Kingdom Hearts 2 Nominated for Spike TV Video Game Award Show!

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Monkey, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Monkey Merlin's Housekeeper

    Oct 29, 2006
    Hey everyone!

    Spike TV's Annual Video Game Awards are just around the corner, December 13th to be exact! This year they will be hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. Of course, no awards would be complete without Kingdom Hearts 2! And yes, looks like it did indeed make it into nominations.

    Kingdom Hearts 2 has been nominated for two awards, Best RPG and Best Supporting Female Role - Racheal Leigh Cook. For those of you who don't know, she played Tifa.

    You can show your support and vote for Kingdom Hearts 2 by clicking here. Make sure to go vote for the KH cause!

    We all await to hear the results on the 13th!

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Monkey, Nov 8, 2006.

    1. Sorax
      that's awesome! i'll make sure they get my vote!
    2. Crais
      There's a problem with the "Best RPG" section. Whenever I put my mouse over Kingdom Hearts 2, Oblivion is highlighted instead.
    3. Sorax
      same here, stupid link! i'll vote again until it's fixed
    4. SoraOathkeeper
      God Damm It! I Don't Got Spike TV I Live In Denmark In Europe. :(
      But i have voted! :D
    5. dark_roxas

      Best RPG!! Now im crazy!
    6. Xamad
      stupid link, i can't even vote for the one I want to win.

      won't be surprised if oblivion wins though:(
    7. Invader Jack
      Invader Jack
      Something's Wrong...

      Hey, I tried voting KH2 for Best RPG, but the link thing would not work, and for some reason I accidently ended up voting for the Oblivion game or whatever.:mad: I did, however, vote for Rachel Leigh Cook as Best Supporting Female from KH2.:)
    8. Shadow
      Stupid spike tv rigged the voting process!

      They made the best choice screw up and choose something else...dang
    9. Roxas is Hot
      Roxas is Hot
      Bllaaahh!! It won't let meh vote for KH in RPGsss!!!! DXDXDX
    10. myx06
      read this!

      if you haven't voted yet make sure you read's straight from

      " Spike TV 2006 awards
      by Tomogirl on 08 Nov 2006 @ 11:14 pm
      Kingdom Hearts 2 has landed itself into two different catergories. One is for "Best RPG" and the other is for "Best-Supporting Female" (Rachel Leigh Cook). The voting is currently in session. We, as in the KH news community, need as many refreshing F5 votes for a KH win.

      Edit: ACTUALLY, if you are going to vote KH in the "Best RPG" section, don't! The website caretaker did not link KH2 to its respective "output" link. The vote will go to Elder Scrolls if you do so. Heh. I smell a conspiracy in Spike TV...

      Note: If you try viewing the video for KH2 in the "Best RPG" section, don't even bother. The lazy web caretakers did not insert a video into the coding (-reason explained above). View the video in "Best-Supporting Female" section. The narrator goes through story, gameplay, and critiques.
      (He claims the gummiship is unimpressive? Whaa? Compared to the first game's gummiship, I love gummiship in KH2! *shoots the narrator with a gummi block*)"

    11. luv_pocky
      i know! i don't want elder Scroll to win! I want the best game eva Kingdom Hearts II!! :D
    12. Roxas101
      THat site suck for messing with KH-II
    13. keyblader of a nobody
      keyblader of a nobody
      spike tv tricked us all!!!

      dont vote cuz then u'll vote for ES: IV which should have been on the list cuz its sucks (no offense) but when i wanted to vote 4 kh2 the green "voting thingy" marked ES:IV.
    14. Shadow Angel
      Shadow Angel
      Aw,only 2 nominations? :(
      Well,I voted anyways.
      As I don´t have Spike TV,can I watch the Show online somewhere?
    15. Crazy Tifa
      Crazy Tifa
      are you guys sure voting for kh2 is actually voting for ES? cuz i voted...