Kingdom Hearts 3 Renders and Screenshots

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    Thanks to, a myriad of screenshots from the two D23 trailers have been made available. All of these screenshots can be found on their website (as there's way too many to put here). In addition, new renders have been released of Sora, Donald, Goofy, Sully, Mike, and Riku and Mickey and can be found above and on 4gamer's website.

    Thanks to @Cat~ for letting us know!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Heart ❤, Feb 12, 2018.

    1. Cat~
      Always happy to share the news I see <3

      But man does Sully's fur look good in that render. Really hoping the final game is that polished, though I'd be fine with it as it is now. And WHAT IS THAT NEW KEYBLADE RIKU IS HOLDING I NEED ANSWERS PLEASE SQUARE
    2. Iskandar
      Okay, so Riku has officially become the new Cloud with his very own Fenrir version. Come on, tell me that doesn't look like a slimmed down version of Fenrir. I just noticed that both Riku and Sora have those arm-guard gloves too. Wonder if they'd think of doing that to Kairi as well for a whole group.
    3. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      I gotta say, Sully looks a lot better here than in the trailer. Obviously, we're still months away from the final product, so there is definitely time to fix it.

      Also, I just noticed that the monster forms of Goofy, Donald, and Sora (I think?) have Pixar eyes.
    4. cstar
      Riku's eyes are like, green, not teal.

      It's not a big deal, I love me a green eyed boy, but what happened there, square
    5. Iskandar
      Well, it does make sense since it's a pixar world. Though since you bring it up, I want to look at all the other worlds and see if they're any different
    6. Krowley
      Riku is looking more and more like Noctis. Provided the way the series cast has matured, I've adjusted well to it. Also curious to see what became of Riku's blade.

      I have a theory it might have something to do with the "other me" that Riku mentions in the trailer.
    7. Arch
      At first I thought maybe that keyblade Riku had was basically Fenrir but obtained from some other world or boss. Now that the toy for it was revealed and the keychain has a Mickey head. So that'd definitely confirm it to be his default keyblade now.
    8. LadyAzura
      "Oh hey it's Noctis-" *pause* "OH GAWD IS MAH BOI RIKU!! WHAT IN THE NAME OF SQUARE?????" ~ My reaction in a nutshell. I do like Riku's new keyblade though I will say I thought it was a car key xD. Though I don't know if anyone has pointed this out but the chain of Sora's keyblade from Monster's Inc. is basically Boo's door! I thought that was pretty interesting.
    9. Day~Dream
      I really like their pixar designs. I especially love the colors they chose for Sora's hair and Goofy's skin. And I swear Riku and Goofy are friendship goals. Homeboys are rocking that matching plaid.

      I still can't get over how good Riku looks. I never thought I'd like a look more than his DDD outfit but he is lookin' fresh AF. Mr. Steal Yo Girl with a big a$$ car key to drive her around in.