[KHV] Blaze of Time - How I Became a Shadow [Working Title]

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    Apr 7, 2007
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    I actually created the concept for this story when I was still lurking around. I only started writing it like two days ago though. Not sure if I want to finish it.

    >.> I stole some stuff from burnitup's fic, "Dark Hearts of KH-Vids." Yeah... Go read his fic now please.

    This probably has no real point but it shows how I was surprised at the change when I came back and it was all vBulletin-ized. XD Err... You get to see the view of one individual member? I have no idea.

    Until I decide if i should finish it, I'll just post a preview.

    ----STORY PREVIEW-----​

    Member Name: Yukai, Post Count: 3. Apparently, I was removed from the system... Taking out my lunch and slowly munching on the simple meal of rice and breaded pork-cutlet, I sat in the Spam-zone Central Plaza of the vast city of KH-Vids, New York. It's been awhile. A very long while. There were certain times when I did pop-in, just to say "Hi" and maybe see how many names I could remember.

    This place used to be so... small. Amazing what the effects of time has. The buildings were only half as tall during my last visit and there weren't even (approximately) 74% of these dang buildings when I was actually active. It feels like a completely new city. It's defiantly not one the that I knew...

    You could say that I was an oldie, someone who knows more about it's history then you do. Still, I didn't really deserve that title since I never stuck around long enough to get my name carved in stone. I knew most of everyone that you guys did and do now. Not sure if they remember me at all as I was lesser known, but let me have my happy moments where I think I'm important. It's all I have left of my self-esteem; most of it was lost when I was 6 years of age.

    Mmm-hmm. Real positive, aren't I?

    Enough about that though, no one really cares about my standings...

    I just shoved the last blob of rice from my lunch in my mouth and chewed on it before packing up. A little tour of the city is definitely in order...

    ----END PREVIEW-----​

    I dunno. What do you think? Finish it?
Thread Status:
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