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    Hey Everyone,

    I know it's been a very long time since the last podcast. I do very much apologize for it and I hope it does not discourage you from continue to listen to them in the future. I'll be honest now and I know many of you have seen that I have been extremely inactive on this site. I have not talked to many of the members like I've used to and I haven't been posting for days at a time. Again, I do apologize, a number of things have constrained my time such as school, work and problems that I have been dealing with.

    Nevertheless, it's my pleasure that I will be getting some help for the podcast because I'll be running it with Peace and War. :) Hopefully we will try to be more consistent with the podcast and allowing more members to join this time around.

    Wrap Ups
    First off, thanks for the people who participated in the Summer Podcast, it was a little bit disoriented but it was nice to see some members make a podcast together. I don't know if it will be around next summer, so wait till next year.

    There will be a podcast posted soon, hopefully you will all enjoy it.
    I will be posting a poll or suggestions thread about what you want the podcast to talk about and maybe there will a poll on what topics the staff or a group of members should talk about​
    A new staff questions podcast will be in the line of what's to come for a new episode, so you get to harass all the new staff members that have joined us, please stayed tuned for that​
    Thanks to the people who support the podcast <3​
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Sabby, Nov 5, 2012.