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    KHV's Top 10
    To date, there have been over 35 worlds featured in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. While most of these are Disney, there are still some originally created favorites from the Square Enix side of the department. When traversing through these worlds, it is often to "teach" the characters something, or lead them to a new world. Some worlds may not have a purpose other to entertain select fans. But what is it about the worlds we like? The films they're based off, the musical score, the plot, the enviornment? Once again, KHV's Top 10 explores voters choices and why certain worlds may be more popular than others. So here are KHV's Top 10 Worlds of the franchise.

    #10) HalloweenTown
    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 5.4
    The only Tim Burton world thus far to be featured in the series. Halloweentown is based off the 1993 film; The Nightmare Before Christmas, and comes with a spooky theme to match it's name. Halloweentown is always dark and really captures the fun side of terror with the atmosphere, to the heartless you face. In Kingdom Hearts 2, this world was expanded into "Christmas Town," which being the opposite of Halloweentown, still kept that same atmosphere in the light all around feeling of the season themed world. While everything may seem dark and grey, this world is full of surprises and terrors to keep you returning.​

    #9) Keyblade Graveyard
    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 4.2
    A barren wasteland of fallen keybladers, the Keyblade Graveyard is the result of the legend of the keyblade war. Where people fought over the light of Kingdom Hearts, which eventually caused darkness to overtake the heart of all worlds with the only remnants of that past being the keyblades scattered all across the world. With nothing but mountains and earth as far as the eye can see, it tall maintains a certain charm about it. In Birth by Sleep, it fulfilled its purpose of being a fitted setting for each character's final battle.​
    #8) Symphony of Sorcery
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 7.5
    To all melody and music lovers, you will find yourself immersed into the sights and sounds of Symphony of Sorcery. Based off the 1940 film; Fantasia, the locations and music are based off individual segments. Three of the films classical pieces were also featured as part of completing the world; The Pastoral Symphony, The Nutcracker Suite, and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Some of my favorite moments include the rematch with Chernabog (Giant dark satanic monster and final Disney boss in the first Kingdom Hearts) and when Sora and Riku compose the Dearly beloved track together. Based off one of Disney's first films, it still captures the magic of Disney and desire from Nomura, who wanted to do this world for quite some time.
    #7) Beast's Castle
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 6.3
    Fighting alongside Beast in the first Kingdom Hearts, the player never really gets to see where he and Belle are from. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Beast's Castle appears as the dark and enchanted castle in which beast and his castle staff had turned into their respected cursed forms. The enitre setting of the world takes place in the castle, where everything looks dark and abandoned, save for the grand ballroom. Beast's Caslte is based off the 1991 film; Beauty and the Beast.​
    #6) Radiant Garden
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 5.6
    Originally introduced as Hollow bastion, Radiant Garden is home to many Final Fantasy favorites and the human forms of the first 8 members of Organization XIII. A lush and glorious kingdom, it is filled with many fountains, flowers, and a very bright setting. However, this beautiful world only gets to be explored in Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 2. This was due to Maleficent's take over which transformed the world into Hollow Bastion for over a 10 year gap.​
    #5) The World that Never Was
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 4.8
    The World that never was is home base to Orgnization XIII, as well as a world engulfed near the darkness. So much in fact, that many a heartless and nobody will be spawning everywhere. The most notable landmark is in the center of the industrial city; The Castle that Never was. Most of the world' exploration takes place inside the nobody themed castle and is heavily featured at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 and prior to Roxas' mission in 358/2 Days. This dark city world was recently featured in Dream, Drop, Distance as the final world and continues to hold it's setting as one of the worlds closest to the darkness.​
    #4) Destiny Islands
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 4.3
    The place where it all began; Destiny Islands. One day, you're collecting provisions for a raft and being competitive with your pals, the following night, you find your island being engulfed by darkness, causing you to summon the keyblade and go on a most epic adventure through many worlds. Ahh childhood... Both console games ended with Destiny Islands, both showing lovely CGI, accompanied by a memorable ending, and an Utada Hikaru song. It's featured in every game in the series, but is only playable in the first. Little known fact; If you rearrange "Destiny island," you get "It's Disney Land."​
    #3) Hollow Bastion
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 4.3
    Hollow Bastion is the heartless-transformed world formerly known as Radiant gardens. It was featured heavily in both Kingdom Hearts console game.It was Maleficent's home base where she assembled the council of Disney villains in Kingdom hearts, and home base to Sora and the previous Radiant Garden residents in Kingdom hearts 2. While there were alternate means of travel in the first game (Lift stops, Bubbles) the second game is more explorable by foot, allowing the player to explore new areas. One area that is shown but cannot be accessed is villain's vale. (The towered base of operations for Maleficent and Pete) while everyone has their reasons for liking this world, one thing I enjoy in particular about it is the music track; "Scherzo Di Notte." Eventually this world is returned to it's original state of Radiant Garden, but based off KHV's voters, this variation of the world holds some favored memories and areas.​
    #2) Twilight Town
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 4.0
    First seen in Chain of Memories, I didn't recognize this world at all. Originally I was trying to decipher if it was from a Disney film, but I later found out it was an original world. Twilight Town is the home and "birthplace" of Roxas. A very serene and pleasant town, it is one of the more expanded worlds to date in the series. You get to spend your time traversing the areas for a whole week in Kingdom hearts 2 as Roxas, so there is plenty of time to see what the town has to offer; Struggle battles, paid jobs, wide range of space. Twilight Town has an "endless sunset" charm to it, where it always feels like the end of the day. It plays a very emotional role to Roxas and holds some of the more memorable talks a the top of the town's clock tower. Because after a hard day, what's better than sitting with your pals, eating sea Salt ice cream, and watching a never ending sunset. (Though I think I might get annoyed at a sunset that never sets...)​
    #1) Traverse Town
    Votes: 10
    Average Ranking: 3.3
    So after the traumatic experience of having your home destroyed, you black out and are awoken by a dog licking your face. Dazed and confused, you don't know where the heck you are, only that you aren't home. Yes, to many long time fans, Traverse Town holds a special place in their gaming heart as the first playable world that kick started your journey into the world of Kingdom Hearts. (In the series sense, not the heart of all worlds sense) Many firsts are experienced in this town; first Final Fantasy cameo, first Party members, first Emblem Heartless Boss battle, first magic spell learned, first Summon gained, first world to feature characters outside the Final Fantasy series, and first Secret Disney boss. The 3 district layout is upgraded to 5 in Dream, Drop Distance, where thanks to flow motion, players can traverse through traverse town like never before. While the first 3 districts have a Victorian setting, the 2 added districts hold a more modern appeal. Whatever your reason for liking or disliking the world, Traverse Town was the first to hold your judgement.​

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Jan 28, 2013.

    1. Roxsew
      YES!!! traverse town #1
    2. Serenacake
      Wow. End of the World would've been my top pick, along with Traverse Town and Hollow Bastion (Which luckily, was a top pick) I'm sorta surprised not many liked End of the World, but i guess with my all time favorite world being number 1, I can't really complain.
    3. Kyubi the Keyblade Master
      Kyubi the Keyblade Master
      Traverse Town? I thought everyone was sick and tired of having to go back there in every other KH title. XD
      Glad to see that Symphony of Sorcery and Keyblade Graveyard made the list, though I would have put them further up.
    4. Roxsew
      the reason i like traverse town in kh1 was because it was so peaceful not fighting, hearing the music (doooo do do do do do do do do do do do dooooooooooooo) buying items and talking to people.
    5. 61
      I am very disappointed with this list.

      First of all, I don't understand why anybody likes the Keyblade Graveyard. Of everything in any kh game ever, I don't think I've been let down more than I was with that world, not only as a world, but as a final world as well. The one place that we should have been able to go, the crossroads, is only there in a cut-scene. It's not even a good place to level up despite the fact that it is the final world, and therefore should have the enemies with the most experience.

      There are other things I don't like about this list, (such as Halloween Town being on it, and the fact that the top couple are so predictable) but I'm so sad that La Cite des Cloches is not on it. I loved that world so much. Same with Pranksters Paradise, and The Land of Dragons.

      Oh well.
    6. Krowley
      Here were the next in line with over 3 votes;

      11) La Cite des Cloches
      12) The Grid
      13) Neverland
      14) Land of dragons
      15) Deep Jungle
    7. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      The grid should've been on there somewhere! It was such a great world.

      Still it's a fairly accurate list to mine, so very nice!
    8. muff monkey
      muff monkey
      lol, like two of the worlds i had on my list actually made it onto there. i don't know what half of those worlds are even like because i really only paid attention to the disney ones
    9. Serenacake
      I feel like I'm so out of the loop. I didn't like any of those worlds. at all. The first two were, uh, yeah I just don't like any of the DDD worlds, and it just didn't work for me.

      I'm still legitly surprised more people don't like 'End of the World'.
    10. O.KnightofTwilight
      i agree. end of the worldshould haveat least been number 10. its just got this air of creepy awesomeness about it.
    11. Roxsew
      the grid was better than the space paranoids or something
      also i hate how riku's pranksters paradise was monstro
    12. Serenacake
      The End of the World was simply beautiful. There's this one place in the world where it's this hall, and you can literally see pieces of a world smashed onto the walls. I don't normally get chills, but when I noticed that, I knew this world was legit.
    13. Railos
      I mostly agree with this list, except for Halloween Town, and Keyblade Graveyard being there. I hated those worlds. Also, I think Twilight Town should be higher than Traverse Town. Oh, well guess it's my fault for not voting again. Aside from that, it's a pretty ok list.
    14. Hidden Smithery
      Hidden Smithery
      "The films they're based off, the musical score, the plot, the enviornment?"

      Please for the love of all that is correct, fix that. :eek:
    15. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      No. I think that Twilight Town deserves some more recognition; it really deserves #1. I enjoy Traverse Town and all -- with the nostalgia of the first game and such -- but Twilight Town had a warmer, homier feel than Traverse Town. Even the citizens and residents of Traverse Town were nice, and the landscapes were beautiful (i.e. the sunsets AAAHHHHH).
    16. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      Traverse Town in KH1 is the best world so far, with all the little interactive details.
      Honestly, the rest is more or less arbitrary; Disney Worlds are basically shiny backgrounds, so it's more about what movies a person liked best
    17. Ganondorf
      I must visit these worlds and cleanse them of evil for I AM GOD!!!! ( Alter ego: Ganondorf. True self: Light Yagami.)
    18. Airi Ban
      Airi Ban
      Honestly not surprised with Traverse town being number 1. It was used a lot and had a lot of content through the series, especially kh1.
      All of these chosen are great worlds imo.
    19. O.KnightofTwilight
      for the most part i like the list but one of the things i would fix is to go over the benefits of both radient garden and hollow bastion in the same number to save room for another world. i mean, they're the same place at a different point in time. (does not apply to sora and roxas)