Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: Promotional Trailer - 8 Minutes Long!?

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  1. Mike Chaser

    Jan 20, 2008
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    Hello KH-Vids. Today we learned that the official website for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance has officially opened for Japan.

    Along with an official website packed with content and exclusive downloads (and yes, the new Dearly Beloved song) fans across the Kingdom Hearts series are waiting patiently for new coverage from this year's Jump Festa event.

    Well here's what we know. There will be a playable demo, along with a new trailer. And another new world will be confirmed, but WAIT...there's more! We also found out that there will be an eight minute long PV (promotional video) of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance that will make it online around early next week.

    Wow, we have a nice week ahead of us. Are you ready!?

    Source: KH Official Twiter & KHInsider
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Mike, Dec 16, 2011.

    1. Master Ava
      Master Ava
      I think we have a new record for longest KH trailer ever!
    2. Llave
      The length is rather astounding, let's just hope it's full of mind blowing content. I cannot wait to find out the new world!

      Nomura, my body is ready!
    3. Stella Nox Fleuret
      Stella Nox Fleuret
      I am getting very hyped up for Jump Festa. I had to cancel a trip to town with my mates because I refused to leave my laptop because of Jump Festa. Proves how much of a news-obsessed saddo I can be sometimes.

      In the words of SpongeBob: I'm ready, I'm ready, I'M READY!
    4. Excasr
      I can't wait!

      Next week will be full of surprises, I'm really looking forward for it!

    5. ygorvaz
      I need more twewy news or I won't be able to contain my fan girl side *must...not...think...gaily (?)* Man, Beat and Joshua look so good in 3D and.... JOSHUA DOESN'T MATTER! BEEEEEEEAT! - Can't wait for the new trailer, I stay here on Kh-vids for all day long refreshing the page per hour
    6. Shikou
      Shiki BETTER be in that PV or I will scream Dx
      Actually I will scream when I see her anyway Lol Cant wait :D
    7. Noroz
      I am very excited about this. I'm hoping for a lot of story in it, and not just fighting.
    8. FF Cloud 7
      FF Cloud 7
      To be honest I dont know which im more excited about, the trailer or the download for the new dearly beloved.
      also on a somewhat random note; I wonder if they'll add the older trailers on the site, probably not but who knows.
      anyway more on topic i definitly cant wait for the trailer, it will definitly be 8 minutes well spent
    9. Iskandar
      Well this is looking to be exciting. I hope the 8 minutes are worth it, since they could do so much with that amount of time.
    10. sakane-chan
      "aibo_ac7 has viewed the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance at Jump Festa 2012, and shared her views on the trailer. She says the video is amazing, mentions Joshua from The World Ends With You, and also states that Axel, Terra-Xehanort and Vanitas appear in the trailer.
      Shiki from The World Ends With You is also said to appear in the trailer. Terra-Xehanort is said to be wearing a black Organization cloak."

      from KH13.
    11. tamale
      Um, WHAT?

    12. sakane-chan
      "Rhyme from TWEWY, and both Xion and Roxas appear in the trailer"


      "a younger form of Xemnas is shown aggressively approaching Sora."
    13. tamale
      Apparently, Axel shows up by a castle. He still looks like Axel, but herefers to himself as Lea. O.O
    14. Shikou
      Shiki you say? Square Enix.......... Y U NO RELEASE THE TRAILER NOW?!!! Dx
      I miss Shiki T_T
      I really cant wait to see the 8 minute Trailer :')
    15. Krown
      Eight minutes? Awesome!

      This is gonna be good, I can feel it.