Kingdom Hearts One-Shot: "The Reason"

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    Kairi's skirt gets blown upward by the Aeroga spell...

    WHAM! The door bursted off its hinges. The young writer glanced up from his keyboard and was astonished to see Kairi and Namine storming in. "We need to talk," Kairi growled.

    Suddenly, Destiny's Force found himself in a vice-like headlock. "Geez, Namine! How'd you get so strong?"

    "You can thank your writing," Namine replied coolly. "Without it, I wouldn't have built up my strength to the way it is now." The captured writer struggled to get out of her hold, but her grip was too firm.

    "Can you let go of me, please?" he asked nicely. When Namine didn't relax, D.F. sighed. "Well, I did ask nicely." He shaped his hands into pincers and began vibrating his fingers along Namine's ribcage. She instantly burst out laughing, forcing her to loosen her hold on the author's head.

    "What is going through that perverted mind of yours, D.F.?" Kairi demanded. "Almost every piece of writing with me or Namine in it has us getting stripped, groped, violated, tortured or tickled!"

    "Yeah!" Namine added. "We're not exactly your playthings, you know!"

    Destiny's Force sat at his desk, staring at his computer screen for a few seconds before answering. "First of all, call me Michael. It's much easier than saying "D.F." all the time."

    "What?!" Namine exclaimed. "Why shouldn't we..."

    "Second of all," Michael interrupted, "please don't yell at me like that. It makes it hard to think clearly."

    "You're not the boss of us!" Kairi shouted. The author's eyes scanned the angry girls before him. He didn't want to be wasting his time arguing with two fictional characters at the moment.

    "I beg to differ," Michael said darkly. "You're forgetting where you are right now. You're in my room without the usual safeguards of literary editing to protect you. I can pretty much write whatever I want and it'll immediately affect you. For instance..." Michael shuffled his chair toward his laptop and began typing.

    Unaware of their current state of dress, the girls suddenly found themselves wearing the skimpiest white and pink bikinis in human history.

    Michael looked up and smiled at them. As soon as he input the final keystroke, Kairi and Namine's outfits dissolved into exactly what he typed. Their hands flew upward immediately to cover themselves.

    "Kinda cool, huh?" he asked nonchalantly.

    "Gimme that laptop!" Kairi snatched Michael's computer off the desk and quickly exacted her revenge by typing:

    The writer's head swelled like a balloon and his ears grew three times their normal size.

    She looked up at Michael expectedly. Unfortunately for her, nothing happened. The young writer chuckled at her astonishment. "You don't get it. It doesn't affect me because I'm not fictional." Before Kairi could react, the young author snagged the laptop from her hands and quickly wrote:

    Invisible ropes tied the girls' wrists and ankles together, binding them to the ceiling completely helpless and at his mercy.

    Kairi and Namine's arms flew straight up to the ceiling as their bodies hung suspended in thin air. As they struggled futilely, Michael gave them a stern look. "Now are you two going to calm down and behave yourselves or do I have to summon your worst nightmares?"

    "Hey! You started it!" Namine shouted angrily.

    "Do I have to get Vexen in here?" he threatened. Namine immediately stopped protesting.

    Kairi sighed. "Okay, we get it. You've got the power." She squirmed in her invisible bondage. "Can you give us back our clothes now?"

    The young author was extremely tempted to continue the conversation like this, but his moral guidance told him otherwise. He took one long look at their bikini-clad bodies before complying. "As visually appealing as this is, I guess we're not going to be getting anywhere with the way things are." His fingers flew over the keyboard as he wrote their outfits back onto their bodies and released them from their captured state.

    "Thanks a bunch," Namine muttered as she massaged her wrists.

    "I promise not to abuse my powers if you promise not to attack me again." The girls looked warily at the laptop and how it was a few inches away from easy reach. Knowing better than to argue with someone who had total control over their entire reality, they nodded.

    "So you two want to know why I write about you two more than anyone else?" The author tapped a few keys and had the girls sit down comfortably in heat-activated full-body massage chairs. "First let me ask you two a question. How many fanfics out there focus on you girls as heroines instead of objects of affection?" The girls were in heaven at the moment and were too relaxed to reply. "Not many, right? So, I figured you two deserved your own adventure."

    Kairi giggled as she felt the chair firmly knead her aching lower back. "Yeah, but why did you (Oh gawd, that's the spot!) decide to focus on us all of a sudden?"

    Michael crossed his arms and dropped his head as he began viewing the memories of the previous year. "Well, it technically all started when I wrote that theory about Kingdom Hearts 3. KH2 ended with you, Sora and Riku all reading that letter. Each of you had different expressions on your faces and I figured that there was a definite reason for all of that. So, I created the wedding story."

    He lifted his gaze upward and smiled to himself as the massage chairs gave the girls more pleasure than they had ever experienced before. "I didn't originally plan on expanding it into a full-fledged story. But after the encouragement I got from some of the readers, I figured I might as well run with it and see where it takes me. That's when I decided to make the wedding into a story about you two." Michael shrugged with indifference. "I mean, come on. You two versus Organization XIII. All Sora ever did was attack, attack, attack. You, on the other hand, fight them with witty banter and come up with original ways to defeat them without copying Sora move for move. What's not to like?"

    Namine quietly moaned as she felt her shoulders expertly massaged in just the right way. "But (Mmm...) what's with all the perverseness?"

    Michael pursed his lips in thought. "Okay, granted, I might have taken a few liberties, but at least you're getting the job done, right? Besides, that's the best thing about writing," Michael said with a grin. "As the author I can make anything that I want happen. Of course, you already know this."

    Kairi reluctantly reached down and turned her chair off. "I'm having a hard time concentrating with the chair on," she explained. Namine followed her lead and stood up as well. The massage chairs evaporated into nothingness. "So what you're saying is that you torment us the way you do because you're sexually repressed or something?"

    "Funny," Michael replied sarcastically.

    Namine shook her head. "As flattered as we are that you adore us, it's pretty sad that you would fantasize about fictional characters than the real deal."

    The young author raised an eyebrow. "Again, ha ha. But in all seriousness, I figured this would be a win-win situation for everyone. Using you two as the heroines, I satisfy the female readers desire to see you kicking butt. You know, holding your own, saving the world instead of being all "we're cute, helpless eye candy with no character traits of our own!"" The girls nodded thoughtfully at his words. "Of course, I didn't want the male readers to think this is all gung-ho girl power. Hence, the kinkiness. Most teenage guys have over-active imaginations. So I put you in situations that would probably satisfy their drive you."

    "That's your explanation?" Kairi crossed her arms and stared at him. "That's a bit sexist, don't you think?"

    "Hey, if I was really immoral, I'd probably have you two wrestling in chocolate pudding naked." Kairi and Namine took a couple of threatening steps toward him. "I was kidding! I was kidding!" he shouted hastily. The girls relaxed slightly, but were still glaring at him. "Look, I respect you two. Not as damsel in distress material, mind you, but as warriors in your own right. It's not fair that your characters didn't get developed as they should have. Nomura probably underestimated you two as the "hero's girlfriends." You deserved better treatment than that."

    "And as for the whole perverted aspect of how I write, that's what makes my work original. I don't do it to disrespect or degrade you. I do it for the imaginative potential. I don't like seeing your world as completely deep and serious. I prefer the lighter side by mixing humor with romance and action. Granted, I might be a bit sadistic when it comes to torturing you in ways that don't involve pain." The girls shuddered as the thought of Vexen popped into mind. "But there's a line that I swear I will never cross in the literary world." He looked at them with gentle, trustworthy eyes. "You have my word as a gentleman."

    As soon as he finished talking, an awkward silence hung in the air. Kairi and Namine looked at each other through the interlude, which Michael understood as them communicating telepathically with each other. Finally, it was Kairi that broke the silence. "That's kinda laying it a bit thick, don't you think?"

    The author blinked. This wasn't the reaction he was expecting. "What?"

    "Yeah!" Namine added. "When you put it that way, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't continue to write the way you do." Namine shared a glance with Kairi. "I thought the whole reason you do all this is because you didn't respect us as individuals. But if you're doing it because you appreciate us, I don't see any reason to stay mad at you."

    "Hey, anything for the pin-up girls of Kingdom Hearts." The girls blushed at the compliment. "Would you consider ditching Sora and Roxas so we could go out some time?"

    Kairi winked. "Don't push your luck, dude."

    He shrugged. "Can't blame a guy for trying. Anyway, I'm glad we had this talk. Thanks for stopping by!"

    The girls gave him a quick hug goodbye. "We should be thanking you for answering our questions," Namine replied.

    "No problem. But..." The author's face suddenly turned dead serious. "...if you break down my door again, the next story you two star in will be all yuri."

    Namine looked horrified, but Kairi smirked. She placed her smug face just inches from his. "You wouldn't dare."

    There wasn't any humor in his eyes when he said, "Try me." The tone of his voice made it perfectly clear that he wasn't bluffing. Kairi backed away slowly.

    "Okay, sorry about your door," she mumbled apologetically.

    Michael relaxed again. "No worries. I've been meaning to replace that old thing anyways." The two girls turned to leave, but a thought suddenly struck Namine.

    "One last question," she said.


    "What's with all the tickling?" Namine eyed him with an amused smirk. "Do you like tickle-torturing girls or something?"

    Now it was Michael's turn to redden. "I plead the fifth," was all he said. Kairi and Namine giggled. Quickly changing the subject, he asked, "I'll see you two again, right?"

    "You can't get rid of us that easily!" Kairi purred coyly. And with a toss of their hair, the girls left.

    Michael, A.K.A. Destiny's Force, smiled. "I'll see you two later then," he said as new ideas started to form in his head. "I really love this job." His train of thought was broken when he heard his sister's voice.

    "Hey, bro?" she called from downstairs.


    "There's a bunch of angry Keyblade masters down here complaining that you haven't been giving them enough screen time. You want me to send them up?"

    Michael slammed his face against his keyboard. "I really hate this job."

    (Note from author: This isn't necessarily all true, but the gist of it is pretty much my point of view word for word. It's my writing process, my motivation and my think tank. Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight of what I think when I write my stories. I hope I didn't offend anyone by explaining myself. And in case you're wondering, no, my real name is not Michael. :p I still prefer being called D.F.)
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    wow...honesty to a T. You don't need to explain yourself to me man I get it. This is what's going to put you ahead of a lot of writers here or in the future if you so continue to write. It's the honesty and realism that makes your stories so real.

    BTW, Nice facekeyboard.
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    Man, that's cool. And again I say that you've proved yourself as a man. At least I didn't think blue font and the name 'Destiny Force' girly anymore (Always had that impression until, like, one day ago)

    Anyway, if they ever showed up again, give me a call. Unlike you, I'm no gentleman when it comes to work. Dead serious. Haha.
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    now we know why you write your story's like that.

    but D.F. you are KHV official perversed writer.
    be proud on it you got a new title.
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    That was really funny. I love Kairi and Namine attacking you lol. That was an awesome idea to post that =).
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    Tee hee, that was hilarious! Nice job! :D
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    D.F. you're such a pervert XD

    This is one of my favorite of your one-shots, keep it up :P
    You are a very good writer.​
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    LOL! this is one of the most unique things I've ever read :P
    L O V E it! Keep up the good work DF!
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    *breaks down in a fit of laughter*

    Sides...hurting *giggle* ....can't *giggle* BREATH!!!! Loved the story. It's funny. And I believe you about the whole 'over imaginative imaginations'. *glances at my boyfriend* Keep up the good work! :D