Community KHV's Holiday Special: Second Secret Santa Event

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    Since last year’s event went over so well, I’m happy to announce the second Secret Santa event!

    -Digital presents only! This means nothing of monetary value, such as online giftcards and the like. REPUTATION IS NOT A GIFT.
    -Keep it appropriate for KHV, if you need some help with that either look at the rules or message me.
    -Signups will go from today until Friday, November 25th.
    -If you sign up, you can’t back out once everyone is paired up.
    -Gifts will be given on Christmas Day, but let me know in advance if you know you’re going somewhere so I can let your Secret Santa know when the best time to exchange gifts would be.
    -In order to participate, you need to be an active member for at least a month, OR have 30-50 posts INCLUDING posts in areas without post count. This is just to make sure that you are an active member and won’t disappear on your Secret Santa.
    -Have fun!

    For the next three weeks or so there will be sign ups to participate. Anyone who wants to sign up will post this info:

    Name: this is the name you go by most often, can be a nickname or your username
    Favourites: List 2-5+ things you like, something that if the person who gets you doesn't know you that well will give them a bit of inspiration – the more detailed the better

    If, even with all this information, you find yourself needing more help with what your Secret Santa likes PM me and I’ll ask them for you.
    After signups, I will randomly select who is giving to who and send you all PMs. Gift giving will happen Christmas Day (or near it, if you’re going to be away).

    And remember, you don’t need to be amazingly talented to participate – this is open to any active KHV member, and it’s the thought behind this that counts! Have fun with it!

    So what are the presents? Anything that you can make online and send to the person.

    Examples include but are not limited to: Artwork, AMVs, Signatures/Avatars, Writing (Poems, Stories), Pictures...that kind of thing. You can make one big present, or do a bunch of small ones. Once signups are done I'll make a gift-giving thread where everyone posts what they made and for who.

    Feel free to post general comments here, but for signups go here:
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    this is aweome,IM in !
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    May 7, 2011
    I'll join. This sounds fun
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