Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix German Patch

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    Aug 17, 2019
    Hi sora6645,
    I am using your german patch for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. I love it, it is really great.
    Sadly there are still a few bugs. For example when watching cutscenes in theater mode a few cutscenes are showing random numbers when playing. And when watching certain cutscenes when playing the game, the game crashes. For example in Twilight Town, when playing as Roxas searching for the wonders of Twilight Town. Roxas and his friends are taking the train to search for the wonders. When the train is arriving the station the game crashes. Is there an up to date patch for the german patch? I downloaded the one on your website. I noticed that GermanRev6 and GermanCutsceenVoices are the same file. And with that newer patch of yours there isn't any German map translation anymore. Fortunatly I have the old files with these. But should I use these old patches or what should I do? Do you have all needed files up to date to translate the game completely (voices, text, maps, etc.)? As I mentioned I have these files, but the patcher tool tells me they are outdated and I should use new ones. On your website there is only the DataBattleVoices, GermanRev6, GermanCutsceenVoices and the toolkit.
    As mentioned above when using the old files in combination with the new files there are a few bugs as the random numbers in theater mode.
    I would love to have a full up to date german patch, when there is one. :)
    Oh, and the toolkit appearently can connect to the internet, but despite being connected with the internet and with my firewall off, it doesn't connect to the internet. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you a lot for your work. ;-)