KH-Vids User Awards 2017: The Winners! [Cycle 1]

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    Hey there all you Kingdom Hearts kids! Sorry for the wait, but have no fear, the staff is here to give you the complete, fully official 100% results now, so let's see who our lucky members of the Kingdom Hearts Videos User Awards of 2016 are!

    Most Adorable
    Last Year's Winner: Ghost
    Last Year's Runner-up: Marushi

    Once every hundred thousand years, the Kawaiivatar, Master of All Four Sugary Goodies, graces KHV with their presence, and declares one whom embodies the sugar, the spice, and everything nice as the Most Adorable, Cutest, Most Precious Blueberry Spicehead to ever exist. Maka Albarn, you are the kawaiiest. Ghost is also a precious twinkle star child.

    Most Ambitious
    Last Year's Winner: Boy Wonder & Calxiyn
    Last Year's Runner-up: Captain Arch

    These folks are go-getters. Motivated and goal-oriented. They're gonna pick up the biggest, nailiest hammer they can find and crash through the glass ceiling (and the moon). KHV thinks Aelin Fireheart overflows with ambition. Krowley is also pretty aspiring.

    Most Changed
    Last Year's Winner: Makaze
    Last Year's Runner-up: Calxiyn

    Changes happen on KH-Vids and life in general. Some are good, some are okay, and some just plain old suck. KH-Vids has voted and Makaze comes out as the most changed! Special mention goes to our runner-up, Mish!

    Most Committed
    Last Year's Winner: Krowley
    Last Year's Runner-up: Plums & libregkd

    KHV has it's ups and downs. Sometimes, it's difficult balancing everything out between the forums, our physical lives, our secret chihuahua business, and everything else. But through it all, Aelin Fireheart takes it on the cheek and carries forth. The dedication of libregkd is nothing to sneeze at either.

    Most Creative
    Last Year's Winner: Cstar
    Last Year's Runner-up: Krowley & Jiku Neon

    Creativity is difficult to achieve; even some of the most popular artists haven't an ounce of it! KHV would like to acknowledge cstar as the person they wish to siphon the creativity from most. Beep Boop and Captain Arch should remember to walk around with a friend at night, too.

    Most Down to Earth
    Last Year's Winner: Stardust
    Last Year's Runner-up: libregkd, Explode, Skyheart

    Taking a page from Guru Chillima, these people are so down to earth, they've achieved degrees of levelheadedness not seen in thousands of years -- a weapon to rival global warming. KHV believes Skyheart never loses her chill (unless Megaman gets involved). Maka & Glen are pretty grounded as well.

    Most Egotistical
    Last Year's Winner: Blaine
    Last Year's Runner-up: Calxiyn

    KHV thinks Iskander gives Beyonce a run for the money in belting out the ego, with Ghost as runner up.

    Most Helpful
    Last Year's Winner: Plums
    Last Year's Runner-up: Cat~

    Is there a member that always seems to be able to give you a helping hand? Are they the Mercy to your Reindhart? KH-Vids has decided that cstar has enough hands to help out a thousand times over, with DigitalAtlas as our runner-up.

    Most Heroic
    Last Year's Winner: HoT & DigitalAtlas
    Last Year's Runner-up: Boy Wonder, C, & Skyheart

    Wait! What's that? Is it a bird? A plane? It's the entire union of competitive fighters approaching on the horizon! DigitalAtlas are here to save the day! Their sidekick, the Ars Nova follow suit. You don't wanna mess with either of them, unless you want your sexiness drained away and a FATALITY right where it used to be!

    Most Hypocritical
    Last Year's Winner: Blaine
    Last Year's Runner-up: Calxiyn

    One minute they tell you not to eat the Easter candy, next minute, they have the baskets of millions of children around the world pouring into their mouths. KH-Vids thinks Calxiyn is Lord of the Hypocrites, though that Korosu kid is pretty sketchy too.

    Most Insane
    Last Year's Winner: Jiku Neon
    Last Year's Runner-up: Beucefilous

    Sometimes, there's a member that you could probably see running around downtown in a duck costume covered with ice cream and magazine clippings of Taylor Swift making awkward faces screaming about Einstein's Theory of Relativity as it relates to Jabbawockees. KH-Vids thinks Krowley fits the bill, though that Beucefilous kid could be down for it too.

    Most Inspiring Member
    Last Year's Winner: Jayn
    Last Year's Runner-up: Plums

    These are the people we look up to; the ones that motivate us and push us to exceed our limitations and achieve all we can be. KHV thinks Krowley & Heart and is a high quality role model, and Trigger is pretty inspiring as well.

    Most Intelligent
    Last Year's Winner: What?
    Last Year's Runner-up: libregkd

    “I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.” Sometimes we wonder if even Marushi knows what he says, but he's still a ball of genius and hopefully no Bill Cipher. Captain Arch is pretty intelligent, as well.

    Most Interesting
    Last Year's Winner: Maka Albarn
    Last Year's Runner-up: Karuta, Hayabusa, & Jiku Neon

    Let's face it: every now and then, a member comes along that, by comparison, just makes us all look downright dull! According to you, KHV, Marushi ("The Aunt Senpai") makes us all curiouser and curiouser about her life. KHGrl15 ("The Roleplay Senpai") is a pretty interesting folk, too.

    Most Intimidating
    Last Year's Winner: Makaze
    Last Year's Runner-up: DigitalAtlas

    Is there one member that you are truly terrified of? One that makes you scared that if you even slightly enrage them, they'll only look at you and your pants will be a soiled mess of fear and shame? Krowley makes lots of people want to pop out the diapers before they approach, though I've heard Korosu sins one too many times in the Church of Dank Sonic Memes.

    Most Knowledgeable about Kingdom Hearts
    Last Year's Winner: tale
    Last Year's Runner-up: Krowley

    Playing some KH trivia and lost on who's a Nort and how many people are renting out Sora's heart? When you've got Krowley on your team, you've no need to fear the dark! Tamale knows his stuff pretty well too.

    Most Knowledgeable about Video Games
    Last Year's Winner: libregkd
    Last Year's Runner-up: DigitalAtlas

    Need help beating that one boss? Can't find that secret item or unlock that alternative end? Want the latest on the gaming industry? Jube is the man with the plan (like, the original game schematics). libregkd has quite the know how too.

    Most Likely to be a Bot
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    The denizens of KH-Vids has decided that libregkd & Ghost must be bots. They also suspect that mvitkun might not be all they appear to be either.

    Most Likely to be Banned
    Last Year's Winner: Makaze
    Last Year's Runner-up: Jinx

    KH-Vids has voted, and you all think the banhammer would come down pretty swift on Makaze. DigitalAtlas also rings suspect to your ears (eyes?)

    Most Villianous
    Last Year's Winner: Calxiyn & Krowley
    Last Year's Runner-up: Ars Nova

    WARNING: Tonight marks this 37th crime in KH-Vids' neighbordhood. The evil mastermind Jafar have sunken their malicious claws into yet another of our comrades. Do not approach this man at any cost! Furthermore, we have word that the DEATH KING HELLSATAN cstar has been spotted near SpamZone Lane. Do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT, engage with them, lest ye wish to spend the next millenia in the deepest, most vile parts of the nightmares yet to come.

    Most Likely to be Famous
    Last Year's Winner: Jayn
    Last Year's Runner-up: Calxiyn

    This is the member who's autographs you want to collect to sell on the web in 30 years and make a fortune. KH-Vids thinks Krowley will go far, though we think Boy Wonder has shot at the stars as well.

    Most Likely to be on KH-Vids Forever
    Last Year's Winner: Amaury
    Last Year's Runner-up: libregkd

    When it comes time to introduce your future family to your friends, you'll always find yourself logging in here to introduce your loved ones to these people! KH-Vids finds Krowley a constant in KH-Vids future, though he'll always have Fearless by his side.

    Most Likely to be on Staff
    Last Year's Winner: Hero of Time, Kitty, Heart, and Boy Wonder
    Last Year's Runner-up: Hero of Time, Kitty, Heart, and Boy Wonder

    If all of the staff mysteriously simultaneously vanished one day, these members would be the most likely elected to take over. KH-Vids finds they'd be fine with Captain Arch, but they find Korosu to be pretty capable, too.

    Most Likely to End up in Prison
    Last Year's Winner: GhettoXemnas
    Last Year's Runner-up: Blaine, C, and Amaury

    These are the people in the squad you gotta watch out for from those police shenanigans. KH-Vids thinks that VermillionMoK, Trigger, & Jiku Neon would be put to trial first in the totally probably least racist trial ever. Yep. KH-Vids thinks Ghost would be the best cellmate to them.

    Most Likely to Never Hit Premium
    Last Year's Winner: Fearless
    Last Year's Runner-up: Plums

    These are the people who, if they ever get a pink username, you'll tell them all about that crazy dream on Skype while laughing hysterically. KH-Vids is convinced KHGrl15, Ghost, & Fearless will never become a rainbow bro, though Zelda is pretty set on staying where he is (he really is).

    Most Likely to be President
    Last Year's Winner: Boy Wonder
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kitty

    When you need something shot at, you ask a Republican. When you need something talked to death, you ask a Democrat. If you want something to be argued for eons, ask an Independent. And if you want your rent to go down, ask them why the rent's too damn high! But if you want something done, you ask Boy Wonder. Don't forget al215 for 2020, though!

    Most Missed
    Last Year's Winner: Ienzo
    Last Year's Runner-up: Jayn

    "H I MAKA ALBARN & ARS NOVA WE LOVE YOU PLEASE COME BACK????" KH-Vids misses Shuhbooty too!

    Most Nostalgic
    Last Year's Winner: Sara
    Last year's Runner-up: Plums

    These are the members who want to build a time machine and travel back to the good ole days, where KHV was white and blue, where the TV wasn't awful, and everyone was smackdab in the middle of their cringeworthy phases of middle school! KH-Vids thinks Krowley is prime to steal that time machine CERN's cooking up. Mish wants a blast from the past too.

    Most Obscure Tastes
    Last Year's Winner: Jiku Neon
    Last Year's Runner-up: Amaury

    When you talk to these people, you're pretty sure they have to be making at least some of these interests up. KH-Vids finds Amaury and his interests to be quite out of this world, though cstar & Beucefilous gives him a run for the money.

    Most Overrated
    Last Year's Winner: Makaze
    Last Year's Runner-up: Ars Nova

    An overrated member is more than one that always goes noticed -- they're one that gets the spotlight to the point where you can barely stand to see them post! In their years here they've built up quite a rep, but KH-Vids feels they don't quite live up to it! Ars Nova was voted most overrated. Runner-up is Makaze.

    Most Passionate
    Last Year's Winner: Ars Nova
    Last Year's Runner-up: Cat~

    I REALLY CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING LET ME READ YOU MY 100 PAGE PAPER ON THIS VERY TOPIC INTRODUCTION. KHV thinks Maka Albarn has the passion 10 million KH1 fueled suns! Mish gets pretty fired up, too.

    Most Proactive
    Last Year's Winner: Makaze & Plums
    Last Year's Runner-up: Cat~

    These folk take destiny by the reigns, and dare to never leave it to chance. Skyheart take what he want when he want it. Mish is aiming to claim her goals, too.

    Most Serious
    Last Year's Winner: Amaury
    Last Year's Runner-up: libregkd, Makaze

    These guys need a hug. Or some booze. KHV thinks Ghost should lighten up! Zimmy need to chillaxizzle too.

    Most Shocking Moment
    Last Year's Winner: Mass Resignation of Staff
    Last Year's Runner-up: Misty Retiring

    There are always quite a few startling moments that arise over the years spent on KHV. This year, the Toystory being in KH3 is the winner! Ghost doesn't explain what she's talking about, despite nobody understanding
    comes in second.

    Most Underrated
    Last Year's Winner: Judge Sunrose
    Last Year's Runner-up: Aelin Fireheart

    An underrated member is more than one that goes unnoticed -- they're one that deserves to be noticed, but if they were noticed it would take the charm out of noticing that they're unnoticed. I'm also noticing that this might be the first paragraph to abuse that word so much. Moving on, KHGrl15 was voted our most underrated member, followed by Makaze.

    Most Verbose
    Last Year's Winner: Makaze
    Last Year's Runner-up: Dr. Lux, StardustXtreme, and Ghost

    These guys talk a lot. cstar and sometimes Ghost need to calm down with all those words, man.
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