Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (My review)

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    This is a review on the upcoming game for the new Nintendo3DS. Honestly, there is not much to review, since they've only posted bits and pieces of it. But I'm going to review those bits and pieces.


    The upcoming game "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance" for the Nintendo3DS basically is training Sora and Riku to prepare for the return of Master Xehanort. Mickey and Yen Sid discussed how the obliteration of the two parts that make Master Xehanort "Ansem (The leader of the Heartless) and Xemnas (The leader of the Nobodies)" will give Xehanort the perfect chance to re-generate. But, since the 3 original knights aren't there to stop him, the closest chances they have is King Mickey, Sora, and Riku. Now, I don't understand the whole "ReConnect" part, because I THINK it has something to do with Sora having to gather up or "save" those who are connected to them, because they are "hurting". Even after the whole thing is Re: Coded, I'm still a bit fuzzy on it. Anyways, since Mickey is already a keyblade master, they only have to train Sora and Riku for the impossible.

    First off, I wanna criticise the fact that once again, they used the pre-teen versions of Sora and Riku. In the new series, I would have liked it if they used the KHII versions of them, because they already wore out the classic KH1 antagonists in KH: Re:Coded. So, I'm a bit disappointed that they are using them again. Second, I wanna talk about some of these moves. If you saw the E3 trailer, you would of noticed that some of those moves they displayed in the gameplay were pretty bad @$$. With the whole Arial Dodge move with Sora, and the bounce-off-the-wall move with Riku, you better believe that they will be MUCH more powerful in Kingdom Hearts III.
    I also wanna discuss my prediction on what might happen. I read the Holiday 2010 Edition of Nintendo Power, where they discussed a certain topic. In the interview with Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3D, they noted the part in the trailer where Sora's were falling out of the sky, and Nomura quoted that "It's basically a nod that something impossible may unfold". And that gives me the feeling that the gameplay will be pretty tough. Seriously, if you didn't have those bad @$$ moves in the game, you would never complete it, IF my prediction is correct. So, be prepared for a pretty intense game.
    Next, I wanna discuss the settings. In the trailer and most of the images posted on IGN, the main worlds are Destany Island and Traverse Town. I honestly have no idea on where that one world was where Sora jumped off the bell tower. Radiant Garden? Twilight Town? Dwarf Woodlands? I dunno. It was a bit of a teaser trailer, so I'm pretty sure that there will be more worlds, but it's just that there were only 3 worlds in the entire trailer AND the pics on IGN. That gets me thinking. Maybe they only train in 3 places. I mean, there aren't many worlds in Kingdom Hearts that would be eligable to train in. So, basically, maybe only Square-Enix-created worlds will be in the game.
    Now I wanna talk about the weapons. This is kind of another prediction paragraph. Since Sora and Riku are being trained for the reconstruction of Master Xehanort, do you maybe think that they will recieve new Keyblades in the end? No offense, but the Kingdom Key and Way to the Dawn/Soul Eater aren't very effective keyblades. But, ones like Terra's and Ven's, now THOSE give some damage. It's just a hunch, but it makes sense.
    My last prediction, and last part of the review is on the game AFTER this one. After they are finished with there training, and have increased in strength and ability, I'm guessing that they will set off on a new adventure. I also assume that Sora and Riku will be accompanied by Donald, Goofy, and Mickey. You would think that only keyblade masters would set off on the journey, but as both Ventus and Sora stated "My friends are my power!". I think that they will journey through a completely re-newed set of worlds where they will face Unverses. I haven't played BBS, so I don't know if they are called Unbirths or Unverses or they are just different species, but whatever. The whole business with "ReConnect" makes me think that Sora throughout this game will indivisually save Terra, Ven, Aqua, Namine, Roxas, and Xion from some kind of sleep or slumber (same thing, lol). And in the end, Xehanort will be complete and try and take over Kingdom Hearts again. But, the keyblade masters will obliterate Xehanort, and POOF! Darkness is turned into light, and the whole KH series will be ended. Hopefully not though, cause it's a REALLY great series.

    SIDE NOTE: I want Sora and Kairi to kiss.
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    I'm not sure you can fully review a game due to the fact that: one, it's not released. And two, they can still change a lot about the game.
    Apparently there are full new worlds being released such as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."
    Granted reusing their KH1 appearances and old antagonists is getting old, but it's to tie up all the loose ends. This is so the Protagonists know what is going on and yes, to Reconnect.
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    You're not the only one who wants to see Sora and Kiri kiss
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    well you should know that the unversed wont appear ever again except if vanitas somehow manages to come back which i think would be impossible ;)
    also that tower with the clock from the trailer is from the hunchback of notredame.
    also nomura stated that he wants to let sora and riku start off with their preteen clothes but give them new ones later on in the game . he didnt say if he meant the KH2 clothes or completely new ones though...
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    I have to agree with Krowley in that it's premature to review a game, especially if you're discussing aspects such as gameplay, when the game hasn't even been out. We all know that there are a lot of cases in which gameplay looks pretty but is just awful to actually play. Settings as well; we haven't seen much of anything of 3D, I believe there's only been one trailer? We can hardly say that we've seen all the worlds to be featured; it's possible that they showed Traverse Town and Destiny Islands so much because the worlds were already made. This sounds more akin to a recap of what info we have so far, and your speculation based on that... I just don't think review is the best word, haha.

    But you do bring up some interesting points--mainly, how you want the story to move forward. I'm not saying I don't either, but I don't think 3D will be the title to do that. I mean it certainly looks interesting, but I think it'll be something more like Re:Coded in that it's really just in there for one big hint towards what will happen in the future of the KH series. 3D seems to be more of a nightmare situation to me--Sora and Riku running through some of their worst nightmares.

    I think we're expecting a bit too much out of these side games, really--we can't be sitting here and saying that we want something with a story on the level that the main games (like KH1 and KH2) offered, because they're not nearly on that scale. But these side games are just building anticipation for KH3. It seems annoying now, but once KH3 comes out, look at how big it will (hopefully) be; look at all the loose ends these side games have made for us.
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    You guys have good points. Most of it is predictions anyway. I should probably either change the title or the word "review".
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    Well, Unversed won't be happening, because Vanitas isn't (and I doubt he will be again) alive. I'm also looking forward to the new worlds. The only thing I'm ticked off about is the KH1 outfits, and from the pictures I saw they look almost exactly the same as they did from KH1 (age wise) and I want either KH2 outfits which they only wore for that game or new outfits, I was never very crazy about KH1/Re:COM/Re:Coded outfit anyway.
    I admit Roxas/Xion/Terra/Ventus/Aqua would be cool to see, but I don't think that coming out until KH3. KH3 I hope is the big "blowout" game that connects to Re:Coded.
  8. Saxima [screams geometrically]

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    Oh god, gag me.

    Moving on, I do hope to see awesome things in this game.
  9. Plums Wakanda Forever

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    Actually, iirc, Nomura said Sora and Riku were in the KHI outfits for a reason.

    And I agree with Misty on the nightmare bit, especially in regards to Riku. Being inhabited by Xehanort's Heartless for a year must have left some kind of a mental scar, as well as the knowledge of the "terrible" things he did in the first game. But Sora can't be exempted from this either: considering he's
    the culmination of Roxas', Xion's and Ventus' memories and essences, their lingering pain will be brought to the surface once
    taking the Mastery Exam, and more importantly, trying to stop the return of MX.

    Although, I do wonder when
    he's gonna go save Aqua. Compared to Ven, Terra, Xion, Roxas (and maybe Axel), she'd be the easiest to save.

    And this is slightly off topic, but maybe it can explained how Riku went from semi-buff to ripped in a matter of weeks in days? :'D
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    I'd like to point out that you forgot about Axel. I think he might make a return.
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    You bring up some good points, but you presented a lot of it...wrong. That, and just other aspects of this entire "review" being wrong.

    Your "review" aspect has left many flaws in your ideas, like believing that there's even the possibility of only having 3 worlds in a Kingdom Hearts game (not to mention Dwarf Woodlands isn't a square-created world). You shouldn't give an opinion about the Unversed's possible return having not played Birth by Sleep and finding the cause OF the Unversed, and you should generally learn more about the series' canon before using point from it in speculation. The Keyblade Sora and Riku use are their own, they can't just be given another. They don't know how to use the full potential, but, as far as anyone can tell, all Keyblades are equal in power.

    Now, Roxas and Namine aren't in "slumber", so there will be no awakening on their part. Xion's also only got a small chance of it happening, but it is possible, I would assume.

    "Indivisual" isn't a word. That's been bugging me ever since I read it.

    Nomura's already stated that KH3 will not be the end of Kingdom Hearts, so that voids your last idea. You should be glad, though.

    You need to brush up on your facts, because things like this don't impress anyone.

    >SIDE NOTE: I want Sora and Kairi to kiss.

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    You don't need to be so critical about it. There are ways of saying things without pointing a finger to say "No, you're wrong." So next time, please do try to think it through before you post. Anyhow, the review is nice, but there are some points which can be debated. If you want, I can change the title for you?
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    Critical? I'm just blunt. I don't mean to offend you, or anyone else, but I don't see the point in dancing around the word "no", or telling someone that they need to get their details right BEFORE forming a hypothesis when that's exactly what needs to be done.
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    I would love to see Sora and Riku obtain new Keyblades fitting their styles. The Kingdom Key picked Sora because it needed someone to keep the light safe, and Riku crafted Way To The Dawn from his Soul Eater. Mickey found the Light Seeker in the Realm of Darkness but it wasn't his signature blade.

    Granted, we never saw how Terra, Ventus, and Aqua obtained their Keyblades but they feel as though they naturally belong with them. Terra's got the titanic earth weapons that can dish out massive damage. Ven's blades are smaller yet lighter and easier to handle. Aqua's blades reflect the watery nature of her name and are better suited for channeling magic.

    Also, we've seen that Mickey's signature Keyblade is Star Seeker; he earned it during Birth By Sleep, and it seems that he has reclaimed it prior to Re:Coded. I think that Kingdom Key and Light Seeker are special keys, but they're not as strong as a Keyblade wielder's signature key. It's likely that Way To the Dawn is Riku's signature key, but since it was crafted from another weapon, it may not be as powerful as Earthshaker, Rainfell, or Wayward Wind.

    If Sora gets a signature key, it should reflect who he is and what he stands for. His name means "sky" and he channels light, so his key should be lightweight and easy to handle, like Wayward Wind. Riku's name means "land" but his character seems to be more involved with the light and darkness he channels, so I think the earth element should be involved somewhat but not too much as it was with Terra. If Way To The Dawn isn't his signature key, he should receive something similar.