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    Welcome readers to Kingdom Hearts 2: Untitled!!!

    The story: Okay, so this story takes place after KH2. It's in Destiny Islands and tells the story of times at home after all the adventure. Namine and Roxas are of course a part of Kairi and Sora. This story, is kinda... improv, so to speak.

    Thanks and enjoy!

    Chapter 1- Help Comes From Unexpected Places.

    Kairi, slender and harmless, yet strong-willed, had been placed in the same spot for the last hour.. gazing out at the sea. Kairi shifted her position, her knees now tucked against her chest and her chin resting on her kneecaps. "Hey Namine." Kairi called to her inner being. Kairi felt her other slowly begin to emerge. She saw what seemed to be blue pixie dust or stars form the shape of her inner being. In about two seconds, Namine had formed in front of Kairi, blonde hair flowing in the sea breeze. Kairi looked at the almost transparent girl that stood before her.

    "Yes?" Namine asked politely.

    "What do you think so far of Destiny Islands?"

    "Well, it's very peaceful. Why do you ask?" Namine said quietly.

    Kairi looked past Namine out to the water. "I don't know. I just needed someone to talk to, I guess."

    Kairi watched as Namine gracefully walked to the Paopu tree she'd been sitting on for the past hour and watched as she leaned against it.

    "I just love that sunset." Namine randomly spoke.

    Kairi followed Namine's gaze. "Me too. It always calms me down. For some reason, it just randomly tells me that I need to cherish everyday with everyone I love because I never know when that light in my heart will go out." She said as she emphasized the what she said about the light in her heart, bringing her fist to her heart, as if to grasp it. "You understand, right Namine?"

    Namine nodded saying "Absolutely."


    Sora had been examining Roxas' movements for quite some time now. It seems that whenever Sora aims for his torso, Roxas gives him whiplash by pushing Sora's head with his hand, which was really starting to kill his neck. Then when he tried to trip him, Roxas would jump up and then land on his foot. Adding to that, Sora successfully had him in a headlock, only once, but then Roxas would punch him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Either way, he lost. Which was really depressing because he was the Keyblade Master. He saved the entire universe from Darkness but can't save himself from a tackle? How embarrassing! Man, how can this kid keep going, Sora thought. To Sora's surprise, Roxas was breathing heavily with his hands on his hips. Sora finally won! Well, atleast that's what he thought.

    "Hm. You'd think that since you're my Nobody.. that'd you'd have the same strength as me.. but I guess not." Sora said jokingly with a smile. "They don't call me the Keyblade Master for nothing. " Sora continued with confidence. He placed his arms behind his head, leaning back. BAM! Sora was on the ground, the corner of his jaw numb. "What is that... the second time I got slugged this year?!" he said, recalling the time that stupid, stubby soldier hit him when he was the one who cut in line.


    "Remember girl---man-ly." said Mushu, the family guardian of Mulan. Mulan, AKA Ping, nodded in agreement. She tried to immitate a manly walk, Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy right in front. There appeared to be a line for food and Sora joined. Unfortunately, a short soldier in red armor pushed him out of the way.
    "Bout time we got some grub."

    Sora recovered from the push. "Hey, no cutting!" he fired back.

    Donald, beside him, joined in. "Get out!"

    The red armored soldier turned around, his arm swinging, punching Sora in the face.

    "Agh!" Sora cried as he fell to the ground, in shock that he was hit. Donald butted in, tackling the stubby soldier to the ground.

    "Back off!" the soldier said. The two continued fighthing, rolling on the ground.


    Roxas laughed jokingly. "I bet you deserved it." he said smiling.

    "Did not!" Sora retorted, rubbing his jaw. Man, for someone who looks so weak, Roxas has gotta pretty mean punch, Sora thought. Sora heard chuckling behind him, only to see Riku trying to hold back his laughing because of how serious he was but Riku couldn't. He let it out even louder than before. Sora glared at him, waiting for him to stop.

    Riku finally quit, wiping the tears from his eyes, spotting Sora's aggravated stare. "Sorry." he said, even though Roxas was giggling a little himself.

    "Wow, Sora, you let a little soldier take you down like that? That punch I just gave you, by the way, was for teasing me about Namine earlier this morning. Would you like me to tease you about Kairi too?"

    Sora was done with the teasing now. Gritting his teeth together in irritation, he jumped up, charging toward Roxas who was directing his attention toward Riku. Sora tackled him, smashing his head in Roxas's gut, pinning him down. "Roxas, take it back!" he yelled, but Roxas kept laughing. "Stop laughing!" Sora ordered in frustration as he pushed down harder on Roxas' wrists as he held him down. "Seriously!"

    Roxas finally surrendered as he fell silent after clearly hearing Sora's words. "Okay, I take it back. Sorry, man."

    Sora, overcome with satisfaction after hearing Roxas apologize, quickly but quietly backed off a couple steps. He began to brush off the loose grains of sand that looked to cling on to his clothing, before he peered up to see Roxas cleaning himself up as well. Sora's purpose to do so became more of a priority as he had seen that Riku, who had witnessed the conflict, had his attention focused on two figures walking past the Spring talking amongst themselves.


    Kairi tensed up when she and Namine` approached the guys, since they were quiet. It wasn't like them to be so quiet when Kairi or Namine` showed up. Usually, they were competing for their attention. Kairi relaxed a bit when she saw that Sora was busy attempting to pick every single little grain of sand out of his hair.

    Kairi just stood observing his every movement. His index finger and thumb picking out one or two grains at a time. Why doesn't he just run his fingers through his hair or shake his head, Kairi thought. If he didn't do it in the next fifteen seconds, she would have to do it herself.. and she really didn't want to do that. One stupid grain at a time, again and again. Ten. Nine. Sora, don't make me do this. Six. FIVE. FOUR. THREE. TWO. Sora! Kairi thought.

    "Here let me do it!" she demanded as she walked up to Sora, running her fingers through his soft hair back and forth. After a couple seconds of this, the sand was out.


    Sora quietly stood there while Kairi looked at his head, making sure there was no more sand. What is she doing, Sora thought. He watched as she backed away and he felt his face getting hot. He smiled shyly at her, reaching his arm behind his head, rubbing it in a nervous manner. He could see that she was embarrassed just as much as he was because her cheeks flushed in a rosy color. He switched his gaze from Kairi, to the floor, and then to his three friends who stared in concern, Riku with eyebrows down, Namine` in the middle with one eyebrow up and mouth open, and Roxas' head jerked back in surprise. Oh boy, he thought.


    Namine brought herself back to her senses. She knew that Kairi hated getting so much attention. "Okay, um, when Kairi and I were walking over here we were talking about us all spending time together tonight." she said. "We were kinda thinking about... a camp-out?"

    Riku finally came back from wonderland and said "Yeah.. great idea."

    "Okay.." Namine continued. "What do you think, Roxas?" From what she could see, Roxas was still staring at Sora and Kairi. Roxas, come on, Namine thought. She waved her hand in front of his face. "Roxas!"

    She jumped as he jumped. "Huh? Oh.. yeah.. cool."

    Namine linked her fingers together. "Okay. We'll have it tonight. What do you say we go get our stuff before it gets dark?" Namine felt relief now that Riku and Roxas weren't focusing on Kairi or Sora anymore. Nobody budged. Okay.. I guess I'll lead, she thought as she began walking toward her boat, weaving between Sora and Kairi. "Kairi, Sora, come on!" she demanded.

    Kairi tracked Namine` with her eyes and then began to follow her to the pier, her arms crossed in embarrassment.

    Okay. End of Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will be up soon!
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    That was good I really liked the descriptions... especially the part about the sun. =D

    Ummm... you could end the paragraph after each person speaks, but it's not necessary.

    I don't really have anything else to comment at this momment. I'd like to see where this is going first.

    So keep up the good work; publish that new chapter. Mkay?
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    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky

    I was an inspiration?


    I could kind of sense that you had read my story by the part when you talked about them going to the islet to think.


    Anyways, good story, It's a great Idea.

    Maybe you should watch and make sure you don't get mixed up between paste tense and present tense. And try not to make the paragraphs as long. That made it harder to read.

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    Chapter 2 everyone!!!​



    Chapter 2

    Everyone split their separate ways as they headed home to pack their stuff for the camp- out. Sora told everyone to meet back in fifteen minutes with their things so they could head back to the island.

    Kairi walked alongside Namine while they headed toward their homes. She felt happy that she, Sora, and Riku were hanging out again. Ever since the adventure the three gotten back from a couple days ago, they hadn't hung out and spent time with each other and this upset Kairi.

    She lifted her head up to stare at the sky. Clouds had been passing by slowly as the sun was setting, the skies turning purple and pink colors. Kairi gazed at them as she walked, but then to her friend on her right as she broke the silence between them.

    “It’s been awhile since everyone’s hung out together.” said Namine.

    “Yeah. It sure has. I can’t believe we’re doing this again, though, after everything that’s happened.” Kairi explained as she took her gaze to the ground beneath her.

    “What do you mean, Kairi?” asked Namine. She could sense a bit of sorrow from her friend’s voice. Namine didn’t know what to do but stare at her friend in worry and concern.

    “Like.. Sora, Riku, and I.. we had one camp- out when we were little. It’s just been so long..” said Kairi as she remembered the fun times she had with the two boys when she first came to the Islands.

    Namine looked onward as the houses slowly passed by as they walked. “You miss those days.. don’t you?”

    “I do, a lot. But I know that tonight there will be a great, new memory since you and Roxas have joined us, right?” Kairi replied, looking at her friend.

    “Of course.” answered Namine.


    Sora packed up his things as a knock came on the door. Roxas’s head popped in as Sora zipped up his duffle bag.

    “Ready yet?” Roxas asked as he leaned against the door.

    “Yeah. Should we be there by now?” said Sora as he picked up the bag off his bed.

    Roxas crossed his arms and closed his eyes as he said, “I dunno.”

    “Okay, fine. Let’s go.” said Sora in irritation. He nudged Roxas out of the way as he opened the door to leave.


    Riku, frustrated and impatient, was already at the beach waiting for everyone to arrive so they could go back to the island. “Hurry up already,” he said to himself.

    Out of the corner of his eye he saw two figures coming toward his position. He turned to see that it was Kairi and Namine.

    “Finally!” he screamed.

    “What’s the matter Riku? Can’t wait to get bit by mosquitos?” Kairi joked as she and Namine stopped in front of him.

    “Very funny,” he replied. “Do you know where Sora and Roxas are?”

    Kairi shook her head in response as Namine said “I think they-"

    Namine couldn’t finish, for it had been yelling that caused the interruption. The three turned their heads to see two figures running.. Sora in front and Roxas not far behind. They saw Roxas pull his bag off his shoulder and chuck it at Sora. Sora ended up falling right in front of their position as the bag hit him in his back.

    The girls chuckled in laughter while Sora remained on the ground in the sand as he rubbed his head. He spit sand out of his mouth and coughed while Roxas approached where he lay. Roxas bent down to pick up his bag and as he walked passed Sora, Sora grabbed his ankle, causing him to trip and fall on his hands and knees.

    Kairi laughed as she asked, “Are you two alright?”

    Roxas stood up, brushing the sand off his clothes. “I’m okay.” was all he said before he ran off to the boats as Namine and Riku followed behind.

    Sora, however, had sat up on his knees and was rubbing his head. Kairi leaned over in front of him and asked “You sure you’re okay, Sora?” One of her eyebrows went up in wonder.

    Sora looked up at Kairi with a big, wide grin. “Yeah, Kairi. See?” He pointed to his mouth, where his pearly whites were revealed.

    Kairi giggled in response, her left hand covering her mouth as she did so. “Okay. I believe you.”

    Riku stood impatiently. “Kairi! Sora! Hurry up!”

    Kairi turned her head slightly to her right to see Riku waving his right arm. She grinned, “Be right there!” She turned back to Sora and said, smiling. “C’mon. Let's go.”


    Hope you enjoyed.
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    I'm starting to hate this site... There are too many talented people on here, getting me hooked on their stories. Now I'm going to be obsessing as to when the next chapter comes up. *cries*

    Anyway, I liked the description Kairi and Naminé gave on the sunset. It was deep. In other parts, it seemed that you tried to use larger, more descriptive words. Normally this is a good thing, but here, you kinda overkilled. There were so many, it made the story choppy as you read it (It was also choppy 'cuz I had to keep going to merriamwebster's online dictionary to look up words...). Anyway, other than that, awesome story.
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    Thankies! =] I'll take that into consideration.

    Thank you. I need people to tell me when I've done stuff like that. I just try to match up with all the other story tellers on here that have a wide vocabulary.. that I have yet to obtain. I just look up synonyms to words that I over-use at but.. thanks for the tips. I'll use it on the next chapter. I just kinda feel I have to explain every little detail to get everyone to see it the way I do.. ya know?

    Thanks again you guys.

    Chapter 3 should be put up sometime this week.
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    I bring you Chapter 3!!
    I have a feeling this is the best one yet!


    Chapter 3.

    Kairi and Namine rested quietly in the warm sand by the ocean, the waves tickling their feet when it went in and out. Since the boys had gone to get some food, the girls had some time to themselves. They hadn't been sitting there long before Kairi broke the silence between them.

    "I wonder what's going to happen tonight." She looked down at the shells that disappeared as the waves came up to shore. "There's always something happening around here."

    Namine faced her friend, a questioning expression on her face, as if wondering how the subject came up in the first place. "You sound a little worried, Kairi. Is everything alright?"

    Kairi raised her head to look at Namine. She knew her friend was concerned.

    "Well, it's just that.." Kairi hesitated. She didn't know for sure if she should tell Namine what was bothering her.. This feeling she had.. It just wasn't right. "You know that Sora, Riku, and I always have fun times together right?"

    Namine nodded in agreement.

    "Well.. bad things happened to one of us once in a while when we played." Kairi continued. "Nothing's happened for awhile.. but-"


    A voice intruded before Kairi could finish. Both girls turned around to see all three boys with fish and wood in there arms. Sora was the one in front of the other two. He was smiling, happy that he completed the needed tasks for the camp-out.

    "We brought some fresh food to ya!" he said, holding up a fish.

    "And firewood." Riku added. From what Kairi could see, he was the only one holding the firewood.

    "Great!" Kairi spoke.

    "Good work you guys!" Namine stated.

    The three boys were standing around the girls, who were still sitting down.

    "We'd love to stay and chat, but we gotta get this fire going before it gets dark." insisted Riku. He was struggling to hold the firewood, his arms seemed to be shaking.

    "Right." said Sora.

    Everyone got to work; Riku and Sora worked on the fire, Roxas started cooking the fish, and the girls layed out the blankets and pillows.

    "Alright. We're all set!" Roxas said stretching.

    Everybody stood there, not knowing what to do next. Sora rubbed the back of his neck.

    "So.. now what?"

    Nobody answered his question because they weren't sure themselves. Nothing really mattered to Kairi. She was deep in thought. She froze, a glazed look in her eyes. Kairi had this strange feeling running throughout her body... and then a memory suddenly engulfed her mind.


    "Hey, Sora, what do you say to a little race?" Kairi heard a silver- headed fifteen year old boy cry. She was fiddling with rocks in the sand.

    "A race?" The fourteen year old didn't know what to think. Riku was always challenging him at something. And every time, he won. Sora didn't know if he should accept the challenge or leave it alone.

    "What? Are you scared?!" She heard Riku scream.

    "Wha-? I am not scared!" Sora hollered. Kairi looked up as she heard this. Her short crimson hair blowing in the sea breeze.

    "Well, c'mon then!" Riku had said. "I just wanna prove to you that you can't match up to the pros." He walked to the dock, showing where to start the race.

    Kairi saw Sora glare at Riku as he walked by. Then she saw the boy follow. She stood from where she was sitting, knowing what was about to come.

    "Not again!" She shook her head in disappointment. Kairi hated how Riku kept doing these things to upset Sora.

    She walked over to their position and performed her duty, as usual. "The first one to reach the islet and then back wins. Ready?"

    Kairi saw the boys exchange glances and knew from the those looks they were ready to go. She hated these stupid challenges. It was really getting old. "Okay. On my count!"

    She raised up her arm as a signal to get set. "Ready? GO!" She screamed as she dropped her arm. As she did so, Kairi could see the boys zoom passed her.

    Kairi stood and watched as the boys raced. She could see Sora running along the bridge that connected the beach to the islet. Riku, however, had waded through the water, making his way toward the ladder that led him straight up the islet.

    As Kairi switched her gaze to Sora, who was running along the brigde, she noticed a loose board in the middle of the bridge. Sora wasn't too far from it. Kairi knew what was going to happen.

    "SORA!!" She cried, trying to prevent him from stepping on it.

    Before she knew it, Sora fell through the bridge to the ground below with a cry of terror. Kairi's eyes grew big with fear as he lay motionless on the ground, a couple boards on top of him.

    She noticed that Riku had witnessed the scene and that he ran to his friend's side, pulling boards off of him. Kairi sprinted to where her unconcious friend lay, fear in her eyes.

    She kneeled on the ground beside Sora, hoping he was okay. Kairi watched Riku roll him over on his back, holding his head. Kairi took hold of Sora's limp left hand, gripping it tightly. Tears escaped her eyes. As Kairi looked up at Riku, from her blurry vision she could see he was tearing up too. She saw him shake it off quickly, not wanting her too see him in that state.

    "Don't worry, Kairi. He'll be alright." she heard him say.

    Kairi sniffed, whiping her tears from her eyes. She glared at him, disappointed and ashamed. "Don't worry?! You've got to be kidding!"

    Kairi saw Riku jump back in shock. "Riku, I knew something would happen one of these days!"

    She saw the look he gave her. He'd never seen this side of her before.

    "It's not like this is my fault." He fired back.

    "Not your fault?!" She rolled her eyes at his remark. "You and your stupid games, Riku!" Kairi was literally screaming at him at this point. She was enraged and afraid for Sora, who still lay motionless.

    Riku had fallen silent. Kairi could tell that from his silence he knew she was right. It was his fault. If he hadn't pushed Sora so hard to race him.. Kairi felt his gaze switch from her to Sora, then back at her again. She stared at him, steamed. She saw him quickly look away and knew he felt ashamed of himself and his stupidity.

    Kairi looked down at Sora, worried. He's breathing evenly, she thought. His hand was still clasped in hers, Kairi gripping it tightly. She began to tear up again.

    Kairi heard Riku stand up then begin to walk.

    "Where are you going?!" She hollered, crying.

    "I'm going to the shack to get a cloth and pillow for Sora. I'll be right back." He said.

    Kairi, still holding Sora's hand, watched Riku head toward the Shack. She then gazed down at Sora, wanting to see his smile and big blue eyes.

    "Please... please let him be okay." She whispered as she drooped her head, now staring at her knees and the sand. Kairi closed her eyes as a tear ran down her right cheek and fell from her chin, hitting the sand.

    She didn't know what to do. There was nothing she could do, but sit and wait for her friend to wake up. Realizing this, Kairi layed her head down next to Sora's. Kairi closed her eyes, falling asleep, still grasping Sora's hand tightly in hers.


    Kairi woke up, rubbing her eyes with her free hand, knowing she had a hold of Sora's, who was still passed out.

    She looked around at her surroundings, noticing there was a cloth covering her and Sora's bodies. There was also a pillow, comforting her head when she was asleep. She looked to her right at Sora, who unfortunately was still using his.

    "I brought you one, too. You were asleep when I came back out."

    Kairi turned to see Riku studying the big hole in the bridge he was standing on that broke apart, causing Sora to get hurt.

    "Sorry, I must've dozed off." Kairi explained.

    She saw him jump down fromt he broken bridge. "It's not a problem. I figured you would be. Plus, it's the least I could do. You were so mad at me."

    He said this looking down in shame. Kairi smiled shyly, looking down as well. She felt horrible for what had said to him.

    "Oh, sorry about that. I was just so worried. You understand, right?"

    Riku nodded. "Of course." He walked toward her and the unconcious Sora. "But you don't have to apologize. It was my fault, after all."

    Kairi followed him with her eyes as he sat down on the other side of Sora. There was nothing she could say to Riku. What he said was true.

    Seagulls flew overhead, making noise. The ocean breeze blew over Kairi's face, making her close her eyes and breathe in deeply. She could hear the waves' movements, crashing together gently.

    Kairi opened her eyes and stood up. She finally let go of Sora's hand and set it down easily. She walked to the waves, slipping off her shoes before she waded out into the water.

    Kairi closed her eyes again and breathed in the ocean air. "I hope he's okay." she said breaking the silence.

    "Hey." she heard Riku say.

    Kairi turned around quickly. Sora was slowly waking up. She saw him move his head a bit, first to his left.. then to his right. She ran over, leaving her shoes by the shore.

    Kairi could see Sora slowly open his eyes. He squinted, the amount of light amazing him as he saw two blurred figures. He blinked, opening his eyes fully this time, first looking at Riku and then looking left to see Kairi smiling.

    "You're okay!" Kairi yelled happily.

    She leaned back as Sora sat up, rubbing his head.

    "W-what happened?" He asked slowly.

    "You fell off the bridge and hit your head. You were out for two hours," explained Riku.

    Sora was still rubbing his head. Kairi's eyes met with his as she giggled. She saw him smile, turning red in embarrassment.

    "Kairi." A voice was calling out to her. "Kairi?"


    Firs the voice was faint, then loud.


    Kairi jumped in response. It was Namine, waving her hand in Kairi's face. She looked around and noticed everyone staring at her. "Huh?"

    Sora approached her slowly, his left eyebrow up in concern. "Are you alright, Kairi?"

    "Oh.. Yeah. I'm fine." She assured him.

    Sora stared at her for a moment, not believing her. Kairi hated when he did this. He was always so worried about her when he didn't have to be.

    "Okay. C'mon guys. Let's go get the food cooked. I'm hungry." Riku interrupted. Kairi knew he saw her embarrassment and wanted to draw the attention from her.

    Except two people, Namine and Sora. They weren't tricked. They knew something was up.

    Riku hadn't turned away. He saw Sora staring at Kairi and knew the Key Bearer was worried. "Sora."

    Sora turned, "Huh?"

    "C'mon" Riku said, motioning with his head.

    "Oh.. Right." Sora turned back to face Kairi before walking away.

    Namine was still there looking at Kairi. She was concerned about her friend's status. "Kairi, are you sure everything's okay?"

    Kairi smiled at Nobody warmly. "Of course."

    "Okay." Namine said before walking off.

    Kairi faced Riku, who still hadn't moved. She smiled, thanking him for changing the subject. He gave her a friendly wink, letting her know it wasn't a problem.


    All done =]
    Let me know how you liked it.
    And fill me in on any grammar or spelling mistakes.
    Kthnx. =]
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    YES!!! A new part!!!


    Fun Fun Fun! Can't w8 for the next part of your story! Not bad on Kairi's lil' flashback either. I only remember one thing you need to fix...

    You left out the 'en' in enraged. Other then that, I can't think of anything else. I'll skim through it again if you'd like me to, to check for anything else.
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    Chapter 4- Memories

    The sun was about to disappear completely from the group's site as they finished their dinner. Sora, Riku, Namine, and Roxas were all in their own conversations. Riku and Sora talking about how happy they were to finally be home and Roxas and Namine chatting about the scenery.

    Kairi stared at her friends, smiling happily. She loved how her two best pals were finally home, along with new friends. They were all so deep into their conversations. She felt a little left out, but didn't really mind. Kairi understood why Namine was blabbing about stuff to Roxas. Namine told Kairi she was into him.

    Kairi switched her gaze to her closest friends, who were laughing wholeheartedly. Sora's being his silly self again, she figured smiling. Suddenly, after she thought the sentence through her mind, Sora turned around and saw her slight smile. Kairi was staring out into space, not noticing Sora rub his head in an embarrassed manner.

    "Uh.. Kairi?" She heard him mutter, chuckling.

    She came to her senses quickly, and found herself staring into his ocean blue eyes. Kairi shook it off immediately after, blushing a bit. She peered out of the corner of her left eye, able to see that he turned around, acting as if it was nothing.

    "Hey, I'm gonna go fetch some more firewood. It looks like it's getting pretty dim." He said as he stood up.

    Riku jumped up after he heard this, saying "I think I should help you. Those weak arms of yours probly wont be able to carry much."

    Sora smirked. "Wow, thanks so much Riku..."

    "Anytime, Buddy." Riku replied to the sarcastic remark.

    Kairi was watching them joke around. As they started to walk off, she noticed Roxas run after them, probly not wanting to be left alone with the girls. After following Roxas run with her eyes, Kairi turned her head to her right and saw Namine staring at her. Obviously, she still must've been red from what happened a couple minutes ago. Kairi fidgeted, resting her arms on her knees as she crossed them as they lay on her lap. Namine came over at that time.

    "Okay. You need to tell me what's been up with you lately."

    "What?" Kairi asked.

    Namine's eyes grew bigger with a bit of irritation. "C'mon Kairi. You've been quiet all night. What's going on with you?"

    Kairi smiled slightly. "Namine, I'm just a quiet person."

    "Kairi.." Namine said, giving her friend a look as to say 'tell me now.'

    Kairi rotated her body around on her log and faced the ocean, the water now dark with only the pale moonlight revealing the foam from the waves coming up on the shore. "Namine.. I'm trying to figure that out myself. I've had alot on my mind lately."

    Namine sat by her friend's side. "What do you mean?"

    Kairi stared blankly. "You know, it's funny.. 'cause I dont know."

    She turned her head to her left to look at her friend, only to see the same look of concern she had gotten earlier. Kairi finally gave in. "Okay.. Remember what I told you earlier? About Riku, Sora, and I playing around? Well.. this weird thing happened."

    Namine leaned in, nodding.

    "I had this mental flashback, or so it seemed. It went back to last year, before Sora became the Keyblade master. He got hurt." Kairi continued.

    Namine listened intently, asking Kairi "What happened?"

    Kairi glanced at the bridge to her right, that was connecting the islet, then looked straight ahead. "Sora was racing Riku.. and he... got hurt."

    "Oh no." Namine said, covering her mouth. "..Kairi?"

    Kairi was tearing up. She wiped the tear that ran down the left side of her face, "Sorry, Namine, but I gotta go take a walk." She stood up and started to walk, only managing to get a few steps in before Namine came up to her, insisting she emerged with her friend. "No, Namine. Just stay here. I'd like to be alone if you don't mind."

    "But Kairi--" Kairi heard Namine say, before stopping dead in her tracks. She peered over her left shoulder, not saying a word. Kairi didn't hear another word from Namine, meaning she understood the look on her face and that Kairi had to think things over.. alone.

    "O..kay." Namine managed to say slowly and quietly before Kairi walked away. The warm glow from the fire left Kairi's skin ash she walked into the shadows, then appeared in the pale moonlight. Namine felt uneasy about something, but just thought it was the fish. It didn't look that appetizing in the first place. Somehow, though, she knew that that wasn't it.


    Kairi was now under the bridge where "it" happened- where Sora was lieing unconcious. The longest two hours of my life. Kairi remembered how terrified she was at that moment in her life, thinking her friend wasn't going to wake up. She was just a little dumbfounded when he fell. However, she was intelligent for her age.. more intelligent than Sora anyway. Looking back at it now, she doesn't know why she thought that in the first place. She must've just been in the state of shock that she assumed when Sora fell, that he would never wake up.

    Kairi walked out from under the bridge and into the moonlight. She kicked at the sand as she walked, putting her hands behind her back in the stance she had when she was fourteen, her head down.. occasionally looking out at the water.

    She stopped, her body towards the water. This was the spot. The place where everything changed, where she stood when Sora... disappeared.

    That night her world was restored, along with many others. While the worlds were at peace and everything was back to normal, Kairi's heart was breaking and her mind a mess. The person she loved the most was fading away and she didn't know whether or not she would ever see him again. Afterward, when he was lost in the darkness of the night and no longer in her sight, Kairi had gone to the Secret Place, where things seemed worse. Once she walked into that room, she saw every drawing she and Sora made. While dragging her hand against the rock wall, she came across one she could never forget. Amongst the wall, was an image of Sora giving Kairi a Paopu fruit on the drawing they had done when they were kids. What's worse, was who she saw drawing it. At that moment, she'd imagined Sora scraping the rock against the wall, drawing it himself but the disappearing as he turned and smiled at her. That was when Kairi cried and drew something herself, completing the picture. Now on the wall there was a picture of her giving Sora a Paopu fruit, as well.

    The waves touching the tips of Kairi's sneakers. She backed up, not wanting to get the least bit wet.


    Namine sat alone at the camp site. The orange glow on her face and arms. She wanted to know what was going on with Kairi and what was taking those boys so long. Picking up a few sticks couln't take that long, could it?

    Namine couldn't keep still. She first had her legs crossed, then she switched to haver her arms crossed, and now she had her chin cupped in her left hand, fidgeting with what was left of the fire with stick, moving ash and twigs deeper in the fire.

    She heard a few pairs of footsteps in the distance. Namine lifted her head, looking to her right. One of her questions was answered. Riku was in front carrying a few twigs in his hand, Roxas with absolutely nothing, and Sora in the back, waddling back and forth with four or five logs in his arms.

    "Riku! I thought you said you'd help!" Sora hollered.

    "I am." Riku stated as he placed the twigs down looking back at Sora.

    Sora gritted his teeth in frustration. I guess that's not what you meant, he thought. He placed the logs down next to the fire then looked around, noticing someone was missing. "Where's Kairi?"

    Namine lifted her head. "Oh, she left not too long ago. I insisted that I emerged with her, just in case something happened,but she said she wanted to be left alone."

    Riku glanced at Sora, who was staring at Namine. "What'd she say was bothering her, Namine?"

    "Well, Kairi told me about the incident that occured around a year ago. She seemed really upset."

    Sora tried to take in Namine's words. There have been thousands of 'incidents'! Which one was Kairi upset about? He crossed his arms, confused. Namine's eyes were focused on Sora, noticing his actions.

    She raised an eyebrow in question, "You mean you don't remember? It was about you, Sora."

    Sora's eyes grew wide. "Me?"

    "Yeah. You were, I think, fourteen at the time. Kairi couldn't even take the thought of it. Like it was the worst thing that happened to you."

    Sora stared blankly for a moment. He looked at Riku and thats when Sora remembered. His eyes widened and he began to run for the bridge.

    Riku caught hold of Sora's arm before he got too far. "Sora, what's wrong?"

    "Riku, let go of me!" Sora screamed as he tore his arm from Riku's grasp, continuing toward the bridge.

    That was when Namine shot up from her seat. I said something that triggered this. I've done something wrong again! She then remembered when she had torn apart Sora's memories in Castle Oblivion for her own good, feeling regret and shame for making him forget the one he truly loved, Kairi. After telling Sora the truth, pointing out who he really cared for, she put him to sleep. He had remembered the girl who mattered most, her name being his last words before he fell into a deep slumber, Namine chaining together his memories exactly as they once were before he stepped foot into Castle Oblivion.

    She ran after Sora immediately after he screamed at Riku impatiently. She passed Roxas first, then shortly Riku, following Sora's path.


    Please... Sora had running through his mind as he ran to the bridge. He was hoping what he thought would be there, really wasn't. Don't let her be there.

    "No." escaped his mouth. "KAIRI!"

    He ran to the body that lie still and covered in boards from the now broken bridge above.


    And now we are done!
    From a previous post where I said that I hade one action scene, well.. that was it. Well.. part of it.. Which means there's more to come! *cheers*

    Man.. I gotta stop giving myself deadlines.. before it becomes a habit.
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    Chapter 5- Dreams

    Once Sora arrived by the unconcious Kairi, he quickly and impatiently ripped the boards off of her, throwing a few of them about 5 feet.

    "Kairi!" He screamed as he put his arms around the girls body. "Kairi! Wake up!"

    He tightened his grip on the right side of Kairi's waist and her right shoulder. Her head lie on his right arm, hair dangling. Sora closed his eyes and ground his teeth together in anger and frustration. "Kairi, wake up." he said weakly.

    He heard fast footsteps behind him, but didn't bother to turn around. He kept his eyes on Kairi.

    "Oh, Kairi!!" Sora heard Namine cry. He could see out of the corner of his eye Namine kneeling down beside him, gasping.

    The two were silent for some time, both staring at the young crimson-haired girl in worry and fright. Then finally, Sora broke the silence between them.


    She just stared at the boy.

    "Maybe you should go check on her." He said.
    Namine saw the boy turn to look at her, sorrow and worry in his eyes. She nodded and closed her eyes.
    Sora watched as Namine closed her eyes and slowly began to disappear, blue sparkles forming around her body. With a flash of blue light, Namine was gone. Sora knew that what Namine was about to do, would help Kairi awaken.


    Blackness surrounded Kairi as she stood in a room of nothingness. She couldn't see anything far or near. She stood, hands clasped together at her chest, knees turned in.

    "Sora?" she cried out. "Namine?"

    Suddenly, she heard a sound that caused her to turn around. "Huh?"

    Kairi saw a bright light, growing bigger by the second. As it reached it's peak, she covered her face with her arms because of the brightness it held. Her hair was blowing furiously with the wind that came along with it, pushing her back little by little.

    Just as the wind began to die down, Kairi lowered her arms slowly, peeking out of her left eye. She dropped them after who she saw.


    Kairi started walking slowly toward the figure, hesitating once or twice.

    "Kairi!" She heard the light voice yell.

    "Namine!" Kairi screamed as she ran towards the girl. She hugged the girl tightly, feeling Namine grasp her tightly as well. Kairi let out a sigh of relief.

    "Thank goodness you're okay." Namine said softly.


    "Kairi, you fell of the bridge." Namine said letting go of her.​

    "What?" Kairi said astonished. "I... fell..?"​

    Namine nodded slowly. "You should've told me what was wrong. I was sitting, waiting on you when the boys came back. Sora asked where you were and I told him that you said something about an 'incident' and he didnt know what I was talking about."​

    Kairi stared at her friend intently.​

    "And I told him it was about him and then he started running. I followed him and we found you, below the bridge, covered in boards. He must've ripped them off of you as soon as he got there because they were everywhere when I reached him. I could hear him yell for you to wake up and everything. We sat there for a moment after I got there and he told me to check on you, so.. here I am." Namine explained.​

    "Oh no." Kairi said, bringing a hand to her head, running it through her hair. She shook her head she she began to walk away.​

    Namine examined her friend saying, "He's really worried about you."​

    Kairi dropped her hand to her side, it making a flop as it hit her pink dress. "Great. Just another thing for him to worry about."​

    She sat down from where she stood, bringing her knees to her chest. Kairi rested her right arm on her knees and layed her head down on her arm, leaving her left arm placed on the floor to keep her balance.​

    She heard light footsteps coming from behind and felt Namine touch her shoulder after she sat down beside her.​

    Silence engulfed the room of nothingness as they sat there, not knowing what to say next.​


    Sora held Kairi's body in his arms, her left arm around his neck and head leaning against his chest for support. As he walked back, he looked down at the girl's face. She looked so innocent and defenseless to the world. ​

    "Sora!" ​

    Sora looked up to see Riku jogging toward him. He stopped as Riku reached him. ​

    "What happened, Sora?" Riku asked.​

    "The bridge." Sora said and started walking to find a place by the fire, Kairi still in his grasp.​

    As the warm heat from the fire touched his skin, Sora layed Kairi down gently. He looked up at Roxas, as if motioning him to get a blanket and pillow. He saw Roxas quicky grap both and hand them to him. Sora slowly placed the pillow under Kairi's head and put the blanket over her legs and arms, leaving her shoulders exposed to the warm glow of the fire.​

    Without a word, he sat down beside her, just staring at her unconcious form.​


    Eventually, after hours of thinking of things, Sora felt his eyes getting heavy. He rubbed his eyes, trying to stay awake, but that wasn't helping him. He layed his head next to Kairi's, the side of her face being the last thing he saw before he fell to sleep.​


    "What's that?" Sora gazed upon a dark cirle that appeared in the night sky. There seemed to be and orange light coming from inside with bolts flying every which way like lightning.​

    Sora jumped up onto the pier by the boats. "Riku's boat.. and Kairi's!" Sora screamed as he stood on the pier of Destiny Islands. The wind from the storm blew Sora's spikey hair in his face as he looked ahead. The island was shrouded in darkness.​

    Sora scanned the island for his two dear friends, but instead came across a strange creature that emerged from the ground. This creature was about half Sora's size and was black with yellow eyes. A look of fear came across Sora's face as he gasped when more of the creatures came out of the ground.​

    Sora whipped out his wooden toy sword, in fear and motivation. He swung at them with all his strength, but it did no good. The toy sword had no affect on the little creatures. Sora had no choice but to run. As he did, the unknown creatures chased him until he finally found Riku on the islet.​

    "Where's Kairi? I thought she was with you!" Sora told Riku. However, Riku seemed to pay no attention to Sora's question.​

    "The door... has opened..." Riku said slowly, his eyes glued to the sea ahead of him.​

    "What?" Sora asked, dumbfounded. ​

    "The door has opened, Sora! Now we can go to the outside world!" Riku continued.​

    "What are you talking about? We've gotta find Kairi!" cried Sora.​

    "Kairi's coming with us!"​

    Sora's head jerked back in reaction to Riku's outburst.​

    "Once we step through, we might not be able to come back." Riku stated. "We may never see our parents again. There's no turning back. But this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness!"​

    Riku held out his hand for Sora to accept.​

    "Riku..." Sora said hesitantly.​

    Darkness sheeted where Riku was standing, slowly climbing up his legs and torso. Sora ran closer to his older friend, accidentally stepping in the darkness that shrouded the ground. He desperately reached out for Riku, his fingertips inches away from Riku's, but he wasn't close enough. His legs wouldn't budge beneath him.​

    Suddenly, there was a flash of light. Sora was back on the beach by the pier. He felt weight in his right hand. He lifted it, studying the key-like weapon that he obtained without his knowledge. Out of nowhere, random voices began calling out, "Keyblade..." in every direction.​

    Now there was only one thing to do. Earlier, while fighting the creatures, Sora passed the secret place. There was something different about it now that he had the "Keyblade", as the strange creatures called it. A door? This looks like one of those that were in my dream I told Kairi about! Sora thought. He gasped. Kairi has to be in there! Sora continured on hurriedly through the large door in front of him.​

    Sora saw a girl-ish figure when he arrived from the long tunnel in the Secret Place.​

    "Kairi!" he said.​

    Kairi turned around from the wooden door she'd been facing. Her eyelids appeared heavy and she was pale. "Sora.." Kairi said.​

    Sora's eyes widened, his mouth dropping slightly. Kairi extended her left arm out to him, before a huge gust of wind blew, causing Sora to put his arms out in front of him. Kairi was forced forward by the powerfuly black wind toward Sora's position. Sora opened his arms out to her, attempting to catch her. Kairi then abruptly disappeared within his grasp.​


    "KAIRI!" Sora jerked his head up as he woke from his dream, his eyes wide in fear. He quickly turned to his left, letting out a sigh of relief as he noticed Kairi was still beside him, safe and sound.​

    Riku jumped up from where he was asleep, looking Sora's way. "Sora. What's wrong?"​

    Sora glanced at Riku. "Oh.. nothing. Sorry."​

    Sora saw Riku nod and roll back over to sleep. It was dawn and the wind was blowing gently over Sora's face as he stared out at the ocean. He took a deep breath of the ocean-air, closing his eyes. After a minute of only the waves, he looked back at Kairi. Open your eyes, Kairi, he thought.​


    Namine finally stood up after the long talk of things between her and Kairi. She reached out her hand to Kairi, waiting for her to take hold. "C'mon. Let's get you out of here."​

    Kairi nodded, taking hold of Namine's hand. A bright light came from their hands, causing them to squint.​


    Kairi began to stir in her sleep. It was all coming back to her now. She remembered how she went up to the bridge to sit on the Paopu tree and the boards broke beneath her feet as she was walking. Then it was just black. Now, though, she felt the breeze on her face and could smell the scent of the ocean-air. ​


    She heard a gentle voice calling her name. She slowly opened her eyes, having to squint because of the light fromt he sun. Kairi opened them fully next time, seeing a big cheery grin and big blue eyes looking down at her.​

    "You're okay!" She heard him say with glee.​

    "Hey, Sora." She said, sitting up. "Ow." Kairi touched the back of her head and winced. She felt a bump on the back, and it felt swolen.​

    "You probly wanna lay back down. You're gonna have a headache for awhile." Sora explained.​

    "How do you know?" Kairi asked politely.​

    Sora pointed his thumb at his chest. "It happened to me too."​

    Kairi nodded slowly. "Oh.. right." ​

    Sora nodded once. "You might want to get more sleep. It helps."​

    "Okay." ​

    Kairi layed back down as Sora pulled the blanket back over her.​

    "Hey, Sora?" She said after laying her head on the pillow.​


    She smiled shyly. "Sorry for.. worrying you earlier."​

    Sora nodded in acceptance as Kairi turned over, closing her eyes to go back to sleep.​

    Hope you likey. =]
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    Hey... Don't worry about it. The life you make on-line is insignificant compared to your real one. On-line experiences pale compared to the ones you must face in the real world, even though many great things can happen, and many things can be learned in this digital world. Two years ago (and a few months, but who's counting other than me?), a couple things happened to many people that I got to experience as well. My life was ripped to shreds, and I was chucked into a new one. At a new state, county, city, and school, I shoved people away, ignored the worrying from teachers (and a couple of students who cared for a reason I can't fathom), and their warnings as well.

    Wait, WTF am I doing? I almost poured my life into a thread about a storeh, and about you. -.-... Stupid Pills. Anywayz, what I'm trying to say is, that while on-line life is great, and you can meet some great people, RL is dominant. If there's a problem, get what you need done. We. Don't. Matter. Its your life. Seize it. If you leave, there's no reason to say sorry. If you need time to yourself, give yourself as much as possible. I understand death. One of, if not the, worst things that can happen in someone's life, is death. A loss of family (I consider pets family) is awful, and I know your dog being gone is a hole in the heart that festers. Please, take your time. Remember your losses, but at the same time, we must all get past them. Its okay to cry from time to time, and is actually healthy (Health journals I had to read in Health/Life Management class Freshman year... They were quite boring). Adjust your life in your own time, and we'll be waiting.

    P.S.: Jumping up and down and pumping my fist in the air? Ttly a KH in general move. *thinks back to game's FMV's* Well, mainly a Sora/Roxas thingie.
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    So... many chapters to process... X_x

    Good job, but you had a few spelling/gramatical errors throughout the chapters. If you have trouble with that, I suggest typing it in Microsoft Word or get someone to proof read it before you post, just to get out those pesky little problems. :D

    Keep on writing~
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    @ Angel- Hiatus is basically a break in the continuity of a work, series, etc. (Note that the defintition was from So.. now you know!! And thank you. I didnt know it was so romantic. *blushes and giggles*

    @ W7FHAX- Glad you're.. er... bouncy? Eheheh. Well, the two good friends and supporters of the fic and myself have posted... so, yes.. I say that is enough. =D

    @ OMGitssRIKU!- Good to know I am loved. =P

    @ Destiny's Force- Thanks. I put my own feeling into that one. =P

    Now.. on to the UPDATE!


    Chapter 6- A Peaceful Time Alone

    Kairi woke up slowly to knocks and the ringing of her door bell downstairs. She opened her left eye slowly, the sleep still in her eyes. She looked at her alarm clock by her bed.

    "8:30. Aghh.. Sora."

    She whipped the covers off her legs and swung them around to touch the soft carpet on her bedroom floor. She stretched her body out, her arms first, followed by her legs. Kairi rubbed her eyes as more rings and knocks came from the front door.

    "Sora, why must you wake me up so early?" She questioned herself.

    Kairi was stuck. Her head still hurt slightly from her fall. It throubbed continuously for hours, which added up to be days. Today was day three for Kairi, and what a terrible three days it had been.

    The day she stirred out of unconciousness, the day she shyly apologized to Sora, the day he was by her side, it was all pain. No, more like excruciating pain. Kairi could barely stand that day. Everytime she stood up, it felt as if all her weight had gone to her head, making her sway every which way. The weight caused her knees to somehow be incredibly weak, thus making her fall to the sand beneath her, despite how much the softness comforted her bottom.

    No matter how many times she fell, he was bound to be there. He always tried to comfort her if she wasn't feeling well. He'd tried to steady her swaying as it took place and if he somehow couldn't hold her up when she would collapse, Sora would help her right back up. Sora was always there for Kairi, taking the time out of his day to assist her. Kairi couldn't help but be upset.

    Day two was a tad better. The throbbing of her head still made Kairi feel miserable, although it did die down. Atleast that day she could stand up on her own. Sora still wanted to help her out, though. Kairi had repeated a ton of times "I'm fine. I'm fine." but the boy wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

    Now on day three, Kairi sat in her bed, feeling like she was in control of herself. She felt as if no one was needed for her to get by.

    Kairi pushed herself off her bed, her pink pajama pant leg sliding down to her right foot from her knee as she pulled her black tank top over the waistband of her pants. As she tied her hair into a ponytail she walked to her bedroom door and opened it, heading down the hall. She turned to her right and went down the staircase that led to the wooden front door.

    She sighed before opening the door. It was exactly who she thought it was.

    She opened the door, revealing an upbeat fifteen year-old brunette and a calm silver-headed sixteen year-old.

    "Hey, Kairi." Greeted Sora. "You doin' okay?"

    "Hey Sora, Riku. I'm fine. You actually... just woke me up." Kairi replied, giggling a bit.

    Riku switched his sight to Sora, glaring at him stupidly. "Told you she wouldn't be up this early." Riku turned to Kairi and crossed his arms. He pointed at Sora with his thumb as he said, "It's his fault, Kairi."

    Sora stared at Riku suprised. "WHAT?!" He turned back toward Kairi, anger in his face. "Heh heh. Sorry."

    Kairi smiled politely. "Oh its okay." She watched Sora push Riku slightly, causing him to uncross his arms. They glared at eachother as she said, "So, where are you headed?"

    Sora pointed to his right with his thumb repeatedly. "The island. We were wanting to know if you would like to come... if you're feeling any better."

    "Oh, well..." Kairi hesitated for a moment. "You know... actually, I was planning on staying home today. Just to calm down after what happened."

    Sora's face dropped a bit. "You sure? Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Are you sure you don't want company? Can I-"

    Kairi put her hand out to Sora, gesturing him to stop. "Sora, I'm fine... I promise."

    With that said, the boy understood. "Okay."

    Riku butt in, "Alright, Sora. Lets get going. Tidus and Wakka are probly all ready waiting for us."

    Sora looked from Kairi to Riku and nodded.

    "Tidus and Wakka actually get up this early??" Kairi asked suprised.

    "Yep. They were the ones who wanted us to get up so early in the first place. They want us to challenge them in a fight. But we can take 'em. Right Sora?" Riku nudged Sora with his elbow.

    Sora stood looking at the ground. "I guess."

    Kairi was feeling upset at this point. "Sor--"

    "Okay then. Lets go!!" Riku encouraged him. "We'll see you later, Kairi."

    "Oh. Okay." She replied. She looked down at Sora sadly. "Bye Sora." She said slowly.

    He looked up and smiled slightly. And the two began to walk off.

    Kairi watched as the two boys walked down her road, chatting amongst themselves. As they reached the decline in the road, Kairi could only see Sora's shoulders and up. Suddenly, she noticed, he turned around and looked at her for one last time. She stood outside her front door and saw him wave at her weakly. Kairi waved back lightly, smiling. Sora smiled slightly, his pearly whites hidden behind his lips, then walked back down the road to catch up with Riku, his spikey hair disappearing before Kairi's very eyes before she went back inside.

    Kairi crossed her arms, the coldness of her house making her do so as she walked into her kitchen. She quickly grabbed a Wapala fruit from her refrigerator, slicing into seven small pieces and putting them on a small glass plate. Putting what was left of the Wapala fruit back in the refrigerator, she shut the fridge door and exited the kitchen. Kairi turned to her right and quickstepped up the steps, ponytail bouncing. Once she reached the last step at the top, she went to her left to her room.

    Kairi entered her room and shut the door with her left hand. Kairi's room consisted of a desk, full-size bed, a closet, and a large window with a built-in window seat. Its walls were pink with soft white carpet.

    She walked over to her window and placed her plate of Wapala fruit on her cushioned window seat. She stared out the window for a moment, then reached over the seat and unlatched what held the window closed. The girl pushed the window open, both panes swinging out in opposite directions. A gentle breeze rushed in as the red-headed teen took a deep breath in, smelling the ocean air.

    Kairi smiled. The Island was in her sight. The sun was rising slowly, its light gleaming across the ocean water. She searched closely for the boys to see if they arrived there yet, squinting. She stopped. The boys aren't their yet, she shrugged.

    Kairi reeled around on her heal and walked to her desk. She pushed aside the pen and paper in the center of her desk as she looked for her diary. Kairi moved to her right, running into her Mathematics text book.

    She stared at it blankly. "What is this still doing here?"

    It had been Summer vacation for weeks now and somehow she had her Math book still on her desk? Kairi explored the book's cover; the binding was in good shape, the corners of the book were a tad torn, and then she noticed the dust that lay on the top.

    She ran her index finger over it quickly and rubbed her thumb and finger together to get it off. Kairi the let out a sound of disgust and wiped it down with a dirty shirt that was on her floor. As she finished, Kairi tossed the shirt behind her and placed the book in her closet.

    Returning to her desk, Kairi pulled open the desk drawer to the right, digging through its material.

    "Ah ha!" She cried as her diary was visible. She pulled it out and removed a piece of string attached to the binding. Kairi pushed the drawer shut and grabbed the pen on the desk.

    Kairi began writing in her diary when she sat down on the cushioned window seat. The sun was just enough light, its warmth coating her skin. As she wrote, she occasionally took a bite or two from a slice of her Wapala fruit, sucking on its fruity and tangy juice.

    Deary Diary,

    The last couple days haven't been the best but today is much better. My head hasn't been throbbing near as much it was yesterday, or the day before. It hasn't been hurting at all today for that matter. Let's hope it doesn't start soon. Because then this peaceful day would be ruined. Plus, I don't need Sora to worry any more than he already has. I swear, that boy is too nice sometimes! Kidding. He's incredibly sweet. I appreciate the company he's been keeping me, but today I couldn't handle another minute of it. I mean, it's not Sora I can't stand. It's the feeling I get when he takes care of me. I have this shame somewhere deep inside me that is extremely strong when he takes time out of his precious Summer days to assist me. I do admit, the first day I needed it. I didn't need it so much on the second day, though. I could keep myself up that day. I could've easily sat and watched him, Riku, Tidus, and Wakka mess around. Selphie would've been plenty of company, as she is a jabberbox. She is my best friend after all, so she will tell me anything and everything. But--

    "Best friend huh?"

    Kairi had that feeling again. Namine was emerging. SLowly, the space across the cushion of the couch was filled with Namine's from. Her face expressing anger.

    Kairi let out a sigh. "Oh my goodness, Namine." She put a hand to her forehead tiredly.

    "What?!" Namine asked quickly.

    "You're jealous aren't you?"

    "Ugh!" Namine scoffed. "I am not jealous."

    Kairi's eyes widened as she looked at Namine, not believing her lie.

    "What?" Namine said, eyebrow up.

    "Yes you are!"

    "No I'm not!"

    "Yes!" Kairi screamed.

    "No!" Namine fired back.

    "YES!" Kairi yelled.


    Kairi rolled her eyes, laughing. "Don't give me that, Namine."

    "For the last time... what?!" Namine said, irritated. "I am not jealous! Namine is never jealous."

    Kairi facepalmed. "Please don't start talking in third-person again."

    After Kairi finished, she peeked through two of her fingers. Namine was ticked.

    "You're jealous and you know it." Kairi declared, starting to write in her journal again. At this statment, Kairi heard Namine let out a sound of frustration and annoyance.

    Namine finally spoke after ten seconds of silence. "Okay, so I'm mad. NOT jealous."

    Kairi looked up after the girl spoke, pausing her writing.

    "I just don't see what's wrong with being angry that you're not someone's best friend." Namine continued. "Especially when you're that person's Nobody."

    Kairi layed down her pen at the remark and began, "See? That's exactly it. You are my Nobody. Meaning, you're closer to me than anybody. That means you're more than a best friend, Namine. Making you more like..." Kairi tapped her chin as she waited for the words to come to her.

    Namine sat quietly, her arms and legs crossed. She tapped her right arm with her left index finger. She cleared her throat. "I'm waiting."

    Kairi finally had the words into her mind. "...making you more like my other half! You're close to my heart and you are always in the back of my mind. You're more like a conscience. You're always there."

    Kairi watched as Namine stared out the window. "I guess that's better."

    Kairi smirked. "No. You know that's better. You want to smile and you know it." She smiled, pointing at Namine.

    "I guess you're right." Namine giggled, smiling. "Okay. Now that that's settled, I probly need to get back. Roxas was chit-chatting about nonsense. I left when he was in mid-sentence and said I'd be right back. So, I gotta go."

    "Okay." Kairi agreed. She saw blue sparkles form around Namine as she slowly disappeared. As the Nobody faded away, she let out three last words.

    "I'm always here."

    Kairi closed her eyes as her other being entered her body. She smiled and closed her diary. Today's entry was complete.

    The girl placed her diary back in her desk and took her plate back to the kitchen, placing it in the sink. She then headed to the bathroom, grabbing a towel that was in the laundry basket on the kitchen counter along the way. She closed the door to the upstairs bathroom next to her bedroom. Kairi turned the shower on and turned the shower radio on shortly after.

    As the girl took her shower, the radio played a well known artist to her and Selphie. Selphie had said Kairi sounded just like the singer when she sang, which was hardly ever. Kairi wasn't too confident when it came to singing.

    "And here's the number 3 song of Destiny Islands Top Ten in the AM! It's "Try" by Hayden Panettiere, here on Destiny Islands in the AM."

    Yeah, yeah.
    You're scared, you fall.
    Sometimes it seems impossible.
    But your hopes and dreams,
    are closer than they seem.

    As the chorus was about to come up, Kairi joined in. "Why not give yourself a chance;
    Nothin's gonna hold you back.
    Everything you want is right there waiting.
    What you wanna do; Gotta have some faith in you.
    Don't you know that you can have it all?

    If you try---
    and you just believe you can, you will
    reach inside--- Don't be scared to dream.
    Never know until,
    until you try---...
    just try---."

    Kairi was surprised. She really did sound like her.

    Kairi dressed and dried her hair, its crimson color shining from her shampoo. Its straight flow coming right on the shoulders, Kairi flipped her hair to the side, making her part. Once her hair was parted and looked the way it usually did, she brought her necklace around her neck, slipped on her sneakers, and straightened her pink dress. Kairi slipped her Oathkeeper charm into her pouch on her side and shut and locked her window, then walked downstairs.

    She closed her front door behind her and began walking down the hill in her road. The weather was perfect for a Summer day. The sun was shining bright, there was a gentle breeze, and she was going to be with best pals. Kairi felt so much better and it seemed as though the way she felt was expressed through the weather; she being happy and perky and the weather being exactly that.

    Today is going to be a great day, Kairi thought. She took a deep breath of the sea breeze, hoping to surprise the others and make Sora happy.

    Hope you liked. ;]​

    Now, I know that wasn't romantic or action packed, but I thought I just needed to calm it down a bit after Kairi's incident.​

    I'm not sure what Chapter 7 is going to be about or when it's going to be here. So... just wait a bit and I'll fill you in.​

    Thanks for the continued support.
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    Chapter 7 and New Story Difficulties.

    I just have one question:

    Is posting after one of your posts after 20+ days... er... double-posting?

    Heh... heh... kay... sure.

    It's been a while huh?? Well, I'm going to fill you in on what's been going on with the story and such. Chapter 7 is still in progression mode. The ideas haven't been written down and neither have parts of the chapter itself. Many of the ideas are in the back of my mind and have been there for weeks and weeks. So.. trust me, I'm not going to forget them anytime soon. =]

    However, there is one bump in the road that I can't pass; If you read earlier posts (preferably the first page; midsection), I posted that I had another story in mind and that it was getting in the way of my thoughts for chapters of this story. Well, it is happening again.. and I dont know how to get around it. I get so excited for that particular story stuck in my head, that I can't concentrate on Chapter 7. So, I'm sorta stuck. But... different ideas have randomly been popping up in my head for Chapter 7 while I lie in my bed daydreaming and trying to go to sleep. I guess you can say that more ideas will pop up like... every night... probly more ideas for future chapters later on. So... in the words of Donald Duck himself, "Oh boy, oh boy!" XD

    Another thing has been bothering me though. Every time I think up ideas for Chapter 7, or any chapter for that matter, I keep facing one common problem; I don't know how this story will end, or how I will make it end. I've had a couple solutions to this particular problem, but then I kinda shake them off and think they won't work or sound right. Other than the temporary writer's block, the ending has been ringing again and again in my mind. Oh, what to do, what to do?

    I'd like to hear your opinions on this. Even though, I've kinda come up with a solution for the whole writer's block problem, which would be to write the next chapter. XD

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I hope that your tummies are feeling better from all that delicious food. =] It's past 3 AM here and I must go to bed.


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    Hey everyone! I finally finished Chapter 7! This ones extremely long compared to the others! Be prepared!!



    Chapter 7- "‘Promise’ is a really big word, Sora."

    Kairi walked down the pathway leading to the beach. She passed a couple people along the way, but didn’t bother even glancing at them. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts, that she seemed to remain in idle. She reached the end of the beach before she knew it.

    Kairi bent down to grab the oars to her boat only to be interrupted by a familiar voice.

    "Heading out again, Kairi?"

    She looked up and smiled. "Mr. Texen! How’s it goin’?"

    Mr. Texen was the owner of the local Sea Shell Shack on the beach. He was in his mid thirties and had short, light brown hair and brown eyes. He wore his shack uniform daily, considering the beach was swarming with people during the summer and he got a lot of business. His uniform was a plain red t-shirt with the words "Sea Shell Shack" located above the upper left pocket, black pants, and tan sandals. His food was the best out of the other food shacks on the beach. He got a lot of customers for it, mainly teenagers. Mr. Texen was very understanding and sometimes acted like a teenager himself, playing games with the boys and his humor. But he was most known for his wisdom. Mr. Texen may not be that old, but he knew more than the average sixty-year-old man. Whenever a kid had a problem, they always knew to go to Mr. Texen for words of wisdom.

    "Not bad. Not bad at all," Mr. Texen replied, cleaning a glass. He stopped walking about three feet from Kairi. "Yourself?"

    Kairi picked up her oar and held it in her right hand. "I’m good. I was just heading for the Islands."

    "Ah. Your buddies, Sora and Riku, rowed themselves out there not too long ago. I was hopin’ they would stop by for a quick bite."

    Kairi leaned against the oar as she asked, "Really? I’m surprised. They’re usually always up for food, but so are all teenage boys these days." She peeked passed Mr. Texen at the empty shack and cocked a brow. "Where are all your customers, Mr. Texen? It’s around eleven. There’s always a crowd of people for lunch."

    Mr. Texen looked over his shoulder and went back to scrubbing his glass. "Don’t know. Business is dead today."

    "Aw. Sorry to hear that," Kairi said as she got ready to get in her boat. She untied the boat from the pier and threw her oar aboard before stepping in.

    "Oh, let me help you with that," offered Mr. Texen, helping Kairi in her boat.

    Before sitting down, Kairi looked up at him and smiled, "Thanks." She sat down, grabbing her oars and placing the paddles gently in the water. "I’ll come back for lunch soon, okay?"

    Mr. Texen nodded, "Looking forward to it."

    Kairi started rowing herself out farther in the water when Mr. Texen hollered, "You be careful now! Don’t want you to hurt yourself again!"

    Kairi nodded and continued rowing as Mr. Texen waved goodbye. She was anxious to surprise Sora.

    I wonder what he’ll think when I show up. I hope he’s happy. I don’t want him to feel the way he did at home. That made me upset.

    "Getting a little hyped aren’t we?"

    "Namine, be quiet," Kairi kidded. "So what if I’m excited to see the look on his face when I show up?"

    "Alright. I see your point."


    Kairi had another five to six feet before she was at the pier. As she kept rowing, she noticed extra boats were there. When she reached the pier, she got out and pulled herself up onto it. She studied the extra boats carefully. "These don’t belong to Sora or Riku. And they don’t belong to Tidus or Wakka either."

    Kairi examined them one more time, and this time she noticed something that didn’t belong to the boys, or any boy for that matter. "A hair ribbon?" Kairi questioned. She picked up the purple accessory and looked around. "Where’s everyone at?"

    "Maybe they’re at the islet," Namine guessed.

    "Maybe..." Kairi said as she walked off the hard wood and onto the sand. As she walked, she began to look for one of the boys. Maybe even a girl.

    I know that Selphie doesn’t wear hair ribbons and she’s the only other girl that hangs out with the boys other than me, Kairi thought as she walked by the waterfall. With an "umph", she pulled herself up onto the roof of the Seaside Shack and started for the islet.

    "You know, you’re getting too suspicious about this."

    "Hello, Namine? Do you see anyone around here other than me and you?"

    "Well, technically you, since I’m actually inside you. But I get your point."

    Kairi rolled her eyes. "I’m serious, Namine. Selphie and I are the only girls who ang out with the guys. Well, you too of course concerning Roxas and everything, but that’s not the point! What other girls hang out with them but us?"

    Namine replied, "Well, there’s Riku. Why don’t you ask him?"

    Kairi jogged the rest of the way to the islet, making sure to watch out for the weak spot in the bridge from when she fell. Riku was sitting on the Paopu tree, looking out at the ocean and the town not too far away.

    "Hey, Riku," Kairi greeted. Riku jumped at the sound of her voice and turned slightly as she wound up in front of him. "Where is everyone?"

    Riku hopped down from the tree and said, "Hey. Well, Tidus and Wakka went to struggle up there on the deck." He pointed to there location but Kairi didn’t bother looking. That’s not who she was looking for.

    "Is that it?" she asked. Riku nodded. Knowing he was lying, Kairi was getting impatient. "Riku, I said everyone." She held out the purple ribbon.

    Riku looked at the ribbon that Kairi held out and his lips parted, "Three girls were here when Sora and I got here. Two of them are watching Tidus and Wakka battle it out and the other one..." He paused.

    Kairi’s heart started beating a little faster. "Where’s Sora?" Riku just stared at her without a word. "Riku, where’s Sora?" Kairi demanded, her voice rising.

    Riku stared at Kairi as her face became serious. He looked to his left, Kairi looking to her right as she followed his gaze. They were looking at the Secret Place.

    Kairi’s stomach started turning. She fixed her eyes on Riku firmly. "Riku... he’s not..." Riku nodded, biting his lip.

    Kairi immediately broke into a run.

    "Kairi, calm down!"

    "Namine, do you understand where he took her? That’s not something to be calm about!"

    "Kairi... please–"

    Kairi couldn’t hear her Nobody anymore. All she could hear was her heart pounding and pounding inside her chest. Her pulse was racing.


    Sora stood in the Secret Place looking at all of the pictures he and Kairi drew over the years. Only one caught his eye, though. It was a picture of a boy and a girl sharing Paopu fruits; a drawing that was started when they were young and was completed recently.

    "This place is amazing!"

    Sora jumped as the girl spoke, her voice interrupting his thoughts. He turned toward her as she scanned the drawings on the walls. She had a slightly lighter skin tone than he did with bleach blonde hair that was up in messy yet stylish ponytail. She had emerald green eyes and wore purple wrist bands. She also wore a mauve belly shirt and brown shorts. On her feet she wore black sneakers and purple and mauve thigh high socks. A necklace of white sea shells was wrapped around her neck.

    "Don’t you think so, Sora?" she asked. Sora nodded. "Sora, did you draw these?"

    Sora took a step forward, standing underneath the sunlight that shined through the hole in the ceiling of the stone cave. "Yeah. Me and Kairi did. That reminds me, Chaylie, I think we should go."

    Chaylie examined more of the sketches on the wall and stopped. She turned toward Sora and said, "You guys really good friends?" Sora nodded and she continued, "I heard that something happened to her. At the Sea Shell Shack, people were talking about how she hit her head falling from the bridge out here." Chaylie pointed behind her with her thumb, as if the bridge was right behind her.

    "Yeah, she’s at home resting today. I hope she’s okay." Sora said.

    "Look, Sora, I’m sorry I begged you to bring me here. It just looked so fishy when we walked by it." Sora watched as she came closer to him, step by step. " But yeah, your friend should be fine. It could probably knock some sense back into her head," Chaylie explained.

    Sora jerked his head back in surprise, "Excuse me?"

    "Yeah, people gossiped for a while about how she would always talk about some boy she couldn’t remember and how she knew he existed. But then it died down when, what’s her name, Kylie... disappeared one day and then that got detailed."

    Sora was getting frustrated. "KAIRI," he corrected her.

    Chaylie came closer to him, "Right, right. Kairi. You said she’s at home correct?"


    "Well, since she’s not here, I think we should have a little fun. What do you say?" Chaylie was only a few inches away from Sora’s face as she walked her index and middle fingers up his left shoulder.

    Sora was weirded out now. "Chaylie, what are you doing?" He leaned away as she got a little closer to his face. "Chaylie!"


    He turned to his left.


    Kairi stared at the two teenagers in the middle of the Secret Place. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

    "Kairi, it’s not what it looks like!" Sora said, talking with his hands.

    Kairi looked over at the blonde. "And you are?"

    "Oh, I’m Chaylie," she replied as she started walking toward Kairi, extending her hand for a hand shake.

    Kairi put her hand up for Chaylie to stop, "Stay right there. You don’t need to come near me." She pulled out the purple hair accessory in her left hand. "Does this belong to you?"

    "Yeah. That’s my ribbon! I didn’t know I lost it!"

    Kairi dropped it on a rock to her left as she stood in front of the tunnel. She looked at Sora once more, tears forming in her eyes, and walked back through the tunnel.

    "Kairi!" Sora screamed as he ran after her.


    Kairi stepped out into the sunlight and passed the spring, Sora trailing behind her. He came out of the tunnel and took a couple steps forward, looking for Kairi. He spotted her turning the corner to go down a ramp. "Kairi, wait!"

    Kairi continued across the sand to another small wooden ramp leading to the shore. "Save it, Sora," she sniffed.

    Sora decided to skip the ramps and jumped off the ledges to catch up with her. He ran up about two feet behind her, "Kairi, just listen to me!"

    Kairi stopped and turned around, tears and anger in her eyes. "What?"

    Sora walked up to her and said, "Look, we’re just friends. We’re practically acquaintances!"

    Kairi rolled her eyes, "Yeah right." She began walking again.

    Sora stood where he was and said, "Kairi, I’m serious! I’m–"

    "Sora!" Kairi turned around and screamed, "You almost kissed her!" She continued walking as Sora followed closely behind.

    "Chaylie came on to me, Kairi!" Sora tried to explain.

    "Yeah, uh-huh," Kairi muttered. She continued walking, peeking over her shoulder as she said, "And you took her to the Secret Place why?"

    "Because she begged me to. I didn’t want to take her in there, Kairi! You know I didn’t!"

    "But you did! To take someone to the one place that’s special to us, it feels like something has been taken away from me. You know why? Because that’s the one thing that we share, Sora!" Kairi screamed. She continued walking again.

    "That’s not true! You know that’s not the case! What I said is the complete truth, Kairi!" Sora screamed. When she kept walking and wouldn’t listen to him, he tried his best to convince her he was telling her the truth and there was only one way he knew. "Kairi, I promise!"

    She stopped.

    "I promise you, Kairi!"

    She turned around, her eyes full of sorrow, her cheeks red and hot, and tears streaming down her face. "‘Promise’ is a really big word, Sora."

    Sora walked and stood no farther than a foot from her. "And I kept the last one we made." Kairi looked at him for a second and climbed the steps onto the wooden pier, wiping her tears away.

    He continued to trace her steps as she carefully got down into her boat. With one hand on the edge of the pier for support, Kairi planted her feet firmly inside the wooden boat. She felt Sora grab her wrist as it still rested on the wooden platform. She looked up at him.

    Sora, knelt down, stared into her eyes, "Remember? Your lucky charm?"

    Kairi pulled her hand away. "My lucky charm?" Sora nodded. Kairi took it out of her pouch and looked it over for a second, then said, "It worked for you didn’t it?"

    Sora nodded, "Yeah. It brought me luck the whole time I was gone."

    "Ever since I got it back, it hasn’t done anything for me, now has it?" She looked up at Sora, her eyebrows down. "First, it was my fall... and then my splitting headaches that lasted for three days! Do you know how painful those three days were?"

    She looked at Sora, his eyes starting to water. Seeing him cry made her start to bawl as she said, "Now it’s... this! And that is so much worse, Sora." She looked back down at her charm and shook her head in disgust. "Here!" She took Sora’s hand and thrust it into his palm. She let go quickly and continued, "It hasn’t done me any good. Maybe it only works for you."

    Kairi sat down, grabbing her oar. She faced Sora one more time, tears streaming down her race. Kairi shook her head in frustration and sadness and headed toward town, bawling as she did so.


    Sora, still knelt down, watched as Kairi left. He knew she was still crying because he could see her breathe heavily for air and sniff a couple times. He stood up and examined the charm in his hand. He kept reliving the moment in his head.


    "My lucky charm?"

    He nodded.


    Kairi took it out of her pouch.

    "Well, ever since I got it back, it hasn’t done anything for me, now has it?" She stared firmly into his eyes.


    "First it was my fall... and then my splitting headaches for three days! Do you know how painful those three days were?"

    Sora’s eyes started to water.

    "Now it’s... this! And that is so much worse, Sora." She took his hand and–


    "It hasn’t done me any good. Maybe it only works for you."

    "Only works for you.

    "For you."


    "Sora?" He turned around to see Riku staring at him sympathetically, "You alright?"

    Sora stared at Riku, sadness in his expression. The he looked to his right. Chaylie was walking up to them, biting her lip nervously. He stared at the purple ribbon now on her head.

    Chaylie joined them and picked nervously at her nails. She looked at Sora and asked, "Something I did?"

    "Ugh!" Sora rolled his eyes in disgust and pushed passed her heading for the Secret Place.


    "Ouch..." Tidus said, watching the scene.

    "I feel bad for Sora, ya?" added Wakka. He, Tidus, and the girls that were with them had watched the scene since Kairi and Sora started yelling.

    "Oh good golly, Chaylie," said one of the girls named Naomi, "you did it again."

    "Again?!" Tidus and Wakka screamed in unison.

    A dark-haired girl named Lea spoke up, "Yeah. She’s done this multiple times before. That’s why we leave from time to time. Everyone hates us because of her."

    "When will she ever learn?" question Naomi, bringing a hand to her forehead.


    Kairi dragged her boat up to the shore, not even bothering to tie it up. Once it was mostly out of the water she dropped it and started up the beach, passing Mr. Texen’s shack. She walked quickly, wanting to get home as soon as possible. Kairi brought her hand up to her face. It hovered between her nose and mouth, her knuckles brushing the tip of her nose.


    Namine wanted to talk to Kairi but Kairi was trying to shut her out. She didn’t want to speak to anyone, not even her Nobody in the corner of her mind. Kairi just wanted to get home as quickly as she could. That last deal with Sora was completely unexpected and out of hand.

    "Kairi? I know you can hear me."

    Kairi shook her head. "Not now, Namine. Please... not now." Kairi was a couple houses away from home.

    "Hey, when we get home, we’ll find something to get your mind off this."

    "I really don’t think that’s even an option right now, Namine."

    Namine mentally sighed. "Oh c’mon, Kairi."

    Kairi widened her eyes as she said, "Namine, do you even hear yourself right now?"

    "Is that a trick question?"

    "Namine! This isn’t a joke! I’ve just gotten into the biggest fight of my life with Sora! Do you have any idea what that’s like?"

    "Well, no. I hadn’t exactly experienced anything like this before."

    "Okay, then. Exactly my point." Kairi pushed her front door open and entered her house. She turned to her left and went into her living room. Kairi flumped down on the couch, burying her face into her palm.

    "Okay, that’s it."

    Kairi felt Namine forming and knew there was going to be a lecture of some sort coming. Quite frankly, she didn’t give a hoot.

    Namine sat in the middle of the couch, right next to Kairi, who began to bawl her eyes out.

    "Namine... you’ve never experienced anything like this before. You have no idea what it’s like," cried Kairi.

    "Actually," Namine began, watching the girl sadly, "Kairi, I just did."

    Kairi lifted her head and sniffed, "What?"


    Sora sat against the stone wall leaning his head against it and looked up. He could see the blue sky through the hole in the ceiling. He sighed heavily, "Ah man. What did I do, what did I do?" He threw his head against the wall with a thump.

    "Don’t do that, Sora. You’re not just hurting yourself you know."

    "Roxas, this isn’t the time for jokes," said Sora.

    With blue crystals taking his shape, Roxas sat across from Sora. "Life is a lot easier with a sense of humor."

    Sora rolled his eyes, "I’m not exactly in the mood."

    "I can tell."

    "Roxas," Sora said, getting slightly annoyed. "Did you just see what happened? You wouldn’t be in such a great mood either if you had gone through it."

    Roxas smiled shyly, "Heh heh. Funny you should say that..."


    "That whole entire time you and Kairi were fighting, Namine and I were experiencing it, too. We couldn’t exactly say anything to you guys. You two managed to channel us out," Roxas explained. "We basically had to sit and watch. It was really awkward watching. Especially because it was you two."

    Sora sat up straight, eyes wide. "Seriously?" As Roxas nodded, Sora looked down in shame, "Sorry."

    Roxas scratched his head and looked nervously to his right, "Yeah. Namine was feeling Kairi’s emotions, as I was feeling yours. She looked like she was about to cry too."

    Sora cocked a brow. "Why? I mean, I understand since she’s Kairi’s Nobody she could feel Kairi’s emotions and all, but why would she cry?"

    Roxas rested his elbows on his knees as he sat cross-legged and messed with a rock in the ground. "She felt bad for Kairi and hated seeing you two that way. The other reason was because of the way Kairi felt."

    Sora buried his face in his hands, his elbows on his knees as he sat the same way as Roxas. "I messed things up didn’t I?" he asked, his face still buried in his hands.

    "I wouldn’t necessarily say that," Roxas answered. "If anyone messed anything up, it was that girl."

    Sora slid his hands down his face, only revealing his eyes. They were red and watery. Roxas leaned forward in concern, "Sora... you okay?"

    The Keyblade master didn’t answer. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the lucky charm. Staring at it with intensity, a tear left his eye and streamed down his cheek.

    Roxas let out a sound like a gasp, never even imagining Sora like this. It kind of took him off guard. "Sora...?"

    Sora still gazed at the charm made of Thalassa shells. He switched the charm into his left hand and held his right out in front of him. Sora closed his eyes. White light flashed and wind blew slightly as the Kingdom Key was summoned. Sora laid the key on his lap and detached the key chain. Placing the chain in his pocket, Sora attached Kairi’s charm to the Keyblade and watched as it changed to another form as light flashed and a gust of wind blew quickly.

    "Oathkeeper," said Sora. He ran his fingers along the silver Keyblade. He shifted his fingers along the pointy tips of the blade, the yellow, blue, and purple points glistening in the sunlight from the space in the ceiling. Sora gazed at it for about a minute or so before he summoned it away.

    Roxas, who watched Sora for the last minute or so, leaned toward Sora, tilting his head to the side. Sora leaned his head back against the wall and steadily swung it to his right, fixing his eyes on a drawing on the wall; the drawing he and Kairi made.

    Roxas followed his gaze, a sympathetic look across his face. "You really care for her don’t you?" Sora looked over at his Nobody and nodded.


    Namine explained every detail of what happened to her and Roxas as Kairi and Sora fought. She explained why she was about to cry and about Roxas’s reaction to it all. "I couldn’t communicate with you at all. I don’t know how you did it, Kairi, but you channeled me out for good. I don’t know if it was your anger or what. It seemed to lock me out tight."

    Kairi wiped away her tears and said, "Probably was." She sniffed and continued, "I’m sorry, Namine. I was just so angry, sad, overwhelmed, and surprised at the same time. I knew what that girl was trying to do... but if I walked in a second later..." She shook her head at the thought.

    Namine sat back against the couch and said, "I’ll tell you what, when you walked in on that, I was just as surprised as you were. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t find that girl the least bit pretty."

    Kairi’s eyes widened. "That’s kinda dark coming from you, Namine." She chuckled.

    "I’m not just talking looks. I mean personality and all." Namine said, standing up. "You want some ice cream?" Kairi nodded.


    Sora jumped into his boat, getting ready to leave the island for the day.

    Riku ran up to him. "Hey, Sora?"

    "Yeah?" Sora answered as he sat down and looked for his oar.

    "You wanna tell me what happened?"

    Sora looked up at his best friend and said, "Not now, sorry. I need to think for a bit, so I’m going home."

    Riku nodded, "Right. I'll see you tomorrow." Sora nodded and began paddling home.

    "Homeward bound?"

    "Yeah, Roxas. Thank God."


    Told you it was long!!

    I hope you liked it. And sorry it took so long. I had to type it in word first. =/

    But other than that I hope you enjoyed it!!

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    ZOMFG YES!!!!

    Gaaah!! X_X Such hard trials, those young ones must face. Hold on a second while I go rip out. . . Chaylie? Is that the *****'s name? Hold on a second while I go rip out her throat, and remove her entrails from her new mouth. O_O Uhm, sorry. Eh heh heh.

    Jeez, this chapter was honestly worth the wait. But t'was an odd twist, an unexpected twist, much like Angel and DF have both said. I wonder where this thing is gonna go even more so now. *shudders* Meh ish excited. Only one eency weency problemo. Like you revealed to us at the end, you typed this quickly. Its evident as to how fast you must have been typing. Ther be a few place where there s a sp ace in the mid dle, b eginning, or occassionally, the en d of a word. While it didn't occur as much as I often end up doing *grins stupidly, thinking back to the first draft of Bingo Night*, and it wasn't enough to kill the overall flow of the story, it IS noticeable. Go back over it and edit hither and thither when ya' have mo' time, 'kayz? XDDDD

    ~P.S. 2 Angel: Liek, j00 ish fuzzeh. . . D:
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    Hey everyone. Thanks for your replies. I have Chapter 8 right here!! Note that this will be the last one for a while. I was on a really close deadline, today, because of relatives coming home and Christmas and what not. So, I hope you enjoy. ​

    Chapter 8


    "Thanks," Kairi said as she took the bowl of ice cream from Namine. She'd been in a fight with Sora that really made her head spin. Sora took this girl, Chaylie, to the Secret Place on the Island earlier that day. When Kairi arrived to surprise Sora, she walked in on an unforgettable scene. Everything went downhill from there though, with how she got herself into a really loud argument with Sora. Kairi was surprised and all, but she didn't mean for it to get to that level.

    Namine told Kairi what happened on the other side with her and Roxas. Naimine was on the verge of tears and Roxas's eyes were red, his face showing sorrow and shame. Kairi wasn't too shocked to hear it, but couldn't believe how her emotions were so strong that they blocked Namine's way of communicating with her.

    Then there was the way Sora had to have felt. It just now dawned on Kairi that the boy she had incredibly strong feelings for cried because of her actions. Kairi remembered the look in his eyes. The deep ocean-blue eyes that greeted her with enthusiasm every day were covered over and resembled sadness and seemed to beg for forgiveness. Kairi never intended for it to stoop to such a level that Sora would cry, and it was all her fault.

    "It's melting," Kairi heard her Nobody say.

    Kairi jumped, "What?"

    Namine pointed, "Your ice cream, it's melting."

    Kairi looked down at the bowl of ice cream and replied, "Oh." She dipped her spoon into the cold treat and brought it to her mouth. "Mmmm. What is this?"

    "Sea-salt ice cream," Namine said. "It was shipped in a few days ago. The mayor was the first to pick up a carton of it."

    "Ah," Kairi replied as her spoon went in for more. "This stuff is delicious. Whoever made it is a genius."

    "Actually, it was Donald's uncle," Namine answered.

    "Hm. He did a good job. Donald must be proud of him," Kairi said. Taking one last bite of the satisfying treat, she stood up and walked into the kitchen, bowl in hand. After a few clanks of the bowl coming in contact with the sink, she came back and sat down.

    Namine sat up straight and fixed her dress. Once she was done, she placed her hands together on her lap and asked, "So, now that you've calmed yourself down with your snack, do you want to tell me anything specific you didn't like about the situation you were just in? I mean, I don't want to make you upset or anything. I'm just concerned."

    Kairi leaned back against a pillow on the couch and smiled. "Oh, no. It's no problem. I'm okay now. It was a 'heat of the moment' type thing, you know?"

    Namine nodded, "Of course."

    "Well," Kairi began, "it's just the fact that Sora took, erm, Chaylie, wasn't it?"

    Namine looked down as she stared in thought, "If I recall correctly, then yes."

    "Alright. Just the fact that Sora took Chaylie to the Secret Place was a big problem. I mean, he knows what that place means to me. What it means to both of us. That picture that he drew... and I drew. It's... special," Kairi explained, looking down and messing with her nails.

    "I understand. It's a special bond you both share," Namine agreed.

    "Mhm. Then when he almost kissed her... I don't know what happened there."

    "Maybe you can try talking to Sora about it."

    Kairi's lips parted and eyes grew wide, taken aback by the words that came from Namine's mouth. "Oh... no. I couldn't possibly ask him, let alone talk to him after what just happened.

    "Well," Namine started. Kairi watched her Nobody sit in thought. Kairi got herself into a difficult position, with Sora and all. There's no way I can look at him the same now. He'll probly feel a bit different, too, after all that's happened. I was so excited to surprise him and see that cute look on his face. But when I got there and no one was around, I'm glad I finally found Riku to-

    "Wait," Kairi muttered quietly.

    "Did you say something, Kairi?" Namine asked as she snapped out of her thoughts.

    "Riku!" Kairi screamed. "He lied to me! He lied about where Sora was. He didn't tell me the first time I asked him!" Curiousity was expressed across Namine's face after listening to Kairi as if she didn't know what Kairi was getting at. Kairi sat up with the energy running inside her, "Remember? I asked where everyone was at and he just said where Tidus and Wakka were. Then I asked if that was it and he said yes. He didn't tell me the truth about where Sora was at first. So he lied. Riku never mentioned Sora even when I clearly meant I wanted to see him." She brought a hand to her forehead and closed her eyes in thought. "It just doesn't make any sense."

    Namine leaned foward on her hands placed on her knees. "What are you going to do?"

    Lifting her head, Kairi replied, "I have no idea."


    Sora tied his boat to the pier and sighed. It was a long day and he was looking forward to getting home so he could sleep on everything that took place. Things were getting complicated. He didn't want anymore conflicts after he just got home from fighting Organization XIII and saving all worlds. Nothing really went as planned, though. I guess that's destiny.

    Sora jumped off the pier and started for Ocean Road, passing Mr. Texen's shack.​

    "Hey, Sora!" Sora whirled around to his right and saw Mr. Texen waving him over. "Come here for a sec!"​

    Walking over to Mr. Texen, Sora noticed how empty the place was. "What's up?"​

    Mr. Texen was behind the counter and cleaning it with a rag. "Do you mind sitting down for a moment? I'd like to ask you something."​

    "Sure," Sora said, sitting down on a bar stool.​

    "I saw Miss Kairi walkin' by here not that long ago. She seemed pretty upset, cryin' actually. I figured you would know if she's okay or not."​

    Sora scratched the side of his head sheepishly, "Well..."​

    "Is there a problem, son? You can tell me if you'd like."​

    Sora cocked a brow quizzicaly. "You sure you wanna know? It's a long story."​

    Mr. Texen leaned on the counter and said, "I'm all ears."​

    Sora sighed, "Right." He began to tell Mr. Texen the story.​


    "... and then she left after giving me her lucky charm back," Sora finished.​

    "Well," Mr. Texen spoke up, pushing himself away from the counter, "looks to me like you got yourself in a pickle, Sora."​

    Sora rolled his eyes as he rested his head in his right palm and sighed, "Tell me about it."​

    "So, what're you gonna do?" Mr. Texen asked as he stood up straight.​

    "I don't know, Mr. Texen," Sora replied. "I don't know what to say to Kairi. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Any ideas?"​

    "Not a one," Mr. Texen answered. In response, Sora's shoulders drooped and he sighed. "I can tell you this though, Sora. Even when you least expect something, it'll come right up and smack you in the face. And when unexpected situations arise in your life, you may be taken off guard. Sora, you have to immediately strike back to protect yourself. If you don't and you end up being beaten down by that particular situation, you'll live with regret. Do you want to live with any regrets, Sora?"​

    Sora shook his head, "No sir."​

    "Okay then. What are you going to do to protect yourself?"​

    "Strike back."​


    Sora stopped suddenly in surprise and finally said, "I'm not?"​

    "No," Mr. Texen said, shaking his head, "you're not."​

    "Why not?"​

    "Because, Sora, this isn't your situation to protect yourself."​

    "Yes it is! Kairi and I argued about the whole thing!"​

    Mr. Texen stared at Sora for a second. "Think for a minute, son. Really think. Who is responsible for this situation?"​

    Looking down, Sora thought for a few seconds. Who's responsible? Isn't it obvious? It's clearly me. I'm the one that took Chaylie to the Secret Place. I did it behind Kairi's back. Chaylie kept bugging me about taking her and then tried to ki- His eyes grew wide. "Chaylie..."​

    Mr. Texen nodded, " That's right. It's Miss Chaylie's wrong doing.​

    "But I took her into the Secret Place! That was my fault!"​

    "It might've been, Sora. But if you truly think for a moment, Chaylie really used that as an excuse to basically try and take advantage of you. My guess is that she knew that you cared for Miss Kairi and tried to use that against Miss Kairi."​

    "But she didn't know Kairi was coming! I didn't! How could she have possibly known that?" Sora asked, voice rising a bit.​

    "She may have her ways, Sora. Maybe you will find them soon. Only destiny knows."​

    Sora shook his head, confused. "Mr. Texen, where are you going with this?"​

    Mr. Texen sighed. "All I'm saying, Sora, is that this is not the situation where you should be striking back."​

    Sora ran his hands through his spikey hair. This doesn't make any sense. "Mr. Texen-"​

    "Sora," Mr. Texen interrupted, "who have you opened your heart to?"​

    "Um... Kairi. And Donald, Goofy, and Riku too." Sora said, dumbfounded. "What does this have to do with anything?"​

    "Okay, so you opened your heart to Miss Kairi. Open your eyes like you open your heart," Mr. Texen explained. "This conflict isn't for you to protect yourself. This isn't your situation. It's Miss Kairi's. Let her strike back. Let her protect herself. Life's about taking risks. Let Miss Kairi take a risk for once. While you may be one of the main parts of Miss Kairi's situation with Miss Chaylie, don't interfere. Every person has a way of protecting themselves. They just haven't revealed it yet. Every rose has it's thorn, Sora. Even Miss Kairi."​

    Sora stared severely down at the counter, eyes focusing as he tried to interpret the words into his mind. 'Every rose has it's thorn. Even Miss Kairi.'


    Kairi merged with Namine once more as she made a decision to go for a walk. She needed to think things over. Things kept coming at her and coming at her without warning. She needed to do something, but she didn't know what.​

    As she walked down the pathway, she reached the town square. She walked nearby the News Stand and read the bulletins posted. One caught her eye immediately. A tournament?


    Attention to teens of Destiny Islands:

    A tournament is being held next week for teenagers thirteen to seventeen years of age! If you are within this age, come join the Destiny Islands Teen Sparring Tournament! If you are the lucky winner, you'll win 500 munny for your spending pleasures! You will also receive a beautiful trophy to show what hard work you put in to reach the top!

    The tournament is to be held at Sunset Beach following Ocean Road. Participants will be sparring for the tournament. Do not bring your own weapons. We will provide wooden swords for your use.

    The Destiny Islands Teen Sparring Tournament will take place on Sunset Beach next Friday. It will begin at 11 A.M.! Don't miss it!

    Hope to see you there and good luck!

    -Destiny Islands Activity Committee


    "Sounds interesting, Kairi. You should take part in it."

    "No thanks, Namine. I don't have any sparring skills or experience. I'd make a fool of myself," Kairi explained to her Nobody.​

    "Are you seriously thinking of participating in that tournament?"​

    Kairi turned around to see three girls standing behind her. "Who wants to know?"​

    The blonde scoffed, "Jee, I guess that fall really didn't knock some sense into you after all." She rolled her eyes and began, "The ribbon." She pointed to the purple accessory on her head.​


    Chaylie smiled, satisified. "That's me. You think you'd of remembered after that scene you made."​

    Kairi cocked a brow in disbelief as her jaw dropped. "The scene I caused? Who's the one who tried to kiss Sora?"​

    "Oh," Chaylie said as she acted offended, "Wow. Strong words for someone so weak." Kairi ground her teeth together, but Chaylie started up again. "It's not like you two are dating anyway. If you're looking for sympathy, you'll never find it."​

    Kairi tensed up. "If you're looking for something cold and dark, look to your heart."​

    Chaylie laughed, "Ah, good one. Try saving some of that energy for the tournament. That is, if you take part in it. Up for a challenge, or are you scared?"​

    "Don't let your guard down, Kairi. Stand up for yourself," Namine encouraged.​

    Kairi balled her hands into fists with fury. "Believe me, I'll be there," she said, determination in her eyes.​

    "We'll see," Chaylie said as she walked passed Kairi. "See you Friday."​

    Kairi watched as the trio walked by. She relaxed her muscles and unballed her fists as she calmed herself down. This calls for desperate measures.


    Sora walked down Ocean Road and thought of the conversation he just had with Mr. Texen. The words he spoke were running over and over again in his head.​

    Sora reached his house and went up to his room. As he shut the door behind him, he leaned against it, closing his eyes, crossing his arms, and putting one foot against it. He sighed. This is getting difficult.

    "Aw, no it's not. Think for a second, Sora." Roxas said.​

    With Roxas's reply to his thought, Sora went over to his bed. As he kneeled down on the matress, he opened his window and overlooked the houses, Sunset Beach, and the Island. He sighed again, "I thought about it once before, Roxas. I understand it all. I just wish none of this ever happened."

    "You never know, Sora. This could bring you and Kairi closer."

    "Bring us closer? Roxas, this has spread us even farther apart."

    "I didn't know you were far apart in the first place," Roxas said.​

    Sora threw himself down against the bed. " I mean... well... I dunno. It just felt like before we were really distant. I know that we were physically, because of Organization XIII. But I mean when we got back home."

    "Maybe you should change that, then."


    Kairi walked a couple blocks away, searching for a Keyblade master. She walked up to the small house and knocked on the door. I can't believe I'm about to do this after what he did. She took a deep breath as he answered the door.​

    "Hey," he said.​

    Kairi jumped right to the point. "Listen, I need your help."​

    "With what?"​

    "The tournament next Friday. I need you to train me," Kairi explained, determination in her eyes.​

    The boy smiled with acception. "Sure. We'll start tomorrow. I'll bring the swords. We'll meet at Sunset Beach at nine o' clock sharp tomorrow morning."​

    Kairi nodded in approval. "Great. Thanks, Riku."​


    All done! I hope you liked it. I think you're going to have to like it if you don't. I wont be on here as much since my sister, her husband, and 4 kids are coming home to stay with us. I'm going to have hardly any time for Untitled, so I hope this will hold you for a while. I really wish that them coming didn't make me stop writing, but unfortunately it has to. It's going to be chaotic. The kids are 11, 8, 5, and 3. So I'm going to be busy over the holidays. I hope you love this chapter so you can wait for Chapter 9. Well, I need to go. They'll be arriving in the next hour.​

    I hope you enjoyed Chapter 8! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!​

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    Guys please keep a watch over spam posts/unneccessary posts etc etc. I have just deleted 81 posts 0_0 I have never seen a thread get so rgcmswrjcgxkw

    Anywayz other than that Kairi2011 this is a damn good story, your use of imagery and the over all flow is excellent and you can really feel the characters. The structure is sound and your use of feelings is very good also. I nthink sometimes you need to think a little more about grammatical choices, but it isn't a major issue. I will be watching this thread now too 8D keep it up :)
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    *finally catches up*...I see why this story is so recommended by everyone...

    What CtR said earlier, you've got an amazing knack for imagery. Most of the errors I've seen so far are minor grammatical errors, and I have to question that last conversation between Sora and Roxas: I couldn't tell if Sora was talking with his mouth or with his thoughts to Roxas...

    *sighs* I'm getting tired of this...first DF inspires me to try and give writing a try, to see if I can think of something good, and we see my result, and now I read this and see how far ahead of me everyone is. You seem to capture the feel and emotion of the characters, while mine seems to jump around a bit...oh well, the more I read others work, the more I can improve. Keep up the good work. ^^
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    It is good. It has many Disney characteristics in it.