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    The Script for Re:COM is now out! Click here to read it all

    Kingdom Hearts re:COM's cameplay has gotten a GREAT improvement from it's previous moments

    Also here is what was shown at JF2006's character exhibition


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    Sora vs Guard Armor

    Battle: Traverse Town, Olympius Coliseum and Halloween Town (Halloween Costume)

    THere is a scene of Sora vs ?

    Sora, Donald Goofy, and Axel are there

    "You lose sight of the light in this darkness, and forgot the one thing you setted your sights on.

    Sora: Weather it's darkness or light.

    Riku and Zexion

    Riku: Sora is here?

    Zexion: THe Shadow of Darkness, and Ansem remain in your mind, do you wish to see Sora in such a shameful state?

    Axel and Marluxia are in this scene

    Axel: Sora is the plan to erase the Organization?

    Marluxia: Put our betrayer in order.

    Vexen being executed

    Vexen: You will not have a future.

    Lexaeus and Riku, Riku is not shown.

    Lexaeus: When light loses sight of the road, the only option is to use the Dark.

    Sora vs Axel

    Axel: I want to meet an important Existence again.

    Sora: This card?

    Riku and Zexion

    Zexion: Riku...

    Riku: This card, will erase the darkness?

    Marluxia and Namine

    Marluxia: Do you not want to complete the promise you made for Sora?

    Larxene and Sora, Sora is not shown.

    Larxene: Do you enjoy forgetting in this castle?

    Sora vs Larxene

    Scene of Hades

    Scene of Cloud

    Riku vs Zexion

    There is a struggle reaching for Sora and Namine as the island is collapsing.

    Sora: I wanted to meet you for a long time.

    Namine: Having come to meet you was terrible, althogh it was also good. I'm sorry Sora, I wasn't really here.
    The text Kingdom Hearts Re: Chan of Memories appears.

    Source: Midnight kingdom, and FF13 Vids
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Dec 16, 2006.