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  1. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007


    It's just a collaboration type musical thingy with KHV members. Anyone can join. ANYONE. All you have to do is post the lines you want, record them, and send them to me on time. You can find the songs we'll be singing here!

    There are no auditions, no microphone restrictions. It doesn't matter if you think you're an amazing singer, or if your mic is fuzzy, all I ask if that you have fun with it and turn your parts in!


    You can find this here.


    • Have fun!
    • Send your lines to in MP3 format.
    • The lines in gray should be recorded by everyone.
    • Once a line is striked / struck out, it means it's not available anymore.
    • Please RESERVE your lines before you record. You can post in the thread with what lines you want.
    • When you send your lines to me, you must have your lines timed to the instrumental in ONE long file !TIMED TO THE INSTRUMENTAL! PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME YOUR LINES IN ONE FILE BUT BACK TO BACK. INCLUDE THE SILENCES!
    • Once again...TIME your vocals. Sing to the TIMING of the song. Sing to the song.
    • Remember that I don't actually want to hear the song behind your vocals. If you sing along, wear headphones so your mic doesn't pick it up OR have the song really low while you record. If I hear it, the audience will too and that makes it sound bad.
    • Please read don't pick lines that are back to back. (ex. 1, 2, 3, 4) Space them out throughout the song.
    • Please help fill out the song. If you have the time, please pick the maximum amount of parts. REMEMBER to record the GRAY LINES. Otherwise, when the chorus sings together, your voice will not be included.
    • Anyone can sing the gray lines, but I'm less likely to fit you into the video if the only thing you sang were the gray lines. (When it's much harder to fit everyone in to begin with.)
    • If you sing the entire song, send me one version with JUST YOUR LINES and another with all of the lines. It's hassle to cut them up and the entire process takes longer. Please. I. Just. Want. Your. Lines.
    • Stop sending me your lines in a long file WITHOUT TIMING. Space them out with the instrumental. No back to back lines meaning singing "the seaweed is always greener in somebody elses lake, under the seeeea, the carp plays the harp" etc, please stop. Sing your lines, and only your lines, and let the silence stay there.
    • Please don't sing lines that aren't yours unless they're in another file that you send. Just sing your lines. Only your lines.
    • Gray lines = sing them please? ;c It's a hassle to pick apart who sang them and who didn't and then only show those who sang them instead of showing everyone at once, so I usually just show everybody--which is stupid because it's obvious when everyone is not singing them, lol. Please sing them.
    • Pay attention to the notes at the top of every song. I will tell you if it's okay to sing along with the original singer or if you should try to sing with the instrumental only. If you ever need a reference, just ask and I'll sing you one.
    • If I provide a reference for extras like harmonies and stuff, please follow it. That's why I provide a reference. Not to be a control freak, but just...sometimes it sounds really bad. Really, really bad. Harmonies should be in-sync and they're more technical than ad-libs. Ad-libs you can have fun with and be individual about. Harmonies, however...Uniform and leveled, otherwise it's silly.

      It's like the difference between a solo and a quartet. You can be as unique as you want in your solos, but if you're singing with someone else and decide it'd be a good idea to go full-out screamo then it sounds bad and it's unfair to whoever you're singing with. There's a time to be uniformed, and a time to break free. I try to balance out the 'uniformed' and the individual parts.
    • I've been lax about the renders, but it's really helpful to pick one where the character is standing up. Head to toe is the best. It's better if there are no weapons or unnecessary...accessories. A good example is the 500 miles video. So awkward when your render has a sword or something. There should be absolutely no background. Noooo backgrounnnnd. I'd render our images myself, but I'm horrible at that so please help out. ;c I've considered just drawing everyone a render to use because that would be a lot easier for me in the long run--but would take much longer.

    Gray Lines = EVERYONE records that part.

    { ♥ } = Duets. TWO people can claim that part online.

    [ ... ] = Solos. ONE person can claim that. Only ONE solo per singer. This MAY change depending on how many people join.

    ♂ = Male

    ♀ = Female

    // = Anyone can sing/optional/adlib.

    If it's confusing now, no worries! You'll get used to things, and we're all here to help you. Good luck, and I hope we'll be singing together soon! Feel free to ask me ANY questions you may have!
  2. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    • Update: I've been getting a lot of lines not following the rules. I am also receiving a huge amount of LATE or LAST MINUTE lines. Because I am now legitimately concerned about my health and absolutely refuse to put up with another year of that behavior, I am going to have to be a lot stricter about things for this next year. If it is your first time in KHVC, I will be more lax with you and give you more leeway. I will direct you to the rules /once/. Please read them all of the way through and ask if you have any questions.

      For clarification, I would like to note that this does not apply to MOST of you. However, if you send me lines I have told you were done improperly, or you are a continuous last minute or completely late line-giver, this does apply to you.

      First of all, last minute lines should only be handed in last minute IF you have already told me they will be given in late IN ADDITION TO having a VALID reason other than procrastinating. Please DO NOT sign up for KHV Chorus or any of the extras if you know you were be a constant offender of this. It is one thing when 2-3 members trickle in last minute, but when half of the singers have not spoken to me or turned anything in, it's awful.

      For those of you who give your lines in AFTER the deadline (or not at all after signing up), I will now be a lot stricter on probation. You be placed on it and unable to participate in Karaoke Night, Duet Roulette, or the main KHV Chorus for 30 days. If you are placed on it three times, you will no longer be allowed to participate. This punishment applies to those of you who CONSTANTLY and HABITUALLY hand in your lines the last day possible. It is simple. Record as soon as you can, or don't sign up.

      In addition to these things, R E A D T H E T H R E A D S. I get question after question after question about things that are already answered in the threads. I will literally ignore you if I already answered your question, unless you are new and genuinely confused. Please don't ask me stupid questions like 'when is the deadline'. It's literally RIGHT THERE. Don't be lazy.

      Inappropriate or difficult renders to work with will now be changed. I already have given you guys descriptions of what a good/proper image is. If you ignore it, I will not ask you to change it, I'll just do it myself.

      I'll continue doing my best to make this an easily accessible, fun and light project! I'm not angry with anyone, I am just tired. Please just understand that I will now be attempting to give as much as I am given. Those active and dependable within the chorus will be rewarded and have a bit more leeway, considering I'll be able to trust them, whereas those inconsistent and inconsiderate will not be.

      KHVC is meant to be fun, but it shouldn't be at the cost of my sanity, haha. I am not asking for much, just get your lines in and follow the guidelines and we'll be good to go. Continue to communicate with me if you have any issues.




      Duet Roulette

      Karaoke Night

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