KH-Vids Podcast KH-Vids Podcast Summer Series 2 Episode #3: Doctor Who Podcast 2013

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    Oh, hello! If you're reading this, then you've stumbled upon the second KH-Vids Mini Series Podcast revolving around a certain British sci-fi series. With Doctor Who's 50th anniversary fast approaching, Cat~, Llave, Ienzo, Fearless and The Hero of Time have gathered to discuss their thoughts on its past and their hopes for its future (though it's all very relative anyway).
    I probably should mention the fact that there are PRETTY BIG SPOILERS, so you should be careful about that.

    Well, why are you still reading this? Allons-y!


    Welp guys, side note here from me (PaW) saying this is our final Summer Podcast of this year. Thank you immensely to everyone who participated, hoped you enjoyed listening like I did!
    All the best, and keep listening in!



    For more about the KH-Vids Mini Series this year HERE

    Intro: The Name of the Doctor ~ BBC Orchestra (from Doctor Who Proms 2013)
    Outro: The Impossible Girl ~ BBC Orchestra (from Doctor Who Proms 2013)

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    I will say, I don't remember much of recording this as I was rather ill but I do remember having terrible internet connection that made me want to cry. I did have fun though as I always do with these podcasts and I hope it's enjoyable to listen to!

    Thanks everyone for taking part and Cat~ for putting it together and PaW for organising the podcasts overall.
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    I always have a great time taking part in the Summer Podcasts (though it's always hard to cut out good stuff for the sake of time), and believe me when I say these DW casts will become a tradition. It's a pleasure to talk to such great people about all these diverse topics, and I do hope everyone who listens has as much fun as everyone who recorded it, because that's really what the KHV Podcasts are all about.
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    lmao idk
    You know, you never really realize how much you swear until someone has to bleep it out.