Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix will contain a new Secret Movie

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by libregkd, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. libregkd -

    Sep 30, 2006
    Dengeki Online has posted their review of the HD collection, which is due to release in Japan on Oct. 2nd. Within their review they mention that there is a brand new Secret Movie to unlock!

    Translation courtesy of Google Translate (grammar clean up by me) and KH13.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by libregkd, Sep 11, 2014.

    1. Explode
      Exciting news. I was hoping they would add something like that. Very curious what it's about. I doubt it's a KH3 teaser, if it's attached only to re:Coded. I also doubt it's an announcement for KH: DDD HD, since they say it's completely new content (and it's a relatively new game, so they may wait a little longer, if they even do it), but it's still possible. I'm guessing it's an extra scene(s) that ties in to 3D, or possibly other games.

      I'm curious if they're leaving the "Birth By Sleep -Volume Two-" bit at the end of BBS, since that's canceled. Kind of hoping they address that in some way.
    2. Antidote
      This is a nice surprise. I was sure they said not long ago that there was nothing in the vein of new bonus material, but they did mention the cutscenes playing a role. This gives an incentive to actually view them. It's also something where the unlocking requirements aren't difficult so that's a plus. I wonder what it will be...
    3. super_rocker_90
      i bet it is the kh3 teaser from what we saw.
    4. libregkd
    5. Explode
      Yeah, that's basically what I'm hoping for, haha. A 10 minute or so thing, to fill in any gaps they wanted to fill.

      Well, whatever it is, I will probably refrain from watching it until December, but it'll be nice to know what it is at least.
    6. Patman
      Nope. Tai Yasue did mention recently, in a rather vague fashion, that there was hidden stuff in the theater, but he also clearly said there' d be no introduction to KH3.

      That would be my bet yeah. Seems like now or never.
    7. 61
      Great. Now I feel obligated to buy this thing that I was previously going to ignore.
    8. Hayabusa
      No surprise there at all lol, but I'm glad all the same for the confirmation.
    9. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      why, because of a cutscene that will be on youtube before you can even buy it?
    10. 61
      I'm a collector. *New* content like this is too much for me to justify ignoring it. If it was just about seeing the video this wouldn't be an issue.
    11. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      um... then don't you already have to buy it? Birth by Sleep and KH2 have final mix content
    12. 61
      i already have the final mixes
    13. Rean
      Too bad I won't be able to get this.
    14. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      Not in English you don't :P
    15. 61
      that means nothing
      in fact, experiencing the game in a different language is part of the fun.
    16. Patman
      If you actually understand what it says, sure, otherwise the fun part is lost on me.
      Admit it, you' re just looking for an excuse to face Mysterious Figure again. xD
    17. 61
      I mean, yeah. It's only fun if you've played the games so many times that you don't need to know what it says and think it's cool seeing something so familiar in a different language. If not, it would be a major headache (though there are translations out there). Kind of like bbs commands in Japanese.
    18. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      well okay then how about the significant overhaul Birth by Sleep is getting, does that count
    19. 61
      if i liked bbs, maybe. Admittedly, that is very cool, though not itself a selling point for me.