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    The nominations for the 2017 KH-Vids User Awards are now open!

    Hey guys! For those who have never participated in the User Awards, or need a bit of a reminder, there are two phases: nominations and polls. A user will not appear in the final polls without first being nominated by their peers, so if you want to see someone in the poll, make sure you nominate them!

    Before we begin, make sure you’ve read the general info on the User Awards. If it has left your questions answered, shoot me a message or post in this thread before nominating!

    2017 User Awards Categories

    New categories indicated by this pink color! Revised categories are indicated by this purple color!

    General Nominations (24+1)
    Best Bromance
    Best Profile
    Best Section
    Best Forum Game
    Best Username
    Biggest Fan
    Biggest Flirt
    Biggest Kingdom Hearts Fan
    Biggest Otaku
    Biggest Post Whore
    Cutest (Fake) Couple
    Cutest (Real) Couple
    Favorite Banned Member
    Friendliest Member
    Funniest Member
    Goofiest Member
    Hammiest Member
    Hottest Members
    Manliest Man
    Master Debater
    Member You’d Like to Know More
    Nicest Member
    Snarkiest Member
    Strangest Member
    Whimsical Woman
    Writing, Video Editing, and Art Nominations (15)
    Best AMV
    Best Fanfiction
    Best Graphic Artist
    Best Musician
    Best Original Story
    Best Overall Writer
    Best Photographer
    Best Poem
    Best Poet
    Best Singer
    Best Traditional Artist
    Best Video Editor
    Most Improved Artist
    Most Improved Video Editor
    Most Improved Writer
    Thread/Group Nominations (3)
    Best Thread
    Weirdest Thread
    Worst Thread
    Best/Worst Member Nominations (15)
    Best Administrator
    Best Members
    Best Newbie
    Best Non-Staff Contributor
    Best Normal Member
    Best Overall Member (any usergroup--Normies, Prems, Staff!)
    Best Overall Staff Member
    Best Premium Member
    Best Reporter
    Best Retired Staff Member
    Best Returning Member
    Best Sectional Moderator
    Best Super Moderator
    Worst Members
    “Most” Nominations (35+1)
    Most Adorable
    Most Ambitious
    Most Changed
    Most Committed
    Most Creative
    Most Down to Earth
    Most Egotistical
    Most Helpful
    Most Heroic
    Most Hypocritical
    Most Insane
    Most Intelligent
    Most Interesting
    Most Intimidating
    Most Inspiring Member
    Most Knowledgeable about Kingdom Hearts
    Most Knowledgeable about Video Games
    Most likely to be a Bot
    Most likely to be Banned
    Most likely to be Famous
    Most likely to be on KH-Vids Forever
    Most likely to be on Staff
    Most likely to be President
    Most likely to End up in Prison
    Most likely to Never Hit Premium
    Most Missed
    Most Nostalgic
    Most Obscure Tastes
    Most Overrated
    Most Passionate
    Most Proactive
    Most Serious
    Most Shocking Moment
    Most Social
    Most Underrated
    Most Verbose
    Most Villianous
    Roleplaying Nominations (15+2)
    Best New Roleplayer
    Best Roleplay Antagonist
    Best Roleplay Protagonist
    Best Roleplay
    Best Roleplay Concept/Story
    Best Roleplay Graphics
    Best Roleplayer
    Best Use of Music in an RP
    Biggest Godmodder
    Most Dramatic Roleplay
    Most Improved Roleplayer
    Most Memorable Roleplay Moment
    Most Memorable Boss Battle
    Most Missed Roleplayer
    Most Likely to Join Every Roleplay
    Most Missed Roleplay
    Most Shocking Roleplay Moment

    How do I nominate users?

    Nominations will be sent to a number of different staff members, who will then tally the results and deliver them to the admins. Categories, as you can see above, are organized into major groups; each staff member is given a group to handle.

    You will start a personal conversation with the applicable staff member, listing your nominations. Please take time in considering your nominations, because once they’re in, there’s no going back!

    Please try to utilize only the user’s current username. We will not hunt someone down if you put their past username or a nickname, and we reserve the right to ignore the nomination all together if you neglect to follow this rule.

    You are allowed to nominate two users per category. For group categories, such as Cutest Couple, you can nominate up to two couples. The same goes for threads.

    You may not nominate yourself for anything except the Cutest Couple categories. However, you may nominate a couple you are in for either Cutest Couple (or any similar category).

    "Worst" categories are open nomination. If you are uncomfortable with possibly being nominated and want to be preemptively removed from the final poll, please PM me and I will note it down.

    When nominating threads and material for the Artistic Awards, please include a link if they are contained in a thread posted on the site or elsewhere! This makes it much easier for preparing the poll.

    You will include the entire category list in your message, even the categories you are not nominating for.

    Please do not nominate members who do not belong in the category; I realize it’s hilarious to vote Kendall Kardashian, a Premium member, for Best Overall Staff Member, but it spoils the awards for those who do deserve them. There may be exceptions.

    These nominations cover the time period from the previous User Awards (summer of 2016) to this year’s (summer of 2017). If a member held a position during that time period, they are allowed to be nominated for it. For example, if Hugh jackman was a Sectional Moderator until February of 2017 but is now a Super Moderator, he is allowed to be nominated for both Best Sectional Moderator and Best Super Moderator.

    Who do I send my nominations to?

    Formatted Lists

    General Nominations being sent to Plums.
    [b][size=5]General Nominations[/size]
    Best Bromance:
    Best Forum Game:
    Best Profile:
    Best Section:
    Best Username:
    Biggest Fan:
    Biggest Flirt:
    Biggest Kingdom Hearts Fan:
    Biggest Otaku:
    Biggest Post Whore:
    Cutest (Fake) Couple:
    Cutest (Real) Couple:
    Favorite Banned Member:
    Favorite Event:
    Friendliest Member:
    Goofiest Member:
    Funniest Member:
    Hammiest Member:
    Hottest Members:
    Manliest Man:
    Master Debater:
    Member You’d Like to Know More:
    Nicest Member:
    Snarkiest Member:
    Strangest Member:
    Whimsical Woman:[/b]
    Writing, Video Editing, & Art Nominations being sent to Fearless.
    [b][size=5]Writing, Video Editing, & Art Nominations[/size]
    Best AMV:
    Best Fanfiction:
    Best Graphic Artist:
    Best Musician:
    Best Original Story:
    Best Overall Writer:
    Best Photographer:
    Best Poem:
    Best Poet:
    Best Singer:
    Best Traditional Artist:
    Best Video Editor:
    Most Improved Artist:
    Most Improved Video Editor:
    Most Improved Writer:[/b]
    Thread/Group Nominations being sent to Aelin.
    [b][size=5]Thread/Group Nominations[/size]
    Best Thread:
    Weirdest Thread:
    Worst Thread:[/b]
    Best/Worst Member Nominations being sent to cstar.
    [b][size=5]Best/Worst Member Nominations[/size]
    Best Administrator:
    Best Members:
    Best Newbie:
    Best Non-Staff Contributor:
    Best Normal Member:
    Best Overall Staff Member:
    Best Premium Member:
    Best Reporter:
    Best Retired Staff Member:
    Best Returning Member:
    Best Sectional Moderator:
    Best Super Moderator:
    Worst Members:
    Worst Staff Member:[/b] 
    "Most" Nominations being sent to Plums.
    [b][size=5]"Most" Nominations[/size]
    Most Adorable:
    Most Ambitious:
    Most Changed:
    Most Committed:
    Most Creative:
    Most Down to Earth:
    Most Egotistical:
    Most Helpful:
    Most Heroic:
    Most Hypocritical:
    Most Insane:
    Most Intelligent:
    Most Interesting:
    Most Intimidating:
    Most Inspiring Member:
    Most Nostalgic:
    Most Obscure Tastes:
    Most Knowledgeable about Kingdom Hearts:
    Most Knowledgeable about Video Games:
    Most likely to be a Bot:
    Most likely to be Banned:
    Most likely to be Famous:
    Most likely to be on KH-Vids Forever:
    Most likely to be on Staff:
    Most likely to be President:
    Most likely to End up in Prison:
    Most likely to Never Hit Premium:
    Most Missed:
    Most Overrated:
    Most Passionate:
    Most Proactive:
    Most Serious:
    Most Shocking Moment:
    Most Underrated:
    Most Verbose:
    Most Villainous[/b]
    Roleplaying Nominations being sent to Aelin.
    [b][size=5]Roleplaying Nominations[/size]
    Best New Roleplayer:
    Best Roleplay Antagonist:
    Best Roleplay Protagonist:
    Best Roleplay:
    Best Roleplay Concept/Story:
    Best Roleplay Graphics:
    Best Roleplayer:
    Best Use of Music in an RP:
    Biggest Godmodder:
    Most Dramatic Roleplay:
    Most Improved Roleplayer:
    Most Missed Roleplayer :
    Most Likely to Join Every Roleplay:
    Most Memorable Roleplay Moment:
    Most Memorable Boss Battle:
    Most Missed Roleplay:
    Most Shocking Roleplay Moment:[/b]

    I still have questions!
    Feel free to contact me or post in this thread.

    Nominations will close Thursday, July 27th.
    No nominations will be accepted after that date!
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