KHV's Top 10 Most Wanted KH3 Disney Worlds

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    KHV's Top 10
    ~Most Wanted KH3 Disney Worlds~

    Since Disney's first animated film of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937, Disney and it's side companies have released hundreds of animated and live action films. With 14 submissions sent in this month, KHV members have sent in their most wanted picks that can be read below.​

    ~Honorable Mentions~
    #15) The Incredibles

    #14) The Jungle Book

    #13) The Princess and the Frog

    #12) Monsters Inc.

    #11) The Emperor's New Groove

    #10) Pirates of the Caribbean
    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 5.00

    Appearing first in Kingdom Hearts II, Port Royal is the only world on this list to have been introduced into the series so far. While the animation may not have blended well with the cartoon styles of Donald and Goofy, the film series was popular enough to warrant desire from fans to continue the stories of Jack Sparrow. To date there have been four released films, with a fifth one to come in 2016, but when it comes to which story they prefer, submissions sent in were particularly interested in the Davy Jones story from the second film; Dead Man's Chest.​

    #9)The Black Cauldron
    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 3.80

    Released in 1985, The Black Cauldron was the first Disney animated film for many things. First animated film to be rated PG, have computer graphics, and feature absolutely no songs! (Sorry kids, no sing-alongs here) , One of Disney's most darkest films, it had to be re-edited and revised to ensure it didn't go past the PG-13 rating due to graphic or violent scenes. Looking at the plot, is is based on the Chronicles of Prydain book series. It centers around a pigkeeping boy named Taran and his quest to find and destroy the black cauldron. It wasn't a huge box office success since it earned only half it's budget, making it one of the more least likely films to be introduced into the series do to Disney's stance on darker stories and putting the more popular films first. This film even had a princess that wasn't introduced into the Disney Princess line-up for the sole reason of it's poor theatrical performance!

    #8) Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 5.83

    Following the exploits of a devoted researcher named Milo, the story revolves around him, and a cast of highly trained crew members to find the lost city of Atlantis. Well look at that, some one who wants to see another world. Wonder how that would fit in... The film shows a lot of new environmental possibilities, going deep underground through caverns and breath-taking scenery of water falls and what life on land would look like under the ocean. This sci-fi film also features the voice of Master Xehanort himself; Leonard Nimoy.

    #7) Brave
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 5.33

    Pixar's first film that took place in the far distant past, Brave centers around Merida; a princess who wants constant adventure outside her royal duties... Well, at least she has the archery going for her. The film's script and producers were shifted around a bit, causing the film to have some bumps before the final product released. All in all, it's a nice mother/daughter story with the right amount of heart and humor to it. The villain, being a bear, could always be modified as perhaps some sort of heartless, I guess, with some bow and arrow action from Merida as a party member. Seriously though, we could use some more Disney female party members. (The only two being Ariel and Mulan) And speaking of female party members...

    #6) Pocahontas
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 4.83

    Seeing the perspective of new cultures can be either intimidating or welcoming. Most of this film focuses around the peace and war behind two different kinds of people. The one who live off the land, and the one who make money off it. Integration was never a huge theme in the series as Sora usually got along with most of the people he met, never feeling the need to actually question some of the styles or customs. Heck most of the time, he would just say it's weird and just move on. Darkness could easily be found in the hearts of the men who have hatred towards the other side, allowing the player and main protagonists Pocahontas and John smith, to play peacemaker. I don't know why, but I would just like to see Pocahontas herself as a party member. Fighting with the spirits of nature and all the colors of the wind. ALL OF THEM.

    #5) Tangled
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 4.50

    A name change from the classic story of Rapunzel, Tangled re-invents the story to explain many aspects not included in the original tale. It also includes a cast of funny new characters, including Flynn Rider (A charming, narcissistic thief) Pascal, (the mute chameleon who shows emotion through facial expression) Maximus, (The horse who takes his royal guard job very seriously) and a tavern full of thugs with dreams. One of the more popular CGI films from Disney, Tangled marked the 50th film from the Walt Disney Animation company and would make a lovely addition to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. (Though I do feel sorry to the game animator responsible for Rapunzel's hair)​

    #4) Wreck-it Ralph
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 3.00

    A wonderful possibility for minigames in my opinion. Wreck-it Ralph takes place in an arcade, featuring a cascade of games. The three main ones from the film being Sugar Rush, Fix it Felix Jr, and Hero's Duty. (Hehe, Duty) It would also be nice for Sora to find a villain who isn't filled with darkness, but is just an honest guy doing his job to keep the game running. Also, would he need a costume change? I mean, I know he's already a video game character, but he isn't aware of that. If this film ends up being introduced into the franchise, I sincerely hope for the moment of sweet irony when a character asks which "Game" Sora's from.​

    #3) Toy Story
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 5.77

    Not going to lie. I kind of want to see Sora in this world as some kind of ken doll. All plastic, with rubber limbs, I wouldn't be able to stop laughing as I played him. And for Donal, maybe being a rubber duck? Goofy a toy soldier? For those who don't know, Toy Story is a Pixar franchise featuring the many trials and thoughts in the world of the toys. The three films perfectly captured what toys can mean to a child and show that they do care for their owner and enjoy being played with. Seeing as how Kingdom Hearts just loves that theme of the heart so much, Toy Story could always be a possibility. In fact, if you look in the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix coding, you'll find unfinished models of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, who were meant to be summons.​

    #2) Treasure Planet
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 4.66

    Treasure Planet is a sci-fi adaptation of the classic novel; "Treasure Island." Plenty of ship sailing and starry scenery, Treasure Planet takes place in the distant future, where space travel and technology make for steampunk cyborgs and aliens galore. The main character; Jim Hawkins, finds a map to the fabled Tresure Planet, which is believed to have a planet full of riches. So how could this fit into Kingdom Hearts? Well, upon re-watching the film, I thought of some possibilities. For one, Jim is known to be a talented solar surfer. (It' like rocket powered windsurfing off the ground) Seeing as how Birth by Sleep introduced keyblade gliders, this world could perhaps feature a few fun little obstacle courses for some skillful maneuvering. Another is that most of the ship is meant to be full of criminals and the like. Similar to Hook's ship, the ship could be crawling with heartless, or some other form of enemy that the ship's captain doesn't know about. When it comes to the story, Jim's father left when he was little, and since his journey began Jim and Long John Silver grow a bit of a father/son bond, changing the course in certain plans for the treasure. Whatever the plausible idea, this film has proven to be underrated in Disney's film lineup, since many of it's fans can't wait to see a world based off it.

    #1) Frozen
    Votes: 12
    Average Ranking: 3.83

    The most recent Disney film, the frontrunner for the new KH3 Disney hopeful has been crowned. Frozen has been all the rage since it's release for it's animation story, and songs that you can't help but sing along to. But that's not why it seems to be ahead of the pack in this list. (Well those songs are pretty catchy...) Frozen unifies itself with the message Kingdom Hearts spreads in it's games about opening your heart to those you meet with and that closing it off will only bring the person's own ruin. The film itself focuses on two sisters; Anna and Elsa. Elsa is gifted with magical power to create and control ice and snow, which she used to accidentally create a blizzard over their kingdom. She then runs to the mountains for fear of what she might do to others and what they might do to her, isolating herself. From there, her sister Anna, accompanied by Olaf the snowman, Sven the reindeer, and some useless guy named Kristoff, go out to find her sister and bring her back to stop the blizzard. New environments and a nice soundtrack to tune with, Frozen offers just what the series delivers in all it's games. So for those who love the film, I hope your happy with the list, and to those who hate it; "Let it go".​

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Apr 8, 2014.

    1. super_rocker_90
      pocahontas is way!!! over due and so as treasure planet which both of these shouldve been in kh2 although i can tell that namoura wants girls to play these games to but hope to god that atlantica wont return......ever!
    2. Allen Tor
      Allen Tor
      Am I the only one who likes Atlantica?

      As for the actual topic of discussion here, I want to see a Wreck-it-Ralph world just so I can see a "what game are you from" gag with Sora.
    3. kngdmhrts2
      Out of those 10, my top 3 (order not a factor here) would be Atlantis, Treasure Planet and Frozen.
    4. LadyAzura
      Let it go! Let it go! Frozen is pretty cool! ^^
    5. cstar
      I agree with most of this list luckily I should have voted so I'm glad the forum seems to be on the same page as me.
    6. ~Clave Ensis~
      ~Clave Ensis~
      If you're referring to the Little Mermaid world, then nope you're not the only one. I think Atlantica is pretty cool; it's a fun and interesting environment that really differs from all the other worlds. But in KH2 it really sucked. All you did was sing. I mean really, what is that?[DOUBLEPOST=1397007921][/DOUBLEPOST]Great selection of worlds here, but the top three worlds that I'd like to see are:
      1. Wreck it Ralph
      I can imagine that there'd be heaps to do in this world - imagine all the awesome game areas you'd get to visit!! Great potential for mini games. Plus the irony of asking which game Sora is from would be priceless.
      2. Frozen
      I've said it before, I'll say it again: this world would be perfect for KH3! Plenty of areas to explore, a great storyline that can tie in quite nicely with KH (will all the sacrifice and what not) and great characters to interact with. Can't you just imagine performing some epic Blizzard combo with Elsa?

      3. Tangled/Toy Story (can't choose between these two.)
      Cute worlds, cute characters, cute storylines. Although I do think that the Toy Story world could be somewhat limited in where you could go, unless you could go outside the house.
      Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
    7. Shuhbooty
      I didn't even think about Tedure planet. That with Pocahontus is my absolute favorite. I'm happy those made the list, and I really hope some member takes notice of our lists and kinda like, do something with them.
    8. Ienzo
      I really hope Wreck in Ralph is in it, if it's not then they would have missed an amazing opportunity. It would be nice to bring back a racing mini game (the one in BBS was quite fun if not very limited) and the Fix it Felix looks like an immense game.

      Tangled would be awesome, I don't know whether it would be better to have Rapunzel or Flynn as the party member but either way it would be awesome.

      I just want Toy story in there for nostalgic reasons- such an immense film that needs the love of KH! That and I never even considered Pocahontas!
    9. Allen Tor
      Allen Tor
      I meant in KH2, I actually wasn't a fan of Atlantica in KH1. it was cool at first, but after getting stuck multiple times for a couple hours, and the swimming controls being not all that easy to use, it got old fast. I loved it in 2 though.
    10. Railos
      Yes, I love this list. I'd really love to see toy story, Atlantis, and Treasure Planet go into KH. I never really thought of Pocahontas, but I'd like to see how it'd work.
    11. Cloud4012
      Treasure Planet, The Black Cauldron and Frozen those movies would be awesome. I wouldn't mind Peter Pan return to Neverland
    12. Twero

      I gotta say I never imagine Wreck-it Ralph's world with mini-games possibilites! And it'd be great! And somone wondering from what "game" Sora came from would be really funny. :p

      Planet Treasure and Frozen still my favorite ones to enter, but anyone from this list would be a great adition to KH universe. :)
    13. ~Clave Ensis~
      ~Clave Ensis~
      I still want star wars
    14. Glen
      I would love it if most of these worlds made it in, as could have been seen if my vote had been public XD some interesting choices here though.
    15. Twero
      Ah, someone mentioned about how hard itd be to draw Rapunzel's hair in the Tangled world.

      But I'm 100% sure they'll use her model with the hair just like this:

    16. Ienzo
      My one thought that I had earlier was if Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, who are all Disney Princesses, become part of the Kingdom Hearts world then would they not interfere with the 7 Princesses of heart? I recon if they did make an appearance then this wouldn't cause a problem within the game but it just wouldn't feel right.
    17. tamale
      I'm a little disappointed, but not surprised that TRON: Uprising didn't make the list. :/

      ...Can't we have princesses aside from the Princesses of Heart? Mulan is part of the Disney Princess lineup, but not a Princess of Heart. And then there's Queen Minnie, of course.
    18. Ienzo
      Yes you can, it would just be sad for them not to be pure xD but I probably am thinking too much about it. Alice isn't even a proper Princess but I suppose it's more about the pureness of heart. Mulan isn't really a princess though and Minie is the Queen (shh... that is different in my head xD) but Elsa and Anna are Princesses. I doubt it would change anything of course as all the Princesses of heart were from classic, old Disney films which Frozen isn't part of.
    19. AzzyFox
      Neither was Belle. The term "Princesses" was used because all of the hearts born from the seven pieces of light from the χ-blade were female.