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    "Perish the thought! No intruder could ever get through the new defense program installed." Shiro confirmed.

    A calm robotic voice emanated from shiro's gauntlet as he stood proudly.
    'Warning. Unknown personnel in the detainment center.'

    Shiro's head immediately turned to the detainment center. "Oh Gummi nuts..." he whispered softly. He sprinted as fast as he could, leaving behind the others. "Just an error I'm sure, spar with eachother till I get back!"


    Gilgamesh appeared through a rift he made into the detention cell where Kurt was being kept. "Someone call for a pick up!" He yelled, entering as he found Alex no where in sight.

    "Alex, you look terra-ble."
    "If you're referring to the blonde hoodlum, they took him out hours ago..." Kurt scolded.
    "Uh-huh, and who are you?... haha Just kidding- I read the wiki... Ima call you Kurterra FYI."
    Kurt's eyebrow arched in confusion.

    "And who do you represent?"
    "Nequa." Gilgamesh replied.
    Kurterra's eyes glared at the mention of the name. "Take me to her... her and I have an overdue reckoning..."

    Scratching his head, he contemplated the offer.
    "You know I would, but I don't exactly have any reason to take you with me."
    Kurterra thought how to delicately respond to the strange man before me. "Yes, but you have no reason to leave me behind either."

    "That is also true... alight, come on then..."
    He allowed the man passage through his portal as Kurterra followed.

    Shiro arrived only in time to see the two of them leave trough the special rift. He sighed heavily as he thought aloud. "This is not lit at all... No cap..."
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    Karina watched Shiro leave then tried to push herself up off the bed. "Spar with each other? That guy must be more of an idiot than I originally thought." Karina mumbled as her bad arm gave out under her and she fell back to the bed, a wave of dizziness coming over her. Letting out a bit of a groan, Karina took a moment to lay there before trying again. "Where the hell are the others. They should be back by now. We need more competent people here then Shiro. I am going to go find DJ or something, maybe he will actually know something." Karina finally got her feet under her but her legs were more than a little shaky as she began trying to make her way forward towards the door to the infirmary, the devices that were attached to her starting to reach the end of their wires, but Karina didn't care. She didn't know how to remove them properly so she figured they would just pull off. ​
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    While Beuce was still lounging about, waiting for his ride- the ship that Aux and Luna took arrived from hyper space, slowly landing down and having the dock bay door open to let Beuce inside.

    The atmosphere inside the cockpit was very eerie. It was just Luna sitting in the cockpit without Aux. She looked like she had been through rough battle and didn't seem in the talking mood. On closer inspection a small reptile, a dragon, made its way onto Luna's lap to try to comfort her.

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    He stood there for a moment when Shiro went after Gilgamesh. Welp. Shiro said something about Sparing with each other yea that was not going to happen. Now was not the time or place for that. Karina then said something about going to find DJ. If he remember correctly DJ went with Quill and Kaida somewhere. He really did not have anything better to do but to help find someone so he figure that he should. Before he left he looked around and said, "I dont think DJ is around hopefully he is back in whatever mission he went on." He said offhandedly and in no one in particular.
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    "I'm sorry, you want us to what?" Kaida looked terrified as she looked to the two and said, "We're going into the void? Was dream drowning for years not the peak of torturous training?"

    "I have to agree with Kaida here." Quill stated plainly. "If I understand correctly you're speaking about something that could swallow us all whole. This isn't something to play with. And frankly, I'm new to this...element entirely." Quill found a log to sit on, sighing and shaking his head.

    "There's little risk to you actually... you two would be like ghost-like avatars while Alex and I are the conduits that help you explore the void," DJ explained. "Basically, the risk is on us," Alex lamented. "Look, I ran the numbers, and it if it helps us communicate with the other members of the order, it'll be worth it. I'm the one betting the money.. we just need you to roll the dice..."

    "What does that make sok?" Alex asked. DJ looked to sok as the poor kid chased a butterfly until he ran into a tree. "Sok is the roulette we're spinning." He turned back to kaida and Quill. "Its your choices in the end, but this could be a big opportunity to learn how to get them out."

    "Hmmm, I suppose that checks out. But lets be willing to bail if necessary. We can't lose you two as well." Quill hefts his blade and points it towards Sok. "Ok...just be calm...and focus on that feeling." The strange sense of vertigo came over him and for a moment Quill was certain he'd be sick. But remembering Luna's guidance, he managed to stand. Legs extremely wobbly but he was standing.

    Kaida supposed the risk was relatively worth it, though not necessarily for wish to speak with any of the members in the void. It was only to help them get out, since she didn't want to just leave them there. She nodded and followed along.

    DJ fumbled to try and get their instruments hooked up so they could keep the two in the realm of light still. Alex began to strum as DJ played his keyboard, the physical manifestations of their bodies still being kept in tact. Quill and Kaida's bodies remained passed out in the realm of light, while their astral projections began to wonder through the void. "How lojg we gottta kleep playing?" Alex asked. "Till they make contact," DJ murmured.

    Kaida and Quill ended up ina very dreaded place where the sky was warped with colours of purple, pink and blue. Screams and moans of pain could be heard a long distance away. "You guys okay in there?" DJ's voice echoed to the two of them.

    Kaida looked around the place trying to find the source of any of the screams, but had to resort to just taking a deep breath for now as she answered, "Physically? Never been better. Mentally? Ask me that again after we're out."

    Quill felt a pull that forced his conscious from his body. Appearing amongst the warped landscape, he began to bug out. "I...I'm very not okay. But somehow i'll manage." The strange atmosphere here made him feel ethereal, Quill worried what they'd find here.

    An aethereal hand came from out of the ground and grabbed Kaida's ankle. Another did the same to Quill. Zombie-like creatures began to form from the cosmic ground they stood on. hue's of purple and blue surrounding them as their bright white eyes and mouths screamed in agony.

    Kaida didn't even see what had grabbed her ankle, her reaction was purely instinctual to being suddenly grabbed as she yanked her leg away trying to run a couple steps forward. But once she did see what it was she started yelling, "Nope nope! Nuh-uh. Get me out of this place. Nonononono."

    A flaming chakram slashed through several of the sentient void creatures, destroying them as they faded back into nothingness. Another Chakram shot around them and destroyed the rest of the creatures. Lea caught them as he approached the Kaida and Quill, offering a hand to help them up. "You okay there, kid?"

    Kaida was surprised and took the hand and said, "Lea! You're alright!" she paused and looked around and said more quietly, "Um... relatively speaking."

    "You saved us...uh and you are?" Quill accepted the hand up and checked on his wounds. The creatures were more numerous that it seemed and got a nick across his arm. "Unique weapons btw."

    Lea's weapons disappeared in his hands. "Name's Lea.. I see you're all still recruiting new people, We were wondering when the rest of you guys would show up " he looked behind them as if expecting more. "Where's DJ and Orion?"

    "Orion is complicated. DJ is..." Kaida looked up to the sky and waved around and said, "Helping us stay in this place. Replay can you give a hearty hello at all?"

    “Do we even know where we are in this place?” Quill gave a hard look around. “I feel a real…distorted sense of the place. The longer I stay here the more this place feels wrong. Where other worlds had a…structure to their creation. Here everything is a maelstrom, chaos and formless nothing.” Quill notices the two staring. “Erm sorry.”

    "I mean, I feel it too. I'm just trying to not focus on it if I can help it. I'm worried it'll make it worse." Kaida admitted scratching the back of her head.

    “Fair.” The swirling forms of objects formed and then decayed and ended. The absence of space and time left the place- “Wait, if time is distorted here, how can we be certain we’ll come back when or where we’re supposed to?”

    "I would hope we'd get help from the two helping us stay here. For us." Kaida pointed at Lea and said, "You and whoever is here on the other hand, you're probably gonna notice time passed."

    "The Void doesn't exactly go by landmarks," Lea sighed. "Its like a giant mix and match of people thrown in here. A lot of them are strong too, real strong..." Lea looked upward to See if Dj could hear him. "How long do these two have in here?" He yelled out. "Couple hours if we're lucky," Dj replied
    Lea looked around. "Come with me,it's not safe here.. " he led Quill and Kaida away and walked among a more stone marble path. They came across the remains of a broken castle. Lea knocked the door in a strange tempo and opened the door. "Ladies, we have guests," he swung the door open to reveal that Yue, Rin and Mizu were all sitting by a coffee table with each other. There was a soft pause of silence as Yue lifted her drink. "Well you made it longer than us, kudos."

    Kaida could probably have dealt with seeing none of the people in front of her at this moment, not that she had anything against Rin. But she was happy they were alive... sort of. Kaida looked to Yue and said, "Not meaning it to be a brag but, the timer is still on for me being here. I'm being projected here." she motioned to Quill and said, "This is Quill, he's a new member of the party."

    “Hey.” Quill has the chance to take in the situation. It seemed that people could live in the void, thrive even. So the question remains, why did Quill feel something was off. This place, could it be used by others than us, and for what purpose? Quill began to worry, hurriedly pulling Kaida aside. “Hey I think I realized something, that feeling that someone was watching us…i get the same feeling here. I think someone is using the void to keep one step ahead of us.”

    "Quite the understatement.." Orion replied, appearing where they left the door open. "Well at least we have our fearless leader back" Lea said, sarcastically saluting. Orion wasn't sure they knew of Kurt's actions in using him as a vessel, but chose to skip it for now. "There are several things about that statement I will address later, but for now your friend there makes a point. The Void's barrier is weakening..." There was a small pause. "Thats a good thing right? Easier for us to escape. And you assume the rest of the prisoners here won't?" The room went quiet again

    Kaida looked between everyone, not really having ever fully understood how the void worked. She eventually sighed and said, "I have no idea what any of this means. Someone wanna give a dummy summary?"

    Quill started to worry. And considering the last few hours that was something. "So the's being weakened, so couple points of importance." Quill extended a finger with each point. "Who's doing it? Why? Are they from the outside like us...or one of the prisoners?" Quill pondered the last point. "And lastly, what happens if the void and worlds of light...merge?"

    "Well that's a lot to unpack," Orion grunted. "The Void can't really merge with the realm of light... it's more like a pocket dimension. Existing outside all realms. But needless to say it houses some of the most dangerous creatures. Creatures and humans that couldn't be defeated or contained. So they were sent to this special wasteland. Nobody was ever born in the void. They were simply dropped here. Some, like my wi- I mean... Nequa, went mad... others became territorial. And With each use of the time belts, the barrier keeping them trapped weakens.. making it easier for them to slide through the cracks." Yue groaned. "Great... life on critical mode."

    "What can we do to stop them?"
    Rin asked. "Distract them? Maybe buy everyone some time to stop No Heart before the Nexus Point..."
    "We're barely getting by as is!" Mizu chimed in. "Kid's got a point. Five people don't make an army," Lea added. "True, but I've spent a long time here. With Yue's help, I think we can minimize the cracks. Use her gravity aura to mend the rifts. The SOS has only a few months to get the job done. After that..." Orion paused. "What?" Lea asked. "Umm.. what exactly is harder than critical mode?"

    "Right... so what I'm hearing is the more time we're in this test, the worse off we are cause we're now on a timer." Kaida looked stressed at that.

    "More or less, the exposure to this place alone would be increasing your auras.." Orion replied

    "Increasing our auras? Isn't that a good thing? You say it like it could dangerous." Quill looked over the room at the others. These others would likely have experienced something similar if they've been here long.

    "Your physical bodies aren't here, but you're using time and space magic, causing your aura to amplify. Prolongued expossure in your state could be dangerous and cause some permanent mental damage... Risk vs reward..."

    Kaida and quills bodies began to flicker. "Speaking of which, looks like you guys are almost out of time..." Lea commented.

    As Quill and Kaida began to fade further, they were bid farewell by the rest of the order. "We'll be fine. Just do what you can from the outside," Lea reassured. "Keep each other safe," Rin added. "And never give up," Yue replied. Rin nudged her younger sister as Mizu sighed trying to abide her own ego. "Just.. don't die or anything."

    "Good luck... you'll need it," Orion replied as the two faded back into the realm of light with DJ, Alex and Sok. The two young boys stopped played and sighed with relief from the prolonged playing.

    "You guys okay?"
    DJ asked.

    "Ok is a word, not one I'd use." Quill shakes his head to get his senses back in place

    "I mean, I'm physically alright. But I can't say I was a fan of being in there." Kaida shrugged, seeming to be handling the transition back well.

    Alex shook off the blisters on his fingers. "Can we go back now? This place gives me the creeps." DJ was busy taking in all the data as he scanned Kaida and Quill's bodies with a mechanical scanner. "Yeah, just finishing getting a read on these two. If I can scan the particles fresh from the void, I should be able to use that to lock onto a better frequency to contact the rest of the order without risking anybody."

    "My head hurts," sok whined. "That was actually the highest probability to risk. Good job though," he patted the boy on the head as everyone got back onto the Gummi ship to return to Central haven.
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    On board the DenLiner

    Kel stood there, brow raised as Shiro took off, leaving them again to their own devices. He couldn't have actually thought that they would just go back to sparring, especially given the shape that Karina was in. He had some doubts, though at this point he wouldn't put it past him. Either way he was gone now. "You're in no shape to go anywhere right now." Kel stated as he placed himself between Karina and the door before she started dragging whatever those machines were out with her. "I agree we need someone else here other than Shiro, but how bout someone else goes to find them and you just rest here."
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    Beuce clamored out of the ship and planted his boots onto the ground at Central Haven. It had been a quiet ride. Luna didn't seem terribly pleased, but he didn't feel like it was a particularly good idea to pry about the events that had lead her to that point. He realized that the fight he was in had certainly gotten the better of him, and he was relatively exhausted. He began his way toward the infirmary to get the things to patch up his relatively minor injuries before he headed to his room.

    However, he got there to find Kel blocking the door; and he was facing the inside. Beuce peaked over his should to see a gruesomely injured Karina trying to make her way out of the room. "Yo. I'm back. Looks like some wild *KUPO* happened on your end of things as well. You wanna sit down and talk about it?" He offered to the two of them. First and foremost to keep Karina in bed when she clearly wasn't in any state to be anywhere else. Secondly and more honestly, was because he simply wanted to tell someone about the events that had happened. ​
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    Kel stepped in front of her and Karina couldn't even stop in time as she wavered and kind of bumped into Kel. She then raised her arm to rub the back of her head and pull over the stand that one of the things attached to her was attached to. On top of that as she looked up Beuce was now standing behind Kel and Karina felt like she just kind of had to give up. It all felt like a mess and she could barely keep her thoughts straight. "So you guys did make it back." Karina mumbled as she stepped back from Kel a bit and tried to make her eyes focus on Beuce. He was asking if she wanted to talk about things, that much she understood but she didn't think she could manage a full explanation. "I solo'd an ice titan with a weapon that I barely know, and only trained with all night and that was it for figuring it out." Karina explained as she collapsed to the bed before she winced. Her arm killing her again. "What they hell took you guys so long? I hope you didn't have to deal with some insane guy." Karina wondered if Gilgamesh was there if another of Nequa's gang had got in the way in other places too. ​
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    On board the DenLiner

    The thought had crossed Kel's mind that might have to physically stop Karina from walking out the door, however he figured that she would at least top before trying that and not just walk right into him. "That works too I suppose." With the convenient arrival of Beuce aside, Kel stepped out of the doorway. Karina was sitting down now, technically making it a success on his part. "Pretty much what Karina said, we didn't really do a whole lot here." Sure it was to help them getting better with their auras and weapons to some degree, but he felt that progress was really only made on one of those fronts. Minimum progress at that.
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    He Stood back as Kel stood in front of Karina and the door. Not long after Beuce showed up. He then said, 'Yo. I'm back. Looks like some wild *KUPO* happened on your end of things as well. You wanna sit down and talk about it?' Well he wondered about his trip. Beuce showing up at was convenient which was nice. Kel then said, 'Pretty much what Karina said, we didn't really do a whole lot here.' He turned to Beuce "Well nothing new did happened just the same old same old. some random person showing up out of nowhere and randomly. Yea nothing to new. So what happen on your trip?"
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    As DJ passed the four training from Shiro, he made his way over to the command deck where the larger master sat defeated at the control panel.
    DJ looked over to him with an almost parental look of disappointment.

    "I MADE AN OOPSIE..." Shiro lamented.
    DJ sighed as he closed the door behind him. A quick ten minutes of back and forth between them caught the both of them up to speed.

    "So they're alive?" Shiro confirmed.
    "Struggling, but alive from the sounds of it. Kaida and Quill got their training, Beuce seems to have benefited from Orion before he got voided... Luna returned without Aux which seems... concerning... what about the other four?"
    Shiro sighed. "I'm not exactly adamant at the one on one tutelage. I'm a military man.. I excel at having them learn by doing..."
    Dj leaned back in his chair. "We're bad at this, aren't we?... When I joined onto the Order, I never signed on to be a teacher. Never wanted to be a leader either..."
    "Shiro leaned forward. "This was supposed to be my burden to bare. You've done more then anyone expected of you. Kaida as well... We continue to rush them into gaining more strength, but perhaps its best we `slow things down a bit. Everyone could benefit from some downtime... Besides, we still need to track where the other Hellfire club members are. The burning of the archives makes it more difficult to find them all..We need time to gather more leads..."



    Gilgzaamesh led Kurrterra to where Nequa was playing with a chess set. She said and twiddled her fingers over certain pieces, trying to place them strategically.
    "Witch," he replied.
    "Old man," she rebutted. "Was the body I found you not good enough?"
    "Certain events made this the more appealing choice. I understand your numbers have dwindled."
    "Aww did someones super clever plan be super dumb?"
    Terra glared as he gritted his teeth. Nequa smiled as she continued., "Since the good guys don't want you, you need to fight on a winning side for the X-blade, right? And since you aren't going to be one of the seven lights-"
    "I regretfully-" he sighed mid sentence. "-am forced to be one of the thirteen darknesses."
    "Provided you make the cut," she grinned. "Well since I lost my last Bravo, I guess you can be new Bravo."
    "So long as I get what I want, I don't care what you call me..."
    Gilgamesh cleared his throat. "Whiskey never returned from her revenge subplot... I think we have all the numbers we need boss."

    "Welll goodie then! Be sure to congratulate Kilo and Hotel on making it to the finals!" She loojked to Terra. "Congratulations old man, you just got fast tracked to the endgame!"
    "So if we account for five of the darknesses... who are the other eight?"
    "Wait and see old man..."she replied. "Wait and see..."



    Vanitas stood alongside Sho Minamimoto as they stood across from Sorenia and Xares. They were traveling inside Soren'a cosmic reptillian vessel. They were able to speak within a cosmic space of distant stars inside the Snake.

    "You're telling me this whol crusade is being led... by... teenagers?"
    "That a pronlem Mr. General of the sanctuary? Oh wait- you got that title taken away, didn't you? Vanitas chuckled.

    "Insufferable little- I still have my rank and have half a mind to-" Xares lunged forward before being held back by Sorenia.
    "Kid's a nuisance, but his offer is legit. I've seen the kind of creatures he can summon. Mindless minions we can use towards our own objectives. You get your army, and your chance to get even with those who've wronged you."
    He turened to ther woman and pushed her hand off him. "I already have an army... And what exactly do you get all of this?"
    "Let's just say there's some one who needs to be pout back in their place."
    "And you're willing to work under children? All to prove a point?" He looked to Sho for more clarity. "And what do you get out of this?"

    Sho was typing away on a laptop, half listening to what was going on behind him., "I was a game master in Shibuya. I had a game prepared for the players anbd got my opportunity snatched away from me. If society won't acknowledge my genius for what it is, then I'll just burn it to infinity. The World is garbage!" he exclaimed.

    Xares stepped forward as he towered over Vanitas. "What's to stop me from simply taking the resources from you and taking over this faction myself? What do you get out of it?"
    "If you have to know, I'm just the recruiter. I get people on board so we can wipe the world of it's light. What I am is darkness. And that's all I need to be."

    Xares turned and began to walk away. "You'll have my answer soon enough..."
    Sho turned to Vanitas after the altercation. "What happens if he says no?"
    "He won't," Sorenia replied. "You can see the hate in his eyes. It's not even about the power. It's about pride. He values it too much..."



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    Kaida would rather not have dreams at all with the state they were in. Every night it was another dream of her drowning. Or her brain crafted brand new ways for her to die. And each time she woke up with a start having barely slept a few hours. Through the course of the two weeks it felt like she got less and less sleep when she desperately needed rest. To the point where there was one day she simply couldn't sleep at all. Instead of wasting the night trying to close her eyes to force herself to sleep, she got herself up and started walking around town.
    Walking alone in Central Haven was nothing new to her, but it was the first time in a long time it had happened. The blonde passed by each locale and it brought back some memories. Of people who were long gone, or Aux who might as well have been with his recent disappearance. She went into the academy, and it felt odd with it being so empty. Even if it was late at night, it used to always have someone hiding on campus at all hours. But not now, as she walked through one of the courtyards she paused to recall old memories willingly this time.

    Kaida had getting a little confident with the keyblade. Considering how recently she had gotten it and how she was already outmatching opponents that have been learning for years, it started gearing more towards overconfident.

    It was after one class as she was chatting with another classmate, that someone knocked into her. As she looked over to see who it was, there was a tall lurking figure walking away from her without a care over what just happened. The girl puffed up and said, "Hey, you!" She walked closer and the classmate tried to pull her back but she was already gone as she said, "You just knocked into me pretty hard. Aren't you gonna apologize?"
    The lurking figure continued to walk away and when she realized he wasn't stopping, the blonde picked up speed to run in front of him and stopped a few feet in front to say, "What, are you deaf or are you ignoring me?"

    The figure finally stopped to turn around, he looked left and right without seemingly finding what they were looking for. Kaida couldn't tell if he was being serious or if this was an elaborate short joke. She crossed her arms and said, "Behind you. Look lower." and they turned around, looking down at a forty five degree angle to see the huffed up blonde person before them.
    "You're very small."
    "No you're just tall." Kaida huffed before saying, "So are you gonna apologize?"
    "I don't apologize to weak people," he replied bluntly before turning around again.

    There were a thousand better ways to handle this situation. But instead of being sane about it, Kaida immediately ran at him. Her intention being to trip him, as a means of showing what him walking into her felt like. But she knew shoving him would probably amount to nothing. So she tried tripping his legs while he was mid-step. They stumbled as he quickly caught himself.
    "Weak. And stupid...." they picked himself up and walked towards her, preparing to crack his knuckles. They then seemed to stop themselves and stare a moment as a classmate yelled, "Kaida, fighting Aux is a bit above your pay grade."

    "It has a name?" Aux asked looking over at the classmate curiously. It was the 'it has a name' that made her snap. She summoned out her keyblade which immediately resulted in classmates telling her to stop as she swung at Aux. Aux caught the blade with his armored glove. "What are you doing?" he asked confused.
    "Stop playing dumb!" Kaida growled as she said, "You've done nothing but make me feel sub-human this whole time and I'm done ." This time she pulled back and cast thunder on him. A jolt went through his body as Aux shook his head.
    "Guys stop fighting!" A voice called out.
    "I'M NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING" he barked at him. "Well then... Kaida; stop fighting!"
    Kaida let out a small "ah" as she lowered her keyblade and said, "I guess that's my bad then. I thought I was facing someone stronger than me who had the confidence to back it up but I misunderstood." She let her keyblade disappear as she turned her back away from the two and said, "I guess you were the weak one, Aux ." She said with almost a disgust to it.
    Aux walked up to her until he made sure to tower over her. He gritted his fists as if he was about to strike her. He stopped tensing up and relaxed, letting out a small chuckle. "Heh.. well at least you're funny."
    Kaida wasn't very amused as she looked back at him and spoke sarcastically, "Happy to amuse you." As she walked away .

    Kaida almost found it odd how they even turned it around after that. She remembered walking away and thinking to herself about how it was possible he was that way because he didn't have many friends. And when she asked Seiza about him she learned he lost his memories. It was almost uncharacteristic of her how she reached out to him after that.

    She walked her way off campus and out towards the night side of the world. She looked amongst the shops and locales, dark for it being either abandoned or the middle of the night. She stopped to take a detour to walk into the hospital nearby. There were some people still here at least. Not everyone was able to evacuate when they were ordered, and she was glad to see No Heart seemed to leave them to their devices. Who knew if that would have stayed that way if they got there any later. She looked into a waiting room and saw a child playing alone with their mother looking exhausted in the chair. She had no idea why that reminded her of her time in that room.

    Kaida had become almost a regular in that waiting room, there every day distracted and constantly staring out the window. Whenever a nurse walked by she ran over to ask if there were any updates on Seiza and usually got a head shake. She was allowed to be in the room with Seiza, but not during surgeries. And he had quite a few their first months there.

    She was too afraid to explore this world on her own, staring at the distant sky where it was bright. Almost too bright for her to comprehend, and one of those days she was staring out the window a figure walked over to her and sat down next to her and spoke,
    "You're Kaida, right?"

    The girl turned to see a man with brown hair, a slight spike to it but nothing completely out of the norm for what she saw down here. She turned her head away and said, "I don't talk to strangers."

    The man smirked a bit and held his hand out for a handshake and said,
    "Well then, my name's Sora."
    Kaida looked at his hand and shook it and said, "Kaida."
    They kept shaking hands as he said, "And now we're not strangers."
    "I don't think that's how that works."
    "It can work like that if you want it to. I've made plenty of friends quickly."
    The two were still shaking hands as Kaida tilted her head and said, "How exactly can you make friends that quickly? Sounds like low standards."
    "Kaida, I would very much like to be your friend."
    "And what's in it for me?"
    "A friend."

    Kaida stopped shaking his hand to start laughing at how odd the exchange was as he spoke up,
    "I saw how you got to this world. It's incredible isn't it? The power of the heart when it wants to protect those they care about?"

    The blonde shrugged and looked away, "I don't remember much about that night."

    "That's okay. I remember it for you. How you both fell from the sky emitting a bright light. We had no idea what it could be until we saw you protecting Seiza as the light vanished. I'm glad you were both able to make it to this world alright."
    Kaida tensed up a little as she said, "Seiza didn't make it alright though."
    "But he made it to us where we can help him. That's nothing small." Sora attempted to reassure placing a hand on her shoulder. Kaida was a bit surprised but didn't push him away as he said, "You have a strong heart. I can tell. I don't think there's anything you can't do if you set your mind to it." he then stood up and said, "But it was awesome to meet you, Kaida. If you ever need anything from me, please ask."
    "But how am I supposed to find you? This place is huge."

    Sora chuckled and said,
    "I think if you asked around you'd find me pretty quickly."

    Kaida kept her wandering as it started to reach fairly early hours. Lights were starting to turn on for those super early risers, but it was still pretty dark on the night side. Right at the line between the night and day sides stood a tall building, not the tallest in town but still a pretty nice view. She smiled as she looked up at it and felt an almost melancholy overwhelm her.

    Kaida walked onto the vista, knowing that Aux sat alone there as she stared at the view and said aloud, "I don't think I've been out here before." She admitted and she walked a bit closer to sit down, "You can see both the night and day sides clearly..."
    Aux spun around. "Great... it's you..." he turned a bit and sighed, sighed. "Stay if you want. Not my place to tell you to leave."
    Kaida shifted uncomfortably and seemed to look ready to already bounce out of there, but eventually sat down and held out an ice cream towards Aux, "I got some ice cream... want some?"

    Aux turned to her and remained oblivious,
    "What's... ice... cream?"
    Kaida continued holding it out as her attempt at a smile faded to an unsure look, "I... actually don't know what ice cream is either. But someone said it was filled with sweetness, goodness, and endorphins."
    Aux stared longer at it before taking a cone and looked a moment before saying, "You eat it first."
    Kaida looked at it and didn't see any problems with it. She went in and straight up just took a large bit out of the scoop and sat there a moment before saying, "It's really cold. But pretty tasty."
    Aux lifted his helmet to take a bite. "That is... cold. And sweet."
    Kaida raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why not take the helmet off?"
    "It stays on... I'm tired of looking at myself. Tired of seeing a stranger in the mirror."

    Kaida shrugged a bit and said, "I think you're looking at it wrong then. You gotta look at it and think- that's me."
    Aux removed his helmet ever so slightly reveling his red hair covered by a black cap and kept eating his ice cream. Kaida looked at him and said without thinking, "You do not look at all like I was expecting." She then paused as her brain processed it and looked away, "Actually I don't know what I was expecting, pay me no mind."

    "You make it... difficult not to." he said, continuing to eat his ice cream. There was a bit of silence before he broke it, "You're the new member of the order right? The one everyone says didn't deserve it?"
    Kaida raised an eyebrow and said, "Is that what everyone is saying about me?" She paused a second before saying, "But yeah, that's me." She took another bite of ice cream before saying, "I don't blame people for being mad about it though... I've only had the keyblade for 6 months." She rolled her eyes and said, "Probably wasn't taught well either. Master Sora prefers an indirect approach to teaching. He calls it 'learn on the job'."

    "Yeah well, don't let it get to you. everyone's an idiot anyways. Like having a keyblade longer makes you better then everyone." Kaida was surprised by Aux's words of encouragement and said, "Thank you." She thought for a moment and said, "You have a keyblade too, right?" She looked at him a bit and said, "And if I were to guess, you're in the guardian class?"
    Aux summoned his large keyblade. "I don't care to use it much, but yeah." he dispersed it immediately.
    "Well considering how you handled me earlier... I don't think you really need one." Kaida took a deep breath and said, "Sorry, by the way. I took a lot out on you that wasn't really your fault." She ate more of the ice cream, trying to bite into the cone a bit before she added, "Let's just say I get a lot of seniors taking the Order position out on me... Mm." Kaida looked at the cone and looked back at him, "I think my favorite part is this thing." Pointing at the cone.

    "You can eat the handle?" Aux asked before taking a bite. "Huh," he muffled while he chewed.
    There was a long pause in the conversation as Kaida suddenly spoke up, "If it helps, I'm technically supposed to be at an Order meeting right now." Kaida looked embarrassed and said, "But the school has a zero tolerance policy on keyblades outside of training and sparring matches and someone snitched on our "fight"... So I'm suspended. For a day."

    "And I'm just tired of beating up people," Aux shrugged. Kaida looked over at him and asked, "Do you do that often?"
    "When I'm told so for training. Don't really know what else their is to do here."

    Kaida thought for a moment before asking, "Have you ever been to the Second District on the night side? There's some really cool shops over there."

    "I never cared much for shopping," Aux replied
    "I mean, you don't have to shop. You could also just look around and find cool new things." Kaida thought for a moment before pulling out a block of wood and a knife as she started casually whittling, "I've been trying to find one new item every time I go on a trip."

    "What're you making?" Aux asked.
    Kaida shrugged and said, "I don't know yet. But my mind imagined the sun. Maybe I'll do that."

    "Aren't you terrified of the sun?" Aux leaned back and laid down. "And what do you do with all the stuff you carve?"
    Kaida looked embarrassed and whispered back, "Not as bad as I was... I'm working on it." then she spoke up louder, "I like to give them as gifts, usually. But ones like this I usually keep and paint."
    "You think all worlds use the same sun?" Aux asked almost cheerily before going back to his formal tone. "Well that's easy. Of course they do. Yeah... wait. No. Wait..."

    Kaida looked over and said, "Well of course they don't. My world didn't even have a sun."

    "What about the moon?"
    "Well, don't some worlds have multiple moons?" Kaida asked curiously.
    "Well at least they all share the same sky," Aux added.
    Kaida thought about it before looking at Aux, "Where does the sky end and space begin?"

    "Who knows, that's like asking where the ocean ends..." He paused and continued, "Long as everyone stays connected somehow, I don't think it really matters,"
    Kaida let out a small giggle and said, "That's way more sappy than I was expecting from you two."
    "Since when is stating the obvious sentimental?"

    Kaida crossed her legs to sit more comfortably as she said softly to herself, "I could work with this."

    "Wish days could always be like this. No responsibilities or keyblade business," Aux turned to her and asked, "Well what would you two be doing if you weren't becoming a better defender?"
    Kaida shrugged and said, "Simple. Traveling to many worlds just to see them."
    "Wonder what else is out there..." Aux wondered aloud.
    "Well, if they're as cool as this world. I'm sure there's a lot to see. And I hope I can see as many as I can." Kaida replied looking up at the sky fully with a smile.

    Aux peered directly upwards, unsure of what was out there

    The second district. A tired Kaida wondered if it anything would be open now that it was late enough for shops to being opening. Kaida walked past many shops with lit up signs decorating the plaza and as she walked by the clothing store she noticed the lights were on and people were at work. She looked at her outfit wondering if there was anything new she could get. And the longer she stared at the yellow, the more she felt the desire to let it go.

    The yellow reminded her of home. It reminded her of Seiza, and she felt a tear escape without meaning for it to. She sniffled and wiped her face as one of the women in the shop walked out and smiled,
    "Kaida! It's been so long. I am glad to see you well." she did notice the tears and asked, "Relatively, is everything alright dear?"

    Kaida reached up to pull her hair out of her own face a bit to calm down and said, "I'm okay. I was thinking of getting a new outfit."

    "Well we have plenty of yellow cloth ready to-"
    "No... I think I need something completely new."

    The woman grinned a bit in surprise and took her hand and lead her in
    , "Come on in dear, we'll get you in something looking wonderful~"

    A few hours passed and the woman helped place the final piece, a jacket on her and said,
    "Oh it looks just lovely. All it needs is a few accessories. Did you have any in mind?"

    Kaida looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, "I think I have an idea..." she reached into her bag and pulled out Aux's lion charm she was still holding onto. It was burnt, but she didn't care. And she reached into her bag to grab out her bird charm and noticed the wings had broken off and she looked worried and said, "When did I break those wings?" as she shifted through the bag to look for the broken wing pieces, she found a wolf snapped in half. She didn't remember how she got it, but she felt as strong a desire to have it around her neck as the other two pieces. She placed the wolf down as the woman's daughters tried to help fashion them into necklaces. While that happened the woman braided Kaida's hair and said,
    "I have to say, all of that yellow made you look a lot younger. But this outfit definitely screams 'I'm an adult'."
    "I'm only 17 though."
    "That's grown up enough." she smiled as she gave Kaida a pat on the shoulder, "And since I've known you, you've absolutely grown up. I'm proud of you."

    Kaida smiled back as the woman took the necklaces and placed them around her neck and and said,
    "And we're done." Kaida looked at the outfit and smiled and said, "Thank you so much."

    She took a long way back, getting used to how the jacket flowed. She really liked it, and she appreciated the small detail the seamstress made it in keeping a little bit of yellow in the outfit. Kaida finally made her way back to the dorms everyone was staying, and as she approached she notice Beuce had left his room and she waved him down and walked over to him and said, "I know it may seem like I do this a lot but I got a new outfit. I went for something a little out there for me.." She shifted around to pose in it a little bit to show it off before asking, "What do you think?"

    Beuce had been going to grab something to eat or drink, the marks under his eyes showing his lack of rest. He rubbed the bridge of his nose shortly before Kaida alerted him to her presence. He gave the outfit a look up and down.
    "Damn, lookin' pretty slick there. Man, you're making all kinds of progress. First you become a master, then you discover that there are colors that aren't yellow. I'm proud of you." He said jokingly. "No, but actually though that's pretty cool. Where'd you get it?"

    Kaida looked a bit embarrassed and defended, "Well when you're used to only wearing yellow it gets hard to break out. It's not that much different than someone who only wears black... It's just more noticeable."

    She knew he was just messing with her but she still defended anyway. When he asked she said, "There's shops in the Second District still open. As much as a full evacuation was wanted, its impossible for some people to really make that happen. Theres a lady and her daughters who make clothes there. And they've always been really nice quality."

    Beuce gave a chuckle at her embarrassment
    "Well, considering my wardrobe consist of a whole two colors, I'm not much better." He said looking down at his bicolored outfit. "Maybe I should make a stop by there before we end up setting out." Beuce let out a sigh. "You wanna come with me to grab something to eat? I'm gonna drop dead if I don't eat soon."

    "Sure. I haven't eaten anything since... lunch yesterday?" She said it like it was a question before nodding to confirm it after a moment of thought, "What time is it anyway?"

    "Yeah, same. I've been doing research to see if there's anything else that can give us an edge. Oh and it's uh..." He looked down at his bare wrist. "Time for me to get a watch. Probably sometime before noon I think. Probably." Beuce's stomach growled and alerted that, above all else, it was time to eat.
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    Beuce had left a bit ago and Karina ended up promising that she would stay in the Infirmary until the next day. Between the lack of sleep and her head still throbbing, even with the expedient nature that they with keyblade tended to heal, it was best that way. It still pissed Karina off to no end that she had to sit around and do nothing, but at least she knew everyone was back now and safe. She envied Beuce for the training he got and everything he told her about. It did nothing to make her feel better about her own training. Now in the quiet of the room she was starting to seethe again thinking about it. Luckily she didn't have too much time to seethe before Luna walked in, which lowkey surprised Karina. "Oh, hey what are you doing here?" She asked Luna.

    Once Luna had gotten back from her mission to Solara Lua, she went back to her room to put her stuff back with Phobos, in his hatchling form, on her shoulder. She had remained quiet throughout the whole ride back to Central Haven. Her silence had been justified as recent events had left her with many thoughts and feelings. None of which were happy or positive. She looked over at her left forearm and flipped it so it had faced upwards. As she turned her arm, a black ink had started etching itself onto her skin, revealing what had appeared to be a dragon and a crescent moon. Recalling the events that had transpired recently, she dropped her arm before looking over at a frame with a picture of her family in it. Luna left her room and made her way towards the infirmary. She had heard of what had happened to Karina so she had decided to check on her. Luna walked in and gave a small wave and a slight smile. "Hey. I had heard you gotten hurt. I wanted to pay a small visit. How are you feeling?"

    "My head is killing me, but the swelling in my arm is starting to go down." Karina said as she sat up a bit. "Who knew fighting an ice titan after staying up all night to learn how to use a new weapon then trying to fight with that weapon instead of your boring keyblade was a bad idea?" She tried to make a bit of a joke, chuckling a little bit. Her face dropped a bit as she thought about how Kupo'd the training was. "How was your trip?" Karina then asked

    “If you would like, I can make some tea that might help with the pain. It’s my father’s own recipe. It’s helped many a times.” Luna chuckled a bit before looking around the room for any items to make tea. After brewing the tea, she poured it into two cups, one for herself and the other for Karina. She walked back over to her and passed the other cup. “I would give it a minute to cool. Trust me” Luna chuckled a bit again before sipping out of her own cup. When asked about her trip, her slight smile gradually went away. She gripped the cup tightly as she recalled what happened. “As of now, Solara Lua has been restored and my people are now slowly making their way back if they have chosen to come back.” She paused. “However….” She paused once more. “It did not come into fruition without difficulty.” Luna looked back up at Karina. “Aux is now missing…”

    Karina took the tea, grateful that Luna bothered even if she didn't necessarily think it was needed. After a minute Karina took a few sips, her mind wondering to what Luna's father might have been like. Certainly nothing like her own. When Luna finished telling her what happened though, Karina nearly dropped her cup. When she flinched to make sure she didn't she jerked her injured arm and drew in a sharp breath. "Do you think he just ran off?" She asked Luna sounding slightly concerned.

    Luna moved immediately as she saw Karina almost drop her cup. It was definitely a fair reaction to news such as that. Luna sat back down before taking another sip. “No…” She paused. “Whiskey did a surprise attack on us. I don’t know how she was able to find us but she did.” Luna took another sip as she continued to tell her tale. “I had used up all the power I had at that moment and I wasn’t able to stop him.” She looked down at the ground. “Aux dragged Whiskey into the darkness with him before she could do anything else.” Luna looked into the cup as she continued to recount her tales. “I saw it with my own two eyes as well as my brother. I couldn’t stop him…”

    Karina started to move, trying to get up. "Then we have to go find him. Does DJ know? Is that idiot trying to get himself killed?" Karina want mad at Luna, but she sure as hell was mad at Aux.

    Luna shook her head before looking back up. “I only just got back not too long ago. I’m still working through some other issues…” She took another sip before placing the cup on a table. Luna wanted to at least talk to someone other than her brother about what she had learned back on Solara Lua but she also didn’t know if Karina would even want to listen. “I also don’t think it’s a smart idea to just recklessly jump into the search. Not until we have a thought out plan.” She immediately stopped Karina before she could injure herself anymore than she already was. “Right now, it’s imperative that you recover first. It won’t help anyone if you’re injured even more.”

    At first Karina didn't like Luna trying to stop her. Didn't like that Luna was here instead of making a big deal about this to DJ, but as she looked at Luna's face, it dawned on her how hard this all must be fore Luna. "Sorry." She said trying to settle back into her bed. "Shiro already made a comment about my fire burning bright in an instant and burning itself out. Guess he isn't wrong." Karina wasn't trying t make excuses per say, she just felt the need to at least somewhat justify her brash actions. "I know this must be hard for you. And I am not good at all that mushy stuff or support. I am no princess of heart, but I can at least try if you want to talk. I will try not to make it worse."

    Luna shook her head. “There is no need for apologies. I know we should be doing all we can to find Aux but if we go in head first without a plan, I fear we will go in circles.” Luna looked back at Karina. “I’m worried about Aux as well but the best course of action to take is to be patient and come up with a plan on how to go about the search.” Luna chuckled a bit before nodding her head. “I fear there’s more adding to my worries along with Aux’s disappearance. However, I appreciate that. Thank you.” Luna looked down before letting out a sigh. “Where to even begin….” Luna closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and continued to cast her eyes to the ground. “I do not know what believe anymore. There were hidden dark secrets about my family’s lineage that had revealed itself and other secrets that are difficult for me to even begin processing. Let alone accept those facts.” She paused. “I feel angry, upset, shocked, disappointed, and heartbroken all at the same time…” The princess paused once again. “I haven’t felt like this in such a long time but back then at the time all I felt was anger and sorrow.”

    There was a moment of confusion on Karina's face as she tried to grasp what Luna was feeling. "If you don't like the past of your family why not just do things differently going forwards? You are just you, you aren't beholden to the past or its rules." Karina offered. "I don't know what that is like, honestly I never respected my family so I can't feel betrayed by their secrets, I don't care to learn them in the first place. But anger and sorrow aren't bad things if you use them to learn right? You are the most perfect person I know Luna and if you feel something is wrong then I believe you. I also believe you can find a solution to it." Karina tried to give her a bit of a smile but with her tired worn out look she wondered if it looked more scary than polite.

    Luna shook her head. “I’m aware. It’s just…..”She paused as she casted her gaze towards the floor. “Knowing that the choices made in the past was not my fault nor should it be a concern of mine….I still can’t help but feel like I had a hand in that.” Luna listened as Karina put her own two cents into the princess’ situation. Luna looked back up to meet Karina’s eyes. Luna’s eyes widen slightly as Karina gave her praises to the silver haired girl. Karina smiled as she praised her. Luna smiled slightly as well. “I am not as perfect as you say I am. I have had my fair amount of imperfection and flaws. However…” Luna paused. “Hearing it said from you….It really does mean a lot…Thank you Karina.” She smiled once more. “I have met many people in my life and yet none of them have ever made such an impact on my life like you have. You are one of the strongest and fiercest people I have ever met. You have strength that I wish I could possess. You are able to live your life freely and you do not let words of others sway your choices or dictate how you live your life.” She paused once more. “I have always admired you for that. As silly as that may be haha…” The princess took a deep breath as she began to recount her tale back on her homeworld; the sad and horrible truth of her great grandmother and her friends, Mira and Phobos. She had also recounted the tale of the true nature of her bloodline and the secrets the First Queen, her grandmother, that had yet to be uncovered. As she finished recounting her tales, Luna felt a weight lift off her shoulders and a sense of relief had overtaken her. “I feel a bit better now after letting it all out. I greatly appreciate this, Karina. I do apologize for taking up your time.” The silver haired girl bowed her head as she apologized.

    "Yeah well, it took to the point of being afraid of death to push me to the point of deciding not to care. It was really the only way forward for me and it wasn't easy." Karina tried to explain before she listened to Luna talk about everything she had been through. Karina managed to lay back and relax a bit, let her words seep in, and for once not be on the edge of her bed ready to run for the first excuse she had to leave. When Luna was done talking Karina just shook her head at the apology. "It was good company. Being stuck in here is a drag, so I don't mind you coming to talk for a while. And I am glad that it made you feel better." Karina relaxed for a moment and waited for the quiet to settle and it not feel too weird to ask before speaking again. "Hey Luna, can I ask you something? How is someone supposed to... well, act in a relationship?"

    Luna smiled slightly as Karina expressed her appreciation for Luna’s visit. A peaceful silence settled in as the two girls had started to relax. Karina had then spoke up, asking Luna about relationships. The silver haired girl rested her chin on her hand as she pondered the question asked of her. She remained silent for a brief moment to formulate her answer. However, she had felt like the question had so many answers to choose from but after giving it some thought she looked back at Karina. “Well….” She started and had paused. “Every relationship is different. There is not one definitive correct way to act nor is there one definitive incorrect way. It all depends on the individuals in said relationship.” She paused as she looked to the ring Koa had given her during their first reunion after a couple years. “Personally, I believe being honest and open with one another goes a long way. Do not be afraid to express how you feel. Be it words or actions or something else entirely.” She paused, recounting the days she had spent with her fiancé. “Sometimes you have to let your walls down and let yourself be vulnerable with your significant other. For if you keep your walls up constantly, when will you ever put them down? When can you allow yourself to truly be yourself?” Luna looked back at Karina. She scratched at her head before apologizing. “I do apologize if that confused you or push you away from your answer further. I hope what I said is of any help.”

    "I can't say I completely understand. But I will figure it out, maybe with some more sleep." Karina assured. "And it looks like you can use some rest as well Luna. Try and get some sleep." She called out after Luna before letting her leave the room and leaving Karina in unbearable silence until she finally fell asleep.


    Through the two weeks Karina got out of the infirmary and worked hard learning to use her scythe. For the most part she trained on her own, but on occasion she brought Beuce in to help with her training. It was good company and she did her best to put to work what Luna had suggested on that first night back. Karina didn't know what she expected in a relationship. But she knew she should have known better than it to look like Luna and Koa's, even though she didn't see them together too often. She heard how both of them talked about each other and even she knew it was something special. Karina often found her relationship with Beuce awkward, but that was because she was awkward. Either way she thought it was all going well.

    On this particular day Karina wasn't training but just wandering around Central Haven. She was stir crazy. It had been long enough she was back to wanting to go find Aux. She hadn't really seen Beuce that morning, or Luna for that matter. As she walked through the halls she ended up spotting Beuce walking with someone else. At first it caught Karina off guard. Not seeing Kaida in all yellow was a bit weird, but it looked good. "Good morning... afternoon... whatever time it is. I like the new outfit Kaida." She said, her eyes going towards the three charms that Kaida was wearing before glancing towards Beuce and the necklace she gave him, almost as reassurance for herself.​
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    Kaida blushed a bit at Karina's compliment, not necessarily expecting it to be the first thing brought up, but she was happy nonetheless. Though, she wasn't sure why she was surprised that was the case, of course the outfit would be the first thing of note. She smiled and said, "Thank you." and she reached a bit into the pockets of the jacket and whispered but not quietly, "It has pockets~" she looked over towards Beuce almost as if he couldn't have made that observation already before speaking, "We were about to grab something to eat if you wanna come along."

    As they began heading to a place to eat, Kaida pulled out her phone and invited, without asking the other two, everyone else if they wanted to come along for a bite to eat. It was in a group chat so it wasn't like Beuce and Karina couldn't have caught on just by checking. They made their way over to an outdoor eating courtyard, with a bunch of restaurants nearby for people to pick their poison. It was mostly empty but a couple of civilians were nearby chowing down on either breakfast or lunch. Since it was a good time to choose either if someone wanted.

    Kaida made her way back to the table with a cheeseburger and a salad too unhealthy to probably have the nutritional value it promised. When the other two were there she properly started eating the salad. She tried to think of some sort of topic starter, but her brain wasn't coming up with much before her mouth slipped out, "You guys like... rain?" she sat there like her own question threw her off as she went nearly cross-eyed and said, "I mean... like... how do you guys feel about... lousy weather?" the recovery didn't work to her own wishes so she shook her head and said, "Uh, nevermind... I just wanted to talk about something other than training... and I literally defaulted to 'wonderful weather we're having'."
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    Karina sat down at the table with a style of food that she had never tried before, but it had chicken, rice and potatoes which she knew. There was something called pita but from what she understood it was a kind of bread. The sauces and seasonings were foreign to her but she figured that it was worth trying. There was so many options that it was hard for Karina not to just go without because she couldn't make a choice. Either way as she sat down to join Kaida and Beuce she stared at her phone awkwardly. "Well can you explain this thing to me again? Better than talking about the weather. I see the message when it is on the screen here but I can never find them again if I look at it and forget to do anything about it. I nearly smashed this thing last week just trying to figure it out." She sounded more frustrated than anything. Clearly she wasn't embarrassed by her lack of tech savvy. ​
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    Beyond checking into somethings that had been on his mind, the past two week had been rather uneventful. He did keep up with his training during said weeks and such taking one day off of training wouldn't be the end of the world. So he'd figured that he would just go for a walk today. It would be a good excuse to go to some of the places here that he's yet to visit. Speaking his gumi phone had gone off around that time with a message from Kaida, an invite to get something to eat. Considering that his only plans for today consisted of just walking around, there was no reason to turn down the invitation.

    The first thing that Kel did upon arrival was to get himself some food consisting of a simple burger and fries. It wasn't what he typically ate back home, but why not try something different while he was here? Considering how infrequently they ate, any food was better than no food. Finding his friends was an easier task considering they were all gathered at one table that he now approached. "Hey guys."

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    He sat and listened to what Beuce had to say. After the conversations were done and over there was not much to do but to but to move on. He left the Infirmary leaving Karina to get rest. Soon days blended into each other what day was the same as the last. Then before he knew it two weeks had past. In that time he did training. He did not really see anyone in that two weeks. he mostly kept to himself with training and whatever else he diced to do when the chance came by. This particular day day he was looking at his phone kind of board with the training and not knowing what else to do he put the phone into his pocket. He left the room and decided to go onto a walk. He continued on his walk not seeing anyone or anything of interest. Time pasted with out anything happening.

    He continued on his walk pulled out his phone and noticed the time and decided that now as as go as time as any to get food. As he walked towards the food he walked by clothing store kind of disappointed that he could not find anything that interest him for the time being. Perhaps someone might be able to help him on that front at a later time. As he continued on his walk. He noticed Kaida, Beuce, Karina, and kel. Kaida had said, 'You guys like... rain?' He did not even notice that it was raining. Kaida was asking about what they thought about how they feel about lousy weather. It looked like a great day. Karina was going on about having a hard time with her phone. There must not be technology back where she was from or at the very least a phone you can carry around. As he got closer to the others he gave a slight wave. "Hello"
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    As the two weeks passed in a hazy blur during his time at central haven the strange tavern that Faust had commandeered for himself has felt less and less strange as the days pass. One of the walls facing the bar was covered in half imbedded with metal cards as he had been using it as target practice for his new alternative weapon DJ and the other masters of central haven were talking about a few weeks ago.

    Finding himself wandering towards the main campus buildings to find some of the others as he really didn’t feel up to spending another day just playing around with his cards and magic. He had luck finding them on his second hour of trying to find the others as his new “Gummyphone” had buzzed as he passed by a window looking across a quad with Kaida and the others. When he made his way out to the courtyard he noticed AJ walking up to the others group with his back towards him. Seeing a perfect opportunity to have some fun Faust slinked up behind right behind AJ as quietly as he could with practiced ease till he broke his silence Answering Kaida’s question “I don’t really care too much about rain one way or the other but my master always hated the windy weather back home. Said ‘it always Blows’” Chuckling at his own pun he pulled out an apple for his hip pouch taking a quick bite before continuing “It’s been a few days since I've seen you guys. How have you been?”
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    Kaida shifted a bit to look at Karina's phone and turned her own towards her. She waved at each of the others as they joined the table as she said to Karina, "So theres a little button at the bottom of the screen that looks like a board. Do you see that? If you click it." she clicked hers and there were a couple of different chats started. The top one was the message she sent to everyone with the group titled "SOS". There was another right under it titled Aux that had a message unread from Kaida saying "Hey are you okay?". The third seemed to be Beuce and Kaida sending these odd AI generated pictures of Moogles to each other. Kaida clicked on the top one and it showed all of the messages that had been sent in the group chat and she asked, "Does that help?"

    She looked over at Faust at the joke he made and she let out a bit of a groan, but with a smile showing she probably actually liked the joke. She thought about his question and said, "I've been... okay. I haven't been getting much sleep but I feel like the training has been going well." Kaida looked off to the side thinking if she wanted to add the fact she was worried and missing Aux but she decided against it and said, "What about you? Up to anything exciting?"
  20. CrownMoksha Decimo

    Jan 11, 2011
    On board the DenLiner

    Barring the internal sigh at Faust, Kel did take a seat and took one bite of his sandwich before thinking over Faust's question. There wasn't really a whole lot to ponder on given most of his time was in fact spent training. "Nothing much, though did inadvertently end up helping DJ come up with an update to the security system here." It wasn't the only thing that he'd ended up assisting with though he didn't know if that update was ready now or not. Mentally shrug off the thought as he was in no particular rush at the moment.