Kingdom Hearts III Release Window Internally Decided

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    Aug 21, 2009

    A week from the impressive trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3, Famitsu and Dengeki have managed to wrangle up Tetsuya Nomura for yet another interview! The full interviews have yet to drop, but we do get a brief overview of the content:

    • The battle system doesn’t use deck commands like Birth by Sleep, but rather classic commands like “Attack” and “Magic.”
    • Free run is being implemented this time, so Sora’s mobility is a bit out of the ordinary. Beyond jumping and running, this likely consists of things like wall running and jumping, etc.
    • With the exception of Olympus, most of the worlds in the game are brand new. The Tangled world was revealed at E3.
    • Xehanort’s story will come to an end in Kingdom Hearts III, but the Kingdom Hearts series is not finished. (Rather, Kingdom Hearts III brings to an end the “Dark Seeker” chapter of the series.) A plan has already been decided regarding the whereabouts of some of the characters fans might be concerned about. Nomura says he wouldn’t want to do something so disappointing as just settling things.
    • A landing point for the release window has been decided, but they can’t say anything yet. The latest news is promised for the D23 Expo Japan Kingdom Hearts fan event on November 3.
    • Development is on track. Things like secret movies are also under consideration.

    Source: Gematsu
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Plums, Jun 23, 2015.

    1. Arch
      If they have a release date in mind, it can't be something ridiculously far away like late 2017. Pretty excited to see a lot of brand new worlds. Fingers crossed for something based off Treasure Planet. Or maybe even The Incredibles if people really want their fix of superheroes for KH3. November needs to come here sooner.
    2. T'Challa
      Please, pleeeease don't make what ever other returning world or two be Agrabah or Wonderland. I'm still a bit disappointed that Olympus will return for the millionth time already...
    3. lockedongamer
      This makes me super excited. They have a plan, and if they have a release date, it has to be soon. I think it's going to be a 2016 release date, maybe even early 2016.
    4. DualBladeRoxas
      I really hope that one of these worlds that are included aren't Frozen... Because since that movie was a musical, I don't want to repeat KH2 Atlantis... That imo was God-awful. Also, I've noticed that the orange bar says "Focus" now instead of "Ex". So my guess is that Keyblade Transformations are going to be like Shotlocks in BBS.
    5. T'Challa
      So was almost every other Disney movie included in the series. I really don't see them repeating KH2 Atlantica again.
    6. Plums
      Frozen is almost definitely going to be in KH3 in some capacity, whether it's a world or a summon or something along those lines. It's one of the highest grossing movies in Japan and still has a huge following in the US -- I reckon Disney's not gonna pass that up without a fight, lmao.

      I'm okay with Olympus/Agrabah/Wonderland returning as long as we get to go to some new places. It looks like we'll actually be going to Mt. Olympus judging by all the foiliage and landscape in that segment of the trailer, so I'm hopeful that they'll change it up enough so that it feels like a brand new world(s).

      I'm also glad that it seems that the Play Arts rendering they had in the trailer was just old content, that render of Sora in the header loosk much better (if sort of blurry compared to the background. Maybe this is a picture they took before sharpening the renders up? idk). The fact they have a solid release window for Japan has me PUMPED. I'm betting on mid 2017 at the earliest, considering FF15 is likely gonna be the huge focus for 2016.
    7. Allen Tor
      Allen Tor
      I'm glad that this game's going to be using the menu from KH1 and 2 instead of the deck commands, they were fun in Birth By Sleep but I was pretty much done with them by the time 3D rolled around. As for having mostly new worlds, I can't decide whether I'm excited to see the new worlds or disappointed at all the old Disney characters Sora's made friends with that we won't get to see again this time around. Also I'm totally hoping for a Gargoyles world.
    8. DualBladeRoxas
      Yea but Frozen imo was more of a musical than any other Disney movie I can think of off the top of my head at this very moment and I personally am not too big on musicals, but I'm fine with MOST Disney movies with a little bit of singing. There are a few where it makes me cringe a bit.

      Okay I can see how a Frozen world would work after about 15 minutes of typing a reply of how it wouldn't work but then thinking of a way it would work and deleting it and re-type more problems then figure them out again. And the process happened about 20 times before I finally thought of an entire world playthrough for it. The only way I can think of this working is that Sora and them appear maybe during the party they have for Elsa and the story continues where she runs off and Sora, Donald, Goofy, and new Friend Anna go chasing after her (but since Anna doesn't really have anything special for combat, it'd just be like normal playing with Anna isn't there if that makes sense) They meet Kristoff, he joins, maybe Square will somehow make him be able to fight and join the party or you are on the sled and you have to protect it from the wolves, then you progress to Elsa's castle whom you convince to go back and fix the town, and that's when you're able to have her as a party member. Then the story continues from there.
    9. 61
      >battle system not using deck commands

      oh my god i am already in so much love
    10. Calxiyn
      As much as I'd like them to. But ya I was just going to say, with the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean, which too has it's singing moments even though it isn't a musical, I'm going to say every single one of them had one-three songs. If they had REALLY wanted do they could do the same thing they did with Atlantica to Beast's Castle, Enchanted Dominion, even Olympus.

      Frozen had 9 songs, so did Beauty and the Beast, and so did Little Mermaid. Frozen is pretty standard when it comes to Disney Musicals. Pocahontas has 12, and Hunchback Of Notre Dame has 13. Frozen is not the most musically thing Disney has ever made, it's just popular.

      What really interests me most isn't the release date window, but the announcement that most/nearly of the worlds will in fact be new.
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    11. libregkd
    12. phoenixkh93
      Really hoping for a Pocahontas and Treasure Planet worlds :D
      And this is very exciting news, I'm a liiitle bit saddened by no deck commands though, I loved the freedom and customisation it led to, especially with the command styles that they led to. It's what made BBS one of the most fun combat wise in my opinion. I don't get a why people didn't like them?
    13. Chad Thundercucc
      Chad Thundercucc
      This is all nice and everything, but I'm still waiting to see if Star Wars or Marvel will be implemented. Kinda wanna also see if any other original worlds will be returning. Dunno if Twilight Town in the original trailer was just a placement holder, or if they do plan to put it in the final game.
    14. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      As of right now, I do not want to see Marvel or Star Wars in the games.
      But I do want to see them influencing it, if that makes sense?
      Like revamp the Gummi system to look like Star Wars
      or maybe Goofy gets a Captain America-like shield.
    15. lockedongamer
      I've heard that it's a specifically a release date, not a release window. Could be wrong though.
    16. Iskandar
      Wow, most of the worlds will be new except for Olympus? That'll be interesting

      I would also like to point out, there are no triggers on those guns. How are they supposed to be fired?
      Last edited: Jun 23, 2015
    17. tamale
      I think that the Olympus Coliseum we're seeing is fresh and different-looking enough that it feels new, especially with all that gorgeous open playable space, so I don't mind it at all~
      It popped up again in the D23 footage and there was even some Twilight Town in the new E3 trailer, so I'd say it's a safe bet to say that it's returning.
      Winnie the Pooh and Sephiroth exist in the same universe. There's time travel. Replicas. Nobodies. Dream Worlds. You, an anime character, along with your two friends, cartoon anthropomorphic animals, are able to enter the photorealistic world of Pirates of the Caribbean.

      And you want to know how a pair of guns made from a key-shaped bludgeoning device fire without triggers?
    18. T'Challa
      That there is what's keeping me from sending a very angry letter to Nomura being too bummed about it. If they can do to Olympus Coliseum what they did to Traverse Town in KH3D, I'll not mind it too much.
    19. DualBladeRoxas
      Really? Only 9??? It felt like they were singing every 10 minutes... Well like I said, imo, it felt like more than 9. Granted I wasn't really excited for it which may have had an effect. I watched it once just to say that I've seen it and that's about it. It could also be that I haven't watched a Disney film in a few years and I've grown further and further away from musical type movies as I think they're cheesy (Which is why I cringed so hard in KH2 Atlantica. Thank God it wasn't a necessity unless I wanted Ultima, which I've only gotten once just to say that I have). Alright. Point taken then.