Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts 3D Interview

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    Noob thread time.

    So about two months ago Famitsu had this interview but I haven't been able to find any direct translation. Only a summary from Andriasang here. Does anyone know where a direct translation can be found? Or have the patience and know-how to do it themselves?
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    Might not make a ton of sense, but here's a word for word translation of the interview.

    [● eye to develop Kingdom Hearts III,

    As has been presented in this article, the latest series play a major role and Riku, Sora [Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop distance]. [Kingdom Hearts] series, only to have the taste and systems 凝Rasa every action, this time as I wonder where that is what the concept developed. So, Mr. Nomura Tetsuya, creator of the series, published in the Arekore that stage, I asked inquisitive. After all, how to read and correct this mysterious title?

    ■ Nomura Tetsuya

    [Kingdom Hearts] series, and Final Fantasy XIII] Verusasu director. As a creative producer, has participated in many works.
    ● see [Kingdom Hearts] series, the direction of the evolution of 3D]

    - The title has been officially announced. Kataha reading "Kingdom Hearts 3D (Suridi) Drop Distance Dream" What?

    Nomura Tetsuya (hereinafter referred to Nomura), although "Dream Kingdom Hearts drop distance" is. Short part of the subtitle, "Kingdom Hearts 3D (Suridi)" I think that also would not call.

    - "Drop Distance Dream" is the subtitle meaning. What is this mean?

    Nomura, "fall away" dream that is the image. As is the correct English grammar, with an emphasis was put on the sound. Among these "drop" the word, the system can be involved. The combination of three words and has various meanings.

    - Trailer was released, the traditional [Kingdom Hearts] (hereafter, [KH]), it had become such an action is not the content of the series lots.

    [KH] series based Nomura, Final Fantasy (the [FF]) [-ish things evolved in Verusasu XIII], [KH] include an enhanced KH3D [ness] to be. Verusasu [XIII] is "[of FFXIII] paired there" but in a pair of systems, see the future KH3D] [KH] beginning with the series. Both foundation systems are similar, [Verusasu XIII KH3D] [action] in such a large jump and pole spinning like there was dancing in the air in the form of evolution Tatsu Nohu they are not large. These flashy, bold action, [KH] comfortably guess, it does indicate the direction of evolution, including the fun, making it [those] KHIII glimpse eye to the future.

    - All right. In [] Please explain the concept of KH3D.

    Now I said Nomura, "bold action" concept is. [KH] The series has two work out numbering the title, there is a legitimate evolution do so, it works but the number of bold and challenging, I think. [3D] In particular, see the KH: Birth by Sleep] (the [BbS]) will make one more bold simplistic. is the evolution KHIII in mind, you'll play it, you may find it] [KHIII how to evolve.

    - Looking at the behavior of Sora [KHII] could be seen as was the part that the actions of a similar change of form.

    Sounds Nomura. Fomuchenji dynamic actions such as, I think it would like to enjoy a normal action.

    - Rotates around the pole and Sora, but there were various actions and jumping from wall to wall Riku, what's difficult operation?

    Nomura is currently at the decision of severe wall jump, which I can only state the difficult personnel formed a program (laughs). Because it is still being adjusted, and eventually finish it so easy to play.

    Sora and Riku ▲ in the same place it appears in a different boss. Why should they appear to destroy the past?
    Sora and Riku suddenly switched the operation ●

    - Previously, the test will be drawn and heard Master of approval on this story Sora and Riku?

    Not be drawn over the whole volume Nomura test, but also part of the study.

    - Sora and Riku switching Why do it?

    Forces in play switches Nomura. In the middle of a battle even when you are walking down the street, regardless of the situation, making the system suddenly switched. Roxas and Sora and the past, but to operate according to the changed character of the story breaks, and the progress of this story is irrelevant.

    - It is now joined gauge "drop" What is involved in coming?

    Nomura will do (laughs). There are also many secrets in this gauge. Switching the character, if you would like to think the event is happening always count may be easy to understand.

    - Why did you decide to be concerned about such a system.

    Nomura is the reason most "surprise" is not it? In harmony, "If you come this far switched" by taking away a sense of security, the thrill I was born. More continue for another 切Ri換Etai desire, suddenly changing the operation character. If it comes to, that my intentions as how you proceed, and I thought I was born in the strategy for each individual to think forward.

    - All right. This is likely to be challenging for the attack. By the way, Sora and Riku, what were both looking to the same place?

    Nomura However, the development of the story is different, both of the boss fight is also different. Actually two, as well as action, operation method, it was not. The new system is related to show you have not yet ...] [Sora in KH: Chain of Memories for the free card deck 組Meta, Riku was fought using a deck similar to the difference between a fixed found, but there are differences this time around that.

    - For example, Sora who is good at action, what we can only go ra?

    Nomura is a theoretical system is possible, it is almost impossible.

    - A Sora and Riku, or visit the world is different ...?

    Nomura is the same world to visit. However, the two different places so that a different order to visit. Pretty Sure違Tsu While always being in the same location as two video like this is rare.

    - Also a new world, but it is I can go.

    Nomura said the number is still, of course, we offer a new Disney world. I think it's something new.

    - In the trailer, the scene had to fly a balloon from falling to the square where the bells in a row, that is the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the world?

    Nomura detailed follow-up, but I'd wait, and many of the world want to put before desire. This "bold action" I think it can also fit the concept gimmicks.

    - Where the balloon is flying, 3D I could use effectively in the production. This time, 3D-conscious production or do they actively adopt?

    Not that Nomura is a 3D-aware, but I had to fly a balloon to the original scene in the plaza, I just had to put it. 3D is scheduled to enter production in the calculations for you, but to some extent, it does not contain artificial production. Nintendo 3DS is a 3D, rather than rush out so that there is a deep impression, as it utilizes, this "drop" ... "fall" is the keyword.

    - Released since then, it was published the scene of Sora falling a lot.

    Nomura Sora falling "drop" indicates, that "dream" is to fit out a lot of keywords. So it is not a dream, the image is an image that symbolizes the work.

    The title ▲ "drop (drop)" and "Dream" to reveal an image scene. Before falling from the sky a lot of Sora, Riku's figure looked up at the sky.
    - This time in addition to video images that stand for Sora and Riku keyblade in hand CG are released. What does this visual image of it? And publication of Nomura's illustrations are drawn?

    I was aware of the Disney animation package Nomura. Illustration, this time as it is the first report, has yet to draw something special. The stage is still under discussion there, the idea of ​​change is also out of a clothing design ... Sora and Riku.

    - Why is it? [KH] Sora and Riku to appear in the form of the time, it was not that tell the story naturally.

    Nomura [KH Re: Coded] did also, some people seem to believe that it is a remake of the previous work as clothing. But, as you said, you also need to appear in Sora and Riku in this posture. So, coming out at the beginning of this figure, we believe that the change in the middle of the flow.

    - If you realize a new costume, it will be one of the pleasures as well. In a message to fans who end.

    Nomura] [KH3D is in active development, so no release date yet to communicate the stage, [and] First, though BbS Dyuodeshimu Dissidia: Final Mix FF] I think you'll draw your attention to other titles. In addition, because we have not announced the title yet, please look forward.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop distance]