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    Because all of the cool kids are doing it, I thought I would write a KHV story. Enjoy, though It's nothign compared to Carnival and Cascade.

    Chapter I

    The girl stared up at the sunset sky, the orange and blue hues, seemingly disparate, blending into each other like a river to the sea. A light breeze played around her long black hair. She closed her eyes, a single tear rolling down her alabaster cheek, and turned around. To face the ghostly, incorporeal panel of light that was behind her.

    Do you wish to proceed? [Y/N] |

    Her finger paused in front of the spectral keyboard in front of her, shaking as she summed up the will to press the key. She knew her decision would change her life forever, either for good or ill, depending on her choice. Her finger began to descend on the key.

    “Sabby! Stop!â€


    The boy jerked open his grey-blue eyes, his hair tousled up by a night’s sleep. He looked over to his alarm clock which was emanating a raucous dissonance. He slammed his arm down on it frustrated, angered that once again the night had passed without him seeming to find any repose in his sleep. He looked over to the time on the clock, then realised he could not see. Sighing indignantly, he snatched his ever present pair of glasses from his nightstand and put them on. The clock displayed half past seven. He groaned as he got out of bed, dazed slightly as his semi-circular canals rebelled from the sudden movement. He made a mental note to start showering in the mornings as the ends of his long hair were still damp from the night before when he had showered before sleeping. After brushing his teeth, among other things, he dressed. He looked out of the window. It was a brisk, but chilly looking morning at the interface between autumn and winter, the frost and condensation on the bottom of the window a clear indication that is was “bloody freezingâ€. He donned a pair of jeans, a blue t-shirt and a long sleeved jumper. After this, he elected to choose a long scarf from one of his drawers and twine it around his neck. He then pocketed his MP3 player (slinging his headphones around his neck), wallet, phone and one other interesting artifact into his jeans. After doing so, he retrieved a key from his computer desk, left the room and locked the door behind him.

    As the pale skinned boy walked down the hallway towards the stairs out of the apartment complex, he stopped at one of the tall windows to look out onto the courtyard below. It seemed a distant dream since he had first looked upon the tall buildings and bustling streets of the city. He remembered all too well his first forays into netcraft, shuddering at the awkwardness he had displayed.

    He heard a door open down the hallway, which snapped him out of his reverie, followed by a thump and a loud curse. The boy sighed, recognising the voice, and turned around. Half in and half out of a doorway was another young man, a little older. His short black hair and the back of his purple t-shirt were all that he could see, aside from both of his hands outstretched in front of him, cradling a small purple fruit.

    “Need a bit of help there bro?†the boy asked, a wry smile appearing on his face.

    “Just ... gimme a minute, it’s kinda comfy here ... I might ... justâ€

    “This is no time to be sleeping Plums; we have to get to class! RvR said he’d “tan our hides†if we were late againâ€, the boy rebutted.

    “Jus’ gimme five minutes Claw ...†Plums moaned.

    Claw sighed, and reached into his pocked, pulling out the small object he had put in there along with his mundane belongings. It was a small, turquoise orb. He held it in from of him and dropped it. It hovered momentarily in the air, before flashing and turning into an incandescent keyboard of the same colour, with a small display screen.

    Awaken, Claw typed.

    Do you wish to proceed? [Y/N] |, the screen displayed in reply.

    Y, Claw typed, and pressed the enter key on the glowing keyboard. The whole terminal vanished, replaced with an arrow of light. Claw snapped his fingers and the dart streaked towards Plums. At once, Plums opened his eyes, and pulled himself off of the floor, sitting cross-legged on the hallway’s deep blue carpet, the plum now in only one hand.

    “How long was I out ... I feel totally rested for some reason.â€

    Claw sighed, and put a palm to his face. “You were only “out†for about 30 seconds, broâ€, he chuckled. “I had to wake you up with netcraft. I’d bet money on the fact that you tied your laces together again.â€

    Plums looked incredulous at this, but sure enough he had. He blushed, and then went about correcting his mistake.

    A few minutes later, they were both standing in the courtyard outside of the apartment complex. It was now 8:15.

    “I hope there isn’t any traffic again todayâ€, Plums muttered.

    “Well, if we’re late because of traffic, I don’t think RvR’ll mind.†Claw said cheerfully, “Shall you do the honours, or shall I?â€

    “You do it ... I can’t be botheredâ€

    Claw opened the Turquoise ghost-terminal again.

    Transport: Claw && Plums @ Apartments Sector 549 => Campus 4 ~ hyper

    Do you wish to proceed? [Y/N] |


    A white and turquoise door appeared where the terminal had been.

    “Ladies first,†Plums smirked.

    “Men just beforeâ€, Claw rebutted, smiling as he stepped into the portal.

    As they stepped though the door, they found themselves in a small white and turquoise carriage of what looked to be a bus or train. They took seats opposite each other, and the door closed behind them, separating them from the tangible world. The windows displayed not landmarks and scenery, but streams of 1s and 0s of various colours zooming in various directions. A clock above where the door had been said “ETA 8:45 - 0%â€.

    Claw retrieved his MP3 player and phone from his pocket, put his headphones in his ears and began tweeting, tumbling and other various things. Plums retrieved a book from the satchel he was carrying on his shoulder, and started reading. They continued in this manner for the majority of the trip, occasionally remarking to each other on recent activity in the city, or the latest update of Homestuck, a product of the neighbouring MSPA city.

    Suddenly, everything went black as pitch. The turquoise colours of the carriage turned blood red and the walls and seats around them dissolved, causing the two to fall onto the ground, leaving them in an eerie, sanguine landscape. An alarm began to sound loudly in the abyss.

    “Warning, warning, Bots detectedâ€.

    Claw jumped up from where he had been, and summoned the mote from before. Plums did similarly with one of purple.

    “Ready?†Claw asked

    “Alwaysâ€, Plums replied.

    In unison, they summoned their spectral keyboards and typed one command:

    Summon Weapon.

    Do you wish to proceed? [Y/N] |


    Both terminals vanished in a flash of teal and lavender light. In front of Claw, there appeared a blue and white staff with intricate scrollwork depicting lightning, clouds and gears. In front of Plums, there appeared a boomerang depicting vines and what looked to be speech bubbles with multiple, interconnecting speaker lines.

    Out of the sanguine abyss, shambled three silver like forms – like a Dusk, but more angular with bony protrusions from arms and legs, and back-facing joints in the legs like a canine.

    “Haste!†Claw shouted, snatching the staff out of the air in from of him, and he felt time around him and Plums slow down, as the spell took effect, causing himself and Plums to appear to have increased speed.

    The bots began to, run towards them, at what would appear to be a breakneck speed if not for the spell Claw had cast.

    You ready? Claw felt Plums speak into his mind.

    Stop speaking into my brain, I’m right here, Claw laughed inwardly, But yes. I’ll set ‘em up, you knock ‘em down.

    “STOP!†Claw shouted as he spun his staff around several times. The creatures slowed slightly, and then stopped altogether.

    Claw crouched on the ground, using his staff as support as the strain of keeping the spell up drained him.

    Now Plums, I can’t keep maintain it for very long!

    Okay bro!

    Plums raised his hand in front of his boomerang, as if to take it as Claw had done, but the with a flick of his wrist, it streaked off, spinning towards the immobile bots. It then circled the three of them four times, while leaving behind a trail of durians, watermelons and pineapples. Then, as the boomerang whipped back toward Plums, it slowed in front of his arm again, and simultaneously Claw released the spell.

    The bots cried out, a horrible, metallic screech, a cross between static and the scrape of metal on glass. The two males gritted their teeth at the sound, and then looked back towards where the bots had been standing. One had been killed, and was beginning to fade, the others had gashes, and cuts from the fruit, and were covered in the sticky juices. They regained their composure and began to run towards the duo, their arms crackling with black lightning.

    Shall I finish those two off? Claw asked.

    Go on ahead; that attack cost me a bit of energy.

    Claw stood up once again using the staff as a crutch to gain purchase on the ground, and then held it in front of him once again. It began to glow with silver light, as motes of blue and white began to spin around it. After a few seconds, the hounds drawing ever closer, Claw pointed the staff towards them and shouted “Aero!â€

    They were trapped once again, this time by tendrils of air, which billowed out of the staff and made Claw’s hair and clothes billow in the wind. They began tearing at the cords, trying to weaken them with their lightning claws and teeth. Claw raised the staff again, air currents billowing beneath him as he began to hover into the air. He swung the staff in one huge arc, and it began crackling with blue energy. Another swing and a dark cloud appeared over the bots, which began scrambling once again against their bonds, but to no avail.

    “Raijin!†Claw shouted, as he swung the staff one final time down from the clouds to the bots, the swing carrying over into a somersault. A flash of blue energy blinked in the crimson expanse, before, moments later, a clash of deafening thunder sounded in the void, silencing the screams of the bots as their metal bodies rebelled against the surge of electro-static energy. They began to crack and splinter in odd patterns and finally dissolved into dust, which faded from existence, as did the one killed by Plums' fruit attack.

    All was silent.

    Claw felt the air currents keeping him afloat subside as he gently lowered to the ground. He dismissed the staff, transforming it into the orb form once again, and pocketing it. He looked at Plums for a second and grinned. Then, he felt his strength leave him and his knees gave way, causing him to slump onto the floor with a dull thud. Plums ran forward and knelt beside him, a concerned look in his eye.

    “You over-worked yourself Broâ€. Plums murmured in his ear.

    “Just ... gimme a minute, it’s kinda comfy here ... I might ... just-“but it was never specified what he would do, as he passed out on the floor, and everything faded into comforting darkness.

    Thanks very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. I will be writing a glossary of terms everntually, so anythign you're confused about, I can probably explain. COmment and Criticism are always welcom, as per da rulez.

    Once again, thanks for reading.

    UPDATE: Glossary now up:

    KHV: Continuum ~ Almanac

    The World:

    Imagine that the internet were instead of being websites, were in fact cities and towns. KHV is one such city, existing on the borders between reality, fantasy and technology.


    Netcraft is the internet’s equivalent to magic. It can take many forms, but most commonly it takes the form of consoles or terminals.


    These are static, mundane computer-like terminals. Most people have one in their house/apartment, and there are many in the streets of KHV. These allow limited access to commands, as well as the Internet itself, a connection of these terminals throughout the world. They are not portable, as there are many in the streets. Ordinary members and Premium members can access these at any time and make small manipulations to the world around them, creating rooms or buildings (called threads) in the city to use to hold discussions about various matters. The names are interchangeable.


    These are highly portable, multi-purpose consoles/terminals, commonly refered to as “holosâ€. One can gain one in multiple ways:

    1. Becoming a staff member on KHV or a similar site. Access to these is non-transferable across cities.

    2. Becoming a respected or revered member in the community can give you a reputation strong enough to summon one without a staff member’s powers, however this is very rare.

    3. One may appear in a moment of dire need or desperation, these once their purpose is fulfilled tend to vanish quietly and are not often missed for a long time.

    4. A personal conflict or intense desire being overcome or achieved (a quest if you will) may trigger one to appear. This is also very rare.

    Once one has acquired the use of a holo, they will be able to summon it at free will. They appear in an inert form, as a small sphere about the size of a walnut. The colour of the holo is unique to the individual, and they cannot be stolen from their owner by conventional means. If one dies or otherwise becomes incapacitated, unless otherwise instructed, the holo will vanish to whatever realm they come from, however, one can leave a holo to an inheritor, in order to complete unfinished business. After this is completed, depending on the outcome, the holo will either vanish or metamorphose into the person’s own holo permanently.

    In practise, they become the same as regular consoles, although there are notable differences. Depending on the method of acquisition, they will have access to more complex, higher level commands.


    Commands are used to perform actions in the City and surrounding area. There are a myriad, but only few have actually delved deep enough to understand. A command takes the form of a word, which is entered into the console. We’ll use the example of Claw waking Plums for this:

    The command here is the Awaken command. The root command here can be used to awaken the nearest sleeping person in Line of Sight to the caster. Variations on the command can change this. For example:

    This variation would wake up both Sabby and RvR if they were asleep. If one is awake, the command fulfils itself as much as is possible. More variations are possible, and will be discussed when relevant.
    Let’s look at a more complex example, the transport command. Obviously, you need a little more detail than a regular command, as transport refers to movement:

    Let’s break this down a little bit. First, we have the initial command:

    This simply means transport the users Plums and Claw, which initialises the command, i.e. Claw and Plums are about to be transported to a location. However, before this, we need to specify where exactly they are at the moment, in case there are other versions of “Claw†or “Plums†present on the server, however that might happen ...

    The @ sign, refers to their current position in this case, and the Apartments Sector 549 refers to the apartment complex where Claw and Plums both live. Luckily for them, these apartments are reserved for high-ranking users only, and are rather nice.

    Next, we have the descriptor clause, which describes many things. In this command, we have two of these clauses. The first, a necessary clause, represents where they are going (=>) which is to Campus 4. The second is a different matter. Transport commands usually take time to execute, and are often slow and like a bus. However, staff members have the ~ hyper command unlocked, which means that they can use ~hyper to skip the loading time of the transport, and arrive at their destination a lot faster, like a taxi.

    So, if we put this all back together, what do we have?

    This we now know, means:

    Take Claw and Plums from their apartment block to Campus 4 as soon as possible.

    Starting to get the hang of it? Good, because it’s gonna get a hellova lot more complex as the story develops :3.

    Other Forms of Netcraft:

    Other forms of Netcraft can be used, but these are practised infrequently. One form is present in Claw and Plums’ weapons. These weapons are gifted to new staff members upon initiation, but not a lot is known about their creation. One thing is certain: they pertain, without fail, to a person’s Major and Minor Arcantrica. These are personal energies which are unlocked as potential at certain times during one’s life, though most commonly, the Major potential is unlocked during one’s assention to Premium, and the Minor if one becomes Staff. Major Arcantrica tend to be Offensive or Defensive, as seen here, Claw’s is “Stormâ€, and Plums’ is “Fruitâ€. The Minor Arcantrica tends to be more support based, however can be weaponised: the examples seen here are Chronomancy (Claw) and Telekinesis/Telepathy (Plums). The weapons channel the mysterious netcraft energy in the same way that a Terminal does, but in a more readily useable form in combat.

    Another, even more mysterious form of, presumably, Netcraft is the dark art of Intermancy, the dark twin of Netcraft. Where netcraft creates, intermancy destroys. Bots, Database Errors and, more seriously, Viruses, are all forms of Intermancy. Intermancers are normally trolls.

    Links, Hyperlinks and Broken Links:

    When I person uses the “Transport†command, they create a link. In passing through the door to the link, one enters the Void, a world filled with data. The void is a dangerous place, so the Transport command spawns a transport vehicle. People using the regular transport command are normally fine.

    The problem comes when using the ~hyper command. The reason, other than mobility, that staff members are the only ones allowed to use the ~hyper descriptor is because when one uses it, the transport vehicle is less well defended and therefore, the bots and other malefactors existing within the Void while one is loading into their destination. If enough damage is done to the vehicle while in the Void, then the link will break and the passengers will be left in the void to fight whatever was attacking them. Leaving the void is as easy as creating a new transport command, but being attacked while you do so is common, so it’s good practise to destroy whatever attacked you as soon as you find it and quickly leave.

    I think that that's everything I have to tell you in the Almanac for now, but this will be updated regularly, probably after every few chapters. Thanks again guys ^^.
  2. Heart ❤ Enjoy every moment with all ya got

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    Seems like a cool story. It really seems like a good concept and i can't wait to see more.

    Didn't see anything wrong will spelling or grammar but I'm not really good with that xD

    Keep going Claw <3
  3. Daxa~ #stalker

    Feb 20, 2011
    Near, far, Jafar.
    Much love.

    I like the idea of it,and all the technology stuff etc really adds a level of interest to the story.
    Also,your not dead in this one.
    Makes me happy.

    But the whole theme kinda thingy here is really interesting,and you had better write us more chapters pretty soon.
    Great work dear <3
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    Tripe KHV: C---- stories yes

    That being said, I really like the concept of this. The technological computer commands being as mundane as they are really sets up a nice tech. climate
    Also, dat binary room was trippy.

    Anyway, plz, this story is awesome what are you talking about? >:L
    There weren't any spelling/grammar issues anywhere, and I am also really concerned about what Sabby is about to/was going to do. ;___;

    Overall, awesome story and you better update soon. B|
    i say as i continue not to
  5. Sumi suicidé

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    the void
    You have such a nice style oh my goodness. /jealous!
    I love where this is going. You've got some very fun and realistic dialogue and so far an interesting and strange setting. * 7 * ~ Cannot wait to keep up with this!​
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    still damp from the night before when he had showered before sleeping- Okay this isn't an error or anything but ew. That's something I don't understand why people do. How come you guys don't blowdry your hair after a shower before you sleep? You people like sleeping on a damp pillow? That's just gross. But okay moving on.

    that it was “bloody freezing

    'tan our hides'


    headphones on his ears- unless you mean earphones.



    around Plums and him

    he felt time- deleted and.

    Plums and himself

    began to run-deleted comma

    but then with

    of him- deleted once again

    by Plum's fruit

    as he was gently


    You repeated once again and again way too many times towards the end.
  7. Cat~ Transformation

    May 1, 2009
    I'm late to reply. I read it quite a few days ago actually.

    It's great. Your style is very fresh and interactive. Those orbs and nodes add to the mystery of a city based on a forum about a children's video game.
    Nice work, and I especially enjoyed the scene with waking up story!Plums~
  8. Clawtooth Keelah se'lai!

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    I'll fix them when I can be bothered, some of them I don't really agree with, for example, his name is Plums, so it should be Plums' if anything. I was kind of rushing to actually finish it at the end which probably caused a lapse in creativity/good-writing-ness, which I intend to rectify.

    Also, the reason is noise. Hairdryers wake people up, and I can never get it properly dry with a towel.

    I'm working on the glossary guys, it'll probably be up tomorrow, after I recover from the trauma of my biology test which I'm under-revised for.
  9. Firekeyblade Hollow Bastion Committee

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    Ohhh yeah.....I forgot that we don't call PLums Plum. XD Ah sorry about that. Also sorry about that biology test. Anyway, the setting sounds extremely interesting, and I look forward to reading more about this netcraft stuff.
  10. Clawtooth Keelah se'lai!

    Mar 14, 2007
    Just a small thing to let you all know that the Glossary is now live, known as the Almanac. In this update, all you need to know right now about the world, Consoles, Netcraft and Links.
  11. Clawtooth Keelah se'lai!

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    Chapter 2!! I have returned and this fic is not dead!!!

    Chapter II

    “I think we’ll finish there today”, the Dark haired man standing at the front of the lecture theatre said.

    “Alright!” celebrated a dark brown headed girl from the front row of benches, “I can get back to the RP Theatre ... we have a lot on at the moment”.

    “Jayn, I’m not finished”, the man in front said, “If any of you see Claw or Plums, tell them to come and see me”.

    “RVR”, a brown haired girl sitting at a desk in front of a computer controlling the projector said, “I’m sure they have a reason, Claw never misses class if there isn’t one and Plums is no different”.

    “Be that as it may Misty, I still want to see them”, RVR retorted, “I have an urgent matter that I need to take care of.”

    “I’m sure they’ll be fi-“

    Just then, Plums burst into the Lecture theatre, the Morning light streaming through the open doors. He carried a pale, unconscious Claw over his left shoulder.

    “Sorry we’re late!” Plums grimaced, as he struggled to carry Claw over the threshold of the room”.

    RvR, Mist, Chevalier, Stardust, Jayn, Ienzo, Sabby and Forsaken wheeled around at the noise of the opening door and subsequent blaze of light.

    “What the hell happened?!” RvR exclaimed. “Star, can you give him a hand?”

    Star was already typing on her viridian green Holo, quickly summoning an incorporeal stretcher of the same colour which appeared underneath Claw’s unconscious body, which Plums had gently set down onto the ground. The stretcher then soared towards the centre of the room, towards the stage of the theatre. Star then leapt to her feet and half ran-half walked towards the stage.

    Summon Weapon

    Do you wish to proceed? [Y/N]


    In a flash of white and green light, there appeared a silver and emerald inlaid Chakram. Patterns along the outside blade showed that of vines, plant life and leaves, while the handle and inner body showed elaborate scrollwork depicting stars, nebulae and constellations.
    As Claw’s unconscious body hovered on the stretcher, Stardust placed the Chakram in mid air above him. She then let go of it, and it began moving of its own accord along the length of his body, pulsing a green light.

    While this was happening, RvR and Misty ran down to where Plums was standing, leaning against the wall beside the door of the theatre, panting for breath.

    “What the hell happened?” RvR re-iterated, this time in a softer tone.

    “We were ... attacked in transit, the link got broken. Three bots. Three of them. Claw and I managed to destroy their bodies, but he expended too much energy in the process. I got here as fast as I could, but I’m afraid ... I’m ... I”, He collapsed onto the ground, exhausted.

    “It’s okay Plums, you both did well”, Misty said, crouching down to where Plums was slumped against the wall. “RvR, I’ll handle their data, you hold the fort here. I’ll be back in ... 2 minutes tops.”

    “Be careful”, he warned, “We can never tell what’s going to be in that place”.

    “I’ll be fine”, Misty said, beaming at her fellow Admin. “Plums, can you tell me the co-ordinates for where the fight took place?”

    “It was ... sector ... 274 ... X: 557, Y: 47, Z ... z ... -248. I might be a bit off ... but I think that’s where ...”

    “I’ll be going then, brb”, she smiled again, and then, without missing a beat, turned on her heal, and vanished, mid turn in a flash of blue light.

    “I hate it when she’s flashy ...” RvR said.

    “RvR!” Star called from the stage, “I’ve finished the scan. All vital signs there, energy levels are dangerously low. I can revive him, though it’ll take about an hour.”

    “Good, good.” He turned to face everyone else in the room. Chevalier was watching Stardust from the computer where misty had been sitting, making notes on Stardust’s instruction as to any injuries Claw may have sustained; pulse rate; breathing rate; core temperature etc. Jayn and Ienzo were talking in barely audible whispers about what would possibly have happened. Sabby sat alone, with a pained look on her face, which RvR realised was a lot paler than normal. He decided to walk over to her and sat beside her on one of the many benches that lined the theatre.

    “You okay Sabby?” He asked concernedly.

    “I’m ... I’m fine ... I just ...” She was breathing heavily and her fists were balled in the fabric of her jacket.

    “Empathy acting up again?” RvR asked - looking increasingly worried for his comrade. She nodded slightly.

    Sabby had been blessed, or perhaps cursed, upon her ascension to staff with the rare Minor Arcantrica of Empathy. She had the ability to sense the misfortune and pain, or the happiness and euphoria of those surrounding her. In essence, she could use the power to tell if someone was lying, and that was the intention originally (RvR supposed), but it generally caused her more pain than it was useful.

    “I can turn it off you know,” he said to her.

    “I know, I know ... but I feel like ... I was given this power for a reason ... so ... I think I should leave it on ...” She turned to him and smiled, though to RvR it looked more like a grimace.

    A flash of blue light appeared in the doorway, and Misty appeared, nor a hair out of place from when she had left – though, to RvR’s dismay, she looked worried.

    “I destroyed their traces... however there’s a problem.”

    “What’s wrong?” said the voices of about 5 different staff members at once, in multiple variations.

    “The bots were spliced with sapper code, and unfortunately, from what I could gather form their data fragments, the electrostatic shock of Claw’s attacks dislodged some of it ... he’s infected with it basically.” She turned to Stardust and said, “You’ll have to stop feeding him energy, they’ll only steal it from him and possibly re-grow their forms ... the last thing we need in the city is a bot attack.”

    Star immediately snatched up her Chakram from where it was hovering over Claw and the green energy around it stopped pulsing.

    “Don’t dispel it though, I have a plan”.

    With a flash, Misty’s blue laser-sword appeared.

    “What exactly do you plan to do with that, Misty?” RvR asked, reproachfully.

    “I’ve been doing some reading in the netcraft archives about combination of Arcantrica. Star, I’ll need your help for this”.

    Star looked at her quizzically. “What do you need me to do?”

    Misty began walking towards the stage, her sword crackling with energy.

    “You’ll also need your Holo out for this”, Misty continued, as Star complied by summoning it, “Good”.

    Misty stopped at the foot of the stretcher where Claw was sleeping, at the opposite side to Star.

    “You’ll need the following command: Comb Tech. “Cleansing Waters” && Misty >> Clawtooth. Have you got that?” Misty dictated. Star hesitated for a moment and then began typing on her holo.

    “I’ll also need you to get to the execute message. We need to do this in sync, or there’s a chance that it will backfire.” Star froze at this.

    “So you mean he’s in danger?!” Star exclaimed. She glanced towards where RvR was, “RvR ... you think this is a good idea??”

    “It’s okay, Star. I trust Misty.”

    “You have a right to be cautious,” Misty acknowledged, “Were you dealing with a novice then there would be considerable danger.” She smiled then, “But you’re dealing with an Admin. Even if there was a backfire, I would most likely be able to reverse it.”

    “If you say so ...” Star responded, and pressed enter on her holo.

    “Right, on the count of three. 1, 2-“

    “Wait, “Star interjected. On three or on go?!”

    “On three,” Misty answered, smiling wryly. “One, Two, Three.”

    At the instant the final syllable was uttered, both Misty’s laser-sword and Stardust’s Chakram rose into the air of their own accord. Star’s weapon positioned itself at Claw’s head, while the sword floated at his feet, perpendicular to his body. Slowly at first, both began spinning, Misty’s crackling with blue energy, and Star’s glowing with green light. The tempo of the spinning increased higher and higher, with each revolution the light became brighter and brighter, suddenly, as the spinning seemed to reach its zenith, golden threads of lights sprang from the circumference of the luminous coronas surrounding the glowing forms of the weapons. The threads enveloped Claw, who rose high into the air above his stretcher. The blue glow surrounding misty’s sword began expanding outwards from the sword, travelling along the streams of light, and in the same way the green of Stardust’s began flowing in the opposite direction. Within seconds, claw was enveloped in an aurora of green and blue light. There was then an almighty flash which half blinded those watching and left an afterimage on the eye. Once one could look back at where Claw was floating, they now saw a cocoon of blue-green water, his long hair floating weightlessly around his head; his body undulating slightly form an unseen current. He began to descend slowly, settling back towards the stage floor, but still floating slightly above the stretcher.
    Star’s mouth was agape as she stared from Misty, to her now motionless chakram, to Claw’s floating body.

    “He looks kinda cute when he sleeps doesn’t he”, smirked Misty.

    “Wh-what did I just ... do?” Star blustered, “I didn’t know we had so much ...”

    “Power?” Misty enquired, “I suppose, as Sora would say, “Our friends are our power”. This is the true power of combining Arcantrica. However, it is dangerous.”

    “So, that flash was ...”

    “It serves several purposes, from what I can gather. It is the climax of the technique, and also was the eradication of the code inside of him.” Misty responded coolly.

    “How long is he gonna be like this?” Sabby piped up from where she was sitting.

    “A few more minutes, so any of you who want to ogle should probably be quick about it. I don’t want to feel like the only massive pervert here.”
    A few minutes passed in laughter and conversation, as a few other members of the team slowly approached the stage.

    After about three minutes, the water began to glow faintly, and then dissipated in a spiralling golden trail, and claw fell gently onto the stretcher beneath him.

    Claw opened his eyes slowly, droplets of water still clinging to his eyelashes, though interestingly not another part of him was in the least way damp.

    “What ... happened ...” Claw murmured softly.

    “It’s okay Claw, you should rest now. You’ve had a hard morning”, Misty said softly.

    “That’s ... okay I guess ...”, and his eyes fell shut again.

    “He’s still weak, but that technique should have restored his energy levels to normal,” Misty explained, “Can someone make sure he gets to the infirmary? He’s gonna be bedridden for a few days”.

    “I’ll take him, “ RvR said. “I partly blame myself for this anyway”.

    “What? Why M-“Misty enquired confusedly.

    “Because reasons, “RvR shot back. “Anyway, it’s solved now.”

    “Okay, if you say so ...”

    RvR began making the necessary preparations to take him and Claw to the hospital in the city. He momentarily looked up and glanced around the room. His eyes fell on Sabby, who was staring out of the window. For the first time in what seemed an age, he saw a faint smile on the corners of her mouth.

    CnC's appreciated as usual ^^. i'll update the almanac again with some of the new terms and stuff ^^.
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    Anyway, since you had me proofread yesterday, I'm not really sure what to say structurally. xD So I will just gush about key events.

    Misty why are you flirting with everyone (whore)
    d'awwwww babylike!sleeping!Claw awwww
    Sabby no don't cry :C

    And I am quite curious as to what Sabby was sensing there. Upcoming Big Bad? ._.

    Anyway, very good chapter overall and you better post more soon. B|
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    Here we go, Chapter 3 ... it's kinda long so I have decided to break it up into little sections for your reading ease ^^.

    Chapter 3

    “This is RvR, RvR checking inâ€, the headset around her ear said, intercom crackling which puzzled her. Such a noise shouldn't exist since the headset wasn't technically corporeal.

    “RvR ... do you have the ambience on this thing turned on againâ€, the young woman wearing the headset replied, already knowing the answer.

    “Oh sh*tâ€, the voice replied and after a few seconds, RvR replied, “Sorry about that Wolfie ... I forgot it hurts your sensitive earsâ€. She could swear she could hear the sounds of chuckling on the other side.

    “It’s not that, it’s just really annoying.†She spat back at him, reminding herself to give him a good kicking for it later.

    “Enoughâ€, a third voice, this one baritone and with a slight accent, interjected. “I’m guessing that you called in for a report?â€

    “Yes Forsaken, thank you. As I told you before you set off, these bots will likely contain splice code, so I hope you both have the reflect command up. I know it’s a hassle and it drains your energy, but it’s for your own safety. Misty and I are working on a more permanent solution to mitigate the problem, but we don’t need another incident on our hands.â€

    “Poor kid ...†Wolfie sighed.

    “Yeahâ€, Forsaken added, a quaver in his voice.

    It had been three days since the initial attack. After some digging, Misty had discovered the “reflect†command in the Netcraft database, a command which could destroy and neutralise any oncoming splice code threatening the user. Claw had woken up a day after his cleansing by Star and Misty, but it would probably be another few days before he would be back in action. It seemed that both Misty and Star had underestimated the damage that the code had managed to do, prompting the search for a more permanent solution. After a test run in which Ienzo had nearly collapsed from energy loss while trying to maintain a timelock and keep the reflect command running, Misty and RvR had decided to only send the more experienced members of the team on bot-runs for a while, until a more permanent solution was found. This posed a problem because Enzy and Claw’s time manipulation powers were a great advantage in battle, as was Plums mind powers and Jayn’s ability to placate bots for a short while.

    Such was life, however, and on this particular mission, Forsaken and Wolfie were both fighting a small insurgence of bots which had appeared in the downtown area of the city, an area riddled with alleyways and side-streets into which people could fall victim to their attacks. The area had been closed off as was routine, and all that was left was for Wolfie and Forsaken to wipe them out.

    “There’s one just behind this cornerâ€, Wolfie whispered.

    “Forsaken, you’re just a few streets away, right?†RvR said hurriedly.

    “Yeah, I’m about to meet up with Wolfieâ€, he answered, “Just after she mutilates that thing’s faceâ€.

    “Yes well, I can’t operate at full strength because of this command we have to have up, so I’m afraid the ‘dark destroyer’ will need a bit of backupâ€.

    She rounded the corner, her black hair tied up into a bun, and her Katana drawn in her right hand. Seconds before closing on the silver, jagged, humanoid form of the bot, she lifted her sword in an arc. Parry the incoming attack which she knew the bot was going to try in an attempt to ambush her, she snarled

    “Thought you could surprise me, did you?â€

    She pushed against it, causing it to stumble and fall, while she quickly ignited her sword, blue and red flames twining in a helix around the blade, the eye on the pommel wide, bloodshot, and angry. She executed a finishing strike, impaling the bot though the chest where the heart should be. A raucous metallic screeching filled her ears, dazing her.

    It took this opportunity while her perception was dulled to swipe a nebulous, tentacle-esque leg at her feet is though attempting to sweep her, but just as it was about to make contact a pillar of rock shot out of the ground beneath it, sending it skywards as it dissipated into smoke.

    At the end of the alleyway, Forsaken, with his black and white hammer resting on one shoulder as he motioned with free hand for the road to return to its rightful place.

    “Forsakenâ€, Wolfie greeted, nodding curtly.

    “Wolfieâ€, Forsaken smiled, returning the nod.

    “You know I could hav-“

    “RVR!!!!!†The voice over both the intercoms screeched, causing both of them to lift a hand to their ears in pain, forsaken almost dropping his hammer in the process.

    “RvR!†they both scolded their superior.

    “... sorryâ€, he mumbled.

    “So anyway, these seem a bit more tenacious than regular bots, don’t you think?†Forsaken mused, readjusting his grip on the handle of his weapon.

    “I thought that too ... something seems a bit ... off about them?†Wolfie responded, a puzzled expression appearing on her face. “I mean, I fought a lot of bots, and killed a lot of bots and none of them have ever tried to sweep me when I was down. Normally once I stab them, they don’t put up much of a fight, like they know it’s inevitable and they give of, as if to say ‘you win’.†She imitated a screechy voice that certain bots use, prompting a snort from both of her companions.

    “It’s not just thatâ€, Forsaken responded, suddenly all seriousness, “I feel like ... there’s something weird about them. There’s something unbalanced about them, like ... they shouldn’t exist?†He shrugged.

    “Mmm ... I’ve been doing some analysis from the data we’ve collected on them on the last three missions, and considering the circumstances I think you two need backup.â€

    “RvR, I’m not a baby, I don’t need my hand heldâ€, Wolfie fumed, “Especially not the ancient baby herself.â€

    “I’d watch your tone around me, Wolfieâ€, a voice said both in the intercom and disturbingly close to Wolfie’s ear.

    Wolfie gulped as she felt the cold heat of a certain admin’s sword against her back.

    Crap ... she thought ... how did she sneak up on me, I should have been able to hear her.

    “Well, it looks like the code I’ve been working on worked a treat.†Misty giggled. “Sorry you had to be the subject of my little experiment Wolfie.â€

    “Just get the damned lightsaber away from meâ€, Wolfie growled.

    Misty obliged, and Wolfie breathed out heavily, as though she had been holding her it.

    “I’ve told you before, it’s not a lightsaber. For one thing, it’s powered on water, strangely enough. I’ve never been totally sure on how it even works ... but I digress, I’m just here to give you guys a bit of help, and call it a bit of a review if you want too, just so you don’t get complacent because I’m here.

    “... fineâ€, Wolfie muttered under her breath.

    “Hey Mistyâ€, Forsaken waved towards his boss. He’d been watching the whole escapade with a level of amusement, but now felt a shift in the balance a few streets away.

    “We’ve got companyâ€, Wolfie said, her ears almost noticeable pricking up.

    “Shall we then?†Misty asked.

    “With pleasureâ€, the other two answered, as they raced off down the other street to continue fighting against the new threat.

    RvR sat back in his chair, and removed the headset he was wearing. Misty was with the two of them now, so he really didn’t need to bother with guiding the mission any longer. Besides, he had someone he had to talk to.

    He ambled his way through the hallways of staff HQ, passing rooms full of computers, books, and random cables amid other piles of detritus until reaching his destination, the infirmary.

    He knocked at the doors, wooden – Star said it helps the patients feel relaxed, so there’s no metal in the room like so much of the rest of the city, only natural materials: wood, glass, and cloth. When you basically have magic to heal wounds, there’s no need for horrible smelling hospitals, though it was clean.
    “Come in ...†he heard Star say, and before he could push against the door, she was there holding it open.

    “Oh, hey there RvR ... I didn’t know you were visiting today ... or did you give yourself another cut I need to treat?†she enquired, furtively glancing at him for any sign of damage.

    “I’m just here to visit ... if he awake?†RvR asked, looking at Star softly.

    “Yeah, he’s reading at the moment, but I’m sure he’ll be fine seeing you ... he’s always been so good at remembering multiple threadsâ€, she smiled, “come in then – it’s not like a portal’s gonna open or anythingâ€.

    She stepped aside and RvR entered the room. The walls were lined with soft green colouring, and panelled with rich mahogany, the floor panelled also decked in the same. The beds were furnished with white sheets and the wide windows were furnished with the same light white curtains which blew in the warm breeze from outside. All the beds were empty, aside from one right at the back of the room, where Claw was lying, awkwardly positioned reading a book.

    Hearing the footsteps of RvR on the wooden floor as he approached, Claw looked up and smiled. Putting the book down on his lap, he waved at RvR.

    “To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing our noble and fearless leader here today?†he asked jovially, half laughing.

    “RvR sat down on a green cushioned chair beside his bed, noting Claw’s paler than usual skin, shining in the golden afternoon sun.

    “I just wanted to see how you were getting along ...†RvR said, fixing his eyes on Claw’s.

    “Well ... Star said I’m making improvements, but I still don’t really understand what happened. I’ve wiped out from over-exertion before, but I never had to stay in the infirmary ... and I feel kinda weak every now and again ... I couldn’t even make a clap of thunder or delay a second slightly when I first woke up, I just felt so ... lethargic ... but I’m feeling better.†He smiled, but RvR knew it was a front for worry.

    “Don’t worry, Claw ... you’re not going to be kicked out of the team because of this,†He soothed – and seeing Claw draw breath to say something – he cut across, “It’s not your fault. There’s going to be a staff briefing in a few days about what exactly happened that day, Misty and I have been doing research and we think we have an ideaâ€.

    “But I could have done bett-“

    “It could have happened to anyone, don’t beat yourself up about it Claw. At least you weren’t alone. God knows if we’d not hired you and Plums at the same time, you would be ... well let’s not get into that. Are your powers back now?â€

    “Would you like a demonstration?†Claw asked, his eyes shining.

    “If it’s okay with Star ... Star is it okay!?†he shouted, knowing she’d been listening in the whole time.

    After hearing a small clatter from all too close to him, Star peeked from behind a partition wall. “As long as you don’t make a messâ€, she smiled.

    Claw closed his eyes and lifted both oh his arms from where they were resting. He began nebulously shaping the air between them, moving his arms with his palms outstretched in a spherical motion, delicately adjusting his finger movements with the skill and precision only a musician could possess. He then began to whistle, lightly and lowly, as a nebulous cloud of grey vapour began to form between his hands.

    RvR could see what neither claw nor Star could in-between his hands, endless streams of data, ones and zeros, the very makeup of the power Claw was channelling which few understood – he and Misty being some of the only ones who could in the city – streamlining into a nebulous ball of vapour in between Claw’s hands. RvR blinked the images away willingly – he knew how this worked, he didn’t need his vision telling him so.

    Claw’s movements became more frenetic and wild as a low rumbling began to sound in the room. Star moved to make sure everything was secure in the room, when all of a sudden there was a bright flash, and as they both moved to life their arms to their ears a loud clap of thunder rang throughout the room. Once the noise had subsided, they turned to look at Claw who was holding a small stormcloud in between cupped hands, rain dripping into them. His eyes gleamed with triumph.

    “Would you like me to get you a plant to nourish what that?†Star asked Claw, a wide smile appearing on her face.

    “Yeah, sure ... this water’s really cold.†He giggled, and then looked at RvR. “Did I pass? Am I allowed to start working again?â€

    “The day after tomorrow, you can come back. I’ll schedule the meeting for then – but you’ll still have to go through some rehab training with Enzi for your secondary – I’m guessing that’s not fully back working yet?â€

    Claw smiled wryly and shook his head, his long hair falling in front of his shoulders.

    “It takes a lot of effort to even slow time, let alone reverse or stop it ... but if I’m on missions with Enzy, I can concentrate on thisâ€, he said, nodding at the cloud and the pool of water now threatening to splash on his bed sheets, “And we synchronise anyway, so I might find it easier using my powers around her.â€

    “We’ll see ...†RvR said.

    “Will this do?†Star asked, carrying a large orchid in a blue porcelain pot.

    “Perfect,†he said, and as she set the plant beside his bed, he tipped the water from his hands into the earth beneath it, and with a gentle breath, blew the small cloud above the white and purple flowering branch. The rain caught the evening sun, as it hovered beside his bed, creating a cascade of prismatic light.

    “Well, I best let you get some more rest,†RvR said, getting up from his seat. As claw dried off his hands, he moved his hand in a half wave, half salute motion. RvR turned and walked from Claw’s bedside, giving star a quick nod as he did so.

    “Oh, and RvR,†He called after his superior, “This wasn’t your fault either ... Misty told me you were blaming yourself ... but it’s not your fault either.â€

    RvR turned again, and gave Claw an empty smile which did not quite reach his eyes, and left.

    As the trio rounded the corner in to a wide square an astonishing sight reached their eyes. It seemed that the swarm of silver humanoids had multiplied in the time that they had been tending to their compatriots.

    “How many?†Misty panted, “I don’t know how many more we can manage to kill without exhausting ourselves and then that’ll be a right mess.â€

    “About twentyâ€, Wolfie answered, “Am I right Fork?â€

    “Yesâ€, he said, before cracking a smile, “We can take them though, they’ve not quite spotted us yetâ€.

    “Yes, I agree my favourite Frenchmanâ€, Misty said, “Let’s go!â€

    She stomped her heel hard into the ground and a blue circle expanded from her, enveloping the three of them. All three felt their previous tiredness and malaise fade away to nothingness and the will to fight on stir deep within their hearts once more.


    Wolfie was the first to move, her form pulsing with a crimson aura as she streaked towards the nearest group of bots. Before the eye could catch hold of her, one of them burst into torrents of flame, Wolfie appearing in their midst as though teleporting, her blade alight with wicked fire. The other three moved to begin an attack but she leapt high into the air before they could react, flinging her sword into the ground where she had been moments before and snapping her fingers, immolating the three of them in a shower of crimson flame, their screams piecing the roaring sounds of the blast.

    After executing a back flip, she landed in crouching straddle next to Forsaken who was running past her.

    “Nice moves, Wolfieâ€, he said, smiling.

    Wolfie nodded, and making an affirming grunt extended her right arm. A red-white aura surrounded her hand as her Katana returned to it, disappearing from the smouldering circle which was all that remained of her previous attack. She got up from her crouched position in a leap, but felt somewhat dizzy.
    Damnit, that attack is normally a standard, this cursed reflect.

    Forsaken had moved on to the next group of three bots which, now more than aware of the group’s presence were running towards him, lightning streaking from their forms. Forsaken was unphased, though, and stood stock still for a moment, his eyes glazed over in pure tawny, analysing their movements.
    “Forsaken, look out,†Misty cried, concentrating on maintaining her bubble which was growing paler by the second.

    “I’m fineâ€, he said, and with a movement so swift that it seemed nigh-impossible he hefted his hammer and slammed it onto the ground beneath him. Jagged rocks expended from the ground beneath the bots feet, catching them at the weakest parts of their balance, catching them off guard and sending them flying to the side where they landed in a heap, ready to be dispatched. The rocks fell back to their place in the road and Forsaken turned to Misty and nodded.

    With a slight sparking noise, the bubble surrounding the group shattered like glass. Misty drew her sword from her belt, and ran towards the group of bots which were still struggling to get up. With a flick of her wrist, the blue beam of light extended from the hilt, and with a single strike she sliced the pile into two, dissolving them into dust before they could even scream.

    A wave of nausea overcame the pair as Wolfie joined them. There were still 13 bots left and they were beginning to tire, regardless of Misty’s efforts. What was more troubling, however, was the scene before them.

    The remaining bots had huddled together and had enshrined themselves in a black cage of wires which formed a crosshatch barrier between themselves and the three. Each individual form was beginning to lose form, becoming gel-like and they were beginning to coalesce to form a singular whole.

    “We need to do something fast!†Misty shouted, panicked. “If they fuse, they’ll probably be strong enough to break the wards around the sector and escape into the city-proper!â€

    “Calm down, Mistyâ€, Wolfie growled.

    Misty sighed and took a deep breath. With her sight on, she could see the weaving patterns of data around the bots, the complex commands and serial inputs linking them together as a whole. Sheathing her sword, she reached out with her arms and a blue incandescent keyboard appeared before her. Her eyes glowing the same colour, she began to type:

    Diagnose: Target.

    A series of data opened up on the keyboard in front of her. She quickly typed and motioned with her hands, moving between screens of analysed data as the others looked on baffled. They had never seen Misty do this before, which meant that this must be a new phenomenon to her.

    Analyse: DataStream 431

    A cool voice sounded from an unknown source, and though the lack of echo or atmospheric sound, Forsaken rationalised it must be being streamed directly to them.

    Target DataStream has inconsistencies. Imbalances in code structure provide a back door default, freezing execution. May be exploited, fix if possible.

    “Forsaken, you know what to do.†Misty said.

    Nodding, Forsaken hefted his hammer into the holster his back and motioned with an arm. A tawny-brown circle appeared at his feet this time, expanding outwards to include the other two. Summoning his holo, he typed:

    Skill: Equilibrium: Power drain. Distribute: field.

    Do you wish to proceed? [Y/N] |


    A thick black and white cable sprouted from out of the ground at Forsaken’s feet, in the centre of the circle, and sped towards the network of interlocking wires enclosing the amorphous form of the bots. Finding a hole in the lattice, it flew straight and true into the side of the mass tautened. There was an almighty shriek as the blob thrashed wildly in pain as the cable began to pulse gently. The pulsing light moved from the blob’s end of the connection to the circle at Forsaken’s feet which also began to pulse with light. The three began to feel their own powers growing, their fatigue seeping away as they were filled with strength sapped from their enemy. The barrier of wires surrounding it began to diminish and the form itself began to sink as though becoming deflated.

    All of a sudden, the cable snapped and disintegrated its task now complete. Forsaken’s aura also faded and he dropped to one knee, swinging out his hammer for support. It would take a while for his depleted energy stores to assimilate the energy he has collected, but his part of this plan was done. The barrier was gone, and the blob of the bots was frozen and was no longer growing, still groaning in pain from the attack.

    “Ready Misty?†Wolfie asked, grinning.

    “Whenever you are.â€

    They both drew their holos and typed in unison:

    Comb Tech. “Blade of North and South†&&Wolfie/Misty >> Target.

    Do you wish to proceed? [Y/N] |


    Both of their swords disappeared from their persons, and for a moment it seemed as though the attack had failed. Then suddenly, in the sky above the creature appeared a massive circle of light onto which was inscribed many sigils and writings. Out of the centre of the circle descended a sword longer many of the buildings were tall in the area that was closed off. The blade was of brightest steel, and around twined a double helix, one half of bright red fire, the other of rushing blue water. Once fully removed from the circle, the hilt was seen to be solid gold, and the pommel to contain a giant purple crystal. It hovered in the air above the body of the amorphous forms of the thirteen bots left in the area, which started to shriek and try to thrash and move around, but Forsaken had already drained most of its power, it could not escape this strike.

    The sword fell.

    It impaled the creature as easily as a hot knife through butter. The fire began burning through its flesh, the water drowning the sound of its screams. Within moments the creature was gone, and the sword evaporated, leaving only its composite words in its wake, both stabbed into the ground up to the hilt amidst the dust of their former enemy.

    “Wellâ€, Misty said breathing a heavy sigh. “That was certainly eventful, and a lot more tiresome than it should have been.â€

    “Now you know how we’ve felt all the time with this stupid reflect!†Wolfie barked, though mostly in jest at Misty.

    “Well, yes I do admit it is a lot more limiting than I originally thought it would be. The good news is the replacement for that particular protocol is nearly finished, and I’ll be able to distribute it at the next meeting.â€

    “l hold you to thatâ€, Forsaken said. Now standing next to the other two, he could see the sweat beading both of their brows.

    “You can if you likeâ€, Misty laughed, “Well, I must go ... people to see, things to do.â€

    She winked and then disappeared into a flash of blue-white light.

    “I hate it when she does thatâ€.

    “Me too, Wolfie. Me tooâ€.

    I hope you all enjoyed this latest chapter, and as always CnC is welcome and appreciated. I'll be doing a new update to the Almanac soon which should assuage some confusion, but feel free to tell me anything that you might find weird and I'll be sure to let you know.

    Also, I can't get it to be in Arial :(. Damn you VB. (Tell me if there's anywhere were I need to insert a new paragraph as it messes those up a bit when I pasta from word).
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    I'm quite liking this update.

    Your style is just great (very descriptive) and I look forward to chapter two~
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    >4000 words

    Claw confirmed for future Hussie length stories *killed*

    Anyway, I thought this chapter was very noice. I always liked that your writing has a Classical style to it, and it is a nice change of pace to see from the usual writing style. o: That being said, I agree with cat that the description was good, AND WOLFIE AND MISTY'S COMBO ATTACK HOLY DGDEMGBFDRBG,KJGB.

    Update again soon my crimson brother. B|
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