'Kingdom Hearts III' Was the Most Talked About Game in E3 As Well As the Most Positively Received

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    Crimson Hexagon, a social media analytics site, has recently shared some interesting information in regards to E3. According to them, 'Kingdom Hearts III' was not only the most talked about game, but also the most well-received! Check out their statistics below:

    June13-E3-2-100.jpg June13-E3-3-100.jpg
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by ~Master Xehanort~, Jun 14, 2018.

    1. Iskandar
      To be fair, it has been a long time coming, so seeing something out of it is cool. Though the exact amount difference is kinda of amazing
    2. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      I find that hard to believe when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exists.
    3. Cat~
      KH3 is not only long awaited, but we got trailers THREE days in a row.

      To be fair to Smash it also had A LOT of buzz, but it didn't have nearly as many days to generate hype.
    4. Day~Dream
      Agreed. That and it's a game a lot of people have been waiting for a long time. We're practically nearing the "end" of an era. I'm glad it got the attention it deserved.
    5. Iskandar
      technically, we are at the end of an era, the Xehanort era at least. Don't worry, it'll only take another 20 years to do the next big story arc in Kingdom Hearts