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    great chapter and don't worry about the late update.
    yeah the fights started.
    i wanna see riku's fight wait a sec is he participate in this?
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    I enjoyed reading that, and Sora's little determined part at the end was really sweet. Im glad he's finally deciding to do something- and I hope your thinking of suitable punishments for Chaylie later on :sly:

    There were some good action scenes, I usually can't stand reading parts with fighting in them, but it flowed pretty well and I didn't give up half way (:

    Don't worry about it being late. Gah, this makes me even more determined to update myself *has writer's block*
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    Short and to the point. Great chapter Kair.....foreverlove :D
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    POST. AGAIN. NOW. :anger: jk, jk, but really, I'm dying to know the rest. tell you what- you update here, and I post an update for 'Down with the Sickness' that day or the next, de pending on the time? C'mon, what have you got to loose? ;P
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    Be patient =). The longer it takes the better the chapter (at least, I think so). So FL, you take your time, k? Make this chapter epic :D.
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    Chapter 17 I don't even know what to say really... This thread hasn't been updated since October? My goodness. O.o *sigh* Well, just came back to let you know I haven't forgotten or given up on this story. I put too much effort and time into this to build it to where it is now, and I'm not stopping it right when it's about to get good. So sorry for the very long delay; 5 months really wasn't how long I planned on going on hiatus. =/ Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new chapter, nonetheless. You finally get to understand Chaylie's back-story in this one. ;D



    His blue eyes focusing on the one person important to him, more than anyone else, Sora sprinted up the beach to reach her. She had to know that Chaylie was up to no good, or else she’d be hurt, and he couldn’t let that happen. He couldn’t let her be hurt anymore than she already was. He’d feel even worse because it’d be his fault, just like last time.

    He was closer now. He could see her red hair blowing in the sea breeze. Just a few more seconds...

    Sora had to skid to a halt to avoid crashing into the person in front of him. He recognized the vest, and the silver hair.


    “I wouldn’t just now,” the taller boy said.

    “Riku…” Sora started.

    “She’s still happy she won, but she’s also trying to deal with everything else, Sora.” Riku’s aquamarine eyes stared straight into Sora’s. “Now’s not really a good time to dump something on her.”

    “But it’s about Chaylie!” Sora cried. “She’s planning something to hurt Kairi even more than she already has.”

    Riku’s face changed to surprise at his words. “You’re sure?”

    “Positive.” Why would Sora lie about such a thing?

    “What is it, Sora?”

    Sora shook his head. “That’s what I don’t know. Riku, she told me straight up that she was going to do something to Kairi, and I can’t let that happen.” His expression changed to sadness, and he felt guilty for all he’d done. He wanted to take it all back, just rid it of his life so he could be with Kairi again. That was all he wanted.

    Riku sighed. “Listen, I know you want to talk to her, but I don’t recommend that right now.”


    “Kairi doesn’t need anything else to mess with her head. She’s focused, and we don’t want anything other than that at this point.”

    Sora crossed his arms. “You sound like her coach.”

    He watched as a smirk made its way across Riku’s face. “I guess you could call it that.”

    Sora was starting to hope things were patching up between him and Riku. Just that little smirk was helping Sora see it.

    “We should’ve expected something like this from Chaylie,” Riku said, the smirk vanishing.

    “Is Kairi ready for anything out of the ordinary?” Sora asked, his eyes serious.

    “Mostly everything.”

    Sora made a face of confusion. “Mostly everything? Riku, what do you mean?”

    Riku had been watching something else behind Sora, and now looked him in the eye, his silver bangs coming in his eyes. “You.”

    “What?” Sora’s eyes widened slightly, his arms uncrossing at Riku’s words. Confusion was written all over his features as he looked up at his taller friend. “Me?”

    Riku nodded. “I’m sure you know that Kairi finds you to be the most important person to her. That shouldn’t come as any surprise to you, Sora. She just doesn’t seem comfortable. I’m guessing because of that moment you had back at the Island.”

    Sora looked down sadly. “It was my fault, but I appreciate how you listened and didn’t say anything to her.”

    “Even if it did make things worse,” Riku added, causing Sora to look up, “you’re welcome.”

    Sora noticed the smirk come back on Riku’s face, and he smiled. Things were getting better between the two of them, and Sora knew it, which made him feel like that heavy weight on his shoulders was becoming a little lighter. He looked past Riku, seeing her red hair blowing over her pale face as she watched another battle on the platform. Her eyes were narrowed, meaning she was concentrating on something. He could see her biting her lip, signaling she wasn’t only concentrating, but thinking of something important.

    Sora sighed. He just wanted to be by her side, to tell her everything was going to be fine, to flash his grin and have her giggle. But he couldn’t, because of the irritating blonde that started all of this.

    “I know you want to talk to her, Sora.” Riku’s voice snapped Sora out of his thoughts, and he knew that Riku saw him gazing at Kairi. “I understand that you want to go warn her, but Kairi’s prepared. She always has been. You know that she wouldn’t let a fight over you drag her down. Kairi may be showing a bit of vulnerability, but you know she’s just as strong.”

    “Right,” Sora agreed with a nod.

    There wasn’t anything else to say. He and Riku discussed what the problem was and—much to Sora’s dislike—ended it quickly. He didn’t really understand why Riku wasn’t letting him go talk to her. Yeah, there was a bit of tension here and there because they hadn’t spoken in days, and had only made a few seconds of eye contact. But that wasn’t enough for Sora. He wanted to solve the problem right way, to tell Kairi straight to her face that he was incredibly sorry and he didn’t mean to hurt her the way he did.

    But he couldn’t. There was too much happening at once, and she needed her space.

    “So,” Sora said slowly, rubbing the back of his head, “I guess I’ll… uh… see you later?”

    Riku nodded. The brunet turned around, slowly walking away from his best friend to watch the next round. As much as he wanted to see Kairi, he knew that Riku was right and right now she needed to concentrate. So he went by it, and decided to go stand among the crowd.


    Kairi turned to talk to Riku about one of his techniques he’d taught her, but noticed then that he was gone. Looking around dumbly, her hair swinging with every movement she made, she didn’t see him anywhere. She turned her head to her right, finally finding him, but standing in front of someone.
    That’s when she detected him.

    She stared at his ocean-blue eyes, the ones looking up at Riku in worry and concern. Oh, how she wanted to just run over there and talk to him. She couldn’t, though; she had to focus, concentrate on the task at hand.

    But she couldn’t tear herself away from him. He was like a brand new site to her, something that she hadn’t seen in years. His brown spikes hardly moving in the wind, his face contorted as he talked with the silver-haired boy in front of him. There was something wrong. Kairi kept her eyes on him for a minute, studying his posture and face. She could always tell that something was wrong by the way Sora hung his head or stood. He was hanging his head now, the key to reading him. His hands were balled into fists, his gloves only showing his fingers.

    Kairi then saw his face look up quickly at Riku, who had obviously said something to make him happy, for he was now grinning. She missed that grin, not seeing it in days. She only wished that he’d come over. She needed his loving support and trademark grin he’d always given her when she was down. That’s when she noticed the marks in the sand behind Sora’s shoes, made obviously by him.
    He was going to come over to talk to her.

    But he didn’t.

    Kairi turned her head, focusing her attention on the contestants on the platform in front of her. She narrowed her eyes as she watched their moves, studying them in case she had to compete with them later on. Even as she watched that match in front of her, she couldn’t help but think of what was going on. She bit her lip, wondering what was bothering Sora. It bothered her not to be there for him.

    Kairi shook her head, realization coming across her features. What was she saying? She could go talk to Sora at any given moment of any given day; she was just too much of a coward to do it. Why was that? Was it Chaylie, or herself getting in the way?

    She turned her head in his direction again. Her eyes softened when she realized he was walking away, not joining Riku as he came back to her position.

    “Looks like we were right,” Riku said as he approached her. She wasn’t looking at him, though. Her eyes were glued to the brown spikes bouncing away within the crowd. “Chaylie’s up to something.”

    He was disappearing in the crowd now. She didn’t want him to go. She’d watched him disappear once, and she didn’t want to see it again, even in the most unimportant moment, even if it was such a small thing as him walking into a crowd of strangers. Kairi wanted Sora next to her.


    She looked up at the tall boy in front of her. “Yes?” Kairi risked one quick glance toward where she saw Sora last, but he was gone.

    “You’re ready for anything, right?” he asked.

    “I believe so,” she said. Was she really?

    Riku stared her in the eyes. “Someone just informed me that Chaylie’s planning to do something, Kairi. You need to stay focused.”

    “Sora.” Kairi gazed up at Riku, hope in her eyes. “Sora’s the one who told you about it, isn’t he?”

    Riku nodded. “Yeah.”

    “Well, why didn’t he just come over here and tell me himself?”

    Riku sighed. “I told him not to. I said you were too focused on your abilities and on the competition, and that a conversation wouldn’t be the best for right now.”

    “Why would you do that?” Kairi could feel a little bit of anger rise in her.

    “I thought that’s what was best for you.”

    “I haven’t talked to him in days. I saw you talking to him, and the skid marks behind his shoes. He was coming over to talk to me, Riku, and you stopped him.” Kairi’s eyebrows furrowed.

    There was a pause.

    Kairi kept her eyes on him. “I want to talk to him, Riku. I need to talk to Sora.”

    Another pause.

    “Riku?” she asked. He wasn’t even looking at her anymore, and was instead looking behind her. Kairi turned around to follow his gaze. There, at the other end of the platform, was Chaylie, staring at Kairi with those piercing emerald green eyes as she crossed her arms.

    Kairi could only stare back, eyes wide. She knew by the way that Chaylie was looking at her that she was in for trouble.


    “Daddy, stop it!”

    The little girl stood in the hall in horror as she watched the scene before her. He was scaring her so much. This rage he had, it only came when he was drunk, and she didn’t understand why he took it out on his family. She was only nine, small and fragile to his big hands. Why did he have to do this?

    She cringed as her mother screamed. Her mother was on the kitchen floor, her father hovering over her. He was hollering at her, for a reason she couldn’t understand. Why was he so mad? Why was he taking his anger out on her mother?

    “Rick, please…”

    “Shut up! Just shut up!” he screamed, causing the child to cover her ears as she watched her mother shrink at his tone.

    “Daddy, stop!”

    She froze when his eyes met hers. His face was red, his nostrils flaring in anger, and his eyes pierced through hers. He was scary. She couldn’t move, she was too terrified to.

    “Chaylie, go back to bed,” her mother pleaded softly.


    “Chaylie, honey, ple—”

    “Mira, shut up!”

    There was silence. No one moved, except for her father as he stared at his young daughter. Chaylie met his eyes, a perfect match to her own emerald green orbs. They were filled with something new, something she’d never seen in her dad. It wasn’t only rage and anger—it was pure hatred.

    He was a completely different person than the one she knew just hours ago. The alcohol just tore him up, bringing out the dark side in him. She hated that side, she absolutely hated it.

    “Chaylie Marie, get your butt to bed now!” he screamed, but Chaylie couldn’t move. His face was just so terrifying that she wouldn’t budge. Her feet felt as if they were nailed to the floor.

    She stiffened when he started walking toward her.

    “Rick, no!” Her mother was scrambling to get up, to try and protect her child from the only danger they’d ever experienced.

    But he wasn’t slowing down. In a few quick strides, his breath quick with fury, he was right in front of her. Chaylie sucked in a breath when he gripped her arm, his hands squeezing her small limb as he hollered in her face.

    “Did you not understand me?! Get to bed!”

    That’s when she felt the stinging pain on her cheek. She winced as the burn enveloped her skin, her cheek turning a bright pink as he stood in front of her. Tears welled in her eyes; he was a monster, a plain, ugly, frightening monster.

    Chaylie stared at the redhead across from her, her eyes piercing through the other’s violet-blue orbs. She was going to tear her down, show her what life was like when nothing was what you wished for, when there was no happiness—and no love.

    She watched as the girl turned slowly, facing the other direction. A smirk appeared on her lips. Fear—fear was good. The blonde slowly walked to an empty place on the beach, thinking over her plan in silence. If things went how she wanted, she’d be able to nail her right when she was down. This would make her feel even worse. Her face would show sorrow and unforgettable disappointment mixed in with disbelief.

    It’d be perfect.

    All she had to do was make it work. She’d seen Kairi compete; she was good, obviously trained by that body guard of hers. What had Sora said his name was? Riku? Well, whatever Riku had taught her, he’d done a good job, she had to give him that. But after her own experiences with being treated the wrong way, she knew how to defend herself, too.

    The memories started flowing back. Her dad hitting and yelling at her mom—that was too much to handle on its own. But when he’d abused her for the first time that night, well, that was a completely different problem. She was only nine, for Christ’s sake. She wasn’t sure how to handle it at the time, but thanks to her mother’s bravery after dealing with too much one day, the abusive creep she hated to call her father was put to justice and taken away, leaving them to pick up all the pieces and create a new life. This was how she wound up on Destiny Islands in the first place.

    After dealing with a year of abuse from her father and finally ridding him of her life, her mother moved her to the island when she was almost twelve years old. She’d thought the people were too happy here, their smiles being everywhere, planted on their faces even in the worst conditions. She never talked to anyone, too afraid that they were similar to the way her father was. But they never showed it when she was around, and she found it to be strange compared to the life she used to know. She had thought life was all about anger and hurt, sadness and pain.

    Which was why she’d taken up bullying in the first place, so no one would mess with her, know that she was the one to be afraid of. Many people gave her what she wanted, whether it was lunch money or other things that were unimportant to her now. Eventually they had avoided her, trying to get away from her at any moment possible. But there were two girls that stood out most to her, that weren’t afraid of her. One didn’t care and the other was too goofy to actually pay attention. They’d eventually become friends and they were friends ever since.

    Ever since that one particular moment earlier, that was. Chaylie couldn’t take the weight anymore. She needed to be alone for a while, and she was craving more attention. Destroying Kairi’s pride and her trust for the ones she cared for most was the perfect way to do so.

    The smirk stayed on her lips as she heard her name being called to come up to the platform. She’d make her way to the final round, where she’d find Kairi soon enough, and then her plan would take action.


    Well, I hope the long wait was worth it. I actually had this chapter in a document already on Word, apparently written a few months ago that I...obviously forgot about. :'D Hope you enjoyed! Be looking for more updates soon!
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    Wow, I was surprised to see an update here. o.o Surprised in a good way, of course. ;D It was a very good chapter, but I felt so bad for Sora and Kairi! I hope you have them make up sometime soon, I can hardly stand seeing them so miserable.

    But apart from the story itself, excellent writing, as always. Details were perfect, but that's no surprise. Keep it up hun. =)
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    Finally~ Updated by the author. It's been quite some time, and all the old authors are less active than before.
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    good to know you didn't gave up on it.
    it was worth waiting for.
    great job on this.
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    Uh, continue? Coz last post was 20 March and author's last post was 19 March! I wanna see Kairi beating up that ***** of a dog! Lemme in so I can get her guts out and break her neck off! (It's funny when the author creates emotions!)
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    Ugh, I'm so sorry for not updating this in like...FOREVER.

    Life has been really hectic lately, and now that I'm in a relationship, I hardly have any free time to just chill and write. And if I am writing, it's usually for my Twilight story or my other KH stories on Fanfiction.

    I almost forgot about this story, which is sad, considering it's my very first fanfiction EVARRR.

    I'll try to update soon. Don't give up on me!
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    HURRY HURRY NOW!~ I LOVE it!!! :D can't wait for the next update to come. Please tell me Kairi's gonna kick Chaylies ass. She deserves it lolz but i do kinda feel bad for Chaylies past. but only a little...shes been through alot. loves it!
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    Gosh, guys. Everything is being so difficult lately. =(

    I miss writing so much! But with my new relationship, I'm gone ALL THE TIMEEEE. It's bittersweet, really; I get to have so much fun with my boyfriend, but I don't get to write...

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that I'm going to get to this as soon as possible, it just might take a while, okay? Don't give up on me!
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    Finally! It's here! The long (very, very long) awaited chapter for this story is posted. Hope you enjoy. =)

    Chapter 18


    Kairi felt something inside her thin at the sight of Chaylie’s battle. She wasn’t sure if she could call it her confidence, with fear taking its place, but there was definitely something wrong. She had always had a unique heart, and now that it was telling her something, the message she was meant to make out of it wasn’t clear to her.

    The blonde lived up to her expectations—her fighting style was unquestionably determined and the power she expressed was by all odds potent. In all, the girl had experience. How she learned to protect herself in such a way was beyond Kairi’s knowledge, but now that she knew what she was in for, she couldn’t help but gnaw at her lip until the skin was raw.

    From beside her she could sense the aura surrounding Riku; there was little room for teasing and taunting, a playful mood unable to squeeze between the concentration and foresight. As much as the boy was studying the blonde girl’s moves, he was at the same time relaxed, a comfortable atmosphere radiating from his form. Kairi could tell that—even with his arms crossed and one hand holding his chin—Riku had the most confidence in her. Probably more than she had in herself at this point.

    The redhead’s chicory eyes flicked to her left expectantly, but when all she saw was a crowd of people a few yards away, her heart sank to her stomach and her eyes fell to the sand beneath her feet. It was only natural for her to seek solace in the boy that had always been her sanctuary—the one who couldn’t be there for her this time. He was somewhere in the crowd, his eyes probably trailing Chaylie’s movements as well.

    But somewhere in her heart, Kairi felt that he was looking after her too. The slightest trace of warmth was noticeable in her chest and because their hearts were connected, she knew that even if he wasn’t standing next to her, he was still there with her—on the inside.

    Kairi jumped. Her startled eyes flittered up to the platform, spotting the contestant slowly trying to get up from his place on the floor. He groaned as he lay there, arching his back in pain. She grimaced as if she felt the hurt, a part of her recognizing that there was a possibility that she could in the future.

    “And the winner is Chaylie, ladies and gentlemen! Give her a round of applause!†The cheers followed as instructed, the blonde smirking in triumph as she descended the staircase and twirled her wooden sword in her hands. Kairi caught Chaylie glance her way and with only a second’s look did she know that the message was meant for her; this fight was a sign made by Chaylie herself.

    Kairi felt like it was more of a warning.

    A reassuring squeeze was made to her shoulder. “It’ll be all right, but there’s one more thing you need to know.â€

    Looking up, Kairi met Riku’s aquamarine eyes. “What would that be?†she asked.

    “Lesson Number Nine: Never let your enemy psych you out,†he told her, backing up the statement with a serious nod. “That’s one of the most important morals you need to remember.â€

    “Aren’t they all equally important?â€

    “Exactly,†he said, a corner of his mouth lifting into a half-smile. Kairi sighed and shook her head in amusement, smiling slightly. With as much going on now, she wasn’t sure how she could be smiling at that time. Everything was wrong to her, not one thing going right other than her win against a thirteen year-old.

    Like that was saying much.

    Chaylie was the number one problem, without a doubt. With her sneaky ways and high confidence, Kairi knew she was danger to her. And now that the girl had seen the blonde compete, the warning bells were ringing off even louder in her head. This was especially important since Kairi recently found out that Chaylie was planning something.

    And that led her to problem number two: Sora. Kairi sighed at just the thought of him. Ever since the Island incident, they had been distant; it felt as if they had been more remote than when they really were separated, across the worlds. With Chaylie’s return to Destiny Islands (though Kairi had never even known of her existence), things had been very different than before. One, the girl pushed Sora and Kairi apart in a way they had never been before. Secondly, she had something against the redhead, and for a reason said redhead didn’t know. And three, Sora was caught between the both of them, even though it appeared he was leaning more toward Chaylie’s side of the line than Kairi’s.

    The girl inhaled softly. She didn’t like to think about that either. Sora was her best friend, and she had finally gotten that feeling just a little bit ago. The hope that their relationship could be rebuilt had risen when he had almost come to talk to her. However, Riku had stepped in to interfere, so there she stood.

    If only he pushed by, she thought silently.

    “Kairi… Please don’t be sad,†Naminé softly begged. The sound of her Nobody’s voice sent a wave of warmth through Kairi’s body.

    “I wish it were that easy, Naminé. But things are getting worse, much worse.†Kairi let her eyes flicker back and forth between the two competitors on the platform.

    “Could you explain?â€

    “Well…†She went back over everything slowly, letting Naminé absorb it all—every thought, every word, every memory.

    Awareness emitted from within her. “Oh…†At Naminé’s realization, Kairi pressed her lips into a thin line. There wasn’t much else to tell. “What do you think that she could be planning? It certainly is meant to harm you, either emotionally or physically. Unfortunately, both are dreadful.â€

    “That’s what I’m worried about,†Kairi admitted. “Whatever it is, it has to involve Sora some way or another. By now we must know that she hopes in winning him over, right?â€


    “But still… I haven’t seen her much in the last couple days, so what could she have on me?â€

    “I highly doubt anything,†Naminé supposed. “You’re a very good person, Kairi; I can tell by the light radiating from your heart.â€

    The mention of her light made Kairi pause, her body being engulfed by that one word. Yes, her heart was very strong and pure, no darkness in sight as far as the eye could see. So what could that mean? Did Chaylie know that she had a pure heart? After all, she did have a sorceress as a friend; Lea. It was possible for her to discover such a thing.

    “I don’t believe so,†Naminé started, obviously reading Kairi’s thoughts. “As much as she could know, nobody but the ones that deserve to know do.â€

    “Then what could it be?†Kairi wondered. “It doesn’t make any sense…â€

    “Kairi, you said yourself that it must include—â€

    “And that’s the end of the preliminaries!†the announcer cried. “Give a round of applause for every contestant—they all did a wonderful job.†The sound of cheers and claps echoed across the beach before the names of those moving onto the semifinals were announced. Kairi heard her name, along with Sora’s, Chaylie’s, Tidus’s, Wakka’s, Naomi’s, and Lea’s.

    All seven of them were either against or for each other, which was going to make the next level of the competition even more difficult.


    The boy blinked his cobalt blue eyes, snapping back to attention at the sound of his name. He had been spacing, going through the past couple days and the events that came with them. Now he knew he was heading to the semifinals, and going against his friends, give or take a few. Tidus and Wakka had fought him many times before, so he was used to how they were when it came to skill.

    He wasn’t too worried about Naomi as far as technique was; true, she did have a few tricks up her sleeve that he had noticed when she fought others, but he knew it was like a Soldier Heartless to him—down and out in a few minutes.

    As for Lea, well, he knew he had to pay attention there. Her use of sorcery was highly skilled, and he realized she had to have been training with it for years to get it to the level it was at that moment. He still didn’t know if using his own magic was a good idea when or if he had to go up against her. Revealing his true identity was very risky, for it could mean danger for the rest of the people on the islands.

    “Focus, Sora.â€

    Sora growled quietly in frustration, knowing Roxas was right. He couldn’t let his thoughts run along a different path; he had to stick to one, and that was to pay attention to the tournament. And…there was another…

    “As much as I wish you could, you know seeing her could be a mistake,†the blond within him said. “Riku even said so.â€

    “Who cares what Riku says?†Sora muttered to himself, angry that he couldn’t do what he wanted. It seemed as of late that he couldn’t think for himself anymore; either it was Chaylie controlling his motives, or Riku. Just a little while ago he had regained the true form of his heart, the carefree way of life he had lived for so long; the boy who wanted to share happiness with the world, so there would be no more problems. So why couldn’t he step up and do something about this one?

    “Sora, man…†Roxas started, but his voice faded off so Sora could only hear the chattering of the crowd around him. His heart was telling him to forget the rules and do what was right—to talk to Kairi and finally apologize, and inform her of the trouble ahead and his side of the story. A part of his heart—Roxas—may have been demanding he go with Riku’s suggestion, but deep down he could feel the warmth of his Nobody’s encouragement to take that leap and do the right thing.

    The sensation in his chest was stronger than any thought or rule, and he knew at once what he had to do.

    “Go for it, man.†Sora closed his eyes at the voice, seeing Roxas’s heartening smile and nod of approval. When his eyelids lifted, he sensed something new within him. His care for Kairi was taking over him, and to fight it was the last thing he wanted to do.

    Sora weaved through the crowd, pushing his way through as he quickly tried to get over to the other side of the platform. He knew that was where she was, for he had been keeping his eye on her the entire time. It was instinctive, natural—he couldn’t struggle against the passion inside his heart, the need to protect her from anything and anyone.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Sora caught Chaylie watching him from her place against a palm tree. He didn’t even glance at her, not wanting to give her the satisfaction that he had acknowledged her presence. He was focused, and once he was determined he never backed down. Even if it meant a lecture from Riku later because he had ignored his advice, he didn’t care. The only person that mattered to him was Kairi.

    He saw her up ahead, standing there quietly by herself, her eyes glued to the platform. His friends were a few feet away, gathered in a circle as Selphie went on to discuss something too important to disregard. Nonetheless, he picked his pace up to a light jog to reach the redhead, wanting to get to her as soon as possible. His feet carried him at the speed without much thought, his heart solely urging him at this point.

    The beating of his heart picked up the closer he got to her, and he could only assume it was because this would be the first time he had actually spoken to her in days, let alone be this close.

    And at the same time he knew a part of it was coming from Roxas too, with his eagerness to see Naminé.

    She must have heard his footsteps, because she let her arms fall as he approached her. “Hey,†he gently said, his hand wrapping around her upper arm to give her the motive to turn toward him. Her red hair whipped around at the contact, her eyes wide when she recognized him.

    “Sora,†she breathed.

    “I need to talk to you.†His voice was calm despite his racing heart.


    “Sora.†Brown spikes bounced when the boy turned his head, Riku walking up to him. “What are you doing? Didn’t you listen to me when I told you that this might not be the best time?â€

    “I don’t care, Riku,†Sora said with a shake of his head. “What I need to tell her is important, and I can’t waste anymore time keeping it inside.†His eyes fell from Riku to Kairi, cobalt blue meeting periwinkle instantly.

    “If this is about Chaylie, I already—â€

    “It’s more than that,†Sora interrupted, his voice growing softer as he gazed at the girl before him. “She needs to know everything… The truth. My side of the story needs to be told.†He turned his attention to his silver-haired friend. “Let me tell it.â€

    He could tell by the way Riku was staring at him that he was thinking it over. When he looked from Sora to Kairi, the brunet followed his line of sight to see Kairi nod in approval. His eyes relocated his best friend, hope rising within him as Riku’s lips turned into a small smile.

    “Don’t let me keep you,†he said with understanding. “Just be back before the semifinals start.â€

    “You got it, coach.†Sora flashed him his trademark smile before offering a gentler one to Kairi, holding out his hand. She took it with silence, a smile of her own crawling across her face. He began to lead her away from the platform and instead to the shoreline a good distance away, where only the soft sound of the waves rolling in would be the noise around them.

    As he guided her, Sora felt the burning of his cheeks, undoubtedly from the hand-in-hand contact they were making.

    After they got farther away, he noticed that his steps slowed to match Kairi’s. They were walking at the same pace, their hands connected as he subtly led her to the spot he had chosen from the beginning. He willed the blush on his flaming cheeks to diminish after he took in a few silent breaths. Once they reached their location, he glanced at Kairi only to see her eyeing their hands.

    “Oh.†Sora gently pulled away, but with a little haste. He cleared his throat as Kairi smiled shyly, her hands connecting behind her back, just the way he remembered it. He gazed at her for a moment, absorbing the fact that he was with her again after what felt like months, but had only been days. As the breeze blew he silently turned his head, following her gaze toward the sea. Out near the horizon was the Island, their Island. It felt as if it had been eternity since he had been there, when truly the last time he had visited the sands he had gotten supplies and unintentionally run in on a scene he wanted to forget.

    At the thought he looked down, watching his hand push up against his pocket and feeling the item inside the material. After the explanation he would have to give it to her.

    “Uh… So…†His nerves were apparent through his weak start, and he wanted to slap himself for it.

    Kairi rocked back on her heels. “So…â€

    “Um…†Sora cleared his throat again. “H-how are you doing?â€

    She shrugged, replying honestly, “Things could be better…†He caught her head turn out of the corner of his eye, and he did the same to have his blue orbs meet hers. “Are you doing okay?â€

    Sora rubbed the back of his neck. “Well… I guess I’m not so hot either,†he admitted, smiling sheepishly. Kairi smiled gently at him and they both laughed nervously. “This whole thing has been in pretty rough waters, huh?â€

    “Yeah.†Kairi nodded, her eyes falling to the sand. Sora felt his heart sadden at her expression, and he knew that this whole thing was taking a toll on her. He opened his mouth to say something, but hesitated. He wasn’t sure how to start his apology, but that’s exactly what he needed to say.

    “I’m sorry,†he told her softly, lowering his head. “I never should have taken Chaylie into the Secret Place.â€

    “…I can’t exactly say that it’s all right,†the girl whispered, causing Sora to lift his eyes to her. Immediately his face took on an expression that matched the emotion within—sadness. “You knew in your heart that the Secret Place belonged to us. Even if your intentions were good, I still feel betrayed…â€

    Sora shook his head in shame. “It was stupid of me,†he admitted. “She caught me off guard when she even asked about it, and I knew it was a bad idea. But I went in without really thinking about it.†He glanced up at Kairi, seeing how attentive she was, and let his eyes fall down to his feet. “My heart was telling me to stop, but I didn’t listen.â€

    “The one time you don’t listen to your heart…this happens,†Kairi muttered.

    “I know,†he acknowledged with a nod. “It wasn’t right for me to do. I remember you saying you felt like that part of you was taken away, and I apologize for that. I never meant to hurt you, Kairi. I wouldn’t ever want that…†When he looked up he saw Kairi smiling sadly, her eyes glossy with a little bit of wetness. “…Kairi?â€

    She shook her head, turning away. “I’m sorry,†she managed, and he could grasp that her voice was trembling. “This is just really hard…â€

    “Don’t be sorry,†he told her softly. Sora took a step toward her and put his hand atop her shoulder, peeking around to get a look at her face. “This isn’t your fault, Kai. It’s mine.â€

    He blinked when her eyes shot up to his, the nickname catching her attention. “…You haven’t called me that in ages,†she whispered. He smiled weakly.

    “I know.â€

    The pair stood there, letting the sun’s light shine on their forms as they simply looked at each other, one’s blue eyes holding the others. With little thought did Sora squeeze her small shoulder, reassurance finding a way out of him. For a brief moment, as their gazes remained connected, both felt warmth enclose their beings. Easily, two other people took their places, both blonde and both whole. The warm, golden glow faded as the two Nobodies looked at each other with fixed eyes, Roxas’s hand now resting on Naminé’s shoulder, where his Somebody’s had been seconds before.

    His lips turned up at the corners, the boy blinking his ocean-blue orbs slowly in content. His companion did the same, her lips slightly revealing her teeth as she returned his smile. She closed her eyes as the sun’s rays spread against her skin, actually feeling its warmth since she had joined with Kairi. Roxas quietly watched her, the boy knowing that no words needed to be said. At this moment, the silence was golden, the peace was final; apologies were accepted and regrets were forgotten.

    Naminé lifted her eyelids, her eyes focusing on the blond boy across from her. She nodded. “Sora.â€

    Roxas’s smile represented his understanding. “Kairi.â€

    The glow returned, wrapping around their forms slowly before there was a small flash. Auburn-red hair draped over the neck and shoulders of the smaller figure, the masculine, glove-covered hand of the other resting against her skin. The light faded away, revealing the true returning forms. Sora held the expression of the boy that had been in his place seconds ago, bringing the girl across from him into a tight hug. One of his hands lifted to rest against her hair, the other arm wrapped around her back. He could feel both of her arms encircling his torso. Sora closed his eyes with a smile, the memory of the last time they were in this position returning to him.

    “I’ve missed you, Sora…â€

    The boy’s eyes flashed open at the words, feeling them impact his heart. The effect was similar to what he had experienced when she said something along the same lines back in The Castle That Never Was. The sensation running through his being, Sora hugged her closer, tighter. He had missed her the same, if not more. By the way she squeezed his midsection, he knew that she understood that as well.

    “Never again,†he whispered into her hair. “Never again will I betray your trust.â€

    Sora heard a satisfied “hmm†next to his ear. “Thank you, SoraKairi softly told him, giving him a squeeze. After a short moment he pulled back, his hands staying on both of her shoulders as he gave her his trademark smile, having wanted to for the longest time. It felt good to him to be able to offer it to her, and in a sense he realized that she missed it too; she giggled the way she always had when she saw it, her eyes holding that same look.

    “Sora! Kairi!†There was a whistle and the two turned their heads sharply to find the source. Sora spotted him and guided Kairi’s sight by pointing slightly behind her with his finger. “The semifinals are starting!†Riku screamed. “Hurry!â€

    Kairi gasped, whirling around to Sora. “Come on!†She grabbed his hand and took off in a run. Sora simply chuckled silently to himself, letting her lead him. It was just like the old days, but with something new—a different feeling, a new sensation within his heart, and surely Kairi’s too.


    Hope you liked. Please comment! =) This story isn't done yet!
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