KHV's Top 10 Most Wanted Final Fantasy Cameos

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    KHV's Top 10
    ~Most Wanted Final Fantasy Cameos~
    Final Fantasy has delivered us many characters from the Final Fantasy Franchise, and there are still many more that could make an appearance. the members of KHV have spoken with many they had in mind, which included the sent in picks of over 50 characters. (and this was just from 13 people) Many of our favorites have already been inducted into the Kingdom Hearts series, but which characters outweigh the rest and deserve to be introduced? Here's the forums Top 10 picks to that answer.

    #10) Terra
    (Final Fantasy VI)
    Votes: 4
    Average Ranking: 7.0
    Terra Branford is a mysterious young woman. Like the nobodies of the Kingdom Hearts series, she starts off emotionless, and yearns to uncover more about her origins. Raised as a weapon of destruction, she presented herself as easily scared and confused. It isn't until later on, where she gains more assertiveness and manages to discover her true past. If she were to appear into the series, she wouldn't be the first teenager to be used by adults.​

    #9) Vanille
    (Final fantasy XIII)
    Votes: 4
    Average Ranking: 6.3
    Oerba Dia vanille is a bubbly and kind character. She remains upbeat despite her hardship-filled past and is often very emotional at times. Yet despite this, she is optimistic and tries to find a silver lining even in the most grim situations. With these qualities, I could definitely see her in a Disney series like kingdom Hearts. Girl also knows how to accessorize. Look at all of those trinkets she wears!​
    #8) Laguna
    (Final Fantasy VIII)
    Votes: 4
    Average Ranking: 3.0
    Laguna is a laid back, but kind-hearted individual. He is your typical lovable protagonist, but not without his quirks. He gets nervous around women and at times, can't get his wording right. His weapon of choice is a machine gun as well as other infantry related arsenal. He came close to making this list, and wouldn't need to be if he was placed in Birth by Sleep. For those who do not know, Laguna was originally planned to be in charge of the PSP game's Mirage arena. This was cancelled as to not interfere with his appearance in Dissidia 012.
    #7) Genesis
    (Final fantasy VII - Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus)
    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 4.0
    Genesis Rhapsodos is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy 7 - Crisis Core. This character derives from SOLDIER, and is another victim of the Jenova Project; a series of experiments aimed at creating a human hybrid with the alien creature Jenova. throughout out his arc in the PSP game, he finds obsession in a famous poem called LOVELESS as he believes himself, Angeal and Sephiroth to be the poem's protagonists. Genesis is actually based off the real life musician Gackt.​
    #6) Zidane
    (Final Fantasy IX)
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 6.5
    Zidane Tribal is similar to Sora when it comes to making friends. He jumps at the chance to find allies and helps those in need regardless of the situation. Odd, since he's a thief, but it's those qualities that got him from kidnapping a princess to unfolding events that would lead him on a quest to protect the planet. As a thief, he uses short swords and daggers when fighting opponents, yet rarely uses his tail. Sora's original design actually reminded me of Zidane. A lovable little scamp, he would make a fine addition to all the mischief makers of the series.​
    #5) Fang
    (Final Fantasy XIII)
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 5.5
    Oerba Yun Fang is a tall woman who is a very capable fighter who don't need no man. A very stubborn lady, Fang hates backing down and strongly believes in the power of luck. Most of Final Fantasy XIII, she works on her own personal agenda in protecting Vanille from a terrible fate. Wielding a double bladed spear, I wouldn't mind seeing this character manhandle the heartless and show the keybladers how it's done. To those who didn't know... she was originally designed to be a man.​
    #4) Gilgamesh
    (Final Fantasy I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XIII, Type 0)
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 5.2
    A recurring character in the Final Fantasy series, Gilgamesh has been on both sides of the good and evil spectrum. While his role is often minor, Gilgamesh is the most recurring character in the franchise and often serves as a persistently comical boss. These appearances often associate him as a traveling sword collector on the hunt for the legendary sword; Excalibur. As a blade collector, how could this man not appear in the Kingdom Hearts series yet? Many others have sought the keyblade's power, it's only a matter of time before this Genji suited character stalk his way into the series.​
    #3) Vincent
    (Final Fantasy VII, Dirge of Cerberus)
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 5.6
    Vincent Valentine is an optional party member from Final Fantasy VII. This alluring undead man is yet another victim of Professor Hojo's experimentation, which allows him to shapeshift and use abilities in the series. A gun wielder, his dark and brooding personality has made him one of the most universally adored characters in the Final fantasy franchise. His character design is well praised and his change over the course of the series is interesting as well. If this character does show up, I hope it's somewhere spooky or with a macabre-like atmosphere.​
    #2) Kefka
    (Final Fantasy VI)
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 5.9
    This psycho clown's antagonistic appraise is matched only by Sephiroth. Kefka Palazzo is short tempered, loud, destructive, and a complete sociopath, and it's those traits that make him likeable. While past villains, are serious, cold, and distant, Kefka shows his humorous side when dishing out on the protagonists. Albeit dark humor, but when that cackle begins, I just find myself very intrigued. Where they would fit this character, I'm not sure, but I do hope fans find him eventually.​
    #1) Lightning
    (Final Fantasy XIII)
    Votes: 11
    Average Ranking: 4.8
    Is anyone really surprised? As the franchise's second head female protagonist (first being Terra) Lightning has made a name for herself and has become one of the most iconic characters. Heading into her 3rd installment of the FFXIII series, she continues to be, in the words of Misty, the Final Fantasy flagship character. Which is hillarious, since her character was originally meant to be flirtatious and have more sex appeal! (Oh, early development...) I'm sure many fans who wished to see her added to the series, noted a "leaked" picture of Lightning carrying a struggle bat. A fake article said she would appear in Kingdom Hearts 3D, but this was confirmed as a hoax when the artist released her step by step prank. So whether you love her for her allure, attitude, or pink hair, Claire "Lightning" Farron has received the admiration of many and made the top of this list.​

    Want to have your say in the next Top 10?
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Jan 14, 2013.

    1. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      Oh wow, only two of the characters I voted for made it to the list (Kefka and Lightning). I still have so many FF games to complete...
    2. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      I wouldn't like having Genesis in there. We already have Sephiroth.
    3. libregkd
      Three FFXIII characters and not a single FFXII character?

      There is something seriously wrong here.
    4. Iskandar
      I would love to see Laguna, fight Gilgamesh(actually, just seeing Sora's reaction to gilgamesh is something I need to see), Fang, Vincent for sure, and Lightning which I'm sure we'll get. Genesis wouldn't be bad either, but would how would they fit him in? Would he be another optional boss, or maybe a main boss?
    5. Misty
      Quit yr whining, Kefka is up there. P: Although I do agree, I voted for both Fran and Vossler (PIPE DREAM I JUST LOVE HIM OKAY).

      Also no chocobos. My homies. 8(

      Thank you Krowley!
    6. Krowley
      I was hoping for some one from final fantasy 4 at least :/ (Rydia, Kain or Cecil)
      Picks that had 2 -4 votes would have covered up to 30.

      11) Cecil Harvey (FF4)
      12) Angeal (FF7CC)
      13) Kain Highwind (FF4)
      14) Rinoa (FF8)
      15) Noctis (FFvs13)
      16) Noel (FF13-2)
      17) Chocobos
      18) Reno (FF7)
      19) Barret (FF7)
      20) Hope (FF13)

      21) Snow (FF13)
      22) The Emperor (FF2)
      23) (Red 13) (FF7)
      24) Cissnei (FF7CC)
      25) Prof. Hojo (FF7)
      26) Sazh (FF13)
      27) Rydia (FF8)
      28) Bartz (FF5)
      29) Cosmos (FFD)
      30) Vossler (FF12)
    7. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      The highest a FF12 character reached was at #30... libregkd isn't gonna like this
    8. kitty_mckechnie
      Gimme Fang and Lightning in any KH game and I'm sold.
    9. Misty
      I'm pretty certain that could be said for any game, KH or not, though. P:
    10. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      No AKi Ross, that's it no more I can't take it anymore...

      Great listing considering I know about 5 of these characters.
    11. kitty_mckechnie
      And yet Square do not understand this! Flight would sell a game.
    12. muff monkey
      muff monkey
      Do people really not like Serah? :x I wanted to participate in this, but considering my list would have consisted of Lightning and Serah, I chose not to. :z
    13. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      I like her, but a few people don't because they dislike Snow and she "makes him who he is"
    14. Mish
      No Steiner? Not even in the top 30? why khv

      At least Zidane is up there.
    15. Player
      Terra and Laguna. The rest, no. Just no. Noel maybe, but he isn't on this list.

      What about series outside of Final Fantasy? They were using "The World Ends with You," so why not others? Like "Parasite Eve" having character cameos? Just a personal thought.
    16. Llave
      But dawg, perfect set up with Zack in BBS.

      I'm pretty content with that list, in fact I like it a lot. I do hope they add more as the series furthers itself.
    17. Haseo
      So close, and yet so far.
    18. Misty
      It's certainly a possibility given the inclusion of TWEWY. Might make a good Top 10, most wanted Square-Enix inclusions *hinthintnudgenudge*. c;
    19. libregkd
      Atleast you got something in the top 10. Poor Balthier ;~;