Video Game: Kingdom Hearts SOS: The Road To Light

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    At first it had looked like they were able to reveal the identity of the second Horace without too much trouble, unfortunately that reveal seemed to have lead to more problems for the keyblade wielders, or rather former wielders to deal with. The false Horace was actually a witch named Mizrabel and shortly after that, things started to go from bad to worse.

    The moment she turned Pete into a gem, Kel instinctively tried to summon forth his keyblade in preparation for an attack, but nothing happened. More attempts were made before he heard what Mizrabel had said. Their hearts were reset? How did that happen? Those were among some of the question that Kel had as he was helpless to prevent Mizrabel from turning more people into gems. Helplessness, a feeling that Kel would've preferred to never experienced again.

    In the time that could've been used to figure all this out, they were met by another issue. Heartless had appeared, taking full advantage of the predicament that they were currently in. This cornerstone thing seemed to be a key part as to why the heartless were here in the first place. investigating it was the only thing that they could do at the moment, thus Kel ran off towards the castle. The sooner he could get his keyblade back, the better.
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    With several of the Disney heroes captured, the de-powered party made their way to the Disney Castle gate for an explanation on the sudden increase of darkness thought the Disney kingdom. Past the gates, the cornerstone of light was taken from out of its dwelling and propped onto the castle grounds. Surrounded by nothing but shrubbery, the cornerstone was accompanied by a familiar person; the faceless man in the white cloak. Dreamer!

    From their standpoint it had appeared that Dreamer was the one who removed the sacred relic.

    "What are you doing?!" Hikaru yelled out.
    Dreamer spun around to find the dozen or so of them facing the man.
    "Forgive me children... But if this world is going to ruin, the least I can do is preserve its core memory."
    His words weren't making too much sense at this time. "There is still hope. When you are lost in darkness, look for the beacon. It will call to you..."

    Hikaru's head spun in confusion. Disneytown was falling and they were all helpless t o stop it. And now someone who may have been a possible ally, as taking the worlds last hope of salvation.
    "What are you talking about?!"
    "Follow the beacon..." Dreamer disappeared with the cornerstone. It seems a lot of things disappeared on them before they could act on it.

    Once he left, the sky grew dim, above them the once baby blue sky had turned into a fusion of black and purple. He couldn't recall when or where, but Hikaru had seen this before... The world was being sucked into darkness...

    A vortex had begun to take shape with purple lightning excreting from the void.
    "Indescribable isn't it? All that power?" From behind one of the garden sculptures, Aux had arrived onto the scene. A long strand of thunder cracked from the dark sky. "I commend you all on your frivolous efforts this far. You have served my master well. But I'm afraid your usefulness has expired."
    Hikaru clenched his fist. The sight of his friend drew up all sorts of conflictions within himself.
    "I know you don't mean that. Whatever spell your under, I'll get you out of it. We both will," he motioned to Kaida.
    "Ahh Kaida. You seem to be doing well. With the rest of the order scattered, I suppose that makes you the only active member. My congratulations to you."
    "Stop mocking her! What do you want anyways? Your partner already took the cornerstone of light!"
    "The man in white? I'm afraid he's not affiliated with us. Just another rogue variable. But don't worry, we'll deal with him soon enough. His fate will be the same of yours."
    He began to slowly meander closer to the group. "There's no point in running. We've already drawn this out long enough. You are my final test. The both of you. The final candle I need to extinguish. Just as my master told me."
    "Aux. Please. Don't do this."
    "I don't have to do anything. But I felt I owed you that much... The darkness will suck away everything from this world, ourselves included. With no keybladers or vessel you are doomed to return to the void. I just wanted to ensure it happen personally. But by all means... If any of your... 'Friends' wish to stop me then please," Aux folded his arms proudly. "Demonstrate your newfound weakness."
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    Raisor ran with the rest of the group to the castle, only to find a man in a white robe standing next to what was probably the Cornerstone of Light. He didn't really know what a "cornerstone" was, but it was basically a literal giant ball of light. Though calling it "Giant Ball of Light" didn't really have the same feeling. Either way, the problem was that it didn't seem like it belonged there, and that man was stealing it; upon getting closer, it seemed to be Dreamer as well. He wasn't sure what was going on, since Raisor only slightly remembered something about meeting him in the musketeer world, but it didn't look good.

    "Hey, back away from there right now!" Raisor screamed toward Dreamer.

    Hikaru didn't seem to like where he was standing either, since he screamed at Dreamer as well. Dreamer seemed to be saying something about him preserving some kind of memory of the world, but Raisor wasn't sure he followed. Then he began talking about them being swallowed in darkness and following some kind of light. If he was going to be swallowed by Darkness, he wasn't going down without a fight. Before he could do anything, Dreamer disappeared, along with the Cornerstone of Light.

    At that point, the sky around them began to swirl, the color changing from a normal blue to purple and black. There was a vortex that opened in the sky and lightning shooting around them. Raisor didn't like where this was going. Dreamer had taken the Cornerstone, which seemed to hold significance for this world, and all of a sudden it begins to act up. He was guessing the Darkness was beginning to take hold. Their problems didn't stop there though.

    With one problem appearing after the other, it was about time for another to occur. And sure enough, Aux had appeared before them. He began babbling about power and whatnot, with Hikaru screaming at Aux as well. There was certainly bad blood between them, but now was not the time to deal with emotional problems.

    "So what, you guys decided to have Dreamer take the Cornerstone of Light since you couldn't do anything? Guess you can't handle anything on your own." Raisor mumbled under his breath.

    Hikaru ended up screaming something along those lines at Aux as well, but then Aux said something that caught Raisor's attention.

    "The man in white? I'm afraid he's not affiliated with us. Just another rogue variable. But don't worry, we'll deal with him soon enough. His fate will be the same of yours."

    "What?" Raisor's eyes widened the smallest bit in surprise.

    He didn't know if Aux was lying or not, though there was a part of Raisor that believed Aux. He was certainly acting high and mighty, but Rasior had seen people talk like that before. He had his few times running across two parties with different objectives, with coincidence being the only thing bringing the two together at the same time. Raisor wasn't sure, but there was a part of him that kind of believed Aux. Aux began to mock the group, claiming they would all end up in the Darkness soon, though since they had no keyblades, they would end up in the void.

    "Well, I don't know if you're telling the truth about Dreamer or not," Raisor walked forward, cracking his knuckles and neck, ready for a fight, "but how about I beat the answers out of you?"

    He probably stood no chance against Aux, but he wasn't going to go down without any sort of fight. Aux only kept walking forward, though Raisor swore he could hear a chuckle beneath that mask of his. He wasn't going to put this off any longer. If nothing else, Raisor was going to show that upstart just who he was up against. The keyblade may be gone, but that didn't stop Raisor. The earth around them was starting to crumble and levitate toward the sky. At least it made for a nice battle setting.

    Taking the first move, Raisor ran straight at Aux and stopped just in front of him, crouching down. He threw a right uppercut straight at Aux's face. However, Aux moved his head to the side, dodging the attack. Raisor wasn't in a good position now, with his whole body stretched upward. Aux threw his own punch at Raisor's right side. Raisor quickly brought down his elbow and brought up his knee, catching the fist between the two, though he couldn't stop the full blow. The punch knocked Raisor down to the ground. Just as his hit the ground, Raisor placed his palms facedown and swung his body upward, sending a kick toward Aux's side. The man only stood there and took the hit. Raisor was sure he damaged him, but then felt pain in his foot. It had felt like kicking a stone wall.

    "Dang, I've fought some tough people, but you bring a new meaning to the term." Raisor grinned, knowing this wasn't going to go on long.

    Aux picked up his left foot and brought it down toward Raisor. Quickly using his arms, he pushed himself out of the way, missing the stomp only by a margin. He ended up behind Aux and stood up. He had maybe two more tricks up his sleeve and then he was done. Aux only stood facing the same direction, with his head slightly turned toward Raisor. Raisor jumped forward and swung his fist, using his jump to attack force behind the punch. He hit Aux in the bad, only to feel that stone wall feeling again. He flinched at the pain and jumped up over Aux, grabbing his head with both hands as he passed over. When Raisor's body swung over Aux, he brought his whole upper torso forward, and swung Aux forward through the air and slammed him on the ground, leaving a slight impression. Raisor stood crouched, waiting to see what would happen.

    With no surprise at all, Aux got up like nothing had happened at all. Well, this was certainly making Raisor's past life-threatening fights seem a little sad in comparison. Raisor knew at this point he was probably done, but he was going to at least make Aux remember who he was.

    "So Aux, I'm guessing you probably don't even know who I am huh? I was raised as a mercenary of sorts, and I have an honor code of sorts. And for someone like you, it wouldn't feel right if I didn't introduce myself. Name's Raisor." He brought his foot back and readied his hand for one last punch, with all his strength; whatever that meant at this point.

    He knew there was one spot no one could take a hit at without some sort of damage, so he was going to make this last one count. He remembered his previous fights where he bet his life on the line and brought his whole body into his next attack.

    Raisor moved forward, using all his strength and ended up under Aux. He ended up moving so fast that everything seemed to stop for him, which probably meant that to everyone else he seemed to have teleported in front of Aux. Though he also ended up mixing his techniques again, which was of course taboo. At this point though, he didn't care. Raisor brought his fist forward, swinging it up at Aux. This time, however, he wasn't going for the face. He was going for the chin. Raisor's fist collided with Aux's chin, and Raisor felt the pain go through his whole body. However, he also seemed to what he wanted. He watched as Aux took the blow, and saw his head go up, following the punch and saw the bruise mark of his fist on Aux's chin. Aux shook ever so slightly and brought his foot back to steady himself.

    "Well, that's all I got. Maybe next time it'll be a little more fun for you." Raisor grinned at his helplessness, but glad at the same time that he put his all into the fight, knowing he was fighting for something other than himself.

    "Well, for a weakling, you've certainly got bite to match your bark." Aux brought his own hand back, readying for a punch.

    Raisor than noticed that Aux hadn't stepped back to balance himself from the punch. He was positioning himself for a powerful blow. Raisor tried to jump back and cover himself but it was too late. Aux's punch was faster and stronger than Raisor could have predicted. The punch slammed into Raisor's arms and blew him away. He flew through the air and slammed into the ground then kept rolling through it until he came to a stop, about three yards away from his opponent. Raisor was now face-down on the ground. He was also barely conscious, with his sight beginning to blur quickly. He struggled to move, but the most he could manage was to bring his head up. He saw everyone else across the yard and let out a chuckle, then fell unconscious. At that point, his body was lifted up into the dark sky, and taken by the void.
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    As the dark vortex opened up and Aux taunted Hikaru, challenging the others there, Glen's fist clenched. This world was going to be lost to darkness any second now, unless they could do something to stop it. The problem was, not only was he not sure what to do about it, but even if he could figure out something he was sure Aux would try to stop it. As Raisor went and attacked Aux, Glen sprung into action, reaching a decision quickly.

    The moment Aux's punch knocked out Raisor, Glen was there lashing out with a swift punch towards his foe's jaw. He'd seen one homeworld lost to darkness, he wasn't about to watch another follow the same path. However, as good as Glen was at unarmed combat, his opponent was better. Aux blocked with his arm, before grabbing onto the keyslinger's arm and throwing him over his shoulder and onto the ground, before attempting to drive his elbow into the downed warrior. Reacting quickly, Glen rolled out of the way and forward, before turning and swinging his leg at Aux in an attempt at a roundhouse kick towards the torso. His foe was unphased by this, responding with a brutal kick of his own which caught Glen in the skull, sending him spinning backwards out of the air and up towards the vortex as the gravitational pull brought him in and the keyblade wielder went into it, losing consciousness as he did so. And suddenly, his world went dark indeed.
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    As they reached their destination, Beuce saw the white cloaked figure they'd met in symphony of sorcery who had given them the final note. If he was taking the cornerstone, then his suspicions had been correct after all. Beuce's eyes narrowed into a glare as the dreamer said some rather odd things. Follow the beacon when they were lost in darkness...what..? The words rang through Beuce's mind again and again but he couldn't make sense of them. This seemed like way too late into the game for a bluff. They'd basically already won. So why would he say something like that now of all times? While Beuce's thoughts raced, the man disappeared along with the thing they'd come to retrieve, leaving the world to its fate. Accompanying it was a masked man who looked like he was a solid mass of concentrated muscle appeared. Aux.

    Aux simply furthered his confusion when he claimed that the man had no affiliation with them. His threats to Hikaru and Kaida were more than Beuce was willing to stand for, but he wasn't stupid. He knew when he was outmatched. He hadn't fought Aux himself, but he'd fought Nequa. If he was anything even close to her, then all of them together likely wouldn't be able to so much dirty his armor at their full strength. In their weakened state, they didn't stand a ghost of a chance. Glen and Raisor had both tried to fight him, but to no avail. It was like flies trying to bring down a behemoth. Implying that the former was really weak and couldn't really do much offensively and the latter in addition to being really strong just as a base was a total unknown and they had zero idea what to expect out of it.

    Beuce took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Son of a *****. He was going to have to do it. He turned his head to Stratos momentarily. "Hey. Do me a favor and shut your eyes for a second? I'm about to look stupid." With that, his legs carried him forward into what was certain to be quite the ass whooping. He managed to duck under the sweeping arm blow which came to hit him in the temple, but that far from won him the fight. He drove his fist at Aux's chest, but the man made no move to avoid it. Not because he couldn't, but because he didn't need to. He may as well have been hitting a brick wall. Beuce wasn't normally weak by any stretch, but this was unnatural. He knew that it wasn't purely due to Aux's defenses, though that likely played a part in it. They'd lost more than their keyblades. They'd lost everything.

    The next blow he wasn't quite so nimble with. A fist that looked approximately the size of a mountain crash into his face. Funnily enough, it felt like one too. Blood instantly flew from the sundered skin on Beuce's face. He stumbled backwards, only just barely managing to retain his footing. Saying he hit like a truck was insulting to the amount of force behind that one blow. Aux didn't stop there. Blow after blow crashed into Beuce as he was pushed further back and finally onto the ground, where a massive foot knocked the wind out of his lungs.

    Aux backed off at this point, allowing Beuce to struggle to his feet and come at him again. It wouldn't be quite accurate to say that the futility of the matter had just set in. He'd perfectly understood how hopeless a fight it was from the very beginning. He looked up at the sky. The ever growing vortex of darkness that would bring the world to its doom loomed over their heads. He hadn't seen this sight quite exactly before, but it wasn't entirely dissimilar to Atreia's death. It hadn't been darkness that killed it, but it had died all the same. As if in a final act of desperation, Beuce summoned his will inside him. Though, nothing happened. Of course nothing happened. The Empyrean Lords were dead. The world which they'd held domain over with them. His power was nulled. He had no wings to take him to freedom.

    As he stared into the black sky, a thought struck him. He couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of it. It was a gamble, to say the least. He had to put the entirety of his trust, along with the lives of him and all his friends in the hands of a complete stranger who was still of questionable allegiance with extremely ambiguous instructions. "I've had worse plans...They worked too." He muttered to himself, before looking back to Aux. "Congratulations, you've beaten us here. Proven yourself to your master, but just one thing. When you go back to No Heart, give him a message." Beuce weakly raised his finger toward the sky. "Tell him that we're not finished. We're going to go into that black void and rip it apart from the inside out. If our hearts were reset, all that means is we need to earn our power again. And when we come clawing out of there, we're coming for him. Not you, Nequa, or anyone else will be able to stand in our way. " With that, the darkness drew him into the sky.
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    Even her endurance seemed to be lacking as Karina ran to the courtyard of the castle, finding herself slightly winded as they arrived, realizing the cornerstone was no longer in the castle. While Karina didn't know exactly where it was supposed to be, she knew enough to know that it wasn't supposed to be sitting out in the open in the courtyard. And then there was the issue of the man next to it in a white cloak. Karina watched him closely, gauging him to see if it was possible to fight him with all of them even though they weren't as strong as before, they did have the numbers to do something. There was no such luck however. He had spoken to the group in riddles long enough that they didn't have time before he disappeared taking the cornerstone with him. So now just to add insult to injury. They were down their strength and fighting, Disney Town was under attack, AND the only protection for Disney Town just disappeared with a man in white.

    That wasn't where the bad luck ended either. On top of all of this, as soon as the man in white left, leaving them in a world under attack with no way to defend themselves, the sky darkened and Aux stepped out. Out of habit Karina tried to summon her keyblade and ready herself for a fight, but no keyblade came, reminding her of the grim truth. The sky was not only darkening but a vortex appeared in it too as the wind picked up around them, Karina's long black hair whipped around wildly, hitting her face numerous times, as she stood watching for a moment as Aux spoke.

    Karina laughed a dark laugh to match the dark humour she found in the situation. "I would hate to have your master. Even my father didn't go so far as to command me to kill my friends, and considering how horrible he was, I can't imagine what you are going through. At least he lets you become more powerful, but there is always limits when working for someone else. I wonder what your masters is." Karina said turning her face from the sky to look at Aux just in time to see a few idiots trying to attack him on their own. It hadn't worked when they had their powers, why would it work now? "Idiots." She mumbled. "Perhaps if we had worked together but it is pointless now. We have no chance of winning this so why try. If that thing grows strong enough to pull us in without your help I would rather go in, not beaten and in pain. Maybe there will be some form of peace then." Her voice was low and soft, Karina couldn't even tell if anyone could hear it over everything else.

    "There is no point in any of this anymore. Fighting will get us nowhere." Karina decided before she started to walk towards the castle. It wasn't her that anyone wanted and by the sounds of it, there was no stopping that vortex, so what could they do? They could fight until she was so injured that she got thrown into the portal and died angry and in pain. Or she could find somewhere comfortable to sit and come to peace with her death and then just maybe, there would be a slight chance to find peace in the afterlife. Though that probably wasn't going to happen, Karina was going to hell and she knew it.
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    Raisor is gone.
    Glen is gone.
    Beuce is gone.
    Karina is gone.

    "Is that the best you can do?" Aux mocked. "Even your strongest have lost hope. One after the other you try and fail. How long will you keep at this? Months? Years?" He took a moment to crack his neck and roll his shoulders back. "You've expunged all this effort and where has it gotten you? On the verge of extinction... I was always told that darkness was like the water. Once you've dived in, you either sink to the bottom, or let the current carry you. Unfortunately for the lot of you, I doubt you're very good swimmers." Aux cracked his knuckles menacingly.

    "But enough of the warm up, show me your A game. It's not rewarding if you just give up... I want the satisfaction of knowing that your last ounce of hope was drained by yours truly."

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    Luna stood, feet rooted to the very ground she was standing, watching, as one by one, her teammates were thrown in the darkness by Aux. She couldn't grasp what had been happening. Raisor.......Glen.........Beuce........Karina..... thrown into the dark vortex by Aux. All Luna could do was stand there in shock listening to every word Aux said. "No..." Luna barely managed a whisper as Aux finished speaking. "No!" Luna looked down as she shouted toward the ground.
    Always remember my beautiful precious children.........Hope can never vanish. It can be weakened but never vanish or break. Even if my body were to perish, my hope will always be alive and do you wish to know why?" The children nodded their heads as they took a seat next to their mother. "Mommy, I wanna know!! Tell us!!" The little girl smiled as she looked up at her mother. "Yea mom! You gotta tell us!!" The little boy sitting on the other side of his mother also smiled at his mother. "Hahahaha! Alright, alright! Patience my darlings!! My hope will always be alive in your hearts and the precious memories we have made together and the memories yet to be made. When you two were born, I already knew that my hope would never die. The same thing goes for your father. Our hopes will always be there because we love you two more than anything in the entire cosmos. So long as our hearts are connected, nothing can tear us apart or our hopes. Do you understand my darlings?" The children nodded their heads as they hugged their mother and in unison said, We love you too!. A tall man had walked up behind the mother and children. "What about your old dad kids? I could almost cry of sadness!" The children ran over to the man and cling on to his legs. "Don't be silly Daddy! We love you too!!" The little girl looked up and smiled at her father as the little boy nodded and smiled as well. "You guys are our everything. We love you guys so much that people will have to find a new word to describe the love we have for you two. You will always be in our hearts and we always place our hopes in you. Don't be afraid to hope my children. You can place your hopes in us as well. No matter what happens or where we go, we will always be a family no matter what. Don't be afraid to use your and our hope as your own strength. Hope can never disappear just like your mother says. Hope is an eternal thing just as light is. Just as light can never fade, hope can never fade as well. Remember this my beautiful son and daughter. There will be a day where a negative force will say hope will be broken but little do they know that hope is eternal and it will always be in everyone's heart. Do you understand?" The little boy and girl nodded and stood up as their mother walked over to them. The family hugged each other with bright smiles on their faces as the sun illuminated a castle behind them.
    Luna moved her foot forward, hands shaking a little as she raised her head. "
    You're wrong....." Aux looked toward Luna as she finally spoke up. "Oh?" Luna took another step forward and an determined expression written across her face. "You're wrong Aux. Hope isn't something you can wipe out or be drained away. It's pointless to even think you can destroy hope. The hope you say is drained, will always be there. You might not be able to feel it but it will always be in a corner of your heart where your darkness can ever touch or find. Don't think you can destroy hope or even destroy light. It will always be there in a place where you can never get to or even imagine." Luna took two more steps and her hands had stopped shaking. However, in an instant moment that determined expression on her face had turned into an expression of fear and surprise. "Really now? Please tell me more Your Excellency....I really wish to hear more of what Her Highness has to say." It was as if Luna had lost her voice as she heard Aux. " no no no...." Luna could barely make her voice audible for anyone to hear as she shook her head. "What's wrong Your Highness? Cat got your tongue? Or is it that you haven't heard anyone say that to you in awhile?" Luna took a step back. "I-I-I-I don't know what you're talking about." Aux scoffed as Luna spoke. "Really? That's not what I heard from a little colony I found while walking through some worlds. They were so brave trying to defend their precious Princess Luna from danger. Now if I memory serves, I thought you said you were one of the Royal Guard." Luna's expression had now turned into one of horror. She took a couple more steps back. "It can't be......I thought they were safe.....What have you done to them?!?!?!" Luna screamed out to Aux as she slowly sunk to her knees. "They had nothing to do with this Aux!! They were innocent people!!" Luna continued to shout at Aux. Aux remained silent as she screamed at him. "Just like you had no business in this Your Highness. The day the letter came to the castle, I believed that letter was sent to your father not you, at least that's what I hear. You've been lying to a lot especially your teammates. What else are you hiding from them Princess Luna?" Luna's eyes shot wide as she remained silent. After a couple moments, she looked down, closed her eyes and remained on the ground. "I'm sorry guys. I didn't mean to lie. I was gonna tell you guys soon but there was never a good time to discuss it." Luna stood up and walked forward again but towards Aux. "Yes, I did lie but it wasn't for the reasons you assume. I did it to protect my people, to protect my family. I can't take back some of my previous actions but I can atone for it. You think you know me but you don't Aux. I won't stand here while you continue to say these things." Luna ran toward Aux and attempted to use hand-to-hand combat. However, Aux grabbed her wrist. "Even without the keyblade, you still continue to fight. Oh and another thing........" Aux whispered to Luna, "Your fiancee......probably heartless dinner by now. If not, you'll both be..." Tears had streamed down her eyes as another expression of horror crossed over her face. She remained silent as tears continue to roll down her face. "Goodbye Princess Luna........" Aux tossed Luna into the vortex. As she soared to the vortex, her tears flew into across the sky. As her tears made it to the ground, Luna had been sucked into the vortex of darkness.
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    Following right behind the entire group, he just makes it onto the scene in time to see a white cloaked man carrying the cornerstone of light. All eyes were no doubt on this unknown individual as he spoke with a cause. D'daear faintly recognized him as the man from the black and white world, and wanted to speak out but it seems like someone already had that covered. Hikaru shouted at the man as his final words were, "Follow the beacon..."

    And with that the man had escaped with the cornerstone of light, forsaking this world to it's apocalyptic doom. D'daear took a step forward, dumbfounded by what just happened. So much was happening in such a small span of time. It was becoming hard to register this moment. The bad guys have been having one mean win streak as of late. They've been winning the big battles while the keyblade crew's been barely scrounging up the small wins. Without the cornerstone of light, this world was now in serious trouble. To make things worse, they were just as vulnerable as they ever were. The heartless were spawning outside the castle. It wouldn't take long for those creatures to creep their way in here.

    Hands curled as the usual response to frustration. There was literally nothing they could do to stop all this nor to get away from it. No keyblade meant no form of transportation. No keyblade meant no form of protection or a way to fight off the invasion. Eyes were spacing out in fruitless contemplation. Was this it? The end of their hard fought journey? They have come so far, more so than others, and all to just lose everything. Now they were about to lose themselves to this darkness. He stood there in silence, brain just drawing blanks in desperation while still trying to believe that all this was really happening. There were no options; at least none he could think of. "Just... what are we going to do-"

    "Indescribable isn't it? All that power?"

    All eyes were on the man who had spoken those words now as he made himself known. Shocked, D'daear's eyes widened as a tall bulky masked man took a step closer to the group. It was none other that Aux; Hikaru's friend. D'daear glanced at Hikaru, worried for him as much as he was worried for himself and basically the entire team. Eyes remained wide open in ambivalence while he struggled to say anything. "Wh-"

    "I commend you all on your frivolous efforts this far. You have served my master well. But I'm afraid your usefulness has expired."

    "Wh-what's he... ? Why...? Served your master...? What does...he mean...?" words echoed off his weak voice.

    D'daear knew Aux was mainly paying attention to Hikaru and Kaida, but every once in a while, he could feel a cold stare. Dialogue was exchanged among friends, and some minor questions were answered; well except what did Aux mean when he said, " You have served my master well..."

    That question needed a reply, a chase but it was increasingly impossible as people started to blitzkrieg Aux in a final stand to protect Hikaru and Kaida. D'daear wanted to intervene, to scream at the top of his lungs for them to not fight. Anyone could tell this was a fight they were not going to win. Yet despite the urge to shout or say anything, D'daear was unable to. Feet were firmly planted on the marble floor beneath him. Words found themselves lodged in his throat, and adrenaline surged throughout his entire body while he felt heart palpitations. Everything was being tuned out. Words, screams, battle cries. It was all becoming inaudible to him. Eyes struggled to stay focused as they dilated midst moisture inevitably rising from the corners of eye sockets. First Raisor, Glen, Beuce, Luna and even Karina! Aux tossed them aside after they tried their best; although one of them was a bit questionable with their effort. It was looking to be hopeless. Unfair really.

    Muscle and sinew betrayed D'daear as he stood there trapped in his own body. He wanted to try to help, but at the same time he couldn't. Disbelief struck him like a phantom bullet, and this was a nightmare unfolding. "Not again... Not again.... Not again... This... this isn't the way it's supposed to end..."

    There the hero's stood, a dozen feet away from Maurice's house. Everyone stood by Krowley, with determination to come out on top in this fight, in this fight that would determine whether Belle and Beast had a happy ending or not. With the resolve everyone had, D'daear strongly believed they could defeat Aux, and bring about the daylight into this darkened fairytale. The storm clouds still persisted above the land, with rain having moved on towards the direction where they had just departed from. All eye's of various colors were on the two well-armored individuals whom wore similar masks, Aux and Krowley. Their discussion had escalated, with drama unfolding between the two ex-friends; according to Aux anyway. With one foul display, the tall bulky individual had charred the keepsake that was Krowley's, showing no sign of sympathy. Tossed like a useless item, the symbol of their friendship lay there between them, charred and nearly broken. Hands curled into fists, forearm muscles flexing as he tightened the ball of indignant. D'daear's furrowed eyebrows gave more tension to those blue irises that gazed back at Aux, while mandible tensed in teeth gritting motion. Friends, how could something so important be thrown in the trash like it meant nothing? All those years of those two being together, sharing jokes, sharing laughter, sharing sadness, and happiness! What was so important to this Aux person that would compel him to throw all of that away? This didn't click with D'daear, he was having a difficult time registering what Aux was after. He averted the gaze, pupils dilating as he scanned the muddy floor, as if the answer to this conundrum would be visible.

    Krowley took arms as the sound of his weapon emanated, which meant it was time to take action. Everyone around him summoned their Keyblade, ready to back up Krowley in this endeavor, except D'daear. Hands hesitated to welcome the sweet memories as they remained tight fists. The muddy ground beneath them reverberated with power of loud thunder, a possible omen of what was to come. The idea, of a broken friendship, of someone once so close that suddenly would severe the bonds between them did not register at all. His simple mind could not get a hold of itself, confused. Couldn't they work things out? Couldn't peace be achieved WITHOUT violence? "'re supposed to be friends... Why are you fighting?!" he exclaimed, suddenly catching sight of Aux leap into action. "What happened to all of my determination...? Why can't I take up arms like everyone else?!"" the ethereal words rang, his right knee buckling suddenly. He stood there motionless, paralyzed by this conundrum. Looking down at the muddy floor once more, where a small puddle of water gave off his reflection. Eyebrows were no longer furrowed in a scowl, but reversed with drooping lips. Fists weakened themselves, letting loose fingers as the hands went limp. One by one Aux took out D'daear's teammates, displaying his dominance over them all, his ferocity. He was fast, and by the looks of it, extremely strong as he effortlessly made waste of them. D'daear was no different, feeling a clean punch to the solar plexus which knocked the wind out of him. However, it didn't end there. The man's fists were infused with something. It felt so bizarre, so dirty to the good-hearted soul. It kind of reminded him of the Dark Thorn they fought. Eye's widened with the surprise hit, everything feeling so slow in this moment. "Is this...the power of darkness...?" he thought, unable to control his stunned body as Aux soon swung that massive arm with D'daear still attached to the fist. He flung the new keyblade wielder like it was nothing, sending D'daear a few feet away before moving on to his next victim.

    Clean back skidded against the muddy earth, soon coming to a halt. A coughing reflex took form. He cringed in pain for a few seconds, just the same amount of time it took for the battle to be over. In mere seconds, Krowley's so called friend had made quick work of them all. D'daear lay there, not wanting to look around. He was disappointed at himself. He as a party member, failed everyone, even if they had all failed as a team. Curled into a ball while he cringed in pain for a while, he let blue irises hide themselves behind the safety of eyelids.

    "Sah...sorry..." spoke a weak voice, sounding breathless and need of water. D'daear's voice shot open, realizing it was Base, a friend and mentor.

    "I let Base down too..." he thought, speechless by the revelation. If there was anyone among the eight here that he found to be a friend, it was Base; and he just let him down.

    The pain seemed to have gone away, although the desire to vomit still persisted. He just wanted to lay there, on his side looking away from everyone. Slowly, he uncurled the body while profile aimed at the sky, arms resting limp beside him. Blue irises looked to the mud that pillowed his purple head. This whole visit had started simple and clean, filling D'daear with awe and wonder of the beauty that laid out there for him to see. Now, however...this fairytale had turned for the worst, tainted by the broken illusion that should have been happiness, and filled with light. The solid grasp he once had on this idea, was slowly becoming mush. He suddenly felt homesick, with a deep desire to return to that paradise blooming in heart, to run away away from all of this. Tears began to form at the cusp of his eyelids, trying their best to escape from D'daear's opposing will. The limp right hand that rested on mud beside him suddenly grasped at the watery dirt, becoming stiff with the confusion that stirred in his heart. He tensed his mandible, furrowing his brows with the frustration that was now arising from all of this confusion, from this broken reality that he thought he had had a firm grasp on. His heart was in pain, defeated. With Base near him, only hurt even more.

    "Don't apologize, you didn't do anything wrong..." he barely uttered back, voice strained from the tears he was trying to hold back. At least HE tried to fight, unlike himself.

    "Is that the best you can do?" Aux mocked. "Even your strongest have lost hope. One after the other you try and fail. How long will you keep at this? Months? Years?"

    The masked villain just kept on talking, and eventually went on to remove Luna from their group.

    Mandible tensed and eyes just reached their breaking point. Head bowed with bangs covering his ambivalence. Hair was long enough to cast a shadow over his face. Hands were tight in a ball of physical ambivalence. It seemed that’s all he’s been feeling these days. Confused and indecisive. There he was once again. Same situation as before.

    “I see your palm tree friend over there is doing nothing just like the last time I brought you guys to your knees. “he spoke out to Hikaru, helmet staring in D’daear’s direction.

    D’daear’s shoulders shuddered and fists shook, knuckles turning a bright red. That was just a bad memory. They weren’t able to save belle, and what’s worse they promised Beast they would rescue her. Instead all they’ve managed to do at this point is lose, lose, lose… It was getting annoying, and Aux’s taunts weren’t help at all. They were actually getting him vexed.

    “Cheer up.”
    Aux whispered to D’daear.

    All anger just drained away in an instant, and was replaced with surprise. Head jerked up to see Aux in a stance slightly below D’daear’s eye level. This was the moment that fear and anxiety barged into his heart again. Pain instantly shot to and through the boy’s solar plexus, every ounce of air that his lungs contained suddenly being blown away by a mass the size of someone’s head. The desire to puke was intense, but what was worse was the fact that he could feel himself being lifted off his feet. A split second after the pain shot through his solar plexus a loud boom broke the sound barrier followed by a flying D’daear rocketing a few yards back.

    Back skidded against the marble floor violently as his body turned and rolled from intense friction in an inevitable attempt to expend all energy Aux had shot through him.

    “Huh... Your trajectory was supposed to be towards the big darkness in the sky….”
    He said, slowly walking towards D’daear who was barely mustering the strength to rise from the floor. Oh was D’daear livid, and if he just had the raw power to express that…

    “I see this one has Grown a little resilient since the beast’s castle, Hikaru. This should make things a little more-”

    D’daear dashed towards Aux and swung with anger burning in his eyes. The punch did little to impress the burly foe as it made contact. He ended up hurting himself more so than he did Aux.

    “…interesting…” disappointment in Aux’s tone.

    Tossed back on the floor, D’daear was getting up with knee support when Aux kicked his side and sent him reeling back. Aux grabbed him by his collar and lifted him off the ground with one arm. It was a bit excessive, but it was his way of showing dominance. The purple haired youth struggled to break free, gritting his teeth.

    “L-let go!”

    “If you say so.” Aux said, letting go of D’daear and thrusting a kick forward just as D’daear was about to touch the ground. The keyblade wielder couldn’t rise this time as Aux made sure to reach him just in time to press the sole of his boots on top of D’daear’s head.

    The boy screamed as Aux applied pressure.

    “Do I have any takers? Who can come save this cry-baby before he’s used as some dish rag.” He spoke out to the group before looking back down at D’daear.

    “You lot never stood a chance from the very beginning. This whole journey was wasted effort. If you thought you had hope before, by the end of all this you’ll be left with nothing.”
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    As the rest of the group had been freaking out over the loss of power, loss of cornerstone, loss of this world and overall loss of hope, Stratos had just stood there silently for the most part. Physically he didn't feel much different at all, maybe a bit more fragile to the touch. However, the lack of any magical ability and the inabiltiy to summon his keyblade was all Stratos needed to confirm that he too was effected by this whole baseline power thing that the rest of the people were going through. However, he wasn't so much stunned by it, nor was he really freaking out from it. With an oddly level head of the whole thing, Stratos was trying to figure out just what emotion it was that he was feeling at the moment. He had always thought that the keyblade had mistakenly chosen him when he acquired it, and now he was freed from it, right?

    "But do you really think it did?"
    The memory all too long ago played back in Stratos's head. Of course he did. "And what makes you so sure of that?" I'm weak. Weaker then everyone else. "True. Compared to the others, you were more like a fly or a gnat then anything else." That proved it only more. "Ah, but that weapon won't leave you now, will it?" Never. I try and I try, but I can't live up to either the weapon's expectations or get rid of it. "I'm not too sure of that, yet if won't leave, that just means that this was the hand you were dealt. And a rather good one at that." Nothing good has come from this 'hand.' "I suppose so. But I find something remarkably interesting about you." Stratos said nothing in return. The man looked ready to say something before going into something different. "Unlike all others who have fought me before, you are only at your starting line. And in order to overcome that, well, you must run from it as fast as you can, and never look back."

    As those words played through his head once again, he remembered what he felt back then. The man's smile seemed nothing more than sinister, his words the most threatening thing he had heard in his life up to that point. However now, they seemed to bear some kind of different meaning to them. As his comrades went to fight the apprentice that had appeared before them, it was clear what was going to happen. The man had the goal to snuff out all hope, in all of them, and yet despite that, one after another they kept going after him. Despite the futility of their assaults, it didn't stop most of them from trying their hardest. Stratos knew very well what it was that he had been feeling upon the realization that his powers that he had gotten were gone.

    Some mixture of both sadness, over all of his effort being thrown to the wayside due to one act that they had preformed, and some other feeling. One that, despite all of the messes they had been put in and the currently world ending situation, seemed to come to light. Stratos looked at the swirling vortex of darkness above him in the bleak, darkened sky, and he understood what it was. It wasn't the thing that was going to end his life, and it wasn't the thing that would thwart everything he had ever attempted. That, the giant mass above, was his starting line. He had no way to actually prove that it was something that would at all benefit him, yet he felt oddly calmed by the idea of it nonetheless.

    Despite all of the taunting that had been done by Aux, despite all of the reveals, the despair and the futility, Stratos stood firm as the man had finished dealing with D'daear. With an odd look of determination on his face, Stratos was not ready to just let him win. Even if he had thought his journey was about to begin anew, that didn't mean he wanted this one to end so pittifully. And so, Stratos walked up to Aux, the man who seemed to give barely any notice to him. Stratos clenched his fist and punched the brick wall of a man, doing nothing more than hurting his own hand in the process and causing the masked man to turn his attention to him. With little to no effort at all, Aux brought his fist into Stratos's gut, knocking the wind out of the latter instantly. While the attack knocked him to the ground, he was still conscious. Picking himself up off the ground, the fist then collided with Stratos's back, forcing him straight back into the ground, almost flattened by the blow. He had fought Nequa before, someone who likely on par with him, yet her strength was entirely different from his. Nequa had used some kind of magic that he never had seen before, and had ended it all in an, albeit painful, instant. Aux was an entirely different beast altogether. He had never been faced with such raw physical might that it defied logic, and the pain caused by each blow seemed to be beyond reason.

    Yet he could not give up just yet. The hope that existed within his heart was still alive, and even if there was still no chance of victory, Stratos still had fight left in him. Mustering all of his strength, letting out gasps of air all the while, the boy brought himself back up, slowly but surely until he was just about on his feet. However, before he could, Aux had been done with the boy's resilience, grabbing him by the collar before tossing him lightly into the air. As the boy started to come back down, Aux then kicked upward, striking the boy once again in the gut with his foot, sending the former keyblade wielder into the sky. Beaten and bruised beyond belief, Stratos's consciousness faded as he was sent into the dark swirling vortex.
  11. Light-Rune Maven Seer

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    The Aetherial Sea
    Steel could only really watch as the cornerstone was taken by the man in the white cloak. There one hope seemed to be gone. The unruly mob in his head rose up again, making various sounds of panic and outrage at the sight of the growing vortex of darkness.

    "Indescribable isn't it? All that power?"

    Listening to the argument, the entirety of Steel's being experienced a rare moment of utter speechlessness: all anyone could think to do was wonder what the heck Aux was high on. Black smoke began to seep from their skin as they looked up at the dark vortex that spun in the sky.

    Aux was an imbecile.

    They knew this darkness: they were born in it. It wasn't just some object. Power had it's own will; it could make or break you, and it was fickle. They could only shake their head in exasperation at the brat. Meanwhile, everyone else was starting to attack. One by one the first three were thrown into the shrouding dark cloud. It wasn't really all that interesting to watch their allies practically leap to their dooms, but they found himself unable to look away.

    Raisor was the first to go. He put up quite a fight, but ultimately he didn't get Aux to do much more than give a backhanded compliment. Glen went after. He stuck it out for a bit too, but in the end there was not much more to say about it than that. They all knew to some extent that they couldn't win. The fact that this was the third world that they had lost to the enemy was only salt in the wound. Steel took off their cape; their makeshift mask pulling away without much resistance. What was the point anymore? In trying to hide? Their skills may have been gone, but that didn't change what they were. They could still feel their very soul threatening to go on a violent rampage, with or without the power to back it up. The glamour that held his form together began to evaporate. Another delayed reaction: Without their abilities, it only took the removal of their disguise to ... remove their disguise.

    Buece was next. He made it quite obvious he was just as aware as the rest of them about how futile this situation was. Yet he charged in anyway. A final stand they supposed. It wasn't long before he was down too... but he didn't leave without a few parting words.

    "Tell him that we're not finished. We're going to go into that black void and rip it apart from the inside out. If our hearts were reset, all that means is we need to earn our power again. And when we come clawing out of there, we're coming for him. Not you, Nequa, or anyone else will be able to stand in our way. "

    Steel gave a slight smile to that; their small fangs protruding from the lower jaw so as to just be visible without impairing their speech. Buece was right: "Power" was just an illusion. Something that could be given and taken. It would trounce you if weren't careful. The lack of power did not make one weak as Aux was delusional enough to believe. What truly made one weak was the lack of strength: the ability to control the power given to you without it dragging you through the mud...
    Or the ability to survive without any power at all, and overcome those who have it.

    Karina, ever the daring sword, was surprisingly the one to give up without a fight. Her speech could only make them pity her, even though they were fully aware that she would go off on them for that if she knew. For all her kicking and screaming on the way, it seems she had finally just given up. She raised an excellent point though. It was the same one that had been on Steel's mind since they knew about Aux: What was the price of his "amazing" dark powers? What had he already given up? What more would he have to do? When would his master inevitably betray him?

    When would this all come back to bite him in the butt?

    There was something more though; Karina's actions also raised a question in their own minds: Would they just do the same thing as her? Would they- No.

    Would he give up?

    He shook his head as it sunk in just how far he had been. It was frightening how fast he had lost his sense of self after the seals were broken.

    "Is that the best you can do?"

    Steel raised his eyebrows as Aux gave a monologue about how pathetic they all were.

    "I was always told that darkness was like the water. Once you've dived in, you either sink to the bottom, or let the current carry you. Unfortunately for the lot of you, I doubt you're very good swimmers."

    That was a bad analogy to use with him. He had drowned once you see, a long time ago. He had only gotten better at swimming since.

    "But enough of the warm up, show me your A game. It's not rewarding if you just give up... I want the satisfaction of knowing that your last ounce of hope was drained by yours truly." Steel was having quite enough of the man's mocking hypocrisy, and was about to step forward... but Luna beat him to it.

    Oh Luna.

    She had been terrible at keeping secrets: There was always a mood about her, and she carried around that Tiara for quite awhile. Did she still have it? He couldn't recall. What he could recall though, was how Etrius had practically shouted about it back when they had first met.

    Etrius. Eon, Flora, Xara, Shapur, Base... How many people had they already lost?

    He was shaken from his new train of thought by Aux's newest revelation. It was not surprising that Luna was a princess; he had considered the possibility before after all. However, he could not possibly have guessed that while Aux was popping in to show them up at every opportunity, he had also apparently taken the time to go and destroy Luna's home world.

    Just who did he think he was? Playing with people's lives like he was God? His claws dug into his palms as his clenched fist began to shake.

    Because then Luna was gone.

    His thoughts ________ so scattered.

    His _________ were ____ scattered.
    ___ thoughts ____ still __ scattered.

    Each person Aux confronted seemed to bring in an entirely new train of thought, but this didn't seem new; not really. When was the last time he had actually thought clearly? It was as if ever since he had gotten the letter...

    He wasn't in Kansas anymore.

    His mind refused to obey him, and his thoughts were shattered to pieces when he looked up and saw D'daear with his head underneath Aux's boot.

    “You lot never stood a chance from the very beginning. This whole journey was wasted effort. If you thought you had hope before, by the end of all this you’ll be left with nothing.”

    Steel had never had anything to begin with. He was to die, and that was that. He had chosen that fate. It was better for everyone... or at least... it had been better for that everyone... but now...

    He wasn't in Kansas anymore.

    He had thought he might have to attack Aux himself to free his friend, but Stratos provided the distraction needed. Though not nearly as fast as normal, Steel swooped in and grabbed the younger entity while Aux was busy with their companion before retreating to a safe distance... just in time to see Aux kick Stratos into the sky.

    Being a bit larger than before, Steel effortlessly cradled D'daear in his arms while stroking his clawed fingers through his hair; fussing over the smaller creature as a mother would a child. Aux had turned his attention back to where D'daear once was to see that he was gone.

    "So the coward has run away." The darkness flowing from Steel's body thickened. Who was the coward? Aux spoke of them fulfilling his master's will, but it was quite obvious that only a handful of wielders were really necessary to meet their requirements. Otherwise, they would have interfered when their own numbers began to fluctuate dangerously. He could have taken any of them out easily; he had proven that time and time again. He could've picked several of them off a long time ago.

    But he didn't. He waited for one of his rivaling parties to render them helpless before he swooped in for the kill. That wasn't tactics, no matter what he said. It was just plain cowardly. Clearing his throat, Steel managed to catch the man's attention. There was silence for a brief moment, though whether from confusion or surprise Steel couldn't tell. Either was likely since he didn't look quite the same as before.

    He was falling to pieces. Quite literally. Large chunks of a black goo that resembled the magical wasteland ink were breaking off of him and floating into the sky. His form was featureless, with no more detail to his face than to identify his empty white eyes and mouth... as well as the fact that his head was in the shape of a wolf's; his mouth, a muzzle. His hands and feet ended with sharp claws, and his body was a mess of fur and black feathers, and even all of that looked about as solid as a puddle of water. It was question really, which would happen first; would Steel be thrown into the darkness by Aux? Or would he simply melt and be pulled into it?

    To see a sight like that... well, it was no wonder there was a silence from the remaining bystanders. One had to wonder what D'daear was thinking, since he was the one actually in the monstrosity's arms. It would seem he would not get a chance to speak though, for Aux decided it was time for him to make a pompous comment.

    "Wh-" Only to be interrupted by Steel.

    "Into an open mouth, a fly enters." More silence followed.

    "Excuse me?" Aux seemed baffled.

    "I'm sorry, was that too complicated for your brilliant mind to comprehend? It's an old proverb; allow me to simplify it for you. When something is open, usually curious bugs fly up to it. Whether it hangs open, or flaps constantly."

    "Pardon?!" Aux was just a bit incredulous now: after seeing his companions drop like flies one by one, this... thing... was still daft enough to insult him?

    "I'm sorry, are you still not following? What I mean to say is: You talk way too much buddy, shut the heck up." Rolling his eyes, Steel took a deep breath before continuing. "Arrogance is not fitting for a fool..." He stated blandly as he stepped forward slowly. "... And power, well... Power is a fool's gold." Steel stopped about a foot away from Aux. "It is my sacred duty to inform you of that. You don't care, I know, but I'm not going to break my rules for you of all people." Aux laughed.

    "What makes you think you can stop me?" The white armored dastard questioned the formless creature. His response was a sudden forward flip leading to a strong mid air kick. Aux blocked the blow effortlessly, holding both of his arms forward as an X in front of him, stopping the kick. Time however, seemed to slow down before he could do anything else. The monster's face seemed to be inches from his own, despite the fact that D'daear's body was between them. Steel's dead white eyes seemed to be filled with some sick sense of joy as his amorphous mouth gave a twisted grin.

    "Oh, it's not me you need to worry about." Using the momentum, Steel squatted his legs and leaped off, just as Aux forced his arms outwards. "Have fun with your newfound curse!" Steel shouted as he and his charge sailed off into the sky. "May it be everything you never wanted!" Steel's mad cackle filled the air for a few moments before being cut off as the two of them were banished into the darkness.

    Aux turned his attention to those who remained; the scene had been... different... but nothing to worry about. After all...

    They were gone now.
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    Arriving at the castle to see Dreamer leaving with the Cornerstone of Light was not the first thing that Kel expected, nor hoped to see. The Cornerstone of Light was probably their last chance at having some fighting chance at driving back the heartless and yet it was being taken away before their eyes and there was nothing that they could do about it.

    To make matters worse, shortly after Dreamer cryptic message to them Aux showed up. On the one hand they were severely ill equipped for this fight, but on the other hand it could've been Nequa. Either way they would've been screwed but somehow it would've been more so for him in particular if Nequa was standing before them.

    The situation turned grimmer went Aux had openly challenged them despite their weakened states. In any other situation Kel would’ve been up for a chance to fight, but this wasn’t one of those moments as shown when Raisor stepped up first to fight and the first one to fall.

    Following Raisor everyone else who challenge Aux met the same fate. Glen, Beuce, Stratos, all of his comrades that he’d come to know through his journey vanished into vortex above them and what did Kel do about it? Nothing. Not a damn thing. While everyone else actually step forward to fight despite the situation and actually tried to do something and even then the one things that he actually attempted ended in failure. When Karina and attempted to walk past Aux and avoid fighting, Kel tried to reach out and stop her. If he had done so sooner then he might’ve succeeded, but instead he was a second too late as she too was sucked up into the void.

    Now Aux stood there, taunting the ones that remained. Clearly he was enjoying this. Having all this power over them, showing them how weak they were. Aux’s taunts had been the final straw. Kel was sick and tired of this, less so Aux - even though he was pissed at him - and more so himself. He was tired of him freezing up whenever he was rendered helpless. This wasn’t the first time that this had happened and just like back then, he did NOTHING.

    So no more, without wasting another second he lunged forward and struck Aux in his gut. The attack did nothing but amuse him as he returned the favor by doing the same thing to Kel. Difference was that his attack hurt like hell compared to Kel’s attack. Air, blood and spit came flying out of Kel as a result as well as him going airborne a bit. That was all that was needed for the vortex in the sky to start pulling him upward towards in. Still reeling from the attack the last thing that Kel was able to do was to look upwards the Aux and show him not a face of despair, but one that still held on to hope.
  13. cstar stay away from my waifu

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    Kaida had been silent thus far, a little too silent for her general personality. Everything just seemed to fall apart in this long moment. First her keyblade was gone, and now all of her friends were gone. No. That last part may not have been so true after all. As right there in this moment, two of her friends were present. Both were people she admired greatly, two she would consider her best friends. Except one was attempting to cast her into darkness. She listened to all the words everyone said before they disappeared one by one, like some sort of sick curtain call. She should have been angry, fearful, or sad, or some combination of the two. But she wasn’t. She felt numb. And she didn’t like it at all.

    And soon to cut through that numbness, just as Kel was thrown into the darkness, Aux’s deep voice announced, "He was one of the ones I seem to remember... Tell me. Is he the last loyal one who's stayed with you since the beginning?" Aux began walking slowly, ever closer towards the two. "How many of those have come and left." Then Aux stopped, and turned his head seemingly in her own direction, “Eventually Kaida will leave you as well."

    Kaida finally broke her silence as she spoke up, trying to contain her calm, though she felt herself losing, "Where do you get off on doing stuff like this?"

    Aux’s laugh suddenly roared, almost echoing through the area, or perhaps just echoing in Kaida’s ears, which began to anger her more to some degree as she felt it was like he knew more than she could ever know, and his words confirmed it, "You still have no idea what's going on do you? How do you expect me to explain what you don't understand?"

    Kaida piped up, no longer containing her anger at him, “I don't need to understand what's going on to know you've changed. And not in a good way at all. Is this what you meant by getting stronger? This seems like a shortcut only the weak would take!"

    "Weak? I've taken out all of your allies. Destroyed countless worlds. How many weaklings do you know that could do all of that?" Aux retorted, Kaida could hear Hikaru throw in a comment right then, "Just one..."

    Kaida continued on, not even bouncing off of Hikaru’s comment really as she responded, "It's easy to destroy things, it's harder to create them. And you sure love destroying things don't you? That's why you're here right? What can you say is yours after this? You're pathetic!"

    Perhaps she expected some sort of reaction from him, like the ones she used to win when she provoked him, but it wasn’t working, he wasn’t budging, he wouldn’t even give her the pleasure of moving a muscle, he just continued to tower there, until he finally spoke, "The only pathetic thing her is the two of you. You try so hard to save everyone and be the heroes. Where has that gotten you? Look around. Nothing but darkness and destruction. That is the inevitability for all things. Anything created will eventually fall. I'm just helping speed up the process."

    Kaida stepped forward, tensing up just slightly, "Are you happy with that? If everything eventually falls, maybe you're just speeding up your own process."
    "Happiness? What does that have to do with anything?"
    Aux questioned, not really seeming to care about the answer.

    "What about your memories? You're telling me none of that matters to you anymore? What about us? Your own friends! Did none of our time together mean anything to you?" Hikaru chimed in, he sounded just as hurt as Kaida over the situation, who wouldn’t be. But Hikaru was trying to pull him back, but Kaida finally had enough as she resigned: "Of course it didn't. He never cared. I'm not sure why I'm even surprised. He's just a coward that can't accept the fact he can't win every time. It's probably the real reason he hides behind that mask rather than that fake story he told us before."

    Just to spite her, or maybe it was because he had nothing left to hide, Aux took off his helmet so Kaida and Hikaru could see it. Kaida’s eyes widened a little before she felt anger pent up inside her even more. Not because she actually cared what he looked like, at this point it was meaningless. What had meaning was the reason Aux took it off.

    “There, now everything’s on the table.” Aux seemed to drop the helmet to his side, uncaring, as he continued, "You can see me with your own eyes... And it will be the last thing you see."

    Kaida felt the rage seep in more and more, and she couldn’t contain her ferocity at this point and she clenched her fists, “You… YOU….” Kaida let out a yell of frustration before she charged at him with her fists out and ready, "I'm gonna make you wish you never pretended to care about us!"
  14. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    Hikaru watched in horror as his best friends were about to battle each other in the most brutal of ways. His eyelids twitched in helpless as Kaida made the charge in what seemed like slow motion to him. Aux remained as unwavering as he'd always been. The fact Aux unmasked himself made things even worse. Now he had to watch his two friends eye each other in hatred. Faces he was laughing with no less than two years ago now at each others throats. Hikaru forced his mouth opened to warn Kaida, but it was far too late. By the time he could prevent something, she was already within his gripping range.

    "Kaida, wait!" he blurted out.
    A quick hesitation escape Kaida before she was held at the throat by Aux in one swift motion of his massive arm. She was left dangling off the ground, grasping onto his hand that was lifting her off the ground. A scene Hikaru recalled all too well from Beast's castle. He gritted his teeth as the scene had intensified past his comfort point. Hikaru charged in after to try and subdue Aux, or at the very least get him to release Kaida. "Aux, Let her go!" Aux's eyes flew to Hikaru who was now charging at him with the same ferocity as his friend. With little to no effort, Aux immediately dismissed him by performing a forceful kick against the boy. Letting out a painful groan, Hikaru slid back a couple of feet.

    He focused his attention back to Kaida. "How does this feel to you?" Tearing up from the deprived oxygen, Kaida refused to give him an inch of satisfaction. "W-weaker than I thought," she retorted, grasping his arms to loosen his grip in any length. This only made Aux grow more impatient with he girl. His grasp around her neck tightened. "I want you to remember this moment, Kaida. This feeling of air escaping you. It will be the last thing you ever feel." Hikaru had recovered with great pain in his chest and charged once more. "At least she can feel!" With no keyblade or magic to support him, he swung his inferior fist against his former friend in a last ditch effort to do some damage. To no avail, Aux barely even noticed it. He was busy trying to drain their last hopes before casting them into the darkness like the rest. Gasping for air, Kaida forced out more antagonizing words. "St-stop talking th-that prophet talk..." She let out a wheezing cough, tears streaming down her cheek. "Talk again... I-I'm not finish-finished with you yet." She kicked him a few times with her limp, dangling legs. Those words were eerily similar to the day she and he had their first sparring fight. He smirked as he replied with the same retort he used back then. "What's left for you?" He threw Kaida to the side, forcing air back into her lungs. He was almost enjoying this last reunion as an homage to their earlier days spent together. He grabbed Hikaru by the shoulder, who all the while was still trying to do hand to hand combat damage. Aux dug his palm into his shoulder until Hikaru fell to his knees from the intense pain. "All advances have been parried." he squeezed harder until a loud CRACK was heard, causing Hikaru's right arm to go limp. Hikaru let out a fierce scream as he was kicked to the ground. He held his arm tightly as he huddled lightly, writhing from the pain. As if half his chest was cracking with every breath. "Your predictability is what weakens you"

    Kaida was near him, trying to open up her windpipe by rubbing around her neck. She struggled to force herself up, holding her neck for a long moment before letting go. She stared at her defeated blue haired friend with sadness. "I'm still standing... I'm not out yet..." she told herself, slowly walking toward Hikaru. She weakly stepped in front of him in a fighting stance, prepared to defend him. "I'm gonna test my luck. And even if you finish me off, I'm not giving up on those who were really my friends. So go on, just keep showing me how weak you really are, Aux!"

    He looked at her with an unimpressed gaze, tilting his head menacingly. "How very noble..." He gave Kaida a quick sucker punch across her face, causing her to fall directly next to Hikaru. "But unnecessary." He lifted them both by their collars as the were weakly breathing and very much damaged. Kaida was barely conscious and Hikaru was about to black out from pain. "Enough is enough. As an atonement of whatever friendship you believe existed, I'm going to test your strength for the final time." He looked up into the dark void, slowly tearing apart Disneytown while he stood their with his two beaten friends in his hands. As if that darkness spoke to him in a way these two would never be able to fathom. "They say darkness is much like the waters we sail through. Once entered you either sink or swim. Let's see if either of you are up to the task. Who will conquer the darkness I wonder. The Failure..." He looked intently at Kaida, now with the left side of her face beginning to bruise, with her shut eyes giving the occasional twitch. "Or the Pawn?" He then looked to Hikaru whose eyes were twitching along with his trembling fingers.

    "Either way. I'm done with both of you." In a very slow motion, Aux released them from his grasp as he gently tilted them upwards. As if this were a viking funeral and he was sending them to their hallowed graves up above. Aux watched as the two drifted further and further like balloons. In their earlier days of bonding, Kaida made them all promise that they would never say goodbye to eachother. That they would always say 'see you later!' so they knew they would be able to see each other again. Looking back, Aux was scoffing at the mere idea of it. He watched them until they nothing more than tiny dots, edging into the darkness before his eyes pierced at the blackened sky with purpose.

    The screen goes black as Aux delivers his final line.

    End of Part One


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    Emptiness in it's Full Form

    Vanitas was still on patrol in the city streets of Central Haven. Begrudgingly working for his so called master all in the efforts of fulfilling his destiny in unlocking the gate to Kingdom Hearts. At most times, this wielder was often calm and composed, but No Heart's recent treatment of him was beginning to test Vanitas' patience. He was ordered by No Heart to search the world for any remaining resistance members that would go against his master's dearest wishes. "All that knowledge and power. And for what? To get some book maker help him restore something.... I should've just stuck with the old man... At least he had a plan." He kicked a nearby academy student helmet which rolled quite a distance down the walkway. The helmet eventually found it's way at the foot of an foreign woman to this world.

    Maleficent merely glided around the discarded head piece and arched her eyes as she waved her hand over her enchanted staff. "Xehanort may have planned for many things, but your master is some one he had not foreseen in his own affairs." Vanitas paid no mind to her as he took no time at all making a B-line around her. "Why do you think I switched sides, Witch? Whoever is under that mask is more powerful than Eraqus or Xehanort will ever be." Slightly irked from Vanitas' mistreatment of her evil presence, she continued on as he walked away from her in the other direction. "It truly is a shame that my bargain with him was cut short. However the deal with your new master poses new... potential for my own organization. As well as yourself if interested." Vanitas stopped in his tracks at the sign of some new information. "That freak show is no master of mine... And even if he was, what kind of play did you have in mind?"
    "Ahh, so the dark underling does have a mind of his own?"
    Maleficent scoffed.
    Vanitas drew his keyblade from the mocking gesture. "I am no one's underling."

    It was almost too easy for her to get his attention. Vanitas was cruel and powerful, but he could still be swayed if the situation benefited him. "There will be no need for a battle to commence. I simply offer a new path for you to take." Vanitas withdrew his weapon. "So why the sudden change of heart? No Heart not meeting your expectation? Furthermore... Why do you need me?"
    "Silly, boy. You’re like a son to me. I only want you to be happy.
    "I seriously doubt that," he replied bluntly.
    Maleficent had a sudden case of Deja Vu from the sheer irony of this conversation. "Clever, I see. Well if that's the case, allow me to make my proposal. As you know, Master Xehanort is the one who educated me about the seven maidens of pure light, and the fulfillment to unlocking the true power of Kingdom Hearts." She moved closer to him with caution as she went on. "Well, this mission that my fellow associates and I embark on still requires that of a keyblade... And seeing as how our predecessor proved to be a useless fool, a new one is now required."

    Vanitas folded his arms unamused. "So that's it? You need a new fool to use at your beckon call."
    "Perish the thought my boy. We would both gain the goals we crave. I would seize the power of Kingdom Hearts, and you would complete the X-blade for-"
    "Not interested,"
    he interrupted. "In case you haven't noticed, No Heart has me on a tight leash." he motion to the unwavering eye on the edge of his keyblade. "Besides, only he knows the whereabouts of Ventus."
    "Worry not, child, for anything is possible with the right touch of magic."
    With a wave of her hand the eye stopped moving on his blade. "He can no longer track you now... As for Ventus, his role may not be required after all. My sources tell me there is another of pure light you may set your sights after if it interested you of course. I have the solution to all your problems completed to the letter."
    "Well joy, my very own scary godmother."
    "Mock me all you like, but I know you've been feeling inferior with the company you've kept. No Heart constantly degrades you and focuses solely on completing a book. Aux overpowers you on every physical level. And Nequa's plans are still unknown even to No Heart... You ally yourself in a pack of hungry wolves, who care nothing but of their own goals. Your desires will not be held accountable to them once they've lost their usefulness for you. "
    The more she continued to talk, the more Vanitas listened in. "And to show my gratitude for you allegience, I come bearing a gift... Something that you've missing since you severance from Ventus. Something that could very well put you on par with the power of Aux."
    Vanitas' arms unfolded. "Okay, you have my attention now. What is it?"
    Maleficent pulled out a small pink vial from her robe. "This vial is a specially elixir formed by a former colleague of mine. She mixed it's intended use to restore some one to full human form. And that of course means, every part of said human."
    Vanitas watched as she held it loosely in her hand. "I have the resources and you have the final piece we need... With No Heart out of your hair, you would be free to operate of your own volition."
    "What happens to me when I drink that?"
    "You will of course lose all your connection to the Unversed as a minor setback. You will however, gain a full heart of darkness that could match that of your former master. Your ties with the heart of Ventus would also be severed. Born from the same vessel, but made into your own. A complete copy that surpasses the original."
    Vanitas grabbed the vial from her hand with no hesitation. Maleficent's offer was too rich to pass up. "You've got yourself a deal witch... But I answer to no one. Got it?"
    "Our goals align. I wouldn't have it any other way."

    Vanitas' face is shown off screen as he removes his helmet and downs the vial in a few quick gulps. His body is surrounded by a quick vail of darkness before dispersing.
    "So do tell me... how does it feel to be your own master?"
    Vanitas burst into a small chuckle with his eyes wide in pleasure. A whole new sensation as he looked up at the sky in pride.
    "I feel... COMPLETE."

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    The Witch's Brew

    Nequa had stationed herself deep into the realm of darkness. Even with Yue still after her, she sat on her throne of discarded keyblades. Each one unique to their own right, being melded together into a stable and commanding seat for the witch herself. With her helmet at her feet, she smiled to herself as she leaned back comfortably. "See, THIS is a nice chair. It's comfy, it's fancy, and best of all, it's all mine! BWAHAHAH!" She laughed humorously. From across the path, a brown haired, dully bearded man walked over to her. "So glad you enjoy it. The results of said throne are from the fallen applicants that failed to survive the cleansing."

    Still focused on the chair, she looked ahead and chuckled. "Oh yeah. Tell me Delta. How did my little purge project go?"
    Delta took out a clipboard and looked over the scribbles he had made on it. "Well, judging from the dozens of recruits that No Heart's apprentices helped you 'acquire,' only twenty-four were deemed eligible for the task you so desired. Seeing as how you wished to enlist only the strongest to your cause, the purge was successfully completed in 54 hours. "
    "My my, they really did jump at the chance to kill each other didn't they? Well judging by how you're here, I'm guessing you made it through?"
    "That I did, superior."
    "Oh thank goodness! I was afraid I would be the one who would have to do the organizing..."
    "Perish the thought. Taking on such a light prone vessel already affected your personality too greatly."
    "I dunno. I kinda like it. If you're going to do something that conquers time and space, might as well enjoy it, am I right?"

    Delta seemed unconvinced and went over his numbers. "That being said, the 24 were then paired into duels, leaving only twelve that were deemed worthy. That along with your own personal choice for number one put a total of thirteen." Nequa took note of the bits of sarcasm in his voice. "Don't tell me, you don't approve of the new roster?"
    Delta fained his lack of confidence. "Forgive me, it's just.. myself withstanding, these twelve may not serve your cause with as much passion as I do. Many of them are traitorous, selfish, and emotionally unstable."
    "Sounds like my kind of party! You shouldn't worry too much over it. It won't be hard to keep them in check. Besides, this plan benefits everyone. They don't have to be loyal, so all that leaves is for them to play their part."
    Not terribly convinced, Delta nodded anyways.
    "Now that all that noise is dealt with, tell me about everything else. What's on schedule?"
    Delta went down to his notes to reply. "Of the thirteen members in your new brigade, I've selected 4 that I believe will help keep all your affairs in order. Number four is still working on a new permanent base, but the efforts of Yue continue to deter his progress. Number Three is still in the search for the swords you asked for, and Number Six is currently in charge of commanding the other member assignments."
    "You do so enjoy ranking everyone don't you?"
    "One of the many joys I take in being the right hand,"
    he grinned. "Number five has scouted ahead and reported back with news that Aux has defeated Kaida's small resistance."
    "Aww, I so wished to play with them more. I enjoyed kicking around Mel.... Or was it Ken? I really should remember their names..."
    "Needless to say, this may cause issues later on. If they survive being thrown into darkness, they will end up prolonging more of your plans... On the bright side it's worth noting, they've lost use of their keyblades. Something involving a book. Main point being that we can't track them even if we wanted to."

    Nequa shrugged it off. "Well neat as that is, I take no care in it. I just need to make sure no one gets in the way. We're already behind schedule enough as it is."
    "Speaking of which. What does Krowley think of all this?"

    Nequa seated herself up and took a small stroll while she reflected. "A long time ago, he and I made a bargain that would ensure both our plans come to fruition. He gets what he wants, and I achieve what I've been longing for. So long as we don't get in each other's way, he should be of no concern."
    "Well noted,"
    Delta replied as he wrote something down. "Your new throne will be delivered to the fortress in the days to come... Is there anything else you need?"
    Nequa smiled as she looked into the deep void of darkness swirling around them. "I'm about to achieve the height of my power, my debts have been paid in full, and I have you to help me run my very own nefarious organization." She looked to Delta with her bright yellow eyes. "What more could a woman want?"
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    A Ray of Hope

    DJ sat in the center chair of the small spacecraft he was piloting. Through his glasses, he gave a concerned and most serious look. He was thinking about the trials ahead and how much planning he'd have to do since all his allies were scattered. Huey, Dewey and Louie were currently in the back of the hub maintaining the ship as best they could.
    "Good thing the Junior Woodchucks had a section on rocketeering!" Huey exclaimed, flipping through his scout guide manual. Louis jumped back as one of the machines made a loud glitching sound, letting out steam. "Too bad we couldn't build a better ship. Sorry we didn't have enough time to build you something better DJ," Dewey frowned.

    DJ let out a light smile. "You guys did just fine. I couldn't be prouder of my D-Boys," he reassuring, giving a thumbs up to the three of them.
    "Awww, shucks," Louie replied, blushing.
    "So what's gonna happen to everyone back home? Are we gonna go back for 'em?"
    DJ looked over to the world scanner, and sighed as the location Disneytown once was had vanished. He wasn't sure if he had the heart to tell them. "We can't go back right now... But we will save everyone. If I were to guess, Kaida and her crew are probably doin' a bit of struggling. But I've seen Kaida. She's kinda reckless, but she's one of us. She'll be fine." That last line was for his own reassurance rather than theirs. "Not to mention Mickey and them will probably be able to help out. And when they need some backup, we have to be ready. That's why we're out here."
    The three ducks still seemed a bit confused. "Why are we out here again?"
    "Do you guys remember what you were doing when Mickey returned to Disneytown?"
    The three searched their memory banks before Dewey spoke out. "We went traveling with Unca Scrooge, I think."
    "Right. He left for the summer with you for some adventures. Right now I'm tracking the ship you guys used on your journey."
    A light blinking on his scanner registered a gargantuan vessel just ahead of them. "Speaking of which..." He pressed an intercom and began to relay a message to Scrooge.
    "Is this a Mr. Scrooge McDuck? I have a proposition I need to talk to you about."
    There was a few seconds of static before an unfamiliar voice tuned in to reply. "Uhh, Mr. McD! Some guy on the radio wants to talk to yah... I didn't even know we had one of these..."
    "Launchpad, give the radio and focus on flyin' the ship.
    " He grabbed the radio from him and talked into it. "I know what yer after and the answer is no! Wha'ever yer sellin', we don't want it!" Scrooge barked.
    "Hi Unca Scrooge! It's us!" Dewey yelled into the radio.
    "Boys! but... wait a minute. Yer right her beside me. What kinda trick is this?!"
    "Mr.McDuck, if you let us aboard, I'll explain everything..."

    After being let aboard, DJ gave a brief explanation on the situation. Huey, Dewey and Louie were meddling and talking with the past versions of themselves while the two were trying to come to an agreement.
    "So let me get this straight... You're from the future, aye? And those boys are actually my boys from the future?"
    "That's right."
    "And there are some bad people with more of these... err key-blades that are goin' from world to world and causing chaos, destroyin' worlds, what have ye?"
    "That about sums it up. Your nephews are an excellent crew. But we're on a special mission now and we need to commandeer your vessel."
    "And why's that?"
    "There are a lot of people that could lose their homes. We need a safeguard for them to stay until we've resolved everything. That place used to be Central Haven, but... it got raided. This place has enough to fit hundreds of passengers..."

    Scrooge contemplate this for a moment.
    "Sorry, not interested."
    DJ was surprised by his answer. "But you realize all worlds are going to be lost? Lives are at stake."
    "Aye. And I weep for me businesses back home. But that's why I've got to rebuild now. There's no money to be made in savin' folks... unless of course they'd be willin' to pay a royalty fee for passage, hehe..."

    DJ looked intently at the greedy duck as he can already see dollar signs in his eyes. After dropping off Kaida, he didn't have much money to his name since the evacuation. Not enough to entice Scrooge's interest. He had to try and give more incentive.
    "You know, we could help get those businesses back if you agree to help."
    "Regardless if I help, yer still gonna save the world. It's what you heroes do. And that's what I love about ye saviors. Yah always do it fer free! But I can see yer in a bind. So I'll let you have mah ship on TWO conditions... ONE! It's still mah ship. What I say goes!"
    "So long as we can use it as a base, the ship is your to do as you please Captain."
    "And TWO! As soon as yer done yer mission, yer gonna tell me all yer trade secrets..."

    DJ tilted his head. "Trade... secrets?"
    "You're from the future! so you know what businesses are worth profiting!" More dollar signs emerged in Scrooge's eyes. "That's my offer, so take it or leave it!"

    DJ didn't know much about the business world, but hopefully he could make up some stuff to appease the duck. "You have yourself a deal Mr. McDuck," He bent down to shake his feathered hand.
    "Right! Now where to first future man?"
    "Actually, I need to relay a message first... How good is your signal?"
    "Top of the line! But if you're planning to make a long distance call, you can just forget it!"
    "Pause for a minute, Mcduck. I can hook up the signal so it won't cost you a dime..."

    "What's the message gonna be DJ?"
    He gave a small smirk before answering. "Just a little spark to light the fire..."
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    Pieces that are still in play

    Back in Central Haven, Krowley entered the thrown room where mast No Heart sat diligently in the thrown room to the Order. Sitting in the head of the five seats, No Heart was examining the records that were digitally stored in the archives. Krowley was slightly irked at the fact that his seat was being commandeered by his partner.
    "I can hear you staring," No Heart replied. "Relax. You're still in charge of your stronghold. I merely need a refresher course. It's been ages since I've been in this room..." He typed away at a few keys before heaing a negative beeping noise. No Heart slammed the holo keys in disapproval. "Why must this confounded system lock me out?"
    Krowley seemed almost glad that he was having trouble. "What's the matter? Didn't see that coming? I thought the great and powerful No Heart knew all. Or was that all just a ruse?"
    "Mind your tongue, Krowley. I know enough to assure your own demise if I willed it so."
    "And I know enough about you to spoil your little surprise party. So don't go waving around those idle threats of yours."
    Krowley went and sat at DJ's former placing to inspect his console. "Figured. DJ's put a lock on most of the system records."
    "So hurry up and unlock it,"
    he commanded.
    "You think I know how to use that? Hah, my role in this order was not one of the technical sort. Fetch one of your three apprentices to do your work."
    "If I'm not mistaken I'm down to two now."
    "You say that with such a calm demeanor.. Let me guess. It was already foretold?"
    "Yes, Vanitas has undoubtedly sided with Maleficent's council. I always considered it a possibility, but never kept mind to it as a threat to our objective. It's just as well, though. They both no longer serve a purpose to the main goal."

    Krowley could see No Heart was still frantically trying to access the records. He felt the need to tease him. "It must pain you to not know something. All that time hopping and you can't recall a few simple facts."
    "They are more than simple facts you fool. DJ created three time belts and one is missing..."
    "And how is that a problem to the great and mighty No Heart?"
    "We have the ones that Aux and Hikaru were using, but it seems, DJ has made off with the final belt. That could cause... obstacles beyond even my control."
    "So fetch Nequa or Aux to deal with him."
    "Both have been instructed to keep an eye out. Until then I've had Aux dispose of the ragtag brigade in Disneytown."

    Krowley stood up in a ferocious reaction. "YOU WHAT?! You realize that destroying them will-"
    "Relax, they were powerless. I had to make arrangements to parry their attention away from me. Think of it as a little sabbatical for them..."

    Krowley tried to look into the eyes beyond No Heart's mask. "What are you playing at?"
    "Beg your pardon?"
    "Our goal was to eradicate the darkness from all worlds. I helped you put them down the path in hopes they would aid the cause."
    "So what's the problem?"
    "The problem is that you're aiding the darkness a little too well!! What is your endgame here?!"

    No Heart stopped trying to enter the computer and looked to Krowley, having already drawn his keyblade. He began to list off names. "Kel. Luna. Stratos. Ignis. Karina-"
    "And what do any of those names mean to me?"
    Krowley instigated.
    "They are just a select few from the key wielding party that are known quite well in the future. They are Legends. And Legends they will remain."
    "YOU'RE PLANS AREN'T MAKING ANY SENSE! Are you in this fight for Light or Darkness?"

    Before No Heart could reply, a digital envelope appeared on the screen. A new message had just been delivered.
    "Hold that thought." No Hearts tapped the envelope, which opened and began to do a quick system scan before DJ's face appeared on the screen.

    "Greetings from your former Master of the order!" DJ exclaimed through his recording. "With any luck, this message has relayed to Central Haven's console. If I recall correctly, some guy named No Heart is in charge..."
    "What is-"
    "Listen to the rest,"
    No Heart interrupted Krowley.
    "Now judging by your ability to take down our base, I'm gonna assume you're a pretty tough dude. You took down Shiro. Caught Mizu. And as for Krowley. My guess you've either captured or recruited him."
    Krowley's eyes widened as he gritted his teeth.
    "And if you're listening to this Krowley. I never trusted you. No man is THAT good a person. So just in case, I'm setting up a few contingencies of my own."
    DJ's voice continued to echo as different shots of people can be seen.Scrooge is seen commanding everyone on his vessel as Launchpad is seen, revealing a new plaque that reads 'DISNEY STATION'
    "In the small time you've been around, you've hurt a lot of people."
    Shiro is seen in the recovery bay as Seiza tends to his injuries.
    "Some of who you considered to be your team mates."
    Yue is seen slashing menacingly through a horde of shadow heartless, relentless in finding Nequa. Lea is seen walking through the darkness, carrying his old flaming chakrams to avoid heartless swarming him.
    "Your teachers"
    Eraqus and Xehanort remained in their pods, with a statue Yen Sid placed in between them to form a sleeping trinity of masters.
    "Your students,"
    Mizu is seen in a sleeping pod, being transferred by Delta via electronic machines.
    DJ slapped his head almost humorously over his out loud thinking. "But man, that's not even the worst of it. During your little power play, you made one really dumb mistake."
    Krowley listened intently while No Heart remained amused.
    "You pissed off a group of teenagers."
    In the realm of darkness, Ananta is seen walking around aimlessly from her unexpected wasteland departure. A shadow heartless was preparing to attack her, but was silenced by the keyblade of a young purple haired girl wearing goggles. Xara grinned as she waved hello.
    "And not just any teenagers. We're talkin' rebels with a cause here."
    Karina stood emotionless in a random pathway in darkness when a speedy Steel managed to catch up to her, offering a hand and a weak smile in hopes she would move forward.
    "People who were both chosen, and forced into the will of the keyblade."
    D'daear and Raisor were seen walking the long road ahead as one shrugged to the other in their next objective. They find an unconscious Kaida and rush to her aid.
    "A battle some may not have even wanted in the first place. But that's what makes these kids such a threat."
    Beuce and Kel both managed to find each other at a fork in the road. Kel offered a modest fistbump to which Beuce replied with his good arm.
    "They've been to worlds. They've seen what lies beyond their small borders."
    Stratos found himself in a small cavern where he saw Luna trying to gather resources. Stratos offered a seldom bow, knowing Aux had revealed her princesshood.
    "They know that the hopes and dreams of others, are just as important as theirs. They've seen whats at stake. They know their path."
    Glen is seen finding Hikaru who is holding his shoulder painfully, his eyes wide with disbelief. Glen puts on arm over his shoulder helpfully as the two trudge on.
    "And while you sit in your chair, and do your evil plan thing, we're out here, preparing for our next move. So the purpose of this little message I say is just a warning."
    DJ was prepared to end the message before he recalled something. "Oh, well that. And stalling you long enough to download all my files back. That's right. I just had to pause you long enough to get all my archives. Have fun trying to hack my system old man." He gave a quick peace sign before the message ended.

    "Clever brat. He's too smart for his own good," Krowley muttered.
    "Your heroes of light will emerge mightier than ever, Krowley. That was the promise I made to you. And as you can see, others will ensure it's success." No Heart got up from the table and began to exit. "I know you must be very disappointed. That person you thought I was turned out to be a lie. so you have two choices. Participate, and get your desire. Or defy me. Either way... I win." He exited as Krowley dispersed his keyblade. He smashed his fist against the council table. He looked up, upset, but still trying to keep his composure. "You and DJ aren't the only ones with back ups." he smirked, as his silver eyes burned brightly. "You'll get yours yet. I've been patient enough to get this far. I don't mind waiting a little longer..."
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  20. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008

    The beacon to guide them

    Mickey Mouse found himself in the dark in both the figurative and literal sense. What was he doing there? He didn't know. What just made that spine-tingling sound right behind him!? He didn't know that either! All that did go through his mind was shouted aloud in panic,

    "I gotta get out of here!!!" he hollered, throwing his arms up and using his hands to shield his eyes from the eyes in the dead trees which seemed to be peering down at him. Eyes were everywhere he looked. There was no escape. Everything was out to get him, and everything from logs in the water to shadows between the trees was alive. Racing for his very life, Mickey dashed over dirt path and hurdled over exposed roots. Hostile sounds were closing in on him. There seemed to be no escape!

    That was the case until he saw a breakage in the woods. The trees cleared away to reveal a castle, dimly illuminated in the moonlight. Dare he go closer to it? The woods were not so welcoming, so there was no option for him. He ventured on, dashing as fast as his feet could carry him. He scarce noticed the ground below his feet start to feel more like cloud than terrain. His eyes were fixated on the castle.

    He only hesitated once he got to its mighty doors. Tender-footed, Mickey knocked at the door and shrank away. He only hoped the Master of the Castle was home; or maybe it was better if they weren't. Such a forboding air hung about the place.

    "H-Hello? Is anyone there? I've been lost in the woods nearby, and I-I need a place to stay for the night."

    Light footsteps were heard as a man in a white Cloak exited the woods and showed up behind Mickey. "There you are," The voice spoke from behind the mouse. "I was wondering where you had scampered off too." He glided along the dust filled pathway as he made an abrupt stop before looking down at him through his hood. His stature was much smaller in comparison, as he towered over him.

    "You look confused... well that's to be expected I guess." He extended his hands wide in a gracious greeting. "You may call me Dreamer. And while I may not seem it, believe me... I am a friend." He went down on one knee with his cloak flowing along to reveal white pants and boots beneath the white coat.

    "I understand you must have a lot of questions, and we'll have time for all of them." He reach into his coat pocket and pulled out a glowing red crystal. "But for now, we have a bigger task to deal with it." He lowered the crystal into mickey's hands to get a better view of it. An evil sorceress has imprisoned nine people inside this castle, including Minnie and several of your other friends. Her ability to manipulate memory is preventing me to rescue them myself. I'm powerless in there..." He looked down on himself, while the red crystal shimmered in Mickey's hands. "That there is the Red Crystal Gem. It holds the very essence of some one you know. It is a set of seven that a witch has created after capturing your friends." Mickey recalled this memory after he and the other wielders left Wasteland. Without keyblades to protect them, they were left victim to the witch's scheme as she fled with Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Pete, Max and Oswald. Mickey could only wonder who resided in the red gem. Dreamer got off his knee and stared up at the looming castle. "And right now they are all trapped until they can be saved... Do you understand so far?..."

    "Gosh, I'm not sure," Mickey responded, holding the red crystal like a carefully guarded treasure. "The essence of someone I know, huh? Well, who is it? And just how do I get them out of there? Are they okay? Oh no! Is Minnie alright?" His questions grew more anxious the more he asked, clapping one hand over his head when the stress became too much. It was a lot to take in, and it looked like, once again, it was up to him to save his friends.

    More steadily, Mickey furrowed his brow and looked up to the man in the white coat with stern understanding.

    "You just tell me what I have to do to put a stop to her and help my friends. I imagine they're counting on me, and I can't let'em down."

    "Give it time Mickey... I know you'll save them all."
    He looked at the strange design of the castle. "With each gem you find, some one will return to you. But they are currently sleeping in a core memory. You see, everything that is or ever was, can be salvaged with a memory. And that's what this castle is Mickey. Memories and Illusions designed to tamper with your mind. The sorceress can not be so easily defeated. She is protected by five guardians. Each more powerful than the last." He looked back to the crystal in Mickey's hands. "But with the help of those trapped in the gems, I know you'll find your way..." He walked alongside with Mickey to where he revealed the Cornerstone of Light in a small clearing.

    "Is that-"
    Dreamer affirmed. "The symbol of light to ward of the darkness. Or in the eyes of others. The Core Memory to restoring Disneytown."

    He began to walk away from the castle and looked up as he dove into thought. "You always do," he sighed. "But you won't be alone. While the witch has prevented my interference, you'll have the help of that friend. The higher you climb, the more friends you will free. But be careful... This castle also pits you against your darkness and most hidden fears."

    He stood parallel from Mickey and looked to him. "Remember that the castle won't let you leave until you've conquered your darkness and saved your friends... Your mission ends once all 10 of you are safely united."

    "All ten. I got it. Thanks for all your help,--- I --- I guess I call you Dreamer."
    Mickey did not take the mystery man's words lightly. "I figure I got some danger ahead of me, huh? And I'll have ta keep an open mind to make sure I don't fall for any of those illusions ya mentioned." He faced the door, gripped the crystal tight, and ventured in.

    Dreamer watched him leave as he then set his sights on the Cornerstone that he had taken from Disneytown. Quick flashes of worlds falling into darkness swarmed his mind. He sighed as he placed one of his white gloved hands onto the sentient orb of light. "I just hope I know what I'm doing..." His hand dragged down from the glass totem as he wandered about the pathway. In front of him stood stood a dark, and poorly lit castle of darkness.

    "You shouldn't be so hard on yourself,"
    a small hungarian woman's voice echo. "I'm sure Mickey will do just fine." from at the base of his foot, he found two small mice left from the Cornerstone's base and walked forward. A small and slender mouse with white fur and a purple cap and bow around her neck smiled. Behind her was a bucktoothed, portly grey mouse with a red sweater and brown cap. "Geez did you look at the size of that fella," the male spoke. "And they say I'm big," he looked at his stomach in dismay. "Oh Bernard, hush!" the female mouse spoke out.

    Dreamer looked in awe at the two smile mice. "I suppose you two are stowaways. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to remove you from that world."
    "Oh that wasn't our world, I mean did you see the noses on some of those people- ridiculous!"
    Bernard stammered when he talked, still in disbelief of how cartoonish a lot of them seemed. "But yeah, Miss Bianca and I are from the uh- Rescue Aid Society."
    "Rescue Aid Society?"
    Dreamer repeated.
    "We never fail to do what's right," both exclaimed.
    "We are delegates from a small organization of mice that go from world to world, answering calls of help from children in distress."
    The mission of these mice touched dreamer. He offered his hand and lifted them both up to match his hooded eye level. "That's a very noble cause. I believe I may be able to help."
    "Whoa whoa there mister, not a an inch closer!"
    "But Bernard, he seems like a good enough man."
    "No good man would cover himself in a hood. That's for criminals!"
    he argued.
    "I assure you, I hide my identity for only the best of reasons. I'm just like you. Trying to head the call of those who need help. Because in a way... I feel connected to them."
    Bianca looked concerned as she looked at Bernard who let his guard lower. "Alright, so what's your plan then?"
    "Mickey will fight his way to freeing his friends. After that, they can hopefully begin to help those in need. I have a friend whose working on getting them a vessel as we speak."
    "Well, I'm sure the Mouse guy will get the job done. Us mice always do,"
    Bernard sniffed pretentiously as he adjusted his sweater.
    Dreamer put the two mice on his shoulder. "If you two are still working on your mission to help the worlds, I have a group of young rescuers who could use a few extra hands."
    "Well are they associated with the R.A.S? There are proper channels for these kinds of things you know. There are forms, and-and- documents-"
    "We will be glad to help where we can"
    Bianca volunteered.
    "Excellent. Mickey will save his friends, but they alone cannot defeat Mizrabel's darkness.That will be a job for the weilders of the key."
    "Right, the key kids... So how are they gonna do that? Last we saw, they didn't have anything to protect themselves."
    "The keyblade is a powerful weapon Bernard. It lies dormant in the strongest of hearts. Mizrabel's powers of illusion will likely challenge them for their hearts. And that is where their will shall be tested. They will be forced into completing three trials as they dive into the most sacred part of their hearts; What is most important to them... What they want out of life... And their greatest fear."
    "But mister Dreamer, how will they find their way here?"
    Bianca questioned.
    "Yeah, last we saw those kids got all split up in limbo."

    Dreamer placed his hand back on the cornerstone. The light inside began to burn brightly as a large pillar extended to as high as the eye can see. "Even in the darkest depths, people can always find their way with the help of a beacon."