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    We all know sephiroth is the hardest boss, but can you beat him? And just to tell you i wrote this guide while fighting him and I beat him.
    Sephiroth Tutorial
    Just like the Ice Titan Sephiroth is in the Coliseum, and when you talk to Phil he is the last one down. Let us start with Start, Customize, Sora, from there put cure and aero, I would suggest X and square as aero and triangle as cure. Now Items, you are going to need Elixir, so put Elixir for all of the slots(but not Donald’s and Goofy’s). Use the strongest keyblade you have, now let us start the fight! Go talk to Phil and click on Platinum Match, you are about to fight the strongest boss in kingdom hearts. Right when the battle begins cast aero, and start attacking him. If you have scan on you will notice that is hp is not going down, well that is because his hp is higher than the highest so don’t worry about thinking not doing any damage to him. Once he starts the flame wall use one of the attacks that shows up on the last box of the command table. After a little while, he will say “Sin Heartless†or something around that area that is when you use your Elixir, you will get a little halo above your head that is when you know it is too late to stop it. If you hear it and are close to Sephiroth it him, it will stop his attack. However if your unlucky and your away from him after the halo leaves and removes all but one hp and zero magic use the Elixir. After more normal attacks Sephiroth will then he will pretty much god mod on you with a furry of attacks use Ars Arcanum or Sonic Blade to even the playing field. After more attacks he will get a green circle near him which means he’s about to use his strongest attack ever, he will summon meteors try to dodge them they do hurt you when you touch them. Then for the rest of the fight he will summon purple ball like things that hurt you. After you beat him you get 18,000 exp, and if you have final mix you will also get one-winged angel.
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    For the Sin Heartless move even if you're not close to him you can still use strike raid and stop it.
  3. Shift Chaser

    Jun 10, 2008
    Good job,but i would recommend Stike Raid more than Ars Arcanum,Strike makes you completely invincible,and it last more time than Ars Arcanum,and it also takes 1 MP less.