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    KHV's Top 10
    ~Organization XIII Members~
    Organization XIII was assembled in hopes of creating the ultimate heart of all worlds; Kingdom Hearts. Sadly their plans were spoiled by kids with keyblades, but we still see them popping into the series now and again. Whether it be them or their human counterparts, the Organization members have left their mark on the series, and here is KHV's Top 10 picks on their absolute favorites of the bunch.​
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    #10) Vexen
    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 6.8
    The Chilly Academic. The more scientific of Ansem the Wise's apprentices, Vexen is cold and calculating with a weapon to match. Vexen uses a shield and has power over ice, giving him the power to freeze his opponents, but like mot cliches, the smart ones, are among the first to go, and in Vexens case, he was the first. His demise came to be when he decided to take the plans into his own hands by revealing more than he should have, and in any organization, if you cannot contribute to the needs of the group, you will be "Let go." Up until the end, Vexen kept his cold and cowardice personality. So How cold is he? Enough to create replicas from the memories of young children and manipulate them to the needs of adults.​
    #9) Saix
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 6.4
    The Luna Diviner. Though not part of the original six, Saix is Xemnas' second in command, controlling operations in 358/2 Days and ensuring them out in Kingdom Hearts 2. He has a calm demeanor, but if necessary, he will go full out berserk with no self control. He carries a bladed weapon called "Claymore" which like him, becomes more savage when entering a berserk state. One of the more emotionless of the bunch, Saix appears devoid of his human self and accepts that he is a nobody. With this in mind, he still desires to regain his heart back, and and even planned to overthrow the organization with past friend Axel to retrieve them. However as Axel grew a closer bond to Roxas, Saix reformulated his plan to get his own back, but sadly never came to fruition.​
    #8) Zexion
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 5.0
    The Cloaked Schemer and youngest of the Organization next to Roxas and Xion. One of the six founding members, Zexion has dominion over illusions and a vast array of magic. When first spotted in Chain of memories, this character had no weapon, and could not be fought. In the revamped Playstation 2 version, we see his weapon of choice to be a book called "Lexicon." As his subtitle implies, his character always seems to be using his manipulative and strategist skills against his foes. His expression is almost always constant and in Birth by Sleep, his human counterpart Ienzo (Not to be confused with our Sectional moderator of the same name) never spoke and carried the same, straight face. His mystery may be what gives him his popularity, but I personally​
    think it's the hair.​
    #7) Xigbar
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 5.3
    The Freeshooter. Xigbar can be quite enigmatic at times as while he is laid back, he always knows more then he lets on. Most likely one of the more informed members, he earned Xehanort's trust and has been going along with the villain's plan and is even a part of the new Organization XIII partly displayed in Dream, Drop, Distance. His weapons of choice are two snazzy arrow guns that can be combined into a sniper rifle styled weapon. when fighting, he also exhibits power of spacial gravity, allowing him to attack from above, teleport, and go straight up Topsy-Turvy on you! In 358/2 Days, Nomura expressed that Xigbar was his favorite character to play in Mission Mode, stating that his attacks have a high range, but slow reload rate.​
    #6) Luxord
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 7.3
    The Gambler of Fate. Being the only Organization member with an identifiable accent, Luxord is a well versed and associates himself with any and all things related to cards. While most of his dialogue is references to games and gambling, his personality is far from playful. He gets to the point when in a conversation and prefers to skip the formalities instead of banter. We don't know a lot about his origins, but if he was one of the final 3 members to be defeated, I would love to see what he acted and pursued before becoming a nobody.​
    #5) Xemnas
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 6.2
    The Superior; Leader of Organization XIII and nobody of long running villain; Xehanort. Xemnas and his smooth and seductive voice was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts 2 despite having first appeared in Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Heart Final Mix. Like all his Nobody member, Xemnas shows little to no emotion and keeps his eyes on the big picture; Kingdom Hearts. His weapons are quite different than his human counterpart, as he wields 2 ethereal blades (KH variation of light sabers) right from his hands and uses other laser based attacks when facing him. Though he and his organization perished, it won't be the last we see of him, as Xehanort always manages to put some incarnated cameo of himself in a game.​
    #4) Xion
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 3.4
    One of the more reserved organization members, Xion's time was unfortunately short. She had a quiet personality, and the second female member. (Not to mention the nicer one by far) A lot of sympathy goes to Xion for her desire to be happy with Axel and Roxas, but can't, because she is held back for her constant questioning of her existence. This little neophyte was drawn form Sora's memories and was mistreated amongst her fellow members, being regarded as nothing more than a tool. Emotionally fragile, it isn't until the final quarter of the game, where we see some her best moments. Her final moments in 358/2 Days are some of the most touching in the Kingdom hearts franchise. She made her impact and was voted "Best New Character" in the 2009 Nintendo Power Awards.​
    #3) Roxas
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 2.4
    The Key of Destiny. A nobody who has made himself well known indeed. The nobody of Sora, Roxas is shown to be more aggressive than his heart owning counterpart. He shares many traits with him, but is more quick-tempered and a very fun opponent. (That Dual wield.) Another fact is that Roxas is the only other character aside from Sora to be the main focus of a Kingdom Hearts game. (358/2 Days) He realizes and accepts his fate, but does so in an honorable manner. You'll find this character is often fan dubbed by our resident reporter; Mike.​
    #2) Demyx
    Votes: 10
    Average Ranking: 6.4
    The Melodious Nocturne.We never truly got to see much of this character's minor role in the organization, so how has he gotten so high on the list? He's lazy, never serious, and a coward when it comes to a fight, so how has he gained such admiration? Well, maybe it's because he's that unique. While other comical organization members got by on their wit and sarcasm, Demyx got his quips from being lazy and cowardly. his unique weapon of a sitar accompanied with the dominion over water clones is also very notable. This nobody even has his own Air walk shoe! So for whatever reason he's adored, it often fades when you recall fighting his clones on a timer.​
    #1) Axel
    Votes: 10
    Average Ranking: 2.2
    Flurry of Dancing Flames. Originally planted as a trump card in Castle oblivion, he has come far in terms of character. In Chain of memories, he did his organizational duty in ensuring there were no traitors amongst the nobodies. A double agent of sorts, he weeded them out, with little to no remorse for his fallen comrades. In 358/2 Days, we see him soften up to fellow nobodies Roxas and Xion. He shows a calm demeanor and a sarcastic fun loving personality that makes him feel like he has a heart. His fondness towards his friend Roxas has kept him reappearing throughout the series in his now human counterpart; Lea. In the end of it all, his wit and fiery personality has earned him the titles of KHV's favorite Organization XIII member. Got it Memorized?​
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Dec 31, 2012.

    1. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      Yay for Axel being #1!!!!!!

      But... how in the world did Demyx make it to the #2 spot????? o_O

      Kinda surprised Marluxia didn't make it to the list.

      Other than that, list is pretty much what I expected.
    2. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      Cuz Demyx is hot and a musician xD Thats the only reason he made my list XD
    3. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      I'm not surprised he made it to the list, just surprised he's this high on the list. I probably expected him to be #5 at best. But whatevs, congrats to the Melodious Nocturne for his silver medal.
    4. Railos
      I'm kinda surprised that Zexion wasn't that high up that list, I really like him. Oh well. Aside from that, the list agrees with my list. :)
    5. Odamadillo
      Demyx and Luxord are the only ones in the right spots for me all the others are not right in my book.
    6. Misty
      Zero surprise for the top three there, hah. Sad to see no love for Larxene though, someone has to represent us crazy bitches.
    7. Jarbatooth56
      Seriously? How did you forget Lexaeus?
    8. DualBladeRoxas
      I agree with the list but would've replaced Vexen with Marluxia honestly.
    9. Hayabusa
      I agree with most of the list, but...Xion doesn't deserve a spot. At all. She's easily one of the least memorable members, and that's pretty terrible considering she's supposed to be one of the integral characters in 358/2 Days. Xigbar could easily have taken her spot, and Larxene deserves to be on the list. So memorable for being the sadistic lightning ***** that actually abuses Namine, and I loved her interactions with Axel.
    10. Cutsceneaddict
      Wow. Very interesting results. I'm suprised that Luxord and Demyx scored so high and that Zexion and Saix scored so low. Not suprised that Axel made number one, however :)

      I think that the more partcipants that these Top 10 posts have, the more accurate the results will be as a general representation of the fan community. If you don't already send in your own list, be sure to do so. It's a lot of fun! Take part!
    11. LPGamer15
      Yay Axel got 1st place :D
    12. KatDoesThings
      Yay Xion!!!! Yay Luxord!!! I'm actually surprised Zexion is that high on the list, and that Vexen is even on the list, but whatever. YAY XION! YAY LUXORD! YAY DEMYX! YAY AXEL!!! :D
    13. Itachilives
      Number 1 Is Axel ...................................................... WOOOOOO!
      Got to say i'm happy with that result. :)
    14. wackko300
      Wow! I'm surprised that Xemnas wasn't that high on the list, but I knew Axel would be though. I'm glad that Vexen made the list too.;)
    15. Kyubi the Keyblade Master
    16. Airi Ban
      Airi Ban
      I pretty much entirely agree with the list. Axel being the top is pretty accurate. I thought Saix would have been a bit higher surprisingly. xD
    17. 61
      this list surprise me. This is not at all what my personal list looks like.
    18. mindstorm787
      Axel and Saix are the only ones on my list, so I vote for them.
    19. O.KnightofTwilight
      I saw like, 2 comments about larxene not being on here... why?
      She's rude and halarios. what villain is more perfect? not that i'm complaining about the list.