Kingdom Hearts: The Unholy Link

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    He awoke in the darkest of worlds. All was silent. It's usual mist shrouded the land. Not a living being was to be seen. The air tasted as ash in his mouth. He thought to himself, "This is likely a dream. In real life, I would be afraid." No matter how much he tried, he would not wake. He decided to check his surroundings. He then identified the world as the Realm of Darkness. Where were the Heartless? By now, they would've ambushed him. As he wandered aimlessly, he realized that he forgot his name. What was going on? Suddenly, he notices a corridor of darkness open. A mysterious man in a black coat appeared from it. As the man walked up to him, he attempted to summon his keyblade, to no avail. Shocked and confused, he took a step back. "Who are you? What do you want?" he demanded.
    "My name... is of no importance." the man replied.
    "Why the hell not?" he lashed. Ignoring this, the man removed his hood revealing a familiar face.
    "Xehanort..? What... happened to the others?" he asked.
    "Would you like to see them?" Xehanort offered.
    "Yes, of course. Before we go, may I ask a question?"
    "What is it?" he growled.
    "Who am I?"
    "The Unholy Link."
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