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    KHV's Top 10
    The Kingdom Hearts series has shown the bond of friendship and the power it has on the strength of people's hearts. In some instances there are 2 people that just go extremely well together. This could be by the way they act around each other or perhaps just that fanfiction writer's dream that they may end up together romantically. This list tellies what member's of KHV find as the most favored pairings of the Kingdom Hearts cast.

    #10) Sora x Riku
    Votes: 4
    Average Ranking: 5.0
    The best friend rivalry is a common trope amongst the media world. at the beginning, Riku was always seen as Sora's superior, but as time passed... he still kind of proved himself as Sora's superior. They have have begun working against each other, But their friendship has survived many trials including going into the realm of darkness and back, being manipulated and even taken over by a heartless. This classic duo continues to fight alongside one another and keep their friendship alive.​

    #9) Riku x Naminé
    Votes: 4
    Average Ranking: 3.0
    Two people who worked together with a common goal of restoring Sora's broken memories. While they had no personal interest in eachother, they formed some form of understanding to one another. When ordered to eliminate Namine, Riku refused and appreciate her value and ability as a person enough to call her a "Wonder." Riku trusts her and Namine believes that he can solve his own problems. A very understanding pair.​
    #8) Riku x Kairi
    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 7.8
    Lugging her unconscious body around in the first game, Riku had the same intention as Sora in protecting Kairi. The only difference being that Riku was not afraid to go through very cautionary measures which led to a very antagonistic presence against Sora. His admiration for Kairi is later diminished as her heart is revealed to be with Sora's. Even still, he ensures that Sora take care of her if he cannot.
    #7) Riku x Xion
    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 6.4
    Looking very close to Kairi, Riku's sympathy to a character he is meant to destroy is all the more interesting. As Xion is a part of Sora's memories, he needs to bring Xion with him in order to help Sora awaken. When asked if he hated her for taking his friend away, Riku simply responded that he was sad. He gives her the possibility of making up her own mind on the decision that's right for everyone and never confronts he afterwords.​
    #6) Aqua x Terra
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 5.0
    During most of Birth by Sleep, Aqua had a tendency of bringing of Terra in the back of her mind. Of Terra, Ventus and Aqua, it's Aqua who had the most struggle between the bond with her friends and the duties Master Eraqus passed onto her. Both pupils ended up going on different paths while still keeping a strong moral code to protecting their friends. Sadly in the end, it was Aqua who sacrificed herself to keep Terra out of the realm of darkness, only to have him controlled by Master Xehanort.​
    #5) Axel x Roxas
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 4.5
    Most to all of their friendship was seen atop that clocktower in Twilight Town. What began as being a part of a heart hungry organization, led to Roxas' eventual betrayal of the organization. Choosing to be with his close companion, Axel soon followed in his leaving of the group in order to be with his best friend. And while they are nobodies, Axel has said that Roxas "made him feel like he had a heart."​
    #4) King Mickey x Queen Minnie
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 6.0
    The only Disney couple to make this list. A couple that was established in the 1920's Mickey and Minnie are a timeless couple that haven't actually shared many moments together in the Kingdom Hearts series. The only moment I can recall them being together is in the end credits of Kingdom Hearts 2. (thus the blurred zoom in shot used as the visual) Nonetheless, their reunion is all the more to celebrate the love these two share for one another​
    #3) Roxas x Xion
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 4.1
    How would you feel if you ended up destroying one of your best friends, only to lose the memory of them afterwords? Roxas and Xion were a cute pair of keybladers in the Organization, both being used as "tools" to advance their needs. Knowing she needed to help complete Sora's memories, she chose Roxas as her executioner and chose her fate that she deemed would be best for everyone. Cannot see these two being together romantically as well... they're basically the same person.​
    #2) Roxas x Naminé
    Votes: 11
    Average Ranking: 4.1
    As being nobodies of Sora and Kairi, their chemistry for each other is similar to their somebody counterparts. Being the hollow hearted beings they are, they felt that they would fade into darkness. But so long as Sora and Kairi were together, then Roxas and Namine would be as well.​
    #1) Sora x Kairi
    Votes: 12
    Average Ranking: 2.4
    Honestly, I cannot say I'm surprised. This is one of those relationships that people just assume that they will end up together, and I probably agree with them. The moments these 2 have shared are among some of the more touching in the series, often found at the end of the console games. Cave paintings, papou fruit, those embraced reunited moments, take your pick on why these two are meant to end up together.​

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Feb 11, 2013.

    1. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Roxas and Xion, hahahahaha.... no.

      Surprised Sora and Riku weren't higher, they're bros for life, you dig.
    2. 61
      I figured thats what the top 3 or 4 would look like.

      (am a little surprised that Sora x Riku or Axel x Roxas aren't #1 though, lol)
    3. Plums
      "Aqua x Terra"

      *barfs profusely*

      Anyway, can't say I'm surprised by most of them. xD Completely forgot about Minnie and Mickey, but glad to see they made it on! Also Roxas/Namine *w*
    4. Cat~
      KHV, why no Venqua???

      But anyway, glad to see a few of my top choices made the list, though I really did expect RiKai and AkuRoku to be much higher.
    5. Chie Satonaka
      Chie Satonaka
      OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS POLL????? woulda totally spammed Sora x Riku~~~

      Of course Sora x Kairi was top~~~ They're so adorable together~~~
    6. Krowley
      Here are the ones with over 1 vote;


      11) Sora x Namine
      12) Aqua x Ven
      13) Cloud x Tifa
      14) Marluxia x Larxene
      15) Xemnas x Saix
      16) Riku x Mickey
      17) Zexion x Demyx
      18) Axel x Larxene
      19) Repliku x Namine / Roxas x Kairi / Donald x Goofy
      20) Leon x Yuffie
      21) Axel x Saix / Hayner x Olette
    7. Serenacake
      ... Zexion x Demyx?

      Excuse me, leaving the fandom. I'm disappointed in everybody.
    8. O.KnightofTwilight
      Can't believe i forgot Terra and Aqua. I mean they're one of my favorites and i didn't even remember them when i was voting.... I am stupid....
    9. muff monkey
      muff monkey
      how on earth is riku and sora number 10
      they should be like number 2

      (lol idek why but i came into this thread thinking this was going to be pairing up members on the site??)
    10. Krowley
      That's what the User awards are for :)
      KHV's Top 10 is a segment for Kingdom Hearts related countdowns.
    11. Crypt


      That would be the best Yaoi ever...ehem, not like I watch that *scratch*...
    12. Peace and War
      Peace and War

      I don't see mine of: Ansem SoD x Xehanort's Guardian!

      That's more a true pairing then Aqua x Terra!
    13. Mysty
      I am in complete support for SoraxKari and XionxRoxas. They are perfect couples.
    14. Krowley
      I'm so sorry :/
    15. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Oh you meant 2+? Sorry got confused! XD
    16. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      Since KH is not a yaoi series, regardless of what the fangirls think, those pairings can be ignored. As for other pairings, my personal faves would be...

      1. Sora x Kairi - It's obviously canon.​
      2. Zack x Aqua - We all know they had a thing for each other if their interactions were anything to go by. Plus Zack wasn't a gullible and jealous person like Terra was.​
      3. Cloud x Tifa - Another obviously canon pairing, especially since all of the FFVII characters in KH are exactly the same as their FF counterparts.​
      4. Roxas x Ollette - There could have been more to this pairing if given the chance. Also, just because Roxas is Sora's "Nobody" does not mean he has to be paired with Naminé. He's his own person.​
      5. Ienzo x Yuffie - Granted, they have yet to have screen time together, but think about it. They're the same age, they're from the same world, you know Yuffie would have tried to have been Ienzo's friend, and it would have been hilarious seeing Yuffie getting on Even's nerves.​
    17. Jaxter01
      I saw the title and was afraid this was a list of shipping fantasies, but it warmed my heart to see descriptions of honest justified relationships shared between characters as they are shown in the series.
      If you're in to that sort of thing then good for you. But I find it annoying when people think romances like SoraxRiku and AxelxRoxas are actually canon. You might find that weird, but I think it disgraces their characters.
      But on the whole, good list. It rekindles my love for the characters.
    18. Railos
      Riku basically dominated this list. I'm surprised that Sora x Riku isn't higher up. Also, Mickey and Minnie are there, wow? What about Donald and Daisy? Also, no Zack x Aqua? Aside from that the list's ok with me.
    19. O.KnightofTwilight
      I voted for Donald x Daisy.