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    DisneyVideoGames has released the first Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix English trailer, which will be shown at PAX East 2013 (an event occurring March 22-24, 2013 in Boston, MA).

    Remember the trailer from the Jump Festa 2013 event? This is that same trailer, but dubbed in English from the official cast.

    Please note that the official trailer does not have English text in the following trailer.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Mike, Mar 21, 2013.

    1. FF Cloud 7
      FF Cloud 7
      Good to hear the english voices (expecially Paul St. Peter ^^). Its a shame that it seems with every installment Jesse/Roxas is sounding a bit different but thats the way life is. I'll take a guess and say Riku won't sound much or any bit different. It'll be instresting what trailers we get (in english), since Japan didn't get many trailers.

      KH2. In Roxas' dreams (flashbacks of kh1).

      Are you meaning since Namine's voice actress in kh2? or her voice actress in re com, day, bbs and re coded? To me she still sounds like her recent voice actress (Meaghan Jette Martin) but thats just me.
    2. CloudStrife2k9
      He did them for when Roxas was having dreams of Sora's memories. [DOUBLEPOST=1363921486][/DOUBLEPOST]
      In the games where Namine is younger, I believe Alyson Stoner does her voice .
    3. FF Cloud 7
      FF Cloud 7
      Going by RE COM's credits Meaghan Jette Martin is Namine and Alyson is Kairi. Can't be bothered to check re coded at the moment, since im pretty sure by memory (its been years, gimme a break) Namine is younger in that game but I'm certain Meaghan is voicing Namine in that.
    4. CloudStrife2k9
      Woah, plot twist. lmao. I knew she was in CoM.. but I thought she did Namine. xD

    5. Iskandar
      How come we can't have Zane voice ansem again? I don't really like Epcar's voice acting, it just doesn't seem to have as much emotion compared to Zane. Even when I first played KHII and heard in the flashbacks something seemed wrong with come they couldn't have just taken the voice acting from the first game and plop it into the hd remake? It's a dream that i will always have that will never be fulfilled.
      And did they change Xion's voice actor as well? She sounds different from the game
    6. libregkd
    7. super_rocker_90
      i realy hope final mix jap text will be in english lol it would be weird for the u.s xD lol
    8. libregkd
    9. Menos Grande
      Menos Grande
      Great can't wait!
      AS for Epcar X Zane, I've always been more Epcar Kind of a guy, but I found that it is a minority over the internet that prefers him.. maybe because I am not a native speaker I don't get some nuances that Zane had ... but for me sounds mostly as a normal whispering, as oppose to Epcar that sounds like he is putting his heart on the lines.
      like when he says "Nothing" is when I most enjoy it.
    10. Iskandar
      Well, there's the answer I was waiting for, and it makes more sense than what I was thinking of....which I don't remember. Still, if it's the same game it wouldn't be bad if they could re-use the lines. I don't have anything against Epcar himself, but he doesn't have as much emotion in his lines as Zane.
    11. KHblader
      This thread is starting to be about the "ZaneVSEpcar" voice contest! I'm for the Zane voice! He has a deeper and more expressive voice, in my opinion! Anyway, this trailer doesn't make me see any "important" change in the graphics...It seems simply a bit better (except for the 358/2Days footage...)
    12. Krowley
      I created a thread, anticipating for that;
    13. Xalxe
      i really need to get a PS3....
    14. Vagineer
      Me too. Gonna save some money for a PS3. But I'll be annoyed when KHIII is on the PS4, which is HIGHLY possible in my opinion... :(