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    Well I have no way to give you an introduction so here is what I'll say.

    - The demos were indeed only playable for 15 minutes, with wait lines going up to 60 minutes.

    -This time they did not give out an instruction booklet (Well that's odd, someone's gonna have to clerify me on that one)

    - There were only 2 chosen area demos.

    - One was playing Sora's side in Halloween Town which included the Oogie Boogie Boss Battle.

    - The other was playing Riku's side against Vexen!


    The Stock button apparently wasn't the L and R, so it didn't feel like the GBA version there, however the gameplay is similar to the GBA version, and you still have to repeatedly press L and R, just like the GBA version to them. ( I believe they're saying L and R both have seperate commands now)

    L is used to stock the cards, as R is used to unleash the techniques of the stocked cards, after you earned 3 pieces.

    Sora's side
    There was no Cutscenes at all for this, however once you advanced 2 rooms, you would automatically be brought into the Oogie Boogie boss battle.

    The cards you have set for you are "Cloud, Jack, Heal, Gravity, Fire, Blizzard, and attack cards"

    The method to defeat Oogie Boogie is very similar to that of the GBA version.

    Riku's Side

    This time there was a cutscene, and a boss battle against Vexen.

    There were little to no changes, except that the battle takes place on the 10th floor this time.

    Once you defeat Vexen, a cutscene appears.

    Source: FFKHBlog
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Dec 16, 2006.