearing an sadistic smile.

    The fog wielder turned around looking at the figure the person gave him an uneasy feeling but for reason it felt warm. “So if you can’t feel sadness so you’re a nobody like me” Xeol said to the man. Gexlion gave Xeol a smile as he flipped up his hood revealing his ridiculous amount of hair but some of the man’s hair moved uncovering the nobody symbol that was stamped on the mad mans head. The fog wielder looked at the man’s appearance it was scrawny and the grey tight pants and hoody did give him a scary appearance. Gexlion thought about a reason why a nobody like himself was standing around in the underworld “so why are you here” he asked the fog wielder. Xeol looked at Gex he did not see any harm of telling the man the purpose Demyx and himself was in the place “the organization I work for is looking for the Olympian stone” he said with a smile. Gexlion looked at the man with an raised eyebrow was the man in front of him worked for organization 13 that he heard rumors about that group of nobodys but there was something else he wanted to know could the man provide enough pain. Xeol was about to talk some more but he noticed an wicked grin on the mad mans face it sent chills down Xeol's spine a few moments later Gexlion ran towards the fog wielder with an face filled with murderous desire.

    Chapter 4. Battle of Flying Daggers and Menacing Bones

    Xeol quickly got his dagger up blocking the punch his attacker Gexlion offered. The Masochist grinned as he stepped back and raised his hand making a sharp spike come through the skin. Xeol stood there disgusted of how much blood came out when the man summoned his weapon. Gexlion charged again and slashed with monstrous force. The fog wielder summoned another dagger in his other hand and put his two daggers together to block the attack “why are you attacking” Xeol asked as the blades grinded sending sparks. Gexlion heard the mans question it was so simple the Masochist started to laugh insanely “I just want pain I want to see my own blood dripping covering this dead ground” Gexlion said menacingly. Xeol was in shook “how c... could you only want pain” the fog wielder said to the man leaning foreword cause even more sparks to fly from their grinding weapons. Gexlion just smirked then continued to attack rapidly every time his bone blade hitting against Xeol’s daggers. Nothing the man to him made since how could an nobody only want pain Xeol wondered as he continued to fend off the attacker.

    When the fog wielder saw an opening he pushed the bone blade back getting the man to stumble as soon that happened Xeol fallowed up with an upward slash with the dagger in his left hand. Xeol stepped back looking at the man blood was dripping off of the fog wielder dagger as Xeol watched the other man’s injury start to pour out blood from the cut on the man’s stomach going to his chest. Gexlion had a smile savoring every inch of burning nerve screaming pain “this is what I’m talking about” the Masochist said happily. Xeol just stared at the man as the Masochist raised his arms the ground by the man’s feet started to crumble an skeleton climbed out of the crumbled dirt.

    Xeol made a fog cloud beside him the cloud formed into an fog clone of Xeol. Gexlion kneeled to the ground while the skeleton attack Xeol and his fog clone. The skeleton was impressively controlled by Gex it managed to defeat the fog wielders fog clone. While Xeol was blocking the attacks from the skeleton Gexlion’s hand was glowing then he laid it on the ground an few moments later an arm with sharp fingers burst out of the ground by Xeol’s feet. The fog wielder did not see the clever attack because his focus was on the skeleton he blocked one attack but then he felt sharp pain. The fog wielder looked down to see an bony arm stabbed into his midsection the fingers was sticking out of Xeol’s back “damn” the fog wielder said as he coughed out some blood. The fog wielder winced then jumped back feeling the bones from the hand grind against the inside of the wound.

    “Is that all you have I wanted a challenge I wanted to see more blood I wanted to be covered” Gexlion said with an insane smile. Xeol heard what he said he looked down at the ground his eyes was darkened “ill show you pain” the fog wielder said darkly as fog started to form around him and Gexlion “ill make sure your covered” Xeol said with the same dark tone in his voice as the fog got finished surrounding them. Gexlion liked what he heard it all he really wanted was to feel alive feel the heart beating feeling of pain. Xeol closed his eyes his body started to turn into fog then he jumped back letting his body become fused with the surrounding fog.

    The fog wielder never done this technique none of the people in the organization knew about it felt weird he felt so light and comforted. Xeol could not see but he felt everything the fog touched it felt like he was sleeping. “Now let us play” Xeol said as he laughed happily the voice echoing through the fog. The fog above Gexlion started to turn into daggers as the Masochist heard the voice. When all the daggers were formed the fog above was filled with tons of daggers that floated and shined as light reflected off the metal blades. “Die” Xeol said as the daggers rained down upon Gexlion every blade piercing the ground with tremendous force as dirt flew from the impacts.

    Gexlion felt every blade pierce his body the pain was tremendous it was the best pain he felt. Xeol reformed himself and the fog disappeared. The fog wielder walked over to Gexlion to see the man was nailed to the ground covered by daggers the ground beneath the man was covered with blood. “Why do you only like pain” Xeol asked with sad eyes as he looked down at the blood covered man. Gexlion looked at the man “I’m an nobody I lost all feeling except one pain” the Masochist said to the man “you can pretend to be happy but the fact will always remain you cant truly feel” Gexlion said to the fog wielder. Xeol looked at the ground away from the man the words that was spoken stayed in his head. “Now share the pain with me” Gexlion said with a crazy grin as the Masochist rib bones shot out each of them stabbing Xeol’s chest. The fog wielder looked at the bones that were stuck in him with a face full of shook and terror then it softened. The fog wielder struggled to stay standing up but he stumbled as blood dripped from the wounds and the side of his mouth. Xeol fell down to his knees as he stared up then he slowly fell landing on his side.

    Gexlion stood up ribbing the daggers off of him as he stood up with all the holes that were engraved upon the Masochist body spilling out blood. “Farewell I hope we meet again” Gexlion said as he walked away with his body disappearing into the dark. Xeol struggled to keep his eyes open he wondered how he could of gotten so careless “it’s getting peaceful for once” the fog wielder said as he slowly closed his eyes. A few minutes latter the Melodious Nocturne arrived at the scene he witnessed all the blood that was covering the ground it made the water wielder cringe. “Xeol where are you” Demyx said calling the fog wielders name after a while the mullet nobody saw Xeol laying on the ground. Demyx ran towards his fallen comrade he saw his body the Melodius Nocturns eyes widened when he saw the bones sticking into Xeol’s chest and the big hole on the mans midsection.

    “We’ll get you fixed up” Demyx said reassuring to the man as the water wielder gently picked up Xeol. Xeol could only saw darkness but a scene started to appear in the same darkness. The fog wielder saw himself as a little boy running from a man that was yelling at him. The scene progressed the young Leo hide in an alley then he took out an apple then started to eat it with a smile on his face. “Was I only trouble for you mom and dad” Xeol said barely conscious. Demyx heard what the fog wielder said it made the mullet nobody worried and sad at the same time as the water wielder opened up an portal. “No you was not trouble” Demyx said as he gently hugged the man for some reason he had to say something before they entered the void.

    Axel was leaning against the wall when he saw the void open with Demyx carrying the bleeding barely conscious Xeol. “How did this happen” Axel said to the water wielder as they started to head to the medic room. “I don’t know I just arrived there and I found him like this” Demyx said to the fire wielder trying not to be blamed. They arrived at the medic bay the water wielder gently laid Xeol upon a medic bed. “Alright kiddo we gota inform Xemnass” the fiery red head said to the mullet nobody patting the mans shoulder as they exited out of the room to get Xemnass.

    Axel and Demxy was standing in the hallway near their superiors room. The fiary red head was concerned about the fog wielder both of them was worried. "i talked to the poor guy a little i feel sorry for him" Axel said crossing his arms leaning against the wall. An few moments passed as Demyx nodded his head the site was so brutel to him. "remember when he first joined" Demxy said to the Flurry of Dancing Flames. "yeah he looked so nervous" Axel said to Demyx with an smirk but then it fadded turning into an frown. "yeah before we got out of that horrible place he said something asking his parents if he was only trouble" Demyx said sadly as he thought the whole thing was sad. "then i just hugged him" the water wielder said to Axel. "yeah the kid can do that he can bring the best out of people" Axel said with an sad smile. The two nobodys stayed silent as the feeling and the worry was all that was remained as the two stayed silent then enterd their superiors room.

    Chapter 5.An Sleep Uncovering the Past

    Xeol laid there with his eyes closed he felt so much pain his body stung. “Will I ever get back up” the fog wielder wondered as time stood still. Xeol continued to lay there not knowing what would happen to him. The fog wielder heard voices but he could not see it felt like he was sleeping.

    After a few moments a memory started to form in his head as he lay. The fog wielder saw himself at his house all alone sitting at the table an few moments later his dad walked through the door. The young Leo ran up to his father with a face full of happiness “dad can we go somewhere” the boy asked. “Sorry but I got work to do” the father replied back to his son then headed up the stairs. “You always say that” Xeol heard the young boy said sadly. The scene started to fade into the darkness as the fog wielder could still hear the boys faint crying. “Did you even care about me” Xeol said while his eyes remained closed as his eyes started to water.

    A short nobody carrying a book came into the room “well time to see what the superior wanted me to return here for” Zexion said with a sigh. The Cloaked Schemer looked down at Xeol making sure the wraps were on properly. Before Zexion left he saw a tear on the fog wielders check “that’s interesting” the short nobody said as the tear got wiped away. After looking at Xeol some more Zexion turned around and exited out of the medic room. Xeol could hear someone talking earlier but he could not see the fog wielder wondered who was there.

    Another scene started to appear he saw himself as a young boy once again but it was his 5th birthday. The young Leo stood their with a birthday cake in front of the boy’s face. Xeol looked around at the scene he did not see Leo’s parents anywhere and the boy was all alone. The boy looked at the candles with a sad smile “my wish is” tears started to form on the young Leo’s eyes “I want my parents here” the boy said before he blew the candles out. Xeol grabbed onto the bed sheets it was torture to him pain he wanted to forget and now he was trapped in it. But the scene continued, Xeol saw the boy step outside the boy heard a cry the young Leo turned his head to see a kid tripped and scraped his knee. The other boy’s mother ran to the injured child she gave the crying boy a hug an smile appeared on the boy. The young Leo shook his head sadly as he continued to walk the street as the sun went down.

    Xeol gritted his teeth he did not want to remember what happened next “get me out of this hell” the fog wielder said as tears started to come out. A scene he never wanted to witness was appearing in the darkness the fog wielder saw young Leo happy as he waited for his dad that promised him they would have farther and son time together. The happy face turned to an sad frown on the young Leo’s face as minutes turned into hours of waiting. After an while Xeol heard an knock on the door in the memory the young Leo opened the door an cop stood there carrying an dress his mom wore and an suit his dad wore both had blood all over them. The cop did not have to say anything else until Leo knew what happened the boy feel to his knees and cried shedding tears everywhere. The scene disappeared Xeol stayed there silent the fog wielder was scared and the same sadness he had that long ago returned “dad… mom” Xeol said as he started to cry like a little kid. The fog wielder stayed in the bed recovering for 3 weeks it was the longest silence in his life. Xeol would have people that would visit to check on him as the time ticked away slowly. With what the fog wielder heard there was another nobody that joined if he heard right it was Xathabet before he would met Xazek and the new nobody Xeol would have to recover first.

    Chapter 6. An Meeting of Changing Tides

    Xeol woke up he clearly lost track of time the only thing he been doing was resting. The fog wielder looked up at the white ceiling he sighed “finally I can walk around” Xeol said as he slowly got up. The fog wielder looked at himself in the mirror he looked at the wrapping around his waist and his chest. Xeol looked down at the ground sadly thinking about the fight that almost killed him wondering how much people must have been worried. The image in the mirror shared the same sad frown that was upon Xeol’s face after a few moment of looking at the white tile by his feet he went over to his organization cloak. Xeol got on the uniform without any trouble his chest and stomach was still hurting but at least he was able to move. The fog wielder went over to the door and opened it looking at the hallways it was white like normal.

    While walking Xigbars voice could easily be heard “he is probably messing with some one” Xeol said as he walked down the hallway. After an while of walking Xeol decided to lean against the wall to think “lets see we got an meeting” he said to himself wondering what else he had to remember. During Xeol’s thinking Axel appeared beside the fog wielder. Xeol did not turn his head “hey demyx” the fog wielder said as he continued to think. The Flurry had a mischievous grin on his face as his hand slide against the wall getting close to Xeol’s butt then the man grabbed the fog wielders butt then squeezed it really hard. The fog wielder became wide eyed then he turned his head to see it was Axel standing there. “Um… Axel” Xeol said as he rolled of his glove “yeah” the flurry said to Xeol smiling. The fog wielder cleared his voice “don’t touch my @ss again” Xeol said with some anger in his voice as the glove smacked the Flurry of Dancing Flame’s face. “Sorry you seemed out there so I had to bring you back” Axel said rubbing the side of his face. Xeol sighed “sorry” then he looked down at the ground for a little then looked at Axel again. “So when is our meeting and what are we talking about” the fog wielder asked the red headed nobody. Axel just shrugged his shoulder he did not know everything just things that interested him the meeting never did.

    A few second later an dark void opened there the Melodious Nocturne stepped out looking at some cue cards. The water wielder looked foreword seeing Axel and Xeol a smile appeared on the man’s face. With in a few moments Demyx ran over to the two nobodys hugged Axel. Then afterwards the water wielder hugged the fog wielder tightly “I’m so glade your better” the mullet nobody said to Xeol. The fog wielder winced a little cause the hug was putting pressure on his recovering chest “that’s good to hear but your kinda….hurting me right now” Xeol said with an smile on his face patting Demyx’s back. Xeol waved bye to Axel and Demyx as he continued talking his walk down the hall way. Eventually the fog wielder made it to the room called forgotten melodies he was on the balcony looking down it was a good view. With no one else around the smile turned into a frown Xeol looked down wondering if he was ever going to return to Amber and his friend Tidus. As the room stayed silent Xeol shook his head sadly not knowing where this path was going to take him.

    Upon Xeol’s thought Saix walked into the same room. The two nobodys did not hate each other they just did not talk to each other. Saix walked over to the balcony beside Xeol then looked at the heart shaped moon. “It’s good that a valuable member is able to help us gain kingdom hearts” the Lunar Diviner said calmly as his yellow eyes turned away from the moon to Xeol. The fog wielder looked at the man a little surprised about the man talking to him but he would turn away anyone that was not like him. “yeah but sleep did sound good” Xeol said to the man smiling noticing Saix narrow his eyes a little the fog wielder decided to change the mood. “So Saix we got a meeting today correct and we got a new member and I think Xazek should be returning” Xeol asked the blue haired nobody as his fingers playfully drummed against the railing. Saix nodded his head “yes the meeting will be soon and for the other two I been informed by superior he found another nobody and Xazek should return from the mission soon so she will be at the meeting” the Luner Deviner Calmly said to the other nobody. “Now I got some business to attend to” Saix said as he started to walk away after a few moments later Xeol looked up at the heart shaped moon trying to see what Saix saw in it.

    After a while Xeol heard his superior’s voice telling him it was time for the meeting the fog wielder turned around and opened up an portal. Xeol walked into the summoned portal and appeared at his seat noticing most of the members were already there. The fog wielder looked at the others he sighed it was the boring part the meeting he would pay attention but it was going to be painful. Xemnass looked at the others to make sure no one was talking “alright the meeting starts now” the white hair nobody said in his calm voice. A few seconds latter his eyes looked at Xigbar “number two how did the mission go” the superior said to the one eyed nobody. “Superior dude it was easy mission accomplished no problems” Xigbar said with a smile. A female nobody lifted up her hood Xeol recognized who it was. Xazek looked at the others before she spoke “my mission with Axel went well but only a few problems happened that got fixed” she said to the others then he gaze went towards Axel turning into an hateful glare. The fire wielder looked at her and crossed his arms “so what I messed up a little bit your not miss perfect” Axel said raising his finger pointing at his head “got it memorized” The Flurry of Dancing Flames said finishing hatefully. Xeols sighed “alright come on don’t fight gash” the fog wielder said with a little bit of attitude in his voice. The two arguing nobody looked at each other then crossed their arms and looked away from each other staying quite. Xemanss looked over at Xalden “so how is your beast research going” the superior simply asked the Whirl Wind Lancer. “He is vicious but I can figure out a way to use it for my advantage” the wind wielder said with a sinister smile. “with those matters discussed its time to announce the set date for the selected organization members to go to Castle Oblivion” Xemass said to all the members. “Now I given the people who are assigned papers that have the date I want you to start attending there” the white haired nobody said to them. After a while it was silent no yelling or arguing as the selected few looked at the papers.

    When Xemnass saw there was not any objections to the set up he looked towards the doors. “Come in” the superior said a few seconds later the doors opened a hooded figure walked to the middle of the room. Xeol raised an eye brow he was curious wondering what the face looked like so he leaned foreword a little. “Welcome to the organization Xathabet” Xemnass said to the new nobody. The girl did not lift up her hood Xeol thought she was scared “come on don’t be shy” the fog wielder said happily with a friendly smile. Xathebat heard Xeol she looked up the voice sounded soothing to her not scary “a…alright” she said nervously as she flipped her hood. The fog wielder looked at her flowing black hair and silver blue eyes but something was familiar. The superior signaled with his left hand telling everyone the meeting was over Xeol walked down an hall that was in Where Nothing Gathers while the walk he could hear some of Xathabet’s and Xamnass conversation. At the end of the hallway The Gambler of Fate was relaxing shuffling his cards. “So fellow nobody what do you think of our newest addition to our family” Luxord said to Xeol. The fog wielder just shrugged his shoulder he could not tell time. “tomorrow I want to witness how lady luck think of you as we play an card game tomorrow afternoon dear Xeol” The Gambler said with an smile on his face. The fog wielder smiled and nodded as he continued his walk.

    After a while Xeol finally made it to his room as the fog wielder walked into the room he noticed it was brighter because of the moon’s glow. The nobody laid on the bed relaxed as Xeol closed his eyes. A distant memory that was buried long ago appeared in front of the fog wielder. Xeol saw a young Leo running from a mad apple sales man the boy just smiled as he ran. The young Leo accidentally ran into an girl she looked like Xathebet the two kids ran getting away from the mad salesmen. The two sat on the beach as the sun started to set they smiled and laugh. Xeol witnessed the boy giving the girl an apple it made the fog wielder smile. An few moments later they had to go the two kids waved each other bye. As the scene progressed a few cops grabbed the young Leo and took him to the police station. The boy had to stay there for 2 weeks because all the trouble the young Leo caused added up. Xeol looked at the sad face on the boy as he lay on the bed “I guess I wasn’t able to keep that promise” the fog wielder said as he sighed a few moment passed the memory started to return back to the darkness “sorry Tabitha” Xeol said sadly as he slept.

    Ch.7 Amber I must see you

    Xeol opened his eyes looking at the white ceiling that hung above his head. The silent moments felt like it was an eternity slowly ticking away. The fog wielder sat up rubbed his eyes afterwards he stretched hearing a few pops from his back and shoulders. Xeol sat there looking at the floor thinking like he normally did thinking about how was getting use to being a nobody but there was always painful emptiness. After an while Xeol heard an knock at his door the fog wielder took his time walking over to the door.

    With an small silent sigh he opened the door an smile appeared on his face seeing it was Xathebat. The two nobodys been talking bounding closer to each other for the past 2 months she was a part of Xeol’s past and he was a part of hers. Before the fog wielder could say anything she ran up to him giving a tight yet gentle hug. The moment stayed still the fog wielder was like an older brother to her “good morning” Xeol said gently stroking her hair. She smiled they both knew some of the organization members thought they was going out but that was not the truth of course they would not understand. Xeol wore a soft smile as his caring jade eyes looked at her putting what ever worry Xathebit had in her mind. Xathebit looked at the fog wielder “there is nothing bothering me” reassuring him by hugging Xeol again. “Are you okay you been acting strange lately” Xethebit said she was telling the truth the fog wielder been very distant from the other members and he been very quiet at the meetings. Xeol looked at her with his hands in his pajama bottoms “its nothing iv been feeling sick lately that’s all nothing more” the fog wielder lied to her giving her an smile to cover it up. The was silence after those words as if time was trying to reveal the truth but yet it was shy. “Well I got a mission cya big brother” Xathebit said to Xeol as she exited his room.

    Xeol silently said bye but it was not noticeable with a sad sigh he went to the balcony. Xeol looked at the clouds and the fog that was up in the air by his room with a sad expression with one finger up. With an few moments of silence Xeol controlled the fog by moving his raised finger. The fog wielder made two fog figures shaped like humans they gracefully danced. Xeol’s eyes watched the two fog figures every moment felt like it lasted forever but he knew it was not the real thing it was only a memory Xeol was replaying. The fog figures dispersed because the nobody could not focus anymore his chest felt heavy and his head hurt as the tears kept falling. So many resurfaced memories revealed themselves to Xeol with in the past 2 months it was official the fog wielder been part of the organization for a year. Since everyone got assigned to castle oblivion the castle seemed so lonely as if the castle lost its very own heart.

    The fog wielder quickly turned around when he heard a knock before Xeol could answer Xemnas walked into his room closing it behind him. Xeol looked at his superior wondering what the nobody needed the fog wielder have not messed up a mission so what could it be Xeol asked himself. The superior looked around as if he was uncomfortable then surprisingly the almighty nobody placed his hand on Xeol’s shoulder looking at him straight in the eyes. The fog wielder was about to talk but “I have been hearing you have been remembering forgotten memories and you have not been acting like yourself lately” Xemnas said with no emotion yet in a caring way. Xeol simply looked down at the tile floor not letting his eyes look at his superior. “You don’t care even if that was true” the fog wielder said as he waited for the next action his superior would do. Xemnas let his other arm raised opening up an portal “correct I don’t care but Xeol it’s an path all nobodys must take at some point” the superior said to his underling with no emotion. The fog wielder simply started to walk towards the portal without thinking he stopped when he was right by it and looked back at his superior. “Thank you” Xeol said with a smile as tears flooded out. After the fog wielder disappeared in the portal the superior just shook his head with an smirk on his face “what am I going to do with that one” he simply said then exited out of the room.

    Out in a cemetery of Leo’s hometown a dark portal opened up there Xeol stepped out appearing at his old home. Hearing some thunder the fog wielder looked up noticing the black cloudy night sky with a sigh he started walking but his foot bumped into something. Xeol looked down noticing it was a gravestone but his eyes became widened when he read who it belonged to. “Leo Vince Wainscot” the nobody read looking at the grave stone still with the shook of people thinking he wad dead. There was an message below Xeol’s somebody name “an heart of gold in an dark night memories forgotten but the love everyone held did not disappear when the truth was in their face Leo died bless his soul as one day we meet him again in heaven” the fog wielder looked up as he noticed an girl wearing jeans and an white and pink hoody standing looking at the grave stone with some white roses in her hands. “He was such a good person but sadly all heroes die” she said sadly as she placed the white roses on the grave stone. Xeol had his hood up he did not know what to do everyone thought he died but the truth was he turned into a nobody. Amber did not say anything as she left a few moments later it started to rain heavily as Xeol looked at the white roses.

    After a long while since Amber left Xeol been walking in town carrying the white rose he did not care if the thorns stabbed his skin. The fog wielder wanted to go to the beach it was the best spot to see the stars and moon. While he was walking down an alley a black haired boy with ocean blue eyes silently stayed behind Xeol waiting for the right moment to strike. Tidus waited for it to be an dark alley silently going behind Xeol he placed the gun on the fog wielders back with his fingers on the trigger. The fog wielder felt the cold deadly barrel on his back “give me what you got now” Tidus said as he shoved the gun barrel more into Xeol’s back. The nobody turned around now with the gun barrel where his heart use to be “Tidus I never thought you would point a gun at a friend” Xeol said to his friend. Tidus blinked a couple of times the voice sounded so familiar and the way the man willing would take a bullet. “Leo” Leo’s best friend said as he got the hood down revealing Xeol’s face. The nobody looked down trying to avoid eye contacted ashamed of how things turned out. Tidus did not say anything with in a few moments the black haired boy wrapped his arms around the fog wielder hugging the man tightly as tears flowed from his face. “You moron why did you have to leave us” Tidus said as he cried Xeol had a soft expression he hugged the main tightly returning the same amount of happiness. The time stood still as the rain continued to fall in that dark alley as the scars was healed with a friendship that was covered in darkness was able to survive from the little amount of light.
    After the meaningful hug the fog wielder stood looking at the white rose Tidus noticed it he knew who it came from. Placing his hand on Xeol’s shoulders “you need to see her she never been the same since you disappeared she loves you there’s nothing in the world she wants if your not in it” Leo’s best friend said to the nobody. Xeol was shocked and then he felt guilty leaving her and Tidus suffer it was not fair but he could not do anything about it. The fog wielder started heading back to the beach then stopped “be good now” Xeol said to him with an smirk as he waved Tidus bye. The nobody continued to walk through the streets he use to see everyday as he heard crashes of waves from the beach. Xeol finally arrived seeing the girl that was at cemetery stand there with a better look the fog wielder recognized it was Amber.

    Getting his hood back on he stood by the shore like she did watching the moon and the shinning stars. “These waves are always lonely” Amber said sadly as her gaze looked at the far away waves. The fog wielder looked down at the water seeing his own reflection “so this Leo he was everything to you right” she just nodded as tears came down. Xeol saw this and hugged her “please amber don’t cry I love your happiness not your pain” the fog wielder said sweetly to her. Amber looked at the hooded figure confused yet she felt safe with the person that held her close. With silence only the waves and the crickets making sound in the air Amber got the hooded nobody’s hood down. Xeol’s dark brown hair was revealed as his jade green eyes stared into hers. “Leo” Amber said almost speechless the fog wielder held the white rose in front of her face. “True love is eternal and a pure heart will never be lost i love you amber always have always will” the fog wielder said sweetly as he got Amber hood down letting the girls pink red pony tail hang down infront of her past her chest as her sky blue eyes stare at the man she always loved. With an few moments of staring into each other eyes Xeol kissed Amber's lips as they closed their eyes. Their love met each other again on the broken path Xeol fallowed knowing it would be one night of true happiness he let his love spill out with everything he done. Amber’s torn heart was stitched as the fog wielder let his tongue rub against hers as the moon and stars shinned brightly above theme.

    After an few moments Tidus looked at the beach seeing the two figures enjoy their long awaited embrace the air around them seemed to shine as the rain continue to pour down. "that is how it was suppose to be" Leo's best freiend said with an smirk keeping all his tears in. The man continued to watch the two as time slowly ticked by. Eventually Tidus turned around with an smile on his face and continued on his daily habits.

    They accidentally tripped over each other landing on the soft sand they chuckled and embraced each other. The night was long and memorable as they closed their eyes falling asleep on the beach as the waves crashed behind them. Xeol could feel himself slowly being moved somewhere else he did not know where but he was too tired knowing with an smile he thought of thos two he got to see Amber and Tidus that was the only thing that mattered.

    Ch.8 laughter of the wild

    Xeol opened his eyes finding himself lying on his bed instead of the sand. The fog wielder stood up and walked over to the balcony he normally stood on to look at the clouds. The wind felt nice on his skin as the fog wielders hair flew back a little because of the breeze. A few seconds later he heard the door open then suddenly he heard a female scream. “Uh…Larxene is that you” he said as he turned around seeing it was Larxene that yelled. “Xeol u um…” the Savage Nymph said with a smile on her face “I um what” Xeol said putting his hands on his hips taping his left foot on the floor with a smirk. “Your friend is getting too much air” she said chuckling afterwards. Slowly the fog wielder looked down then his face grew red embarrassed. Remembering the night before he was with Amber and the night did get hot and then it was blank.

    “So the person who brought me back did not dress me” Xeol said scratching the back of his head laughing happily “sorry” he said to her. The Savage Nymph just gave the fog wielder a smirk knowing the blonds reputation that was not an good smirk so Xeol closed his eyes already kissing his manly hood goodbye. Moments passed by he did not feel any pain or anything so Xeol slowly opened his eyes seeing Larxene was not mad in fact she still had the childish smile on her lips just looking at it. Summoning an dagger then using that to cover it “um are you suppose to be at an meeting with flower boy discussing to our superior the girl you guys found” Xeol said to her with an slight smirk on his lips with his jade green eyes looking at her. “Yeah sadly cya hun” Larxene said as she opened the door then stopped. The fog wielder was about to ask why the Savage Nymph stopped suddenly but “don’t worry I would never hurt a cute bunny like you” she said to the other nobody. “um thanks” Xeol said blushing a little “unless you become ugly then ill hurt ya” she said taunting before she shut the door while she continued her way to the meeting she had with the superior.

    “Well I better get something on” Xeol said to himself still laughing over the whole incident. After getting showered and getting dressed the fog wielder looked at himself in the mirror it turned into an habit. One part of his face he looked at was the upside down tear mark below his left eye. The nobody knew the mark was a tattoo he received when he joined a gang when he turned fifteen it was proof he was in that specific thief group. Looking down at the ground thinking about his past what would he do after he got his heart back sadly he knew he would just join the gang again and would get Amber involved again putting her in danger. He decided to stop thinking about it exited his room and walked towards where nothing gathers.

    Xeol looked up at the seats seeing Xemnese and of course Saix talking to each other. Making some fog clouds going upward the fog wielder used them as steps to reach his seat. “It’s good to see you’re still able to help our goal” the Superior said calmly to Xeol as he sat down. “Now back to business Superior we need more hearts our progress is getting halted way to often” the Luner Diviner said to Xemnase. The fog wielder was busy whistling to himself as the two talked about kingdom hearts and collecting hearts. “Xeol you are going to help Saix collect hearts for today” the fog wielder looked at the Superior. “Huh” Xeol said confused and surprised he never had a mission with Saix before. Saix did not say a word before he jumped down and opening up a portal. “Don’t be in a hurry just relax” the fog wielder said as he jumped down and running into the portal after the Luner Diviner went into it.

    The portal opened the two nobodys found themselves in an wasteland the ground was cracked but there was an small body of water. Xeol looked at his reflection in the water the fog wielder was an hyena . Looking at his companion Saix was a wolf “that fits you” the Luner Diviner said with a slight smirk on his face. Xeol just rolled his eyes but he started to laugh for no reason afterwards his animal instincts was already kicking in. “grand I hate it when your right” the jade green eyed nobody said to Saix as they started heading towards an big rock they saw in the distance. When they arrived they both were surprised there were only lions around. “Does animal hearts count” Xeol asked the blue haired nobody “a heart is a heart no matter where it comes from it still benefits our goal” Saix stated as he continued walking towards the lions. Xeol watched as the lions growled at the Saix wolf he was a little bit scared inside. Saix gave the animals a smirk before heartless appeared started to attack the lions.

    The lions that was not getting attack by the lions started to attack Saix. The fog wielder watched as the Luner Diviner made the attackers fly everywhere the man was fierce even in animal form. As the time ticked by the number of attacking lions increased making the fog wielder start to defend himself. “is that all you got kittys” Xeol said with his dagger in his mouth while he was animal with the excitement the fog wielder laughed happily matching the nature of the hyena body he was in. all the laughter stopped when something hard hit Xeol’s head knocking him out.

    Saix was overwhelmed and he needed the heartless to take the animals hearts so the Lunar Diviner could not kill his attackers. “Damn it” the Saix wolf enraged yelled as he seen a baboon with an cane hit his companion’s head knocking the nobody out. The blue haired nobody did not want to abandon a member that helped them towards their goal but sadly he had to leave so he would not get killed by the overwhelming number. Saix opened a portal running to it but looking back at Xeol before he entered the void planning on coming back to save him.

    The lions looked at the uncoutious nobody waiting for their leader to tell them what to do. Simba walked out of the cave with the baboon beside him they both stopped to look at him. “So the two just came in making some kind of creature appear” the head lion asked. “Yes he and the other one was a strange bunch indeed” the baboon said as he rubbed his chin looking at the uncoutious Xeol. The lions took the fog wielder to the baboons cave so the nobody could be watched closely.

    Slowly opening his eyes the fog wielder found himself still in hyena form and he was in a small cave with an tree with markings all over it. “So you’re awake” the baboon said as he entered the cave Xeol just blinked a couple times without talking. The baboon walked towards the nobody hyena then got close to Xeol’s face. “What?” the fog wielder said looking at the primate with an smirk but a few moments later the baboon hit Xeol’s head with its staff. “I don’t want to hurt you but if you do that again it will be your death sentence” the nobody said to the baboon with a straight face. “No you wont don’t hide your true self” the baboon said to the fog wielder. Xeol just started to laugh happily “you always try to avoid people questioning you that” as soon as the baboon said that the fog wielders laugher stopped. Xeol avoided looking at the creature instead he looked at the tree with the strange markings. “What is your purpose” the baboon asked the fog wielder looked down at the cracked ground. “im going” Xeol simply said walking towards the exit of the cave “before you go here is some advice remember people can easily abandon their old desires and at that moment the abandoned is often reached the end of their life” the baboon warned. “I wont be abandoned I trust my friends” the fog wielder said with an smile the baboon just shook his head sadly as Xeol walked out of the cave. Outside Saix was waiting with a dark void opened. “Hurry you wasted too much time” the Luner Diviner said calmly Xeol stayed silent as he walked into the dark void.

    Later on that night the fog wielder stayed awake as he laid on his bed looking at the ceiling thinking about what the baboon said. “I act like myself I don’t hide anything” he said to himself as guilt lay heavily in his gut. “What did he mean no one betray me I’m absolutely lovable” Xeol thought to himself ignoring the warning. The fog wielder slowly closed his eyes as he continued to think about stuff and what he felt inside.

    Chapter 9. Demotion

    Xeol slept in all day last night he was so tired. The brunet did not hear the big news and he was missing the meeting. With a yawned the fog wielder looked at the time on the clock “great” he muttered as he got out of the bed. Xeol hurried to get his shower and his cloak on afterwards. A dark portal appeared at the brunet’s seat in Where Nothing Gathers there Xeol appeared. “It’s nice to see you showed up” the superior said to the fog wielder coldly. Looking around he could see the members from Castle Oblivion was back he did not know how long they could stay though. “Thank you for the report number 11 with that the preparation are complete and everyone been working hard so today will be a vacation” Xemnase said to everyone before hearing a surprised gasp. Xeol had a big smile on his face now he could hang out with Demyx and Axel without getting in trouble. People was talking all of the members thought the idea was great even Xalden and Vexen.

    The Superior raised his hand demanding silence everyone stopped talking “now let me introduce our newest member” the orange eyed nobody said. The brunet blinked a couple times he was surprised as he watched a cloaked figure step into the middle with all the members examining the new member. “Roxas number 13” The Superior said the fog wielder shook his head because he was number 13 not the new member. “Um Superior there is a mistake I’m number 13 not the new kid that person is suppose to be number 14” Xeol said crossing his arms. “Hush fool show our Superior some respect” Saix said sternly “uh no I wont this is not right I been busting my @ss for you guys and I get demoted” the fog wielder said angrily as he clutched his fist. The Lunar Diviner slammed his fist on his seat “number 14 this is an outrage stop acting like an idiot I sw” before Saix could finish “just shut up you stupid mutt” the fog wielder said sternly. The blue haired nobody growled a little ready to rip the other member into pieces “stop this useless fighting” Xemnase said loudly looking at the two. Afterwards the brunet looked at the faces of all of the other members they seem slightly amused or shocked. Looking away “whatever” the fog wielder muttered to himself looking at the ground.

    As the meeting progressed their Superior telling everyone how important Roxas was the Key of Destiny the fog wielders jade green eyes stared at the new member hatefully. There was so much rage in his mind now Xeol wanted to be the favored one and now he became truly nothing. Then Roxas pulled down his hood that is when Xeol noticed how Axel looked at the new member. The brunet just rolled his jade green eyes he just wanted the meeting to end and try to enjoy the vacation. “With that introduction completed the meeting is over” the Superior said as he portaled away. Everyone else did the same thing but Xeol stayed to look at the new member “lucky basterd” that was all the fog wielder said silently before he portaled away.

    It been 3 weeks since Roxas joined the organization Axel seemed to avoid the fog wielder instead go to the keyblader. Xeol was lying down on the coach in the lobby room he saw Axel and Roxas laugh and smile. The brunet stared at chocabo head before he turned his body facing away. With a sigh he got up and walked over to Saix “so are there any missions for me today” the fog wielder asked. “You are paired up with Roxas to explore Hallow Bastion” the Lunar Diviner said to them as Roxas walked over to them.
    Glancing at the blue eyed nobody “great” Xeol silently muttered hatefully. “Lets go” the brunet said as he opened up an portal. As Roxas walked into the portal the fog wielder wanted to throw a dagger at the Key of Destiny’s head but he did not because there would be witnesses. Hatred gatherd in the empty spot where Xeol’s heart use to be how could things get worse then again it could always do that.
  2. Xaale Sylph of Hope

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    I think this is a cute story, it's definately a good length.

    The grammar is really bad though, no offense.

    I would type this on Word, and then put it here :3
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    I like it good job. I think the grammar is a little bad but other than that it is good.
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    This seems like a nice and origional story. You certainly have a good length to it and it makes a good read.

    Can I make a suggestion?
    Work on capitalization, just slightly. I enjoyed reading it, though.

    You're giving the chapters titles, which I think makes the chapters more distinguishable from one another, so good job on that also.
  5. cstar stay away from my waifu

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    this story is pretty good. *rereads* ey! you added Gex and spelled Xemnas wrong!(no offense)
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    Alright guys, try and keep down the spam in here. Saying "its good, well done" etc is not worthy of a post.

    Dexnail, I couldn't read past the first wall of text which I guess was meant to be a paragraph. You will get far more readers if you space out your story better, use correct grammar, and check your spellings. Let me show you how the first few lines could have been...

    Could have been-

    See how the improved flow would attract much more readers? Even a couple more spaces between lines could do wonders (:

    Get that spell check out! :3
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    It is a good story so far and I liked how you add more characters in it. It is nicely detailed and nice imagination on some parts part of it. Like other people have been saying you need to work on your grammar such as example "You know someday you will get caught"

    It needs to have the " marks and make sure to end each conversation with either a period or an exclaimation mark. It should be read as this
    "You know someday you will get caught!"
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    I likey Dex buddy. but I kinda have to agree about the spelling errors. Other than that you have some good concepts. A masochistic nobody, Dusk butlers, Rafiki giving Xeol his wise old sage crap. Best of all you presented Larxenes nicer side. We Larxene fans know its there, just very very very deep down. Nice going.