Video Game: Kingdom Hearts SOS: The Road To Light

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    On board the DenLiner

    Having stepped through the door Kel had expected to see nothing but darkness. Darkness and the inner demon in question that he would be going up against. To a lesser extent he figured that he would be inside a building of sorts, not exactly sure on the kind of building that he was expecting, but something, anything really. Instead Kel found himself to be on a hill, next to a single tree over looking a castle town of sorts. Kel knew exactly where it was that he was,both the tree he was standing next too and the castle town that it was overlooking. A gentle breeze blew past both him and the leaves of the tree as the realization sunk in. He was home, back on Solucia and there was a lot of uncertainty swirling about right now. On the one hand he was kinda glad to be back home, especially seeing that nothing had really changed. The other hand however held the reminder that he was supposed to face his inner demons. That caused a hint of concerned to surfaced. This wasn't going to to be fun, but least for the time being he could enjoy the breeze.

    The breeze had come to an end and right as Kel was about to venture forward, the rustling continued in the branches above him. Puzzled by this, Kel looked up as the rustling continued and grow violent. Suddenly it cease with no explanation what so ever. Something like that wasn't just going to be ignored like it never happened, thus Kel moved so that he was standing underneath where the rustling was occurring. Moments passed and nothing happened other than a faint rustle to signal that there was still something there. With all the rustling that was going on up there, Kel could tell that it wasn't you average tree bound creature above him. Silence once again took place in the branches above and Kel was tempted to start chucking rocks up there to either get what was up there to come out, or cause it to fall out of the tree. Either way he was going to figure out just what it was that was resting in that tree. Kel had taken another step forward, preparing to get an answer to his question when the sound of something breaking was heard, causing whatever was on the branch to fall down and land right onto Kel.

    Unfortunately Kel had little time to react to the sudden force landing on top of him, disorientating him for a couple of seconds. Gradually his head stopped spinning and the world slowly regained its focus, the process of doing so revealed just what it was that had fallen from the tree and landed on him. "T-Tarzan!?" Not sure just how or why but it was indeed Tarzan who had fallen from the tree. A lot of question were being raised right now and none of which would be answered, well answered in a way that Kel could understand it. Cause last he check Tarzan didn't exactly speak normally, he spoke in grunts and such. Speaking true to the form Kel was greeted by various grunts and such. Either Tarzan was happy to see again or confused as to where the heck he was, we're just going to assume the latter. The grunting soon cease and the ape man move to be standing next to Kel, allowing the teen to actually stand up on his feet. He really wanted to know just Tarzan got from Deep Jungle all the way to here on Solucia and he wished that Tarzan could provide those answers, but he wasn't fluent in ape speak so finding that answer wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

    The duo were now making their way through the castle town of Everton, the streets bustling with people going about their own business and in the middle of all that, Kel was wondering just how it was that no one was questioning why there was a half naked ape man walking besides him. Suspiciously looking at everything and everyone they walked past as well. Tarzan had been like that since they first walked through the castle gate and into the walled off town. All of this had to be a huge shock for Tarzan and it was just a relief that he hadn't completely flipped out and started going all over the place in a panicked frenzy. Eventually they left the general market area and started towards the center of town. The crowd of people died down as they progress, which must have made Tarzan feel better cause the mass amount of grunting that he was making earlier had died down by a lot. It wasn't so much annoying to hear as it was just plain confusing to try and figure out just what it that he was saying.

    Before they could progress any further through the now empty streets, the sound of wood hitting against wood caught both their attention. Tarzan was confused as all hell, clearly shown by the frantic looking around and grunting that he was doing. Kel on the other hand looked around as well, though in a much calmer manner compared to Tarzan. The narrow street that they were walking down had opened up to a plaza and in the middle was a ring of sorts. In the ring were two people swinging at each other with wooden swords. They had arrived at the outdoor training ground and apparently it was in use, something that surprised Kel. Usually it was the indoor was that was use as this one was more so just for showing off. Kel didn't think much of this just by seeing it and was prepared to continue on walking about. Tarzan on the other hand, something triggered, seeing the wooden swords hitting against each other case a reaction that will not be described because Mok doesn't know what to put there as it was, thus the ape man headed towards the ring all hooting and hollering. Having noticed this, Kel quickly grabbed on to Tarzan's arm and tried to hold him back. At this moment he remembered that no one had really bothered looking in the direction of the two while they were walking earlier, but as to whether that was because of them ignoring them or because they couldn't see Tarzan. However they still could see Kel, shown because of what happened next.


    Shit, He knew exactly who that voice belong to. Out of all the people that could've noticed him trying to hold back an ape man (which he was still doing) it had to be his dad.
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    XIV: The Story of Luna

    Division 2 of 4:
    After parting from the arms of her parents, Luna wiped the remaining tears that escaped her eyes. Her parents had begun wiping away tears on their face as well as Akira just silently stood there with a smile on his face. Once the three had finally calmed down, they stood up and begun walking toward the castle garden. The family of four walked through the garden catching up with each other and seeing how each one has been. "Well we finished our pieces but you haven't said a single word about you, my dear. What have you been up to all this time? One minute you and your mother were doing wedding preparations then the next minute, we're sending search parties out for you." Luna chuckled a little bit before responding to her father."Well, I've been out exploring worlds and-......wait wait wait...WEDDING PREPARATIONS?!?!?!?!?" Luna's eyes shot wide open at what her father had just relayed to her. Wedding preparations? What wedding preparations? Couldn't be her own? Could it? Last time she checked, her fiance was walking around in the realm of darkness. Luna shook her head and asked her father just what was going on. "Whose wedding were we preparing for exactly?" Why yours of course!! You and Blake wanted to hold off on the wedding because of the kingdom's economic state. We and even Blake's parents had to convince you to finally prepare for this wedding for four years and finally just 3 weeks ago you both finally decide to plan your wedding!!" Luna couldn't believe the words that had left her father's lips. How? How could this be? It's not possible. Is it? Luna stopped walking and stood in place for a few moments to process the new information she was just given. "You, Me, and even Blake's mother were just planning it before you disappeared. Did you lose some of your memories during all this time you were gone?" Her mother looked back at her with an expression of worry painting across her face. Her father and her brother turned back toward Luna to await her response. "He's suppose to be coming over today after he's finished with his daily canvass of the city. You're both supposed to get fitted for the wedding." Luna's eyes shot wide open even more at the thought. Luna sat down on a nearby bench with a hand of her head in astonishment. As if the universe wanted to throw Luna for a loop, a familiar voice echoed through the garden. "Hey! Anybody around here?? Akira? Your Majesties? Luna??" The family of four looked toward the voice. "Blake! We're over here!!" Luna immediately shot up and started backing away. Akira looked back at Luna and saw tears forming in her eyes. "Luna? Are you alright?" Luna bolted right out of the garden. She jumped over the tall hedges and ran off from the castle. "Luna!!" Her parents and Blake who just arrived turned toward Akira and saw Luna running off.

    Luna ran and ran until her legs felt numb. She arrived at a lake not too far from the city. She walked to the water and began to wipe the tears that had ran down her cheeks. More and more kept cascading down as Luna just wiped away another tear. Luna looked out toward the water with her knees close to her chest. "
    Why did I run away? Why?? I feel so lost and confused......" Luna moved her head down toward her knees when she heard a sudden roar nearby. "ROOOOOOOOAAAAWAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The girl shot right up at the sudden sound. She looked around to see where it came from. Luna's eyes widen once more as she laid eyes on the creature the roar originated from.....she couldn't believe it as she found none other than The Beast. Was it really The Beast? Was it another illusion? Who knew anymore? Certainly not Luna. Luna walked slowly toward the Beast as it looked like he was calming down. Every inch that she walked was another moment of Beast calming down. She walked up to him and quietly called out to him. "Beast? Is that you?" The Beast turned his head and looked at the girl. He took a couple moments before realizing who she was. "You're...You're that girl that I saw back at the castle right? You helped me protect the castle. I-I-I wanted to say Thank You for helping me. Where are we?" Beast looked around his surroundings and questioned his sudden appearance here and where "here" was? Luna smiled a bit and responded to the Beast. "We're in Solara Lua...........My home. Right now we're at Lake Hylia which is not too far from the city." Luna pointed to the village that was east of them. "Solara Lua....It's a very nice town. Is there anywhere I can stay for the night? The sun is coming down soon." The Beast pointed toward the horizon and Luna nodded her head as she started to drag him over to the castle. Walking along the path that Luna had just ran across, the two made their way over to the castle garden.

    After half an hour, the two finally made it back to the castle. Luna opened the back entrance to the garden and the two made their way quietly as to not alarm the guards around the area. "
    This is your home? I thought it was in the village." Luna scratched the side of her head a little bit before reaching the entrance into the castle. The two went through the door and started to make their way to Luna's room. To reach her room, the two needed to cross the front entrance of the castle. What Luna didn't know was that her family and her betrothed were awaiting the return of their precious daughter, sister, princess, and betrothed back to her home.
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    The Future
    Ananta looked at Stratos and frowned. Sure she could bother someone else, but right now, Karina probably needed the most help. Besides, Ananta felt like she was getting somewhere with Karina....probably. She pretty much ignored Stratos telling her to leave. Instead, she listened to Karina and closed her eyes to consider what she needed to say. Karina had lost everything. All that strength she used to have is gone and now, Karina was left powerless and feeling utterly useless. It reminded Ananta a tiny bit of herself, but her pathetic feelings paled in comparison to Karina's feelings.

    "You can hold onto your friends." Ananta said, standing up and holding her hand out. "Your friends are your strength and we are always here for you. Just as you are our strength, Karina. We help each other and thus are able to rely on the other in dire times of need."
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    "Sorry about that, mind's not really all there. Trial striking in the most vulnerable places, remember? Still, good to see you're okay" Glen replied, before glancing over in the direction of Karina. Part of him wanted to go over and say hi, but given the interactions with Karina in the past, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Although, he couldn't just stand still and say nothing. Without knowing the context of what exactly they were talking about, Glen decided to open his mouth (terrible decision) and simply called out "Hey Karina, just remember that Aux and Vanitas are out there somewhere and are long overdue for a serious ass kicking. And if there's anybody here that kicks major ass it's proooobably you" he called out. Beating people up seemed to be what Karina was into, he knew that pretty damn well, so maybe that would help. Even if it didn't, well it couldn't do any more harm could it? She looked like she was on the verge of breaking down entirely.

    Once that was said, he turned his attention back to Ignis. "So, what kinda stuff happened in your trial?" he asked in an attempt to actually hold a conversation. It was fairly obvious though that he was distracted, glancing every couple of seconds at Karina who was barely clothed. She might have been a ***** to him at times, but damn if she wasn't a fine looking one in the right lighting. Wow, he was really messed up. Probably not as messed up as he'd be if either Ignis or Karina noticed though. Good Sapphire he hoped that didn't happen.
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    Beuce was walking back after finishing his conversation with Kaida, and he noticed several things going wrong. Karina looked like she was fighting back tears while speaking to a certain green-haired fuck up. Nothing new there. Stratos was trying to fix the damage from said fuck. Again, nothing new there. Though, one thing that was new was an arrival. Someone who had finished their trial and rejoined the group. Glen, the alcoholic. He'd always liked that guy. Though, one thing seemed to be a little odd about him. He was talking to Ignis, but he wasn't exactly making eye contact. Following his line of sight, he realized what it was the Glen was looking at. Karina's less than modest attire.

    Walking up, Beuce put a glassy hand on the back of Glen's head and tilted his gaze back up toward Ignis. "Eyes forward buddy. Even I didn't check her out, so you don't get to either." A bit of a groan came from Glen in response to his gaze being forcibly shifted.

    "But if not that, what am i supposed to look at then?" He complained. In response to this, Beuce simply tilted his head down to stare at Ignis' newly reacquired...assets. There was a pause that seemed to last an eternity. The silence between them could be cut with a knife, until finally Glen spoke up once again. "Beuce that would be inappropriate! I can't just stare at someone's rack while I'm talking to them! That would be very rude!" He finally said, not moving his head from the position Beuce had put it in as he did so, despite the fact Beuce had already let go of his head.

    "Uh huh. Terribly. I'm sorry for forcing you to breaking your gentleman's code." Beuce said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
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    Ignis watched Glen as he talked with her, but she realized that his eyes weren't looking in the same place he was speaking. She didn't even need to see where he was looking to know that the boy had his eyes on something he had no business with. While Ignis could understand the reason behind Glen's attitude, that certainly didn't free him of the indecency of his peeping. Added to that, he ended up blurting out the dumbest thing possible, reminding her of losing to Aux just a little while ago. She was about to teach him a lesson when Beuce showed up.

    She wasn't sure what Beuce was up to, but luckily for Glen, he ended up telling him off for looking at Karina. Glen groaned about being found out about his little eye-escapade, but it's not like he was being subtle about it either way. Then Beuce turned Glen's head down, away from Karina. The only problem with that, was Glen was now staring straight at Ignis. Normally she wouldn't have a problem with that, but Glen was now staring at Ignis like he was at Karina, and it was about the last straw she could take. Of course Glen had to open his big mouth about not looking at a girl's chest while talking to them, only for him to keep his eyes on Ignis's the whole time.

    By this point, Ignis had enough. The guy had just gotten out of his trial, and he was already acting inappropriately for her liking. Even for all the people she'd met in her life, Glen could certainly be put up there as one of the most "men" like of them all. Sure it was a stereotype, but she'd lived as a man for a couple years, and had the unfortunate experiences to go along with it. In fact she knew why Glen was acting the way he did, but it didn't excuse him nonetheless. She clenched her fist and smiled at Glen.

    "So, you say you don't want to stare at them while you talk to someone? But isn't that exactly what you're doing?"

    Ignis brought her fist upward and slammed Glen in the jaw, then took a few steps and spun around him, then sent an elbow straight into his back, the force of which brought him to the ground. She brought her keyblade out and slammed in right in front of Glen's face.

    "Do me a favor, Glen. If you're going to act indecent, at least attempt to hide it, or else you're going to lose every last pretty aspect of that face of yours. Of course, that's not saying much right now as it stands." She sat on top of him and crossed her legs, giving him the perfect opportunity to get on her nerves again and giving her reason to beat him up more.

    "Oh yeah, and Beuce?" She turned her head toward him. "Next time you want to help, think about how you act before you do so yeah? Otherwise you're going to end up in the same boat as this one." She smiled at him as well, making sure her message was received.
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    XXV: Temperance
    The Story of Steel
    Part 1: Awakening
    (2/2) The Illusion of Power

    It had actually been quite the challenge to get there though. It hadn't been all that far from their starting point that the two had encountered the first of many Disturbed. Seeing as Panchito had only his long range weapons, Steel had taken the initiative to dart in and distract the monstrosities while the rooster picked them off from afar. It wasn't a perfect plan, of course: New Disturbed often would join the fight, and Panchito was often a prime target of theirs. They had both taken quite a few hits by the time they reached their destination, and Steel was more tired than he would like to admit.
    "They're everywhere!" Panchito had exclaimed when they finally reached the other side of town. Steel didn't have anything to say to that though: He was far to busy impaling another one of the many wolf shaped Disturbed that had crawled just a bit too close.

    The rooster was correct in his observation though: It had been strangely peaceful when they first arrived, considering the number of monsters that now shambled about all around them. However, they only really needed to defeat enough of them to clear the path.

    "That Gate! Right over there! You see it?" Panchito nodded to Steel as he fired a few shots at an incoming monster. Satisfied that Panchito knew where they were going, Steel turned his attention back to the battle. Seeing that another of the wolf shaped creatures, a Lycan, was leaping towards him, he quickly moved to intercept it in midair. He caught it by the throat, and it barely had time to begin thrashing before he brought forward his other hand and grabbed onto its head.

    He ripped it in two.

    It wasn't a particularly gruesome sight: simple shadows seemed to serve as the creatures' insides, the same as any heartless. Between the two chunks of Disturbed in his hands, Steel could easily see more, bird shaped ones, incoming fast. He smashed his hands together as the creature flew between them; crushing it and the Lycan's remains. Next, he made a back flip while extending his leg so as to kick the next oncoming target. He drew his sword mid-flip and let gravity do his work for him as the blade came crashing down on his opponent. With those four out of the way, Steel began slashing his way to the gate. Upon reaching it, he quickly spun to strike the surrounding creatures before turning to it and making a prompt note of what was on the other side.

    He froze when he registered the sight.

    There, standing quite a distance away from the gate, were two figures doing battle amidst the endless horde. The first was a woman with long, platinum blonde hair. She had a sword similar to his own in shape and functionality, though the colors and patterns were different. Where he had black, she had white, and the blue flames were replaced by snowflakes of the same color. The woman blocked every attack her opponent sent at her, leaving shards of ice to mysteriously crystallize wherever the two swords met. Despite the skill with which she did this, one could tell by the look on her face that she was getting tired. No, not her face...

    Her eye. A ghastly sight.

    It was just like his. This woman was Winter Hope. His dear sister.
    Her opponent on the other hand... his blood boiled at the very sight of the other woman. The scarlet haired individual had long been the cause of much grief for his organization. Having first truly hampered them in "Wonderland" the menace (who was somehow aligned with the usually mindless Disturbed?) fancied herself "The Red Queen."
    She was winning.

    Winter was clearly in no state to continue, if the cuts, bruises, and general demeanor were anything to go by. Her opponent was winding up for the final blow. Winter was about to collapse, she could barely lift an arm.
    Time slowed to a crawl. As he saw his sister about to be slain before him, Steel quite simply forgot that this was merely a world of illusion. He sought to help her, but there was a barrier between them. His hand outstretched past the iron bars, as if he were a prisoner spectating the end of a beloved life.
    He did not want to lose his family.

    "Nemi!" The word left his mouth in a breath of desperation.

    It was a stupid thing to shout. Even if he hadn't lost all of his power, it had become apparent to him that the particular power he sought to use had never been wielded by him in the first place. Yet his stupidity was rewarded when an aura of green veiled his sister, restoring her energy and allowing her to block the Red Queen's blow at the last possible second. It looked an awful lot like a cure spell. That was impossible though, wasn't it?
    As Panchito reached him, battered and bruised from fighting alone while Steel had been distracted, the Artisian King decided that he didn't really care. Whether or not it was an illusion, it was power; power that he would have to use to carve out this path. He knew Winter had never been in such danger when the actual siege had happened.

    Shaking such thoughts from his head, he placed one of his hands on his comrades shoulder, and the other on his own chest.

    "Nemimarci!" A much brighter, larger aura enveloped the two, and in an instant all of the wounds that they had sustained were gone. Panchito gave a confused cry of "Que Pasa!?" As Steel grinned maniacally at the monsters that had surrounded them. He had reached within himself and found them: Powers of earth, water, wind, etc. They were all there. It seemed that these Disturbed would no longer be much of a problem.
    Thrusting his palms forward, he reached for the power of fire, and...


    ...there it was. Fire. All around them, burning every disturbed within sight to ash. Several of them even made noises akin to dying screams, which caused Panchito to give nervous, somewhat horrified glances, but only made Steel's now sadistic looking grin grow wider.
    When the fire cleared, the Disturbed were almost completely gone; with most of the remaining being newcomers to the scene who had only just arrived. Realizing that they had little time, Steel turned back to the gate.

    "Ialmalis!" He moved both of his arms into a lifting motion as he cast the spell, which caused a large and powerful gust of wind to burst into existance around the gate. However, rather than be blown clean off the entryway, the door stood firmly in place. Surprised, though undeterred, Steel kept the gale going; doing his best to lift open the gates. He added more power to it, causing the area of effect to grow. Any Disturbed that strayed to close to them was quickly blown away by the veritable tornado, shortly to be destroyed as they were swept away into the unending torrents.
    The gate began to lift, if only ever so slightly, and just as it did, a small pale light began to glow in the very center of the obstruction. Seeing that he was making progress, Steel increased the power even further.

    Another budge. Steel continued to pour more and more strength into the spell; Panchito now had to shield his face from the wind. As the gates inched open, the light slowly began to grow brighter, until with one final shove Steel forced the gate open... Only for the light to completely envelop them. Unable to see anything or even properly move, Steel heard a voice fill the silence that had previously been held at bay by constant sound of rain.

    Hold on, you can't open the door just yet. First...

    Tell me about yourself.
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    Fairy Tail
    Xara ran away from the mob as fast as her legs could carry her. She thought she would forget how to run since she was in a place where she didn’t need to for so long. That part was still fuzzy to her. How long was she in the darkness for?

    Those thoughts were swept away when she continued on through the streets that seemed so foreign, yet so familiar to her. She couldn’t be taken to the Council, not yet. She didn’t get her answers yet or her purpose for holding this strange weapon. She knew the name of it, Keyblade. She sort of knew the purpose of it, to defend other worlds from the darkness. But she didn’t know anything else from that. If she were to go in front of the Council now, she wouldn’t have the answers they wanted and needed from her. And who knew then what they would do to her out of fear and misunderstanding.

    The tween found herself running through the alleyways, deep in the heart of Tanamzu. Her legs were beginning to feel tired and her lungs were burning for a break. Xara glanced up to have a look around her while slowing down from her hard run. There was a familiar, abandoned building entirely made out of glass windows in a dome shape. The windows had held their integrity, despite the area around it crumbling into nothing. Green ivy had grown around the window, obscuring the view on the inside like a secret. The girl recognized this place.

    She panted as she felt herself walking towards it, ignoring the droplets of water beginning to fall on her from the rain that had rolled in. Though the pain and the familiar ache in her heart began to appear, she pushed onward.

    He’s not here anymore, you dimwit. He left a long time ago.

    But what if-

    NO! Do you hear yourself? He’s not coming back. He abandoned you. He went on to do better things that to train you- HEY! Aren’t you listening to me-?!

    But Xara had walked into the shadows of the abandon botanical garden. She felt her lungs work against the humidity the further she walked in. Her eyes blinked to adjust to the darker lighting and she walked in circles to have a look at the familiar place. Everywhere she looked, something was glowing in the darkness; the trees with the leaves shimming in light greens, yellows, and oranges, the pebbles underneath her like the blue and white stars of the galaxy, roses, daisies, violets, tulips, and more glowing in their beautiful colors, fireflies and butterflies fluttering about in a quiet manner, and even some bushes glowed under the black light. A sound of a creek flowing brought a sincere peace over her soul, and she followed the path of shining pebbles to a place where only she knew about. Some vines had overgrown the path and the plants pressed against the glass, but she still knew where she was.

    You are too hard on yourself, little one, she heard the familiar voice of her memories say.

    I am not little! And I need to get better if I’m going to make a difference here! There was a chuckle that annoyed her old self, and she heard herself growl. Hey, I mean it!

    I know, and that’s why I am here. I am merely a guide to help you achieve what you desire. It is, however, a good idea to take your time…

    She walked over to an old willow tree that stood in the center of the garden, standing as tall as it could but drooping with age. Xara walked under the curtain of leaves and branches, making her way to the center where the trunk stood. On the trunk there was florescent artwork of a sun, swirling clouds, a moon, and stars dancing around in a never ending story. Xara walked around it until she found a place where the trunk indented into a cavern of sorts. The purple haired girl smiled as she walked forward and pressed her hand on the live tree, ducking and walking into the dark carven. She looked down to see white steps light under her feet as her shoes made contact, and descend down in a spiral. It was still here, after all this time.

    What do you mean?! I’m ready now!

    Patience, my child. When the time is right, you will find what you must do. For now, take the time to find yourself within.

    Xara walked down the steps into the willow tree, smiling as the stairs continued to light under her feet with each level. The air was becoming cooler, and easier to breathe in.

    A tree with a shallow root system is easy to push and pull down. But a tree with deep roots, like this willow, will stand tall no matter how one pushes and pulls away at it.

    The narrow stairway opened into a large circular cave made out of lightly colored stone. There was a beautiful mural painted of the universe with galaxy clouds, planets, stars of various color and sizes, asteroids, and the very small world of Tanamzu among the stars. The industrial world had all but melted away in here to show how insignificant they really were. But that’s not what caught her attention in this room.

    In the middle stood a figure in an old cream colored robe with gold threads oriented around the hems and sleeves. Xara felt her breath catch in her throat. She didn’t want to believe it, but here he was…

    So like you, my child, I will teach you to stand strong like this willow. So no matter what you may do, no matter where you may go… You will be able to stand for what you believe in and be a beacon unto those who will someday look to you for guidance.

    Master… Master Leo.

    The figure raised his hooded head and turned to the direction of the fourteen-year-old girl’s voice. She could see his wrinkled face and a smile form on his lips before he turned fully in her view. Carefully, he took off his hood to reveal a bald head with cancer spots and a kind face. “Hello, my child. It’s been far too long.

    Xara’s green eyes were brimming with happy tears. Her aching heart had soared into heights she thought it could never reach again. “Master Leo!” She ran to him as he opened his arms out to her. She wouldn’t let him out of her sights again. Her arms wrapped around him and she hugged him tightly. She couldn’t hold it back anymore and sobbed, her shoulders shaking. “You’re here! You’re really here!

    The old man smiled and gently patted his pupil on the head before hugging her back just as warmly. “Yes, my dear Xara. I am here…
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    Jan 18, 2011

    Laying on the ground, defeated, Glen was simply rubbing his face with his hand for a moment from where Ignis had hit him. Truth be told, he probably could've avoided it if he'd tried, but he had the feeling that it wouldn't have been over until the lady had gotten revenge. That being said, she seemed somewhat satisfied so Glen gave a little push and got her off of him, before standing up himself. "You're right. I do have a pretty face, thank you for noticing" he said somewhat smugly. He didn't genuinely have an ego that big, but he couldn't resist doing something to get back at Ignis, even if it were a little childish. Besides, he had something far more important to direct his attention towards. He'd lost his puns.

    Stepping over to Beuce, he pointed straight at his arm. "Since when do you have an arm, and since when is it glass? How did you even get it like that? Can I get one like that? That's awesome as hell and I have to have one" he asked, clearly interested in the god hand. Part of him did wonder though, how hard was it for Beuce to actually grip things now? Would doorways prove to be a far more infuriating foe for him than even No Heart?​
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    The story of Andrew ‘AJ’ Jacob Canvasback

    Part 7

    "The Well of Delight"

    Andrew stood at the lake not doing anything. It was so peaceful. No one was around. He took a seat at the lake. He just sat there not doing much. He looked over to Chicken Little and wondered how he was going to even help the thing. How was he of all people going to help a chicken find his friends? For all that he knew they were nowhere around. He had to somehow find a walking fish, a pig and a duck. Finding them was just as strange as running into the chicken that stood right next to him. He could not help the people of Euterpe. He wanted more than anything to help the people go back to the way things were. Thinking about it now this was far easier said than done. He looked up at the sky and noticed that it was starting to get darker. It was going to start storming soon. He stood up signaling the chicken that it was time to go. He had to find this chicken's friends and fast. If he did not find this chicken's friends he did not know where he was going to hide him. He began to walk away from the lake and towards the city. If the chicken's friends were anywhere they would be there. Chicken Little was following him not saying anything.​

    He continued to walk towards the city. He could see his house now. Well if he did have to hide the chicken for the day that might be the best place to put him. He was not really sure where he was going to hide him inside of his house but at least he had a place. He continued to walk when he spotted his mom outside the house. He let out a sigh. He was not having much luck in hiding Chicken Little. He walked in a way so that Chicken Little was hidden from her viewpoint. When she was not looking in his direction he moved Chicken Little behind a nearby bush. That was when his mom looked up at him. 'How was your walk Andrew?' He looked up at his mother. "Well Bob tried to dump some kind of green liquid on top of me. It looked like some kind thick green slime." She then looked at him. "It will somehow turn out to back to me. Like I somehow came and got the green slime somehow." 'Oh, that might end up happening.' "Yea that might end up happening. There is not much I can do about it." 'Was there anything else that happened?' "No, Bob ended up running off when he slipped on his own green liquid." 'Hum... That is very interesting. Is there anything else you want to tell me?' "No, I was just walking by." 'Ok.' With that his mother went back into the house.

    With his mom now gone he turned back to the bush that Chicken Little was in. He had thought that hiding Chicken Little might be a good idea but he was not really sure how he was going to even go about hiding the chicken inside his house. He turned to the chicken making sure that it was following him and continued on his way. He was now heading south. Not many people were outside and the ones that were outside he just walked around taking a different direction through the city. He did not run into anyone that Chicken Little had said was his friend. He did not see any walking fish, pig or duck. This was what he thought might end up happening when he went to look for Chicken Little's friends. It still did not hurt to look for them. He would have thought that a walking fish, pig and duck would have stood out but he had no luck so far with finding them. The next direction that he should go was south. He continued to walk south towards the framing area.

    He could see the framing area in the distance. No one seemed to be around, which was nothing but a good thing. Most of the farming would be done this time of year so not many people would be working on it. The owner really only grow thing that could bring him money and they only ever grew enough food. They was always just the right amount of food. Never too much and never too little. He was now in the framing area. The framing area was filled with corn ready to be picked. Most of the crops were dead or picked. The look of brown was in every direction. Really it was kind of sad looking. The one thing that stood out was that the leaves of many colors. The colors mad the brown stand out even more. The sky was really starting to turn dark but he did not know what to do with Chicken Little. It was not he could just leave him where they stood. Looking around he could not see any walking talking pig, duck or fish. There were plenty of those animals around among others but he did not think any of them were Chicken Little's friend. He continued to walk west now. Soon he would end back at the forest.

    He was now in the west. There was not much out here. Really there were only the caverns. He tired walking past them quickly. He could not help but remember what Bob had did. Years ago Bob had pushed his only friend down the cavern hole that opened up that day. That was when lighting went throw the sky and the sky got really dark. 'The sky is falling not again.' Chicken began to run around in a panic. "You need the calm down." 'The sky.' The ground began to shake. Something was not right. "We need to help people." He picked up a rope that was nearby. Then he looked up to see Chicken Little run off. He could not help but let out a sigh. The quickest way home was to go through the forest.

    He started running towards the forest entering it. He had no idea where Chicken Little had gone but he did not think that he would find him in the forest. He was running into the forest more and more. He was now in an area that he had not been in before. The tree cover was thick. He was sure that he was on his way to his house. He then tripped over a fallen log. His amulet fell to the ground and rolled to a cobblestone wall. The amulet opened and the silver disk fell out. He looked up and he could not believe what he was seeing. The ground shock more and the sky was as dark as he had ever seen. There before him was a cobblestone Well. The Well of Delight. It was not to be real but here it was. There were cracks in the ground everywhere. It was almost like the world was falling apart. He walked up to the Well that stood there. He picked up the amulet and the silver disk. The ground had a huge deep hole that went on forever. A wish. He took the silver disk and threw it into the Well. 'I wish for everything to go back to the way it used to be where everyone can get along. I want whatever is happening to stop.' He thought the wish and began running out of the forest. He did not think that it would work but it did not hurt to try.

    He continued to run through the forest. He could now see the forest clearing. He came out of the forest. His house was not that far now. He looked up at the sky. The sky was still dark. Who was he kidding? The wish did nothing at all. He had thought that it might do something after how much people wanted to find it. He ran towards his house. The only thing on his mind was his mother. The sky now had streaks of purple and green. The sky was the oddest thing he had ever seen. The ground continued to shake. He was not sure what was going on. There were several houses nearby his house that were now rubble. His house was still standing. He was not sure how long that might be. He reached his house rather quickly. He burst through the door of his house and began looking for his mother. He hoped that she was not hurt. He did not have much left. His only friend was gone and he was not sure what he would do if something happened to his mom. While the house was not large it was not small ether. It would take some time to find his mother. The first place would be to look up stairs. This would be the longest trip out of the house if she was up here.

    He raced down the hallway towards his mother room. Of the whole house this one he was sure she might be in. He raced through the open door looking for her. The first thing that he noticed was that everything seemed to be thrown everywhere. The whole thing must have been from the movement of the ground. After spending some time in the room and not finding his mom he left the room and headed down the hallway. His mother did not seem to be on the upper floor of the house. He headed down the stairs nearly falling down them at one point. He started walking down the hallway toward the kitchen when the ground began to shake and the house moved. He then heard a scream coming from the kitchen and entered it. He spotted his mother right away. She seemed to be unharmed but trapped at the same time. "What is going on?" he asked her. 'I don't know but you have to save the people of the town.' Why him? "What about you?" She let of a smile. 'I will be fine.' That was when the ground shock again and the behind his mother fell setting her free. He jumped out of the house right before it fell. He saw that his mother was fine and he ran off toward the forest to make sure the town was safe.

    He could see the forest in the distance and a huge hole in the ground. As he got closer to the hole he could hear someone down there. Bob was down the hole he was sure of it. He looked down to see him hanging there. 'Help.' "Help you after all that you did to me." 'I am sorry. I do not know what I was thinking.' "You have done so much. After what you did to Aldwin Abner my only friend." Sadness in his eyes. "You pushed him down one of these holes a year ago and everything seemed to be fine but not for me." 'What do you want me to say?' He could tell that Bob was going to fall at any moment and he could not live with himself if he was the one responsible for his death. He threw down the rope that he had to Bob and he climbed up. He moved with quickness away from the hole with a smile on his face.

    'You know that say that you are smart Andrew but really you are stupid. You are too trusting.' Bob was now walking towards him. 'You know why you do not have any friends? It is because you are too nice to friendly and too helpful. It is not how things are to be. That is why Aldwin Abner is not here. Your only friend is gone because of you. It is why your father left you to find the Well. He has never come back has he? Most of all it is why Anna does not want you as a son.' He was on his knees now. Sadness in his eyes. He did not know what to say. It was all true. Everything that Bob had said was true. His father left and his best friend was gone. Why even fight? Bob was on top of him now. 'Stand up.' He stayed where he was not moving. Bob reached out his hand and grabbed him by his shirt. 'It ends now.' With one swift motion he threw him into the hole. The last thing he saw was the sky turning blue and Bob's smiling face. Then there was darkness...
  11. Fearless A good and beautiful child

    Dec 17, 2006
    lmao idk
    Gwendolyn moved into the kitchen to put the kettle on, swiftly going through the motions with no thought, and when the water was boiling, she turned away to go back to the living room. She flicked on the television, and, seeing the fuzz, adjusted the antenna just so. It was never in the right place when it was turned on, ever, but honestly, that was just part of life. She and her father didn't exactly watch a lot of TV anyway; they only got seven channels, and most of them were black and white. Sometimes, when the weather was good, they could get the color movie station from the city, but not very often, and the colors were so muted on their old TV that it almost wasn't worth it. Unless they were showing that wizard movie. Then it was totally worth it.

    It was one of the many times she envied her richer friends who lived in town; they all had newer televisions, with no antenna, and most of them got all twenty-five channels. Her friends were always very eager for sleepovers, so it wasn't like she never got to see the good channels, but it was still frustrating when she went to school and everyone was talking about the new episode of whatever-the-hell that everyone had seen except for her.

    The kettle whistled in the other room, distracting Gwendolyn from her thoughts. It didn't matter, anyway. She turned back into the kitchen and began pulling out milk and sugar. She was just settling down at the kitchen table with her tea, television in sight, when an urgent scratching started up at the door, followed by a loud yowling.

    "-The hell?" Gwendolyn coughed, gulping down a mouthful of tea. "Fucking cats."

    She stood swiftly, chair scraping back, and grumpily stalked over to the door. She pulled it open, looked down, and sighed heavily.

    "I have been paying attention to you all day. Can't you give it a rest?"

    It was the same cat from earlier, its orange fur spiked up in fear. The cat came in and started rubbing itself all over her bare legs as though herding her out the door. She squatted down to the floor and began to pet the frightened cat, who tolerated it for only a second before lightly nipping at her fingers.

    "What's got you so worked up, huh? Timmy fall down the well or something?"

    The cat responded by taking the hem of her dress in its teeth and tugging at it, again towards the door.

    "Alright, alright, I get the picture. You want me outside."

    Gwendolyn took only a moment to yank her boots back on. She paused for a split second, looking at the television and deciding whether to turn it off, and thought to herself that she'd only be gone a short while. She shrugged and followed the still-yowling cat out the door, ultimately leaving the TV on.

    Down the outside stairs and across the yard she followed the cat, who looked back every so often to make sure she was still following, all the way up to the barn doors. Here the cat stopped, pawing at the doors, despite them being open far enough for the cats to slip in and out at will.

    "What? Seriously, the door is open already. I'm not the frick-fracking doorman."

    Still, the cat yowled at her again and continued to pace up and down.

    "Fine, fine. Whatever," Gwendolyn grumbled, stomping up to the doors. She gripped the heavy iron door handle with two hands, yanking the door on the slightly rusting slider with all her strength until it was open halfway before peeking inside.

    The inside of the barn was pitch black, despite the light flooding in from the open door. Even more worrying, there were no cats inside the barn, when normally, they would be sleeping and catching mice and wandering all over the place, and instead Gwendolyn couldn't see a single one. She squinted harder into the darkness, eyes looking for even a hint of fur, but she saw nothing. Except... was the darkness... moving?

    Gwendolyn stepped away from the door slightly, into the gloom, eyes still squinted. As she looked, a pair of giant yellow eyes opened before her, followed by a multitude of smaller, no less creepy eyes, all of them staring directly at her with a glint of hunger. Her jaw dropped, and she felt a grip of terror suddenly clutch at her heart, tearing the breath from her lungs. She took a step back towards the door.

  12. Maka Albarn It's called love

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    Fairy Tail
    Xara was pushed gently to stand back as Master Leo held her by the shoulders. "Let me have a look at you. My, how you've grown," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

    The girl smiled as tears of joy still fell. She wiped them away with the back of her hand and sniffed. "Where have you been all this time? I've been worried sick about you-"

    "No time to lose," Master Leo said as he patted Xara on her shoulders. "Remember, this is only a dream and you're going to wake up soon."

    Her heart fell within her. "So this is not real," she whispered softly.

    Master Leo smiled a bit. "Ah, my child, this is real. I may not be really here, but I'm there." He pointed to her chest with a knobby finger. "And, because I'm there, I'm here. So right now, this is very much real, and at the same time not. You can't stay here forever with me, you have a new mission assigned to you."

    Xara glanced to the side, suddenly feeling a bit down. "What mission? All I did was go to one of those worlds, and then something happened... and all these people I've never seen before are there. And they don't know me, and I don't know them. But I have a feeling I missed something-"

    "Stop," the old man said firmly, taking Xara by the shoulders. "You're being so doubtful! That's not you at all. Look at yourself, you nearly began to cave what you have fought off for so long."

    Xara glanced at her arms, seeing small wisps of darkness rolling off her pale skin. She gasped and stepped back in alarm, only to see the darkness vanish all together. She still brushed it off as if that would get rid of it and then hugged herself, shivering at the thought of being taken over.

    "There, you see what I mean." Master Leo calmly walked over to the tween and pulled on her goggles a bit. "Keep your head straight about you. You have gained something some others have not; the ability to survive the darkness. However," he let go of the goggles, letting them snap against Xara's head.

    "OW!" The girl grabbed at her head and crouched down, rubbing at the stinging sensation on top of her head.

    "You walked in without the proper knowledge to protect yourself and left your heart nearly vulnerable to its power! You're lucky to still be here the way you are, and not totally consumed by its power."

    Master Leo tsked as his can floated to him from against the wall. He grasped it and began to walk around the room while Xara sat on the floor with crisscrossed legs, massaging her sore scalp with one hand. "Yeah, but I didn't, quote 'walked', into the darkness willingly," Xara agued, mumbling under her breath.

    Master Leo raised his eyebrow as he paused his pacing, glancing over his shoulder at Xara. "Ah, but who, my child, ever receives trouble so willingly and expectantly?" He turned fully to his student and raised one hand in the air, summoning an orb of light. "There are many bright and beautiful days," he flexed his hand until the light transformed into a dark and gloomy purple orb, "and yet there are also many sad and dark ones as well."

    Xara watched from where she sat, frowning a little. She touched her chest gently, realizing that she had felt those sad and dark days when Master Leo was gone.

    Her teacher looked on knowingly and continued on, "With the knowledge there is a darkness in the light, and a light in the darkness, that is the first step in protecting yourself for what will come." He flexed his wrist again so the light balanced out the dark gloom. "The light will sometimes try to persuade you to abandon all darkness, and the darkness will try persuade you to abandon all light. But the truth is, everyone needs a little of both to truly live... and that, my dear, is part of the reason you hold one of the keys..."

    Xara blinked and held out her arm in front of her. Her keyblade was summoned on the spot, and she held it carefully in her hands. She was proof that one could survive the darkness for who knew how long she was in there for. That thought placed a weight on her shoulders as she realized the responsibility that was given to her. She would have to be focused at all times and do her best to catch up as soon as possible.

    "But that is not all we need to discuss," Master Leo said, waving his magic away. "We need to talk about your answers to those questions you were asked so long ago..."

    The purple haired teen glanced up at her teacher. There was so much to talk about, yet so little time.
  13. Krowley Super Moderator

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    The Tale of Hikaru
    ACT 5/7 - "Sleepy"

    Hikaru awoke once more. More exhausted and weak from the time before. His memories always kept ending in such bizarre ways. Shattering. Glitching. Blacking out. Every time he was within arm's reach, he would always be taken away. As far as he could piece together, he was definitely linked to Kurt somehow. Aux was Kurt's grandson, but he didn't know their relation to Hikaru just yet. Why Aux shared his memories. Or if they were even his to begin with. Nequa was in cahoots with him since before his arrival. And he didn't even know how she was linked to it all. The answers he needed was definitely beginning to make his head hurt. As he once again got to his feet, he found himself in a small lab. "Is this... still Central Haven?" The tiles and walls were reminiscent of the world's architecture, but it was still too early to call. Everything was dimly lit, with only faint light coming off the computers. Neon blue and white lights were the source of visibility as Hikaru simply stood in front of what appeared to be a sleeping pod. Next to that sleeping pod, he heard some light snoring from a small dwarf with a sea colored blue-green cap. 'Sleepy' was his name if he recalled correctly.

    "I do hope this is a suitable vessel." His thoughts were interrupted by a woman's voice in the next room over. He recognized it instantly. "Nequa..." he whispered to himself. He began to slowly walk out of the room to one where all lights were on and where computer lights filled the wall. Once he rounded the corner, he found Kurt talking with the masked Nequa that he knew from their fighting. Being unsure if he could be seen in this memory or not, he remained hidden. He looked back and saw Sleepy still dreaming away. "Well at least he won't be much trouble there," he spoke softly. He looked back to see Kurt discussing with Nequa. "I'm sure he'll make a fine vessel for me... And you're sure he can wield the keyblade?"
    "I wouldn't have brought him here if I didn't. I kept my end of the bargain..." Beside her was the unconscious body of Krowley. Hikaru's eyes widened in horror.
    "Wasn't easy taking him down. He's definitely an experienced one."
    "Who is he?"
    "His name was... Krowley I think. Now... where is my pretty new body?"
    Kurt moved out of the way to present Nequa the unconscious body of Rin. "A simple sedative knocked her out. Carrying her was not an easy task though. This frail body of mine is failing me..."
    "Tell me about it! This vessel I'm using could barely contain all my magic potential!"
    "Speaking of Vessel's... Why wait so long before asking of Rin? I could've taken her from day one."
    Nequa's "Because it's the most feasible way to keep my spirit alive. A while back, some very..,.troublesome people defeated my once glorious original form. Oh how powerful I used to be... But then somehow they defeated me... Using what energy that remained, I saved my heart and have been hopping from body to body ever since. The more magic they weild, the longer I am able to tay in their body. This girl should last me a couple of years at the least. I would've like to have waited until she grew stronger, but alas... this vessel I'm in now has almost expired..."
    "Not much of a long term solution. Makes me curious of your endgame."
    "Hey, you leave my plans to me Mr. smarty mouth."
    Kurt let out a very rough and horse cough.
    "You're really on your last legs aren't you old timer? Should've let your ward carry the girl."
    "Aux is becoming harder to control... I've made appropriate measures to keep him under my thumb." He began to wheeze heavily. "Please hurry..."
    "Very well," he tone grew more serious. Hikaru watched intently as Nequa placed both her palms together. A glowing purple magic circle appeared beneath them.
    "What will happen to our older bodies?" he yelled over the sound of her magic building.
    "They will fade into nothingness!" she announced. "They will dissolve into the time and space whence they came!" Her voice grew distorted as purple light engulfed both Kurt and Nequa's bodies, A flash of great light was made as Hikaru shut his eyes from the blinding sight. He opened them slowly to see the hearts of the two dissolved bodies approach Rin and Krowley's bodies.
    The two of them began to glow as they opened their eyes simultaneously. Kurt grinned as he stood and stretched. "Oh what it is to feel young again." Krowley's eyes shimmered with Kurt's auburn-brown eyes. Rin's eyes gleamed of a bright yellow as she too rose up. "Not as much magic potential as I was hoping for... but there's room for improvement."
    While he was enjoying his new form, Kurt forgot an important component. "Wait... the keyblade!! Can I wield it?"
    "Look for yourself," Nequa replied.
    The possessed Krowley held out his hand and summoned his keyblade. Bright and silver. Just like his hair and armor. "At long last... The power to unlock everything. In the palm of my hands..."
    "Our agreement has been complete. I wish you luck with your plans Kurt... Or is it Krowley now?"
    He stood their smiling, still impressed with his new abilities. "Krowley, if you please. Kurt is no more. I am now empowered with such light... it's so overwhelming."
    "Well, I've got my body, so if you don't mind, I have much to get started on." Nequa opened a portal of darkness behind her.
    "You won't assume Rin's role? She was a member of the order... Take it from some one who knows. They are a very resourceful group."
    Nequa stopped to conider this. "Unlikely. I'm not much of a team player. I won't accept anything less than superior. But don't worry. I'll return sooner than you think." She hopped through the portal, leaving Kurt in his glory and Hikaru, watching in disgust. He finally knew what happened to Rin, and Krowley's appearance of actually being Kurt.

    "I saw everything." Hikaru spun around to find an unmasked Aux walking past him and straight on to Krowley. Hikaru was still invisible to them. "I told you to leave them alone. They were good people!"
    "They are serving a higher cause. This is precisely why I didn't want you involved. You wouldn't have the stomach to understand."
    Aux gripped his hands tightly, clenching them into fists. "I'm done with you."
    "I beg your pardon?"
    "I said I'm done with you! I'm going to find the order and tell them what you've done. I don't care what happens to me. This whole time I thought you were doing what was best for me... I've been an idiot. This whole time you were only doing what was best for you! I'm telling the order, and then I'm finally going home to the family that actually cares for me!"
    Krowley waved his keyblade nonchalantly. "Oh poor misguided Aux... I'm afraid I can't let you go through with that plan. You see, I had a very different story I was going to tell them..."
    Aux sneered at him. "The story I planned was far more sympathetic. You see, 'Kurt' was taking you along on a training exercise. Unfortunately, a very powerful heartless came by. In an effort to protect you, he was struck down. Poor Kurt. And while defending yourself, you were knocked unconscious. And enter me. Krowley. Your knight in shining armor come to defeat the beast and return you home... But what's this it seems you suffered a terrible case of amnesia. And have forgotten your entire past."
    "What makes you think I'd ever play along with that story!"

    "Oh... it's not an act. Your memories are going to be taken from you..."
    Aux backed away slowly before an orb of green light struck his head, knocking him down. From behind him arose a short, elderly hag, who softly cackled as Aux passed out before her.
    "Aux!" Hikaru yelled out.
    "Ahh... Mizrabel. Perfect timing." He said, walking towards her. "I need you to extract the memories of Aux's childhood and implant them somewhere else."
    Hikaru watched his friend as he lie lifeless on the floor. Mizrabel was unimpressed to do anything just yet. "Not so fast deary... Before I extract his memories, you have to hold up your end of the bargain!"
    "Of course... According to the archives the heart of light you seek belongs to Minnie Mouse... She's a princess in the world of Disneytown."
    Mizrabel giggled with delight. "At last! A princess of heart whose heart will restore me to my younger self! Now I just have to infiltrate the world undetected... I don't have enough Magic to take her head on." Without her saying it, Hikaru pieced together that this was the moment where Mizrabel would disguise herself as Horace to try and capture her later on.
    "Yes yes, now what of the boy? Can it be done?" Krowley insisted.
    "Memories are just illusions inspired from the past... It's a simple transfer. What is the vessel I'll be transferring to?"
    Krowley began walking over to the wal and activated a switch. "While in the archives, I found a discarded journal by a man named Vexen. I would later discover all his findings and his work with tinkering the idea of replicas."
    "Replicas?" Mizrabel and Hikaru asked at the same time.
    "Incomplete copies from the data of another person. They have no hearts, or minds to speak of. This is where you come in."
    The sleeping pod from the other room appeared before them, it opened to reveal a sleeping Hikaru. Sleepy jumped off the pod, waking up from the sudden intrusion. He rubbed his eyes and walked to the wall near Hikaru.
    "This. Is a replica of my younger self." Hikaru backed all the way to the nearest wall as he looked in horror.
    "Wait... if you have the keyblade now. Why do you need a replica?" Krowley touched the glass of the child like appearance of his former body. "If there's anything my past has shown me, it's that contingencies are vital to any plan. If I should fail in my mission to rid the world of darkness, my replica will assume the mission."
    "Rid the world of darkness? Hah! Good luck with that," Mizrabel scoffed.
    "Laugh while you can. But that is why he must have Aux's memories. My memories or of a darker time. But my grandson's holds a much lighter tone. Hikaru will still have all my memories, but this way, he will be given a greater incentive... A hero's mindset."
    Mizrabel examined the pod. "Is there any other alterations before I begin?"
    "Yes... Instead of Kurt finding him, make it so that it was Krowley. As far as he knows, I'm just a keyblade master that took him to see other worlds on the opportunity of a lifetime. He won't have the keyblade. Which is an unfortunate circumstance. A lack of a heart could never give him one... But he will be my last hope... My light... My Hikaru."
    Hikaru looked down in sadness as Mizrabel was performing the ritual. He couldn't comprehend that, but all the pieces were coming together. He was a fake copy of a monstrous person. He was a replica with Aux's memories implanted into him. Nothing he knew from his past before Central Haven was real.
    Sleepy whispered to Hikaru. "Whose the guy in the pod... is he sick?" he yawned.
    "No... it's me... And I'm sleeping..." He replied mindlessly.
    "Maybe you should try waking up," he said, yawning.
    "W-what?" Hikaru was too distracted to hear him.
    "I said wake up.
    Wake up...
    wake up!."

    Everything turned to black.
  14. GarrettFinch Hollow Bastion Committee

    Oct 19, 2014
    The story of Andrew ‘AJ’ Jacob Canvasback

    Part 8 Epilogue

    "The Friend"

    ... Darkness everywhere was all that he could see. The sky faded until he could not see it anymore. Then there was darkness. The light blue sky was replaced by darkness. Then there was black. As fell he thought of his home. Was Bob right? Bob had said that because of him to Aldwin Abner was gone. His mother Anna did not want him as a son. Most of all his father was gone. He had lost everything in a span of a few days. Bob was right about everything. Everything was lost to him. The last time he saw his dad was when he was three years old. He did not remember much from that time. The only thing he knew was what the stories that his mother had told him. His father left go find the Well of Delight and never returned. That was thirteen years ago. After a while his mom and him gave up hope of his father ever coming home. The only thing that was sure about his father was that he was alive as there had been stories of what he looked like running around the area of the forest. His mother never ran into the man. He himself had never seen him in the thirteen years he had lived in the area. He closed his eyes and let himself fall.

    He did remember hitting the ground. The last thing that he remembered was falling and now he was laying on the ground. Was he dead? He was not sure. He looked himself over and he seemed relatively unharmed. He was not sure how it was possible. He guessed that it was best not to question it. Wait he was falling and now he was not falling anymore. Bob smiling face and the sky turning blue. He was not really sure what had happened to the sky. He looked directly up and did not see much. In fact looking around he did not see much of anything. The sky was not above him. Looking around there did not seem to be anything. So Bob was gone but the sky was nowhere to be seen. On one hand that was a good thing on the other he had no idea where he was. He stood up to get a better look around and he found that standing up did not do much. In every direction there was nothing but darkness. So he came to two possibilities one he was dead and the other was that he was dreaming. Was this what it felt like to die? He had felt no pain what so ever. The other thing was that he did not remember falling asleep. So in the end he had no idea what was going on. He stood there just thinking of what to do. His first thought was to wait there for someone to find him but after some time he did not think that was happening. Then a thought came to him. Everything around him looked exactly like the dream that he had before. There was darkness in every direction. So if he followed what happened in his dream would he wake up? He thought about this. The only thing was he had to somehow get back to Euterpe. The only question was how he was going to get there? Well standing around was not going to do him much.

    Again the darkness did not bother him too much. He could use his rather good eye sight to walk around. It did not do much considering there was not any light to be found. The first step was to follow his dream. He started walking in a random direction ad he felt something. Before in his dream he could not feel a thing this time the darkness had a evilness to it. It was almost like it would whisk out any light. He continued to walk hoping to find something to find anyone in this darkness. That was when he saw a shadow. He hoped that it was a person. When he walked forward the shadow was still there. He kept walking toward it. At some point the shadow was gone.

    He looked down and saw the outline of a key shaped thing. He reached out and was able to grab it. He was not able to make out any detail of the key but it felt warm to the touch. Soon the dog like things would show up. Sure enough he could see them in the distance. He had to get away from them. He ran and ran. The dogs were still behind him. He tripped over something. This was it. He closed his eyes waiting for them to come but after some time nothing happened. He looked up to see a figure standing there. He had on a black cloak. The man turned to him. 'Stand and fight.' He could not believe who was standing right by him. You are dead he thought. Standing before him was Aldwin Abner. He stood up without saying a word. How was this possible. He had see Bob push Aldwin down a hole yet here he was standing before him. Was it a dream or something else? He would never know he guessed. 'Time to fight. Never stop fighting AJ. Fight to defend and fight for others.' He wanted to reach out and touch the man before him but he was afraid that he might somehow disappear. 'Bob was wrong about you.' How did he know? He turned and walked into the darkness and was gone.

    Then the dogs came. Stop he thought. Then something he did not think would happen happened they key shaped thing he was holding shot out lighting towards the dogs. One went up in smoke. To say he was surprised was a understatement. Lighting shot in every direction and could be seen from far away so e guessed he could still not see a thing. The dogs that where left after that event then ran off. Well that was surprising. Come to think of it nothing surprised him anymore. He closed his hand on the key and it disappeared. Welp that was interesting while he had it.

    He turned behind him and could see a light. He stared walking towards it. The light was not far now. He could see two things. One was the massive castle. The other was person. He looked to the girl who seemed to be holding something. Well now what?
  15. Aelin Best Waifu

    Jun 30, 2011
    British Columbia, Canada
    Aislinn paced for a moment. She was about to enter the castle, when she looked back and saw a figure near by. She got a bit nervous however unsure about anyone in this place. Instead of approaching the stranger she decided to knock on the door to the castle. At least inside it would likely be safer than away from the light where the same creatures that attacked her world dwelled. The figure was all in shadows, so without the ability to see features, she worried it was another creature that might attack.

    She waited impatiently in for the castle doors to possibly open. She wondered who would live in such a place anyways. This world didn't seem very inhabitable in her opinion, so whoever was beyond the doors may not have been friendly. That being said she wanted to trust her keyblade. It was warm and comforting in her hands, like there was something good coming from this, not bad.
  16. CrownMoksha Decimo

    Jan 11, 2011
    On board the DenLiner
    Now assuming that the only one who could see Tarzan was just Kel and no one else, he had no idea how his attempt to hold him back from going and doing whatever it would've been in response to the swinging wooden swords. It must have looked odd enough to focus all attention onto him for all eyes were on him now. This was awkward. As all fell silent, the first thing that was heard was a very awkward chuckle from Kel. "Hey everyone, how's it going?" He said that as nonchalantly as possible to hopefully counteract this awkward situation he now found himself to be in. All fell back into silence when a single gesture forward from his father was made. Well crap, Kel certainly didn't think that this would end well. Before stepping forward, he motioned for Tarzan to stand still before heading forward. All eyes remained on him as he strode towards the fenced off ring, the surrounding crowd back up as to make a path for him to proceed. With each step he took his nerves only grow stronger. His nerves were at their worst when he was standing right before his father. Now his father wasn't exactly the most high ranking person, nor was he a general of Everton's army or anything else that would cause him to be intimidating just by being in the same place as him.

    Part of the nerves that Kel was experiencing were a mix of the fact that his looked up to his father and how the primary reason everyone knew his father (and by extension could recognized Kel when they saw him) due to the fact that despite having no high rank in society or whatever because he always seem to know just how to help other with whatever troubles they needed, even if it was something that one wouldn't expect he would know how to do. That happens enough times and people start to respect you. Anyway now standing before his father, nerves going at full force, he waited to hear just what it was that his father had wanted to say to him. Due to expecting his father to verbally say something to him, the pat on the shoulder came as a surprise to him.

    "Glad you could make it to the demonstration."

    His father's words confused him, just what demonstration did he make it too? The two in the center of the ring had even cleared out of said ring to make way for someone else to step in. Amidst all of his confusion a fair amount of the people around him had turned to look at him once more as his father stepped into the ring. "Alright, shall we begin." That was when it finally dawned on him what this demonstration was. It was an exhibition match between himself and his father. Fuck, he was royally screwed.

    It's amazing how one ass kicking and rile up a crowd. There were a majority of people rooting for Kel's father to win and a smaller amount of people cheering for Kel since he was clearly the underdog in this situation. As for Kel himself, he was currently struggling to get back onto his feet after getting his ass kicked by his dad with a wooden sword. No mercy was shown to him despite them being related, which was fair and all, but at least give the man a handicap. The blue hair teem managed to get back onto his feet and saw his dad looking towards him. There was a smirk on his face as his held one arm behind his back, granting Kel a handicap of sorts. A little late for it so it wasn't going to help much for him right now.

    His grip on the sword tightened, he'd never been able to beat his father before and there was no reason think that he would be able to now all of a sudden. A good part of Kel wanted to just give up right here and now, just run from his problems like he's so used to doing before. However, that was when a voice cut through the cheer and I guess jeer of the crowd around them.

    "You can do it Kel!"

    "Never give up!"

    *Incoherent grunting*

    Kel knew those voices, one of which being a lot more obvious than the others, they were the voices of his closest friends. Whenever he was in need of encouraging, at least one of them would be there to provide it for him. Their words granted him with renewed strength and determination. He was still going to lose this fight, but there was nothing say that he had to go down easy. A smirk of his own briefly appeared on his face before Kel charged forward for round 2 with his father.

    Cue timeskip to the end of all this cause there was no way I would make the deadline

    A lot had happened since Kel was, again, beaten by his father in one swift blow. The power of friendship only carries one so far when they don't have any actual fighting abilities due to heart resets. However that wasn't the reason behind his current condition. Stepping out of his door, covered in various sorts of scratches and actually bleeding form a bite mark that was on his shoulder. Yeah, he got real mess up during all that and it wasn't even from the his inner demon. It was all worth it, partly cause he's been in worse shape than this, since he had finally gotten his keyblade back or rather, called forth his own.

    Kel had started to venture away from his door right as there was knocking on the main door, which was already odd. He'd thought that everyone that was supposed to be in here were either in her already or still in the doors, granted he had no idea just how he had been in there so it was possible that someone had gone outside while he was in there. Whatever the reason was Kel walked up towards the main door and opened the door for...some girl he didn't know at all. "Um, and you are?" She had a keyblade on her which added another layer to his 'who are you' question. This wasn't the first time he'd seen another keyblade wielder appear out of nowhere, but it had still been awhile since the last one.

    To anyone who cares, this is what his father looks like
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  17. Aelin Best Waifu

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    British Columbia, Canada
    She wasn't pacing but she may as well been with the amount she was shifting waiting for an answer to the door. It wasn't a long wait, but when you didn't know what where you were, if knocking was a good idea, and what loomed in the darkness beyond, any small amount of time seemed like an eternity. Aislinn could hear noise inside, there was someone in there, or more so, numerous people by the sounds of it. It was not particularly quiet inside that castle, Aislinn hadn't decided if that was a good or a bad thing yet. On one hand generally signs of life apart from heartless were a good thing, but if it was a group of people plotting something evil like you read in the stories, then even with her keyblade, she would have a tough time defending herself. Depending on how well trained they were, she might stand a chance, but maybe's were not all the comforting.

    The door finally creaked open and she found herself staring at a relatively young man. He was too old for her to refer to him as a boy, but he was also far from a man. He was somewhere in his late teens so it seemed. Of all the people who could have answered the door, that was the last thing she expected. At least there was nothing evil or menacing about him. It took her a moment before she realized that he had asked her a question. "My apologies. My name is Aislinn. Do you live here? Where is here anyways? You see one moment I was fighting back dark creatures threatening my home and the next I was falling into darkness after being swarmed. I followed the light here." Aislinn motioned behind her. "I know it sounds absurd, you don't have to believe me, but could you at least direct me towards the nearest town?" She asked. It was a bit of a stretch to think there was an entire town in a place like this, but the castle had to get it's resources from somewhere, right?
  18. GarrettFinch Hollow Bastion Committee

    Oct 19, 2014

    Andrew saw the girl approach the castle. He walked forward a bit to get a better look at what she was doing. That was when the girl knocked on the door to the castle. Well this was certainly interesting. Back in Euterpe most people just walked into a place without knocking. What made this girl so different from the rest? He wondered why the girl was knocking at the door to the castle. So he wanted to get back to Euterpe. The question was how to go about doing that. As far as he could gather he had two options. One was to go back into the darkness and find a way back. The other option was to somehow get past this girl with a fight and enter the castle and find his way back to Euterpe. Looking at the castle now it was rather large and it might lead to Euterpe. He looked to the girl who still had the weapon in her hand. He had to somehow get her not to use it on him. He did not want to fight but if it came down to it he would defend himself. He was not really sure how he would do that considering he had no weapon to use at the moment. He wondered how the girl had got into the darkness that was around them. There was somethings that he had thought of right away. One she had fell down here by a hole appearing. The other option was she was always here but that did not seem that likely. He was about to ask her how she got here when the door to the castle opened up. To think there was a castle here and people here too. He could not wait to tell his mom about this place. The first step was to find a way to Euterpe and then worry about everything else later.

    He saw a man open the door to the castle. The man had on what appeared to be a white jacket and dark black pants that blended into his shoes. The boy also had on black gloves. He appeared to be hurt from what he could not say. He wanted to help them boy but at the time it did not seem like a great idea. There would be time for that at a different time. Blood appeared to be coming out of one of the boy's shoulders. It looked like something had bit the boy. He slightly wondered if there were more creatures that were inside the castle that there was to fight. He sure hoped that there was not because at the moment he did not have anything to fight with. The boy did not appear to know the girl. This could be really good or really bad. Then he had a thought. How many people were in the castle? He might be able to get past one or two people to make his way home but an army was out of the question. His only hope was that they were friendly and he did not have to fight his way through the castle. He really did not have a way to fight in the first place. His only hope would be if the castle was empty and he only had a few people to get past. Yea his luck was not that good, in fact he bet at any moment there would be more people out here. The man then asked the girl who she was which only answered his question if the man knows the girl. He then looked down to what she was holding and did not appear to be frightened by it. It was almost like the man knew what it was. It was almost like he had seen it before. This in of its self only brought more questions than answers. He then stepped forward to get a better look at what the girl was holding. The only thing that he could make out was that it was a key shaped object. A key shaped object he had one but not out. It made him wonder how many of them there might be. He had to get into the castle but how? He was not about to test his luck with going back out into the darkness. Now there was two people at the castle one was the girl that walked up to the door and the other was a boy that opened it. The entrance was now blocked by the two. So sneaking into the castle was now out of the question. He did not appear to be seen yet by the boy which might be helpful in the future. The only problem was that the girl knew he was there. He stood by the light to use as cover if the two decided to attack him because that seemed to be his only option at the moment.

    He did not know if the two were friendly or not. One might be friendly while the other may not, or either maybe friendly or both may not. He had no way of knowing at the moment. The only thing that he knew was that they did not attack yet, which may or may not be a good thing. For now he would observe them to find out more. He had so many questions and not many of them were answered yet. With each new answer two more questions replaced the one question that was answered. He figured that he would get his questions answered in time. Now was a time to just wait for them to come. He stood at the light slightly watching the two without a word. If it came down to it he would use the light a cover from the two. He did not really have much to defend himself with. His only hope was that they did not decide to fight him. He stood by the light with a smile on his face, just waiting for something to happen. The two before him did not seem be harmful but one must be careful around new people.
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  19. Krowley Super Moderator

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    The Tale of Hikaru
    ACT 6/7 - "Bashful"

    Hikaru popped his eyes open, shaking his head. He was a fake. A sham. Some one who didn't exist until a man willed it so.
    "Gosh, you okay there?" A shy looking dwarf asked him. Looking down at him, Bashul looked at him with a bright pink face. 'I'm uh... going through some stuff."
    "I know I saw... You gonna be okay there?"
    Hikaru took a long pause and shrugged. "I don't know..." He looked to his left and saw a small pile of assorted armor pieces from the Central Haven academy. "Hey, we're at the school..." Of all the memories he'd had thus far, this is one that actually belonged to him. Since he didn't have the keyblade at this point in his past, he acted as an assistant to the school. When he was with the possessed Krowley, he said it would build character. He felt almost sad that his only owned memories were following orders of the man who created him.

    Hoping to take his mind off the matter, he grabbed the armor pieces and began to walk over to the armory. When he bent over to pick them up, he caught a reflection of his face in a bucket of water. His own face began to disgust him. He quickly looked away and began to march off. The walk was very unnsettling. It was so awkward. He was the only one in this memory so it felt like he was just pacing in his mind. He looked around for Bashful, but he seemed to have disappeared. "What are the rules with these dwarves, anyways," he asked still looking around. Unaware of where he was walking, he tripped over a tree root from the school gardens, as all the armor came clunking down on top of him.

    Sighing, he slowly got to his feet as he fumbled together all the pieces before standing up again.
    "Um, hey. This rolled over here." the hooded girl responded as she held out a helmet, clearly attempting to stay in the shade.
    "No surprise there, I used to be so..." He paused for a moment as he recalled this moment. "Clumsy..." This was the moment he met Kaida. He took a short pause not realizing how different she used to be. He quickly took it from her so it wouldn't be too awkward. "Thanks." "That's a lot of armor for them to be making you carry it on your own... are you overworking yourself or are they short staffed?" she joked slightly before backing away slightly so she was further into the shade. "Nah," he chuckled. "I guess I just want to do my part to help out.| At that moment he realized, she may have been talking about his height. "I almost forgot how much you hated the sun," he unknowingly said aloud. Kaida kind of straightened out, freaked out for a moment, before putting her fists on her hips and saying, "Excuse me, but do I even know you?!"

    "Well, I guess not," he spoke under his breath. "I'm..." he was about to tell her his name before realizing that he wasn't even that. He was a human tool simple as that. "I'm just nobody. But I've seen you around and just noticed you're always in the shade." he sighed with relief. Nailed it. Kaida looked at him confused and said, "Just nobody? Hey if you took enough notice to deduct that well, you're someone worth talking to. Come on, what's your name?" she put her hand to her chest and looked at him so her face could more clearly be seen, "Mine's Kaida." He was still uncomfortable with the thought, but this was a treasured memory he didn't want to ruin. "You can call me Hikaru." He made sure to put his hand into the shade to shake her hand as he put the armor into his other hand. Kaida reached out and shook his hand and said, "Well, it's nice to meet you, Hikaru. Granted, I think you're kind of creepy." Hikaru blushed in embarrassment. "Wh-what about me's creepy?!"
    "Well you knew I didn't like the sun because you always noticed I was in the shade. You didn't think 'oh maybe she's just taking a break' or something?" Kaida smirked a little and said, "Granted, you seem more thrown off about that than I do, so I forgive ya."
    "But I didn't even-!" Hikaru stopped before continuing. He got all flustered and this was all because of classic Kaida. He began to break into laughter, which probably made him seem crazy. But at that moment he didn't care too much. He just needed something that felt real. And this was a nice start. "Um... Sorry," he slowly died down his laughter. "I just thought of something funny..."
    "Are you alright? You've gone through like, four emotions in the past minute." Kaida sounded worried and then she looked left and right before whispering, "Since we don't know each other, I can be your confidante if something is wrong. Share secrets with someone you'll rarely see again, ya know?"
    He chuckled. "Now whose being creepy?"

    "W-well... I guess we're even then." Kaida huffed crossing her arms and turning away from him. "I do have one secret though... But you gotta come out of the shade if you wanna hear it" He showcased the armor to her. "Even give you some extra sun block if you want." Kaida laughed nervously and said, "I'm um, I'm not coming out of the shade. I get a sunburn faster than butter sizzles on a hot skillet."
    "I'm carrying some sun-safe armor if it helps"
    "Well, I'm not in the academy so I'm not allowed to wear regulation armor."
    "Neither am I... but sometimes it's nice to feel like you're part of something greater."
    "I mean, I'm not in the academy because I don't have one of those key swords. I don't need to wear armor or a title just to feel like I belong somewhere..." Kaida shrugged, "But... I appreciate the gesture."
    "That's fair," He walked under the shade and walked behind her. "Sorry about this," He shoved the helmet on her head and quickly pushed her into the light from out of the shade. Kaida fell forward a bit and her hood fell back in the sun. She kind of froze a little in panic looking at him like he just betrayed her in the worst kind of way. He walked a little smugly towards her. "As for that secret... I was just thinking that you and I are gonna be great friends," he smiled widely. Kaida's hands were already beginning to burn, shoving them into her pockets. "Or you're going to be my worst nightmare."

    "You look like an embarrassed tomato," He chuckled, trying to hide it, feeling bad to see just how quickly she turned red. He knew she would look angry under there, but just showing her with the helmet alone was too funny. His eyes shut as he was almost going to cry from how funny it was. He opened his eyes trying to decrease his laughter, but stopped immediately when it looked like she'd disappeared. Bashful stepped towards him and looked down. "I know you really like that memory... but it's time to go on to the last one."
    Hikaru looked down as well. "I know... Was nice while it lasted though." The world around him began to turn black as the memory faded.
  20. LadyAzura Hollow Bastion Committee

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    Garreg Mach Monastery
    XIV: The Story of Luna
    Division 3 of 4:

    Tipping Point
    Upon arriving at the castle, Luna and Beast had to cross through the entrance to reach the east wing of the castle. What awaited for the two was the royal family which consisted of her parents and her twin brother, Akira as well as Luna's fiance right at the entrance waiting for the return of their princess. As Luna started making her way first, her fiance had spotted her out of the corner of his eye. He turned toward her and began walking toward her as he called his beloved's name. "Luna!" Luna tensed up at the sound of her own name. Luna turned her head slowly to her left. Before she could see anything, Luna was caught in a tight embrace by none other than her fiance. "Where have you been all this time?!?!?! Do you how worried sick I was?!?! Don't you ever scare me like that again!!!!!" Luna stood there listening to her beloved's voice. How long has it been since she could hear his voice? How long has it been since she was held in his arms? As if to pull her away from her thoughts, she had felt water on her shoulder. Her eyes widen at the sudden realization of this. Was he crying? Was this really happening? "Blake....." Her eyes watered up as she heard her beloved crying silently. Before she even knew, tears had begun falling down on her face. She buried her face in Blake's chest and wrapped her arms around his crying form as she herself continued to cry. The two stayed locked in their embrace crying at the sight of each other. Her family smiled at the sight of the two in each other's arms once again as the Beast watched the two from the hallway leading to the west wing.

    After what seemed to be quite awhile, the two released each other as they wiped away each other's tears. Akira looked out toward the entrance and saw the Beast peeking out from the wall. "
    Intruder!! Show yourself!!" Akira summoned forth his keyblade toward the Beast. Luna turned around and saw the Beast before turning toward her brother as he started charging at him. Luna immediately jumped into action as she started running toward the Beast. "Akira!! Stop!!!" Luna stood in front of the Beast with her arms spread out to shield him from her brother. "Luna! Get out of the way!! It's an intruder!!" Akira shouted and gestured to Luna to move out of his way. Luna looked down and shook her head. "I will not! He's not an intruder! He's a friend of mine! He's a guest and will be treated with the same respect as you would to me or anybody else in this room! Am I clear?!" Luna looked up at Akira as she cleared up any misunderstandings Akira might have gained. Akira looked back and forth between the Beast and Luna reflecting on his dear sister's words. After a small moment, Akira looked at his sister and nodded his head. He drew back his blade and took a couple steps back. Luna turned back toward the beast and extended out her head toward him. "It's alright now! They're not gonna hurt you. I'll protect you!" Luna smiled as the Beast reached out for her hand. The Beast stepped out into the entrance to greet Luna's family and loved one. The four greeted the Beast with the same respect as if it were Luna or any citizen in the kingdom.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Skip!!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    After dinner, Akira escorted Beast to his room for the night while the King and Queen retired to their room for the night. Luna made her way to the garden for a breath of fresh air. She walked through the garden pondering over everything that has happened thus far. "
    I just don't understand anymore. I know all of this is an illusion but all of it feels so real. It's hard to tell the difference. What am I suppose to do?" Luna sighed as she sat down on one of the garden benches. She turned her head down and an expression of confusion and worry painted across her face. A hand rested on her shoulder moments later. She jumped a little as she looked up only to see Blake. Blake smiled a little before speaking. "Do you wanna talk about it? You've been out of it all day. You know I'll always be here if you need to talk right?" Luna nodded her head and moved over a little to make room on the bench for Blake. Blake sat down next to her and placed his hand over hers. He sat there silently until Luna was ready to speak. "Blake........I-i-i...I can't. This is something I need to keep to myself. I hope you understand. It's just that I don't know myself anymore and it's making my head feel so lost." Blake squeezed her hand before wrapping his arm around her shoulder and bringing her close to him to comfort her. He stayed silent for a moment to listen to Luna and gave himself another moment to ponder over her words. He grabbed her hand once more before letting his words fall out of his mouth. "It's alright. I won't ask about it if you don't want to talk about it. Is there anything I can do to cheer you up? I rather not see my princess looking so upset. Her smile is much more beautiful than her frown." Blake smiled at her with adoration in his eyes. Luna blushed a little before looking away. Luna stared out at the night sky continuing to ponder everything that has happened recently. "Whatever happened to you while you were away, something's changed in you but I just don't know what it is yet. I didn't notice it before but now that you're here I can tell there's something very different about you. It's as if there was a part of you that was ripped away." Luna looked at Blake as he started looking at the sky as he was speaking. As if a part of her had been ripped out? Had it really seemed like that? Luna couldn't even tell apart any difference in herself anymore. Blake stood up and stretched before turning back to Luna. Luna stood up as well looking up at Blake. "You better get home. You have to get up early tomorrow. I'll walk you to the entrance." Luna and Blake started walking back to the entrance. Before saying Good After saying their farewells, Luna had starting walking off to the ice rink in town. Little did she know, Beast had begun to follow her.

    Luna had arrived at Ice Rink Celestia which was the local and most famous ice rink in the kingdom. She walk through the doors to find one of her three caretakers from her toddler days and still look after her to this day. "
    Francisco......" The man stood up at the sound of the oh-so familiar voice. He turned around and saw his precious princess. "Reditus Sum.....Francisco.." Francisco ran out from the room where the ice skates were to hug the girl after what had seem to be quite awhile. "Mea Principessa!!!" Francisco had begun to shed tears at the thought that the princess was back home safe. After a couple moments, he released her from the lung crushing embrace. He immediately went back to the room he was in before to retrieve Luna a special pair of ice skates that he and his two other brothers had made specifically for her. "For you, mea stellalum..." Francisco handed Luna the pair and Luna immediately opened with a smile on her face. "Francisco... these are beautiful! Thank you!! May I try them out now???" The man chuckled as he nodded his head. Luna ran off into the rink to break in the new pair. As Luna ran off , Beast had walked into the rink.

    Luna glided on the ice to enter the rink. She stopped in the middle of the rink awaiting for music to play. Francisco begun to play the music Luna had already uploaded onto to his music device before sitting down where Beast was.
    [Music START]


    Luna begun skating to the music and glided off to begin her routine. Beast had watched Luna skate across the ice, watching her every movement. "It's as if she's making music with each move and extension she makes, right? She would always come here around this time to skate. However, right now, it's as if there was a piece removed from her. There's definitely something on her mind. Don't you think?" Beast looked back to Luna once more. As if it was always there, the change in Luna was suddenly noticeable. Meanwhile, Luna continued to glide across the ice, jumping in time with the music or extending out her arms in a graceful fashion. Midway through the song, previous thoughts had come wandering back into her head. A piece that has been taken out of me huh? What has changed in me? Has anything even changed about me? Luna continued to skate through the song while all those thoughts sat in her head. The end of the song was coming and the finale was coming up. Luna had begun spinning fast as she brought her hands together and up before stopping and throwing her arms left and right before wrapping her arms around her for the finale.
    [Music STOP]
    Luna skated over to the edge to take a sip of water. Francisco and Beast had clapped at the performance they had just seen from Luna. Luna walked off the rink and begun to change her shoes. "
    Luna. That was amazing! I've never seen anything like that. It's as if you belong on that ice." Beast had walked up to Luna complimenting Luna over her performance. Luna looked up and smiled at him and Francisco. After talking for a bit, Luna and Beast had walked out of the rink and began making their way home. "Forgive me for prying but why don't you open up to others more? After what I've seen today, it's as if you're closing yourself off from others. Like you're isolating yourself from any help from others." Luna looked up to Beast as he asked. Luna looked forward and stopped in her tracks. She had been wondering the same thing herself. Suddenly, memories of her parents and Blake disappearing in front of her flowed into her mind. She grabbed her head in pain as she tried to push those away. Don't fight it Luna.....Remember that pain...Remember the loneliness you feel......You're alone.....Always have been and always will be..... Luna grimaced at the voice in her head. "Go away!! Leave me alone!!!" Luna shouted into the empty night sky. An expression of concern had begun painting across Beast's face. As if they were summoned there, her family and Blake had shown up. Face it Your Highness. You're a waste of space. A useless girl who can't take care of herself. A pathetic example of a princess.. "You don't know me!!! Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up!!!!" As if the voice heard her, Luna's shadow and begun to take shape as Luna continued holding her head in pain. She turned around only to be greeted by a kick to the face. Luna fell to the ground with a thud. Her shadow had begun to grow in size and begun to tower over the kingdom. Luna looked up at the enemy and her eyes widen in shock over the size of it. This is will be Luna's toughest fight yet................
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