KHV Pantheon

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    Ok, some of you may be familiar with and their pantheon of gods. I'm planning a Pantheon of gods for KHV featuring various well known staff and members. I'll try to get in a new one every 2 or three days, but for now I shall start with:

    Misty, Goddess of Friendly Admins and School age Workers
    • Arch-Goddess
    • Alignment: Lawful Good.
    • Portfolio: schoolgirls, permanent temp jobs, kindness, emo, angst, Ms. Pinsalot, many friends, helping people, fun, roleplay
    • Entered the KHV Pantheon at age 12 followed by many a “I am 12 and what is this” joke. These people were threatened with death and, for the most part, it has somewhat stopped. She became known to some as the Preteen Lieutenant, later promoted to Teeny Captain, Colonel and Major. She currently serves the site as the Maiden General and one of the two Arch-Gods of KHV.
    • By her decree, anyone calling her by her full name will be subject to death by whatever means she happens to choose at the time.