KHV's Top 10 Lesser Nobodies

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    KHV's Top 10
    ~Lesser Nobodies~
    Recently added the "Lesser" portion of the title, due to members mostly sending in lists with Organization members on them. No, this list is dedicated to the swarms of Nobodies you fought throughout Kingdom Hearts 2. From twilight Town, to the World that Never Was, they were just as relentless as the heartless, and just as much an obstacle. (Not to mention the fact they are named after final Fantasy Job classes is also cool) There species is few, but we take the time to examine which 10 we didn't mind fighting.

    #10) Sorcerer
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 7.5
    Controlled by Xemnas, these high ranking nobodies utilize small, magical cubes as a means of fighting. As one of the few enemies without a reaction command, fighting the floating annoyance can be shortened by casting reflect. Aside from Magnet, any other magic on this nobody is pretty much useless. they can only be found in the World That Never Was.​

    #9) Dancer
    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 6.2
    Dancers are controlled by Demyx and are one of the more "womanly shaped" nobodies. Along with their warm colors, these swaying creatures have a habit of jerking you around, literally. Once they get a hold of you, there is no button on that controller to get you out. From grace to vigor in seconds, best beat them fast and quick.​
    #8) Gambler
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 8.3
    If fought correctler, Gamblers can be an excellent way of farming for Munny. Since their reaction commands are revolved around games and chance, playing and winning at their own game, drops off 100 Munny each and even has the chance of dropping a new shield for Goofy. Since it is a gamble, there comes a risk with playing these games, including turning into a life sized Die or playing card. Gamblers are controlled by Luxord
    #7) Berserker
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 7.4
    A real heavy hitter. The Berserker is only as dangerous as when it is wielding it's weapon. With the claymore, this nobody can smash and crash to it's lack of heart's content. Once you get it's weapon away from it, you can have your own fun with the reaction command, and go, well, berserk. Berserkers are controlled by Saix.​
    #6) Sniper
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 5.9
    As it's name declares, the only nobody on the list that depends on it's long ranged snipe attacks. Controlled by xigbar, they teleport their way around the field, finding and hitting you in your blind spot. An easy way to deflect their shots is with the reaction command.​
    #5) Assassin
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 5.6
    If the land shark was a nobody, the assassin would be the closest depiction of it. Swimming through the ground as if it were water, they slash their way through the floor, being invulnerable the entire time. The only way to beat them during their shark frenzy, is to guard and counter with a flurry of attacks. Their reaction command is you, exploding them, and still gaining Experience and Munny. (Now I'm thinking of exploding land sharks for some reason...) They are controlled by Axel.​
    #4) Dragoon
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 5.3
    A dragon humanoid nobody with a lance is always a fun fight. what really makes them a potent challenge, is their "Jump" ability, which lifts them up and crashes them down quickly, resulting in a combo afterword. airborne and flexible, they, like the rest of their nobody brethren, can be silenced with the reaction command that allows you to learn the "Jump" ability, and give them a taste of their own medicine. Dragoons are controlled by Xaldin.​
    #3) Twilight Thorn
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 4.3
    Aside from an argued example of "The World of nothingness," twilight thorn is the only other Nobody boss to be fought against to date. This nobody is only fought against once, by Roxas in Dive to the Heart, and is never seen from again. With a lot of fun, cinematic reaction commands, this boss may not be that difficult, but certainly offers a fair deceleration as a fun-to-beat first boss of the game.​
    #2) Samurai
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 3.4
    The most proficient in melee, Samurais lie and wait for the player to make the first move, before slashing it's way into action. With blades for weapons, it takes it's time to move with grace and deal as much damage as it can. Their reaction command is a "quick draw" styled risk, that requires precision timing and can finish the nobody off in one strike when executed correctly. Samurai are controlled by Roxas, and are one of 2 different nobodies outside the Organization that were featured in 358/2 Days.​
    #1) Dusk
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 2.5
    The nobody equivalent of a Heartless Shadow, they are the first nobody you face as well as one of the more troublesome. Despite being one of the low ranking nobodies, the way the Dusk moves make reaction commands key, so that they stay in one place. They look fragile and weak with all their swaying and seductive movements, but unless dealt with, they will whiplash themselves at you repeatedly until silenced. Why it is number one on this list could be anything from it's design, to players thinking "It's just way easier to beat."​

    Want to have your say in the next Top 10?
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Feb 25, 2013.

    1. O.KnightofTwilight
      I like the results! A little dissapointed that samurai didn't make number 1, but oh well. Also; I always thought that because of the thorns that the twilight thorn throws around, it was controlled by Xemnas (even if it only appears once) and that the sorcerer's cubes were more Zexions' style. It just makes more sense to me, but i'll let you decide. Can't wait for the next one!
    2. Airi Ban
      Airi Ban
      dang. Thought beserker would have been higher. Not surprised sorcerers got last and definitely glad dusks are the most popular.
    3. Labrys
      Hmmm i didn't know Sorcerer was controlled by Xemnas.
    4. Roxsew
      i hate those dancers. they take away so much health