KHV Struggle Tournament?

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    Struggle Tournament RP​

    I’ve been getting into the mood for more tournament-oriented roleplays lately. As it happens, I’ve also had an idea for one such RP lurking around for quite a while now. Other places I’ve tried to run it generally don’t seem to like the idea. But, I’m hoping that I can take this shot in the dark and get some traction out of it here…

    Basically, it’d be an RP functioning with the Twilight Town Struggle Tournament events lying close to, if not at, its core. The characters involved would be competitive hopefuls, fighting, and possibly training (depending on the play format that ends up being used) towards the end goal of being crowned champion.

    Format Possibilities​

    I am entertaining two main possibilities (and contemplating a third) for play format for this ‘event.’ Before I give what details are available for either, I will say that I’m looking at both having some shared elements. Namely:

    First and foremost, the end results of each battle will be open ended until their conclusions, rather than being planned or plotted. Ultimately, a judging factor will be implemented to determine winners. Naturally, however, should the event format allow for it, there would be nothing stopping people from prearranging their own battles for the sake of character development.

    Secondly, I mean for this to act as somewhat more of an ‘event’ RP, and that on that spirit I intend to somewhat keep this RP metered in terms of its timeframe. Specifically, that its span, I would hope, will be able to align with or close to the timeframe within which the Twilight Town Struggle would be held (the late-spring through late-summer months); though on this, I am somewhat flexible.

    The first format option, which would likely be utilized to some extent, would be more of a pure tournament competition. Threads would be created to facilitate the engagement of a series of Struggle-styled battles over the course of several months, until such a point at which a final tournament would be held to cap off the event; in effect, this style would likely invoke rulings for franchise RP’s on this site.

    More than likely, a relatively large influx of interest would beget this style. Just about any number of participants above the range of 10 to 12 would likely require this in order to keep the event moving.

    The second format option would be a traditional roleplay, utilizing the Struggle at its center plot device; kind of like the tournament arcs of the Dragonball series. We would get to play out snippets of training and character interactions, all interspersed among the competitive events. This would also give some room for characters not involved in the fighting to have weight in the RP.

    A smaller number of participants (around 8-12) could work well under this manner of play. And, from the looks of the community, it might be the more popular option.

    The third way of approaching in it that I am contemplating would involve a hybridization of the previous two. Essentially, a ‘home’ thread serving as the more personally interactive/character development ground would be accompanied by a set of threads to facilitate battle events.

    I should also note that, with my being a stickler for things like forming (and by extension, carrying out) traditions and such, my ultimate goal (which I would consider a great accomplishment) would be to have this be the start of something that could be revisited and built upon through later installments (in a sense, a recurring sporting season of sorts).
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