KH-Vids User Awards 2012: Rules

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    [h=1]Nominating Rules[/h]

    1. You may only nominate two members per category.
    2. You must send the correct nominations to the correct staff member. If you do not, we reserve the right to completely disregard your nominations—but we’d rather not do that! More information on this will be found in the nominations thread, when it is posted.
    3. Only send one message to each staff member. For example, even though you are sending Xavier Thread Nominations and Best/Worst Member Nominations, just put it all in one message.
    4. Please directly copy and paste the categories. You do not have to nominate for each category, please just leave an N/A in the space. For example, if I choose not to nominate anything for Thread Nominations, I will still include it in my message. This just makes organization easier for our staff members.
    5. Please try to use a member’s current username. Do not nominate using nicknames, real names, former usernames, etc. We will not hunt down who you are referring to.
    6. You may not nominate yourself.
    7. While we allow and encourage campaigning for categories, please limit it to your signature and avatar space. Do not create threads, post on others’ profiles, message members, or any other form of badgering, for nomination. If you are found bullying members into nominating or voting for you, you will not be allowed to participate in this year’s awards.
    8. Please do not nominate inactive members. The 2012 User Awards cover the period from the end of the 2011 Awards (roughly August of last year) to the present, so please consider that. For example, if Joey was a sectional moderator in February of 2011, do not nominate him for Best Sectional Moderator in 2012—give this year’s sectional moderators a chance to win!
    [h=1]Voting Rules[/h]

    1. Polls will be public, therefore we can check if someone is creating alternate accounts to boost the votes for a particular member. If you are found participating in this behavior, you will be removed from this year’s user awards, and face our typical alternate account punishment.
    2. It is not required that you post in the thread of the poll, but it is encouraged!
    3. You may not vote for yourself.

    If you would not like your name submitted for any category, please message me and I will take your name out of running. I can also remove you from any polls you appear in. Just bear in mind that these awards are all in good fun, don’t feel bad if you’re nominated for something like Worst Member.

    If you have any questions, please just leave me a message.

    Most of all have fun!